Ilikemystyle quarterly issue 4 short


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This is the short version of the 4th issue of Ilikemystyle Quarterly, the first user generated fashion magazine.

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Ilikemystyle quarterly issue 4 short

  1. 1. the first user-generated fashion magazinei like mystYle Quarterly School Jaroly Asilis (username: jaroly) oflectured by luis Venegas Get Fashionand Angel Abramson (username: iAAngel) from New York The Social Network us What it’s done to The Users of StuffFr/De/Au: € 12,- UK: £ 9.50Be/Es/Gr/It/Lu/NL/Port.Cont.: € 10,- review the SS/11 collections 1
  2. 2. Mash BeauTy up Proud and rEbelliouS kalan BriGgs / username: itskalan from New York on his photographic work and being comfortable in your own skin.In these photos, the expression is proud and rebellious. Once you’re comfortablein your own skin, it’s like a natural high. You can take on the world and that sameworld revolves around you. Each model is wearing high-tops as a reference thename of the project: Natural Highs. My primary interest in photography is peopleand a mentor of mine suggested that I try mixing up my formula a bit to let thelocation play a bigger role than the people. This is what came of it. (The NaturalHighs were taken in a public park in Mesquite, Texas.) Nea McMillan (second from left) with friends Boil 2 cups of water NEa mcmillan / username: 5Star from Newark on biochemically proven beauty tips. Beauty is a MAJOR factor in fashion. In my eyes, anything that is fashionable is beautiful. My favorite factoids acquired in science class would have to be about skin, because clothes can never disguise natural beauty. When people ask, “What’s your se- cret to having such clear skin?” I simply reply, “Nothing!” Personally, I do not use any soap on my face at all, only hot water. Any type of steam opens the pores and cleanses them thoroughly. Washing my face with hot water twice daily has done me extreme amounts of justice. For sensitive skin, I would recommend a small amount of alco- hol – the goal is to keep your pores clean. But as we all know, water and alcohol can make skin ridiculously dry. To avoid that, I use unscented lotion. Want to know what’s even better? Making lotion is super fun and super easy! I learned my secret recipe for moisturizer two years ago in my high school chemistry class (my favorite class). All you need is 1/3 cup of your favorite essential oils, 1 ¼ cup of water, and ¼ cup of emulsifying wax (found at your local craft stores). First, heat the water in a small saucepan and gradually melt the oil(s) and wax into it the mixture. Next, boil 2 cups of water in a small pot. Pour the initial mixture into the boiling water and stir. Last but certainly not least, let the mixture cool and then pour the entire mixture into a bottle of your choice (good presentation is always a plus). Give it a few shakes and voilà! There you have it: a soothing lotion with no additives to clog your pores. 23
  3. 3. Mash up Maria Eilersen (username: urbanviking) wears Brunello Cucinelli shirt and hat. Opposite page: Maria wears her own vest and Brunello Cucinelli dress and hat.DressingRoom PiracyPart 3Do Alexander McQueen, Chanel,Brunello Cucinelli, Diesel, andAnna Sui really work on me?Users of wentto some of the fanciest stores inNew York, Beirut, and Berlinand checked out the collectionsfor Fall/Winter 2010.(To be continued in the next issue. Feel free to send yourpictures to 25
  4. 4. Dressing Room PiracyTop left: Akansha Kumar(username: aqui) wearsChanel 105-mm-heeledmetallic suede goatskin san-dals with organza camellia.Top: Akansha wears a Chanelwool tweed fringed dress.Left: Akansha wears a Chanelcashmere and silk bi-colorfringed dress.Maria wears Miu Miu Top: Maria wears an Alexanderleopard print heels. McQueen black lace dress and shoes. Left: Maria wears Miu Miu flower shoes. 27
  5. 5. Fashion the Boy from BRAzil Eduardo JosE BErtholini (username: dudu) is one of Brazil’s most colorful designers and the darling of sao Paolo’s fashion, art and party world. his label nEon breathes the spirit of his vibrant nation like few others. dive into his amazing imagery on the following pages and read his interview on page 240 in “the Words” section.He’s got more than 100 caftanswith Neon prints. One of Dudu’sall-time idols is Madonna and hetoo knows how to strike a pose. 33
  6. 6. Fashion Dudu at home. The wallpaper was created by artist Rafa Dejonta 3 55
  7. 7. Fashion the Boy from BRAzil Does fashion have to be sexy? Dudu: “Not at all. But sexy fashion is great.” Left: another outrageous caftan, this page: bathing suit from the first Neon collection 41
  8. 8. chanel & ilikemystyle Quarterly presentStylE gAMes A chilly day in November, a handful of accessories, and an electric clique. Photographer Alex johN beck (username: scaredycat) and stylist jAmes VAleri (username: jamesvaleri) join forces with students of New York’s high school of Fashion to explore a new way of dressing up.All sunglasses and handbags by Chanelclockwise from bottom: Jaroly Asilis (username:jaroly): blue chiffon cropped shirt by Nomia; AngelAbramson (username: iAAngel): black sweater withrhinestones by Acne; Michelle Marizan (username:michellexoxl): white shirt with rhinestones by MarziaAloisi, chiffon skirt by Tess Gibson; Lucy Gabriel(username: lucywaslike): top with fringed militarypadded shoulders by Marzia Aloisi 45
  9. 9. chanel & ilikemystyle Quarterly present style gAmes Michelle: denim salopette mini dress and denim hand- bag by Gerlan Jeans, boots by Opening Ceremony, sunglasses by Linda Farrow; Lucy: mini jumpsuit, bracelet, and backpack by Gerlan Jeans, her own shoes, stylist’s leather hat opposite page: Jaroly: top by Opening Ceremony, exclamation mark earring by Gerlan Jeans 53
  10. 10. chanel & ilikemystyle Quarterly present thE Girl who style gAmes fEll to EarthMichelle and Jaroly: long skirts and tops by Hexa by Kuhoopposite page: Angel: hooded wind jacket and sunglassesby Chanel, maxi pearl necklace by Gerlan Jeans 55 101
  11. 11. FaShion Bless Iceland!With a bag full of his favoritelabel, Bless, photographerDaniel JoSeFSohn(username: dj) explored europe’smost archaic landscape, hismodel’s flexibility, and his car’sdurability. a volcanic fairtyale.Outfits: BlessModel: GoldieThanks to: Saskia Nadi and Fred SchmidtDaniel works with a Leica S2 59
  12. 12. Stories xxxxxxxxxxDriving across the absolutely horrendous 63
  13. 13. FaShion On FurThey keep you warm or theyinfuriate you, they are the ultimateluxury purchase or a family hand-me-down. Users of ilikemystyle.netshow and discuss their love/haterelationship with hairy, fluffy stuff.Don’t knockusername: milk from Madison it Jacqueline kUrsel / it till yoU TryThis photo was taken by E. Temte in January 2010. We were just mess-ing around taking photographs wearing our new Christmas gifts in myhometown of Madison, Wisconsin. The hat is fake rabbit fur, not thatI’m opposed to wearing real fur – it’s just expensive. I am a seriousmeat eater but also a supporter of the fair treatment of animals. As faras wearing fur and leather goes, don’t knock it till you try it. If you likehow it looks and know it came from a good place that utilizes the wholeanimal, then go for it. I love (and need) to bundle up during the longWisconsin winters and plan on wearing my faux fur hat nonstop for thenext five months. 71
  14. 14. On FurDo not Fake anythinG ever from berlin Manuel aLmeida Vergara / username: quintela Although at 17 I gave up the teenage dream that anarchy is a comfortable life and a desirable social and political system, there is still a rebellious part of me that keeps up the fantasy of living the life of an outlaw. It’s the part of me that, when I’m standing in front of my closet each morning deciding what to wear, does not think about whether it’s appropriate to wear glittery makeup to church or if the 80s are dead or alive or dead again. So in general, I don’t believe in rules of style. But if there is one rule I abide by it’s this: when it comes to your wardrobe, do not fake anything ever. No labels, no cup size (except if you’ve had plastic surgery, I love breast implants) and especially not animal products. I have to admit this – although common sense tells me that it’s cruel and maybe disgusting to wear dead animals. There`s no excuse but I have a genuine passion and insatiable lust for real leather, fur, and feathers. Call it dreadful, but I’ve chosen this hedonistic lifestyle that allows me my amusement and satisfaction regardless of the consequences. Photographer and dear friend Adrian Knuppertz shot this picture of me wearing a piece from my small collection of six exquisite furs. Fox, mink, rab- bit, goat… I have them all. My closet is like a little petting zoo for adults. This vintage piece is made of red fox with fur pompoms and black calfskin inserts on the arms. I bought it in my favorite shop, which sells dead people’s estates in Berlin Neukölln. The shop is run by a rude old lady who determines prices according to whether or not she likes you. Fortunately she seems to have a thing for scatterbrained faggots, so I got the coat for a laughable price. ponyplay enthusiasts SerpiL SUzan burkhard / username: bellaserp from pirmasend These were exhibited at Scoop (the little sister of the famous Art Basel) in June 2010. I love to imagine all the ponyplay enthusiasts drooling as they walk by this piece by Iris Schieferstein.
  15. 15. FaShion Designer Drinks You are what you drink, even if you don’t. And what if Miuccia Prada was reborn as a cocktail? Robin KRAnz (username: robin)DrieS van noten and VolKeR Hobl (username: vlkr) invented smashing drinks inspired by the habits and styles crushed ice 2 lime slices of six fashion designers. 1 slice of ginger 4 cl Tanqueray gin some ginger juice some sugar syrup stir with a spoon glass: Kimora/stylist’s own Most of the tableware was kindly provided by Kuball & Kempe, Hamburg. 87
  16. 16. mercedes-benz & ilikemystyle Quarterly presentthe Girl whofell to earth Photographer Peter Langer (username: peterlanger) followed Simone SebaStian and the new mercedes-benz SLS amg from the desert into the city of Dubai. an encounter somewhere between fairytale and futurism. Production: Saadia Zahid (username: saadia) Simone wears dresses by Essa. 95
  17. 17. mercedes-benz & ilikemystyle Quarterly present the Girl who fell to earthMaidje wearstop: Topshopjacket: Zarashorts: COSshoes: Buffalomascara: Max Factor 97
  18. 18. StOries Learning from Las Vegas AliSAlei KOSminA (username: alisalei) met her husband in a mcDonald’s in Tokyo’s redlight district when they were 16. They soon got married and moved to nevada. A story about happyness in Steve Wynn’s backyard, the perfect engagement ring, and messy roommates.Why my husband and I ended up inLas Vegas? I don’t really know.Even getting married was one ofthose spur-of-the-moment activities. 111
  19. 19. LearningfromLas Vegas I wanted to wake up every day next to his cherubic angel face and naturally bright lips.
  20. 20. StOries Learning from Las Vegasmarried life is ridiculous. Imagine walking into your livingroom to find your husband nonchalantly watching septuagenarians have extremely graphicshower sex on the television. The porn stars are not only old but also morbidly fat. My husbandexplains, “I don’t like our new roommate. He has a gypsy vibe and he fucking refuses to usedoors. We’re gonna get fucking kicked out of this complex if he continues to climb in and out ofour windows. I’m trying to weird him out so that he chooses to leave on his own accord.” I don’twant any part of this old-people-porn situation, so I peace out and find sanctuary at a nearbybubble tea joint to play mancala by myself. Because we are a young couple who are trying toput ourselves through school, we’ve had a number of roommates who we never really took thetime to screen. As it turns out, half our former roommates have been institutionalized at somepoint in their lives. I love being married almost as much as I love my husband. I am one of those annoyingneedy people that constantly want people around me to validate my existence. I hate cryingalone and if I feel any urge to emote, I will immediately log on to Skype and video chat someonejust so they will ‘witness the occasion.’ In addition to the constant companionship, being mar-ried means you can ditch stilettos on a Friday night, put on a mangy oversized tee, and watchstupid shit on the Bravo network without feeling the need to go out and meet your generation instrobe lighting. The wedding band has also proven to be a great douche repellent. Some lewd oldguys are completely unrelenting until I flash my cute heart-cut diamond in their face – wink –and skip on home to my hubby. The whole brandishing-my-wedding-ring maneuver was prettyfoolproof. That is, until I moved to Las Vegas. I hate crying alone and if I feel any urge to emote, I will immediately log on to Skype and videochat someome so they will ‘witness the occasion.’ 119
  21. 21. StOries Satellite Kids There are few things as scary and exciting as leaving your family, your friends, and your favorite grocery store behind and starting a new life somewhere else. Users of ilikemystyle. net talk about their lives as expats.LiLyusername: Zoë username: liliphah zoelitta 125
  22. 22. StOries Satellite Kids “i’ve seen nude mags “The Germans willin magazine stores. just stare at you So there must be porn.” to ‘shame’ you.” yi username: miChael username: yiGuo apollinaris 137
  23. 23. StorieshomesickSpanish photographerCoCo Capitán (username:cocoladas) recently movedto London to go to school andsharpen her eye. Her friendnika SCHeidemandeL(username: nikabianca) wrote thestory for a short film basedon Coco’s recent images. 149
  24. 24. Stories home sick London Street EXTERIOR/DAY London, 8 a.m. Buildings. Grayish skies. The alarm rings. Melissa’s Bedroom INTERIOR/DAY Melissa, a 23-year-old English architecture student, is skinny and elegantly pale. She gets out of bed, washes her face, and throws on her work uniform: an apron dress made for cleaning staff. She’s in a hurry. She drinks milk from a glass while she ties her shoes. Her brother lights a cigarette and sits down on her bed, watching her. London Street EXT/INT/DAY Melissa rushes to the tube station, brushing past the city’s morning commuters. Everything is in motion and everybody is in a hurry. Hotel EXT/DAY Melissa, out of breath, arrives at the brick stone building. Hotel Reception INT/DAY The receptionist – an unfinished face – hands Melissa a bunch of keys. Melissa opens up the broom room to get the cleaning cart. It’s stocked with clean sheets, stiff towels, and jasmine hand soap. Hotel Rooms INT/DAY Melissa gets busy cleaning and tidying up the rooms. Hotel guests have left their breakfast dishes on the floor. Clothing is thrown over the beds; computers are plugged in, playing music; cigarettes in ashtrays are still smoldering. Hotel Garden EXT/DAY Through the window, we observe an impatient couple. Two insurance brokers from Manchester with matching luggage, waiting to check into their rooms. TITLES ON BLACK / username: viv from Rt 151
  25. 25. KUltur kriTikmoodboards You don’t have to be a curator to plaster your wall with images that turn you on, confuse you, or help you define who you want to be. Users of present their private picture shows.Drawn to cloThing Reutlingen, is Unique ViVienne Thai / username: viv from that GermanyI started making the picture montages about two years ago. I thought my wall was kind ofboring, so I looked for fashion magazines that I didn’t need anymore and started cutting outphotos of clothes, models on catwalks, and all kinds of beauty products that appealed to me. I’mdrawn to clothing that is really unique and that not everybody would wear. The same goes forthe images on my wall. I’m really into the period between the 17th and 19th centuries. The waythe people lived and dressed back then interests me a lot. Contemporary people who are greatinspirations for me are celebrities like Shenae Grimes, Ashley Tisdale, and Alexa Chung. In thispicture, I’ve got postcards from various places, movie theater tickets, flyers from Hard Rock Cafésand other places, some movie posters, and much more. It’s my memory wall.shirt: selfmade, skirt: H&M 163
  26. 26. KUltur mood kriTik boardsmarie ANtoinetTe/ username:her RiVal San Francisco BranDon & Elza Burkart and ThelingerNots fromWe’re The LingerNots, a young artistic couple, and this is one of the walls in our bedroom ArT kePt me out of JAil Gospava Todorovic / username: gospavaya from Florence/Belgradecomprised of images both found and made. Most of the images came from a gem of a flea mar-ket find, this book called Enchanters of Men by Ethel Colburn Mayne. It was a dusty, beaten- I’m addicted to images that remind me of nice moments. I constantly use them to cheer myselfdown book from 1909 that had about two dozen, black-and-white plates of notable courtesans up and feed my inspiration. I also love to see something that is cute and ugly at the same time.throughout history. We liked the idea of collage but wanted something a little cleaner, so we All the images on my wall have something different to say. On the left, there are three photocop-settled on black frames of various sizes laid out asymmetrically. The rest of the room is primar- ies of T-shirts that I ‘stole’ at a party hosted by some friends (you can see it here: http://west-ily black and white with occasional sepia tones. When we found this book, it lent itself perfectly There’s a Sonic Youth’s Goo T-shirt, which isto completing a theme that wasn’t quite intentional but at the same time was totally welcome. the most important one. They are my favorite group! There is also a Misfits T-shirt (who I sawAside from the courtesan images, there are four prints of insects from a horticulture book from in concert on my 22nd birthday). Finally, there’s a Sex Pistols t-shirt that reminds me of whenthe 30s that are collaged with old keys, old wallpaper, and twine. The largest frame contains a I was a teenager. To my right, you can see three vertical pictures of two model friends and me.print of Claudette Colbert from a vintage French film magazine we found at an antique store in Jin Ho Kim, a Korean photographer that I met when I lived in Seoul, took the photos. FurtherSouthern California. The two images furthest to the right are Marie Antoinette and her rival in to the right is a picture taken by one of my best friends, Vanni Bassetti (http://igeace.blogspot.court, the Comtesse du Barry. We may have put the images adjacent to each other but the women com/2010/01/cold-guns.html). The signs that scream “CUT!” remind me that sometimes it isface opposite directions, as they might have in life. important to realize when it’s time to stop doing something. The last image on the far right is a Aside from sleeping here, we use this room as a workshop where Elza designs jewelry poster that I took this past spring in Antwerp from a show of Marina Abramović and Jean Fabre.and Brandon designs lamps. Eventually we’d love to apply our accidental passion to designing I love reading the sentence, “Art kept me out of jail.” I think it is a really deep thought, thinkingboutiques, restaurants, and bars. You find more of our work at about jail as an allegory. I’m not so good at expressing things by talking. I prefer images! shirt: Diva Shop, hot pants: Vintage, shoes: Comme des Garcons for Heschung,vest: Levi’s, shirt: American Apparel, jeans: Chip & Pepper, feather earring: Fauve & Hunter glasses: Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer, socks: Calzedonia 169
  27. 27. KUltur kritik I ❤ Cheburashka He was the Soviet Union’s Mickey Mouse – small in size but big in charisma. AlexA KArolinSKi (username: alexak) and nAtASHA GoldStein (username: trikant) went to new York City’s Brighton Beach to interrogate russian immigrants about this legendary stop-motion character.elAine from russiaI came here in 2008. I go back every couple of months but I like it better here.Here people have a unique style. In Russia, its overdone. Cheburashka is a veryfamous cartoon character from Russia. It has been a long time since I was a child.But he taught me that friendship is really important. That’s the main message fromthe cartoon. Be nice to people and always smile like Cheburashka. I think it’salways about the smile. 179
  28. 28. KUltur I kritik ❤ CheburashkaAlexandra from Ukraine niKolai from russiaEverybody knows Cheburashka. It seems to me that there is no one person in I am from Moscow. I arrived here directly in New York, in Brighton Beach,Russia who doesnt know. There is no way that he is political, he’s just a cute two minutes from the beach. I came here seeking adventure. I love everythingcartoon character! By watching, a child learns to be happy, maybe. It’s cute; it’s here. I met my wife right here at this spot. I love the United States. Che-a little bit sad, maybe. All my friends show it to their grandchildren. All the burashka is a Russian character from a cartoon. Every kid likes him becausechildren already know him, even the ones who are born in America. he is sweet and he looks funny. He is like a little boy who learns how to act in his life and he is really sweet. He is such a goof and everybody who sees him wants to do good things. 181
  29. 29. kulturkritik clOSe- upS Fashion is only as good as the people who look at it. Experts from the visual arts on some of the finest photos from . A bOok-reading kind of rEserve by Cathy HOryn Reading a woman’s description of her style, which is almost inevitably related to her character, is a little like going backstage after a fashion show and asking a designer, “What were your thoughts?” It always feels like cheating to me, and of course it denies all the senses. So I regret a little that I read that Barkatt thinks of herself in twos; also, that she tends to run late. These char- acteristics are quite visible in her clothes. What made me pick this particular woman to write about? The trim leather shorts worn with tights and platform heels? The tights and the choice of shoe reflect a desire to be sexy and noticed, with the added value of superiority easily attained in a platform. But the shorts, however smart looking, reflect a book-reading sense of reserve and comfort. It’s a disparity, a chink in the modern armor, that most of us not merely live with but secretly desire, like a house in the country.barkatt from Norway Cathy Horyn is the fashion critic of the New York Times and writes the blog OnTheRunway. 189
  30. 30. KUltur kriTik School of1:Fashion Vol. luiS Venegas What to read, watch, listen to, and know about to become a bullet-proof style expert. SUleman anaya (username: vertiz136) talked to the Spanish magazine mastermind lUiS VenegaS about his list of references.coat, jacket, and pants:Lanvin Homme, waistcoat:Polo Ralph Lauren, shirt:Dior Homme, bow tie: MarcJacobs, shoes: Pierre Hardyphoto: Chus Antón,styling: Ana Murillas 195
  31. 31. KUltur School kriTik of FashionAt 31, Luis Venegas is already a one-man editorial powerhouse. He produces and publishesthree magazines that, though they have small print runs, have a near-religious following: thesix-year-old Fanzine 137 – a compendium of everything Venegas cares about, Electric Youth(EY!) Magateen – an oversized cornucopia of adolescent boyflesh started in 2008, and the high-ly lauded Candy – the first truly queer fashion magazine on the planet, which was launched lastyear. His all-encompassing, erudite view of the fashion universe is the foundation for Venegas’next big project: the fashion academy he plans to start in 2011. It will be a place where people,as he says, “who are interested in fashion learn about certain key moments from history, filmand pop culture.” To get a preview of the curriculum at Professor Venegas’ School of Fashion,Suleman Anaya paid Venegas a visit at his apartment in the Madrid neighborhood of Malasaña,a wonderful space that overflows with the collected objects of his boundless curiosity.Television● Dynasty ● DallasWhat are you watching these days in your scarce spare time? I am in the middle of a Dynasty marathon. I have the entire series on DVD, so I am re- watching it. It’s so entertaining and educational.That’s true. I grew up with Dynasty. My parents used to send me to bed before it came on, so I would watchthrough the keyhole. It’s a seminal show. Is there a character you identify with? Oh, I completely adore Alexis Colby – everything about her – from her bitchy English to her wonderfully crazy outfits.That’s funny, I think I used to like Crystal more than I liked Alexis. In fact, I wanted to be her. You wereway ahead of me for liking the cooler of the two rivals. What are your favorite fashion moments in Dynasty? There are two looks in this series that I particularly love. One is when the Alexis charac- ter, played by Joan Collins, is introduced for the first time. I don’t know if you remem- ber that in the first season Blake Carrington accidentally killed [his homosexual son] Steven’s boyfriend, so there is a trial. The season ends with a new character appearing at the trial. It’s Alexis, and she’s wearing a Thierry Mugler-style white skirt-suit. The jacket has black insets on the sides that make her look even thinner than she already is. She wears this with a veiled hat and sunglasses. It’s very dramatic and absolutely crazy. And there’s another great fashion moment, also in the first season, when Fallon wears a red dress with white sleeves – it’s really great. Dynasty is my favorite TV series ever.What about Dallas? That one was also hugely formative for me. Yeah, Dallas is great. But it’s different because in Dallas they live on a ranch, you know? I mean come on, it’s not the same thing. In Dynasty they have this palatial place with an amazing library and that insane staircase – how many times did a character fall down those stairs?! And you know, in Dynasty, when they wore furs it was real fur. Same thing with the diamonds. Nothing was ever fake on that show. Especially Joan Collins’ character. What she wears is real Valentino and Chanel from that time. And I love the fact that the evil woman is from Europe – it’s such an American idea of casting. And Crystal is this blond, healthy, homemaking ideal of American femininity. It’s funny. 197
  32. 32. KUlturkriTik Remember where you lost it Brief encounters, boozy farewells, and temporary shape-shifting. Snapshots from the beautiful trapno money called nightlife. Plus, fact sheets about the for Sex by Paul Putzier / username: paul1990 from Stuttgart hours between the first shot and the last cigarette.Where? At a friends place. This picture was an Easter gift for my parents, for my mother because she always complained about how bad I looked and for my father because he was afraid I would get a tattoo.What were you wearin g ? Thick black marker and my friend’s makeup. Purple suede pants from a secondhand store.What was special? The exciting feeling of the marker tickling my upper body.Soundtrack? Rio Reiser’s “Der Traum ist aus.”Drink/Stimulation? A lot of beer, a lot of cigarettes.Sex? Unfortunately not. I didn’t have enough money left. 207
  33. 33. KUlturkriTik Remember where you loSt it Between a Scary dream and a video Shoot by ece ismen / username: skinny from istanbulWhen? May 29th, 2010.Where? There was a festival called Freshtival in Istanbul. This picture was taken in the art corner while I was trying on the fox mask.Who were the most im p o r t a n t p e o p l e t h a t e v e n i n g ? My best friend who came from Newcastle to see me.Topic s? Chanel, Hole’s new album, how amazing it was to get VIP access. (“It was so VIP they didn’t serve anything but champagne!”)What were you wearin g ? A kind of sailor dress (Topshop), my all-time favorite fragrance (Boss Intense), and the fox mask (credit: Imge Su). Brown lipstick and black eyeliner with loads of mascara.What was special? When you go out all the time, the concept of ‘special event’ slowly loses its meaning. You just go out to get out. I was out there, that’s all that matters to me.Soundtrack? Mika’s “Grace Kelly” (Mika was the headliner).Other people? Friends, hipster youth of Istanbul, media, everyone but my crush. Now I see what was special about the night.Transportation? Took a cab to get to Taksim Square, then went by foot. Away? I took another cab to nowhere.Drink/Stimulation? Champagne only.Highlight? We actually got lost in a funfair at night, which was an interesting experience. Something between a scary dream and a video shoot. 209
  34. 34. KUlturkriTik Remember where you loSt it like a beautifUl flower by mikaela JohansSon / username: melaa from StockholmWhere? I had just moved to Barcelona, so it was on the metro somewhere between Maragall and Parallel. My best friend Linda and I were on our way to a party.What were you w e a r i n g ? Purple tights from Gina Tricot, a black top from TopShop, and a golden bra from American Apparel. I hope I smelled like a beautiful flower!Sex? Unfortunately not. I had to wait four months for something to happen.Sleep? Linda and I shared a room at the time. I got 12 hours of sleep and I loved it!
  35. 35. THe WoRds Ping Pong Review I Ping Pong Review I: As I said, I only watched the first 10 minutes of I’m Still Here but I’m interested in discussingThe sTupid blue, both films with you. One is a ‘true story’ about a society of avatars and the other is a ‘true story’ about a man trying to shed his celebrity avatar and show the world who he ‘really’ is.the non-design Hope everything is going well with your productions, -MichaelAn e-mail conversation about the movies The On Nov 6, 2010 at 2:55 PM, Eva Munz wrote:social network and I’m still Here. Fighting points: Hey Michael,Joaquin Phoenix, the art of James Franco, self- Yes, The Social Network was great to watch. Yes, the programming scene with the falldeprecating performances by everybody, and truisms of the Harvard empire was fab and yes, the crew race parallel cut was lame. I still can’t believeabout the real, the fake, and everything in between. you nodded off to I’m Still Here. I watched it on the big screen in the East Village the day it came out. Nobody knew yet that it was a spoof. I laughed hard and loud through a lot of the by eva Munz / username: evvaa very embarrassing scenes. I laughed because I thought it was so very well scripted. And I think and Michael Ladner / username: apollinaris Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix did a better job than Aaron Sorkin with The Social Network. Both films are extremely important to understanding our generation, which clearly is notOn Nov 5, 2010, at 11:52 PM, Michael Ladner wrote: the same in terms of age, but then again clearly is in this context. I’m Still Here is kind of an Dear Eva, appropriation of a documentary about celebrity culture using the exact tools of said culture. In It looks like this round of Ping Pong Review will be a bit of a Ping Pong Film Review. the end, you have a hard time distinguishing who you’re laughing at or who you’re supposed toYou said you’re interested in both The Social Network and I’m Still Here as recent films that laugh with. You don’t know who is who, what is spoof and what isn’t. Which of these perfor-define a generation. I obtained a pirated copy of I’m Still Here from a friend yesterday and I saw mances is the ‘real’ them? Which one is their celebrity avatar? Good questions.The Social Network in theaters last week. I started watching I’m Still Here last night but didn’t Taking drugs, vomiting, feeling sorry for oneself, making the wrong career choices,get too far into it before I dozed off. But I saw enough to start discussing the films. fucking ugly whores... for some time, it seemed like these things existed only in a world that I loved The Social Network. I thought David Fincher did a good job of toning down some was long gone or seen only in the blueish light on daytime TV for jobless people in Easternof his more self-congratulatory cinematographic flare. (I’m talking about the skyscrapers crum- Europe. Then came Britney, Lindsay, and Tiger, who showed us the consequences of missteps.bling at the end of Fight Club to “Where Is My Mind” by The Pixies and the entire sequence In hindsight, I’d say that post-I’m Still Here, all this seems as if it was skillfully staged by somein Seven where Gwyneth Paltrow’s head gets delivered to Brad Pitt in a box while helicopters squeaky-clean Republican government as propaganda; it’s a supremacist dogma for healthy,circle overhead. Both are amazing, beautiful, suspenseful moments in film, but I like my direc- conformist, toned, well-flossed, taxpaying citizens. The Lindsays, Britneys, and Tigers are justtors to use restraint too.) He did hold his wad in The Social Network and only brought out his old thrown in as a warning to anyone who dares to jeopardize this idea.tricks at two points: First, the sequence where Zuckerberg is programming the pre-Facebook site I have a feeling the propaganda is overdone. The scary thing is though, I think it works.which Fincher interlaces with scenes of Harvard’s elite partying – anticipating the synthesis of What’s your take on that?the two. Fabulous scene. The second, the crew race, I thought was unnecessary. Love from room #1111 (seriously), I think the definitive hero behind the scenes of The Social Network was Aaron Sorkin. EvaHe pulled out all the stops. I was a fan of The West Wing and although his snappy snappy catchy On Nov 6, 2010, at 11:58 PM, Michael Ladner wrote:catchy rapid dialogue can be obnoxious (as it was in the opening scene, where Zuckerberg getsdumped in the bar), I think it really triumphed at certain moments. For instance, when Zucker- Eva, dear,berg shuts down the lawyers, explaining his lack of attention. And when the ex-girlfriend, who I tried to watch I’m Still Here again last night and I got a little further, but fell asleep again.Zuckerberg humiliated in his blog, puts the whole perception of digital media into place, “THE Interesting that you saw it the day it came out. I thought though that it had been exposed as aINTERNET IS WRITTEN IN INK!” Soooooo true!! hoax even before its release. Am I wrong? Either way, I find it hardly believable as ‘reality,’ I read in The New Yorker that Sorkin wasn’t acquainted with social media before join- and that’s exactly why it’s interesting at all. What is reality? Does it exist anymore? And if theing the project. I guess Facebook on shrooms could lead one into dark existential territory. But opposite of real is fake, then what is fake, fakeness, forgery, etc.?Sorkin definitely did his homework and ‘got it’ in the end. The Social Network succeeds at I think the dissolution of strict boundaries between real and fake is accentuated and ex-simultaneously being a parable for generation Facebook and at being a documentation of Zuck- aggerated in celebrity culture (as is celebrity style, diets, adoptions, etc.). But the point of Theerberg’s experience. Social Network is that what is really dissolving is the boundary between celebs and laypeople . 227
  36. 36. THe WoRds THe WoRdsmodel-slash-actual-artist-slash-transsexual-cover-girl-slash-boy-slash-Biesenbach-dating-slash-still-promoted-as-straight. Who says that actors have to have a degree in literature? Doesthat mean Zuckerberg has to learn how to act or start wearing Yves Saint Laurent suits? I totallyagree, though, that Franco is more pleasant to the eyes than Phoenix. 4 LiFe Changers encounters with, impressions of, Love, performances by... E ... TerRy RiChardsonOn Nov 12, 2010, at 12:40 AM, Michael Ladner wrote: by AkansHA KuMar / username: aqui from new York Hmmmm. I actually never thought about the aesthetics of Facebook and those of Zuck-erberg. Interesting. I wonder who chose that Facebook blue originally? I’m pretty sure it has “When you least expect it” is a phrase that has been drilled deep, deep down into my tenderalways been that same Pantone. cranium. I do think though that the non-place aesthetics of Facebook were absolutely crucial to its Love – when you least expect it.success, especially once it was opened up to the non-private university public. The problem with Luck – when you least expect it.MySpace and Friendster was that you could always customize the design of your profile with Pain – when you least expect it.Hello Kitty wallpaper and bright green fraktur text, which made it impossible to communicate It’s remarkably true.information in a pleasing way. The fact that one has limited capability to individualize with I’d taken time off for the evening. Actually, I’d made a long and tedious journey to workFacebook means that it’s universally comprehensive. Plus, the extra kick is that it forces one to only to find out that I wasn’t actually working. Pissed, I came home in disgust and disgrace, real-be cleverer if they want to be individual. izing that the only thing this night now had to offer was a pack of cigs and the internet. A lot of I’m sorry. I dumped you on Facebook this afternoon. I think most of the congratulatory people would argue that this seems like the perfect night in, but I sincerely hate to waste my time.comments were meant in jest. Although I went to Ingo’s film presentation last night, where DJ So I decided to go for a walk. At least ‘just walking’ offers the chance for spontaneity.Joachim Bessing was spinning the most amazing rape gaze music that he’s produced with a I strolled to the East River, sat on a log precariously positioned in the river itself, and smokedprogram that’s actually called “Amazing Slow Downer” (such a great title!!!), and some folks my little lungs out. Sometimes the act of concentrating on something so small and insignificantthere asked me if the relationship status was for real or not. So I don’t know what to make of it. gives your brain the opportunity to relax. Loosened up and calmed, I walked home.Whether real or fake, I like to pick and choose. Although I think the phrases “stranger than fic- About two blocks away from home, with my stomach crying out for food, I did antion” or “you can’t make this shit up” are losing meaning more and more this century. about-face and headed toward a lovely little Chinese takeaway I know, hidden away just off of Love, Broadway. Finally heading for home, just when I was least expecting it, he arrived. -m This is my LOVE moment: Those big brown glasses. That receding hairline. The unmis- takable, disorganized efficiency of the team that works around him. Yep, Terry was just standingOn Nov 11, 2010 at 8:54 PM Eva Munz wrote: there, casually using a point and shoot in Jared Leto’s face, flashing away on a back street of Dear, Chinatown. As an aspiring professional photographer, I couldn’t allow myself to just walk on by. How can you NOT think about aesthetics? I agree that the customizing shit on MySpace My LUCK moment: As Terry Richardson steps back, I pounce like a tiger. I introducewas just wrong. That’s where Zuckerberg’s forte lies, in a way: the stupid blue, the non-de- myself, I compliment him, and then I sink my teeth in.sign. Yet every time I go on Facebook, I’m a little embarrassed. I always feel like I am staring Me: “Terry, I’m actually looking to assist and would love to just come and help you guysat the classifieds board at HomePro. I still believe if the Apple guys had created Facebook, I’d out, for free, obviously.”be using it more often. Terry: “Yeah, of course. We’re always open to free help. Look, e-mail Seth in my studio Kisses, and tell him we met and he’ll help you out.” E We shake hands, smile, look lustfully into each other’s eyes, and then I leave him to his business. In my mind, ‘lustfully’ is the correct adjective. In his, I’m sure it was the complete P.S. My neighbor in room #1112 freaks me out. He is Japanese and heads off to play golf opposite. Anyway, I leave with a spring in my step but not before Jared Leto (topless) looks atat the crack of dawn. I know because I ride the elevator 11 floors down with him on my way to me like I’d just farted at his grandmother’s funeral as I offer to hold his jacket while he shoots athe studio at the crack of dawn. He lets me share his playlist. Now that IS SCARY! look. Instead, he finds a distant car and places his jacket on top of it. And the PAIN: I sleep with a Cheshire-cat smile, planning my next move on the Terry Richardson chessboard. I’m not aiming for his King but instead for his Queen: Seth. The next 231
  37. 37. THe WoRds PeoPLe of the YearPeoPLe my mental illness, baked a lot of pies and cookies, and began to see things from a differ- sentiment repeated by other women if they’re truly honest with themselves? We want to beof the Year ent, brighter angle! seen through our expressions, but at least for me – with lashes this heavy – it’s hard to see Joss stone myself clearly.An upcoming German poet, Chinese artists, by Nicoleta Menafashion bloggers, Tilda swinton. Users She helped me to find my way back to my Ai Weiweiof nominate and explain the music and gave me a positive attitude to- by Jean Anawomen and men who inspired them in 2010.* wards life. Hearing her music makes me feel The Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is a top play- alive and taught me not to give a sh*t ’bout er in any field. everything unexpected. Live life to the full-Lady Gaga more. He made me the strong personality I est, don’t regret anything, and don’t expect Mlle. Agnesby Brian Gallardo / username: whiteboy176 am today. With this nomination I would like anything, because in the end it’s the surprise by Gian CruzBecause she doesn’t care what people think to say, “Thank you!” that makes you smile. That’s the message she Mlle. Agnes, the most popular French fash-of her. Growing up as a child with ADHD, I gives to me, and my friends think the same. ion TV host, gives fashion reportage a veryfelt very different and out of touch with the Myself We love her. humorous twist. Sarcastic, mindlessly funny,world. Even though I was given medication, by Maishion K. and extremely sensible, she gives audiencesthere was still something off. I didn’t like the Of course there are many people that inspire Frida Kahlo a fine balance of how fashion can be fun andfact that I was different but I finally came to me, but most of the time I’m inspired by by Louise Clara Hess ridiculous at the same time.terms with it. After the 2009 VMAs, Gaga had myself. Walking trough her exhibition at Martin-Gro-a big impact on me. Her songs and music vid- pius-Bau in Berlin, lost in time and space, her Hannah MacGibboneos were a way of life. As always, I began to Jasmin Rodriguez paintings opened me up to new perspectives. by Jhosiah Huerta / username: jhosiahlose my obsession over time. But at the 2010 by All the little details are so obvious and yet Design aesthetic, purity of style, a freshVMAs, when she released the title of her new Also known as Vintage Vandalizm, she is not they also keep secrets. I admire her self-con- intro to effortless chic, amazing runwayalbum “Born This Way,” it all came back again. afraid to be herself and does not dress how ciousness and power. She was a woman with soundtracks, and a demure persona! Hannah others want her to dress! She’s Hispanic like a story to tell. worked under Pheobe Philo, one of the mostLady Gaga me and you really don’t see a lot of Hispan- dynamic designers, who famously combinedby Leslie Genao / username: lesliegenao ics dress like we do because other things are edie sedgwick simple and chic. Hannah works in the sameI liked her Alexander McQueen shoes in the expected of us. It hurts to see how the Span- by Lee Anne Finfinger / username: laartist niche. I cannot afford the price tag but her de-video “Bad Romance.” People may call her ish community treats people with a different Most influential person ever on my style? signs inspire my everyday wardrobe. I imag-weird but that’s her style. She’s also my per- style. Everytime I feel insecure or am scared Edie Sedgwick! She had style in her back ine myself walking in the Chloé show to theson of the year because she shows gay pride. someone is gonna judge me, I watch one of pocket. Or she would if she ever wore real MP3 playlist on my Blackberry on a daily ba- Vintage Vandalizm’s videos and then I’m not pants. This past year, I stopped trying to be sis. I dream of the day I am chatting with Han-Ron Morisson scared of being myself anymore and I am able someone I was not. I embraced my penchant nah over hot rose tea, talking textiles, aromas,by Katja Moser / username: katem to embrace my uniqueness. for opaque black tights and slouchy T-shirts, and everything Chloé.My very favorite person ever is Ron Moris- short blonde hair, and penciled-on molesson, an Austrian photographer, designer, art- Myself whenever I went out (and sometimes when I AA Bransonist, and and and.... He’s an all-around talent, by Miriam Assai / username: wedgeheel stayed in). It began as an easy costume. My by Mark Jan Krayenhoff van de Leur /very spiritual, and open-minded. Thanks to I’ll be selfish and nominate myself. It’s been best friend and I decided to go as Andy War- username: MKNYCMr. Morisson, I know that I can be everything a tough year for me, but I kept the spirit up hol and Edie Sedgwick on Halloween. Edie AA is a man of many accomplishments. AI want to be. I’m not afraid of anything any- anyways! I bought a gym card, struggled with was Warhol’s beautiful, fragile superstar. I’m brilliant artist, a gifted administrator, a heal- not proud of the fact that I often see myself er, and a mentor. He sees what could be and*Note: The order is random and the nominations were creatively interpreted. through the eyes of others, but is this not a what should be, and is not constrained by 249
  38. 38. THe WoRds PeoPLe of the Yearshe was easily mistaken for the mother of all lecting Academy Awards. Her movie Thereligious teachers. In fact, she was a natural Hurt Locker came out the year before and isborn romantic (68 years of love) but also a certainly one of the least watched movies inlady with steel lungs. Disciplined both as a the history of the Best Movie category. Butsmoker and a wife. it took my breath away for two-and-a-half hours. It is possible to show war with com-Alexander Wang passion and ruthlessness at the same time. I’mby Paula Hess / username: paula a little afraid of her biceps but I love her workWhen I moved to NYC, everybody was talk- as a moviemaker and stealth about Alexander Wang. For me, he wasat first just one of the new generation of de- Claude Chabrolsigners. But after seeing the amazing way he by etienne descloux / username: etienneworks with materials, I got obsessed. I bought Because he will probably never be man of thethe bags, the shirts, the jackets, the prints. year again.About everything I could find. And it reallyfits with everything – vintage or new. I guess oma and BellaAlexander Wang changed my personal style by Alexa Karolinski / username: alexaka lot. For being who they are and collaborating on my movie during a nasty Berlin heat wave.Zooey deschanelby Isabell Hellemann / username: izzyAnd Cookie Typhaine from Lookbook!Tom Jenkinsonby Leo Tardin / username: pianoramaxFor his recently released new musical projectShobaleader One ( An example of an uncom-promising artist who has always been able togracefully blend great craft, pure talent, andcurrent trends.Titus dittmannby Harald Rossbach / username: harrySome days ago, I saw a report about him onTV. It’s just great what the founding father ofthe German skater scene does in Afghanistanand elsewhere with his NGO, Skate-Aid.Kathryn Bigelowby Adriano Sack / username: adrianoIn February 2010, she beat her ex-husbandJames Cameron at his very own game – col- illustration by Paul KoPkau / username: pAulyk from New York 255
  39. 39. Back stage* Amazing outfits and awesome moments from the Spring/Summer 2011 shows. A fashion love story by Australian photographer Sonny VAnderVelde. reviewed by some in-the-know users of . *Backstage is a new section in Ilikemystyle Quarterly. It looks behind the scenes – where life really takes off. 257
  40. 40. Back StageThe Fashion Critics Become one of the IlikemystyleAny thoughts about the global style circuit?Quarterly’s critics and write shamelessly biased, pinpoignantly precise,and radically entertaining reviews for the next issue’s Backstage section. Valerie Steele, username: palomaa from Graz is a 16-year-old coffee addict and Camel Blue smoker that loves yellow bruises, My little Pony, trees, over- sized hoodies, andAnne Phillipi, getting lost in Celeste Galanda, Sofija Gujina,username: daydreams. username: username: debaserannevanity from julienboy718 from from Manchester islos Angeles is a Udine. As a ragazza the girl behind thejournalist, a part- italiana, Celeste style blog jean-sol-time dJ, and a style Galanda is kind of Anne writes a natural fashion She publishes in-for German GQ, expert. She adores spiring photographsrolling Stone, and the look of the lon- and illustrationsthe new york- don indie scene and featuring piecesbased architecture the time of Andy from current fashionmagazine PIn-UP. Warhol’s Factory collections. Her and enjoys hand- mantra: style is the rolled cigarettes. answer to everything. Frida Wanner- berger, username: featurette from lausanne started her BA degree in graphic design at Central Saint Martins in london this fall.Manuel Almeida Marcus luft, She also runs herVergara, username: blog Pigeophysics inusername: quintela tooposhtopush which she shares her Matheus He lost his Wunderkind status some time ago, but Jeremyfrom Berlin is an from Hamburg is passion for drawing Barbian, Scott is still fucking here! you can see him in a veryeducated couturier’s fashion editor for and photography username: thepoulpe cute Fred Flintstone costume at Jeffrey deitch’s Hollywoodassistant. He also Gala Germany and with the world. from Sorocaba is parties. These glasses are lady Gaga for beginners.worked as a prop creator of the blog the founder of the username: annevanityman in a theater. Tooposhtopush (the amazing blogCurrently he studies name refersfashion journalismand media commu- to rich ladies pre- ference for giving Thepoulpe, named after the I want melted liquorice wingsnications. And hehas ‘dior’ tattooed birth by c-section) and contributing French word for octopus. The on my eyes too. Hollyon his fingers. editor of style- journalism student likes the idea that his arms can reach Golightly meetsfeaturette username: Morpheus. multiple places at the same time. Jeremy Scott, September 15, 2010 – New York 259
  41. 41. Back Stage Joseph, who? The new crown prince of Paris proves that average white can look extraordinarily different and sexy. username: tooposhtopushAgain, old Helmut lang memoriesin my mind, and some earlyBalenciaga (under Mr. Ghesquière,of course). But this perfect whitedress is what I have to have nextweek. Who doesn’t want to look likea very youngusername: annevanity roman nymph? For a newcomer, Altuzarra surprised us. He worked with a defined color palette and awesome marine looks. username: thepoulpe Two blonde supermodels wearing dangerously short outfits, slapping each other, and enjoying it? Straight men’s fantasies never looked so fashionable. username: quintela Altuzarra, September 11, 2010 – New York 273
  42. 42. Back StageStunning outfits exclusively in black and white – of course.They recall a sunny afternoon in the ghetto. Skirts worn over shorts,asymmetrically cut undershirts, and plain-colored bandanas. Sick! username: quintela A perfect combination of glamour and independent style. I love the cool, long username: julienboy718 Be skinny! blonde hair. “Monastic Couture” is how rick owens labels his own collection. Idealistic and heavy clothes. username: thepoulpe Who knew that the long-forgotten Kevin Federline served as rick owen’s inspiration for the next season? username: debaserRick Owens, June 24, 2010 – Paris Damir Doma, September 29, 2010 – Paris I hate the color orange. There have only been three orange fashion moments that are acceptable: lacroix’s pieces in the early 90s, Chanel’s 2009 it-nailpolish orange Fizz, and now damir doma. His collection is old-school chic, and that is refreshing. username: quintela I’ll just call this “makeup artwork.” username: palomaa 271
  43. 43. Back Stage Marc Jacobs has taken the French sophistication out of louis Vuitton and replaced it with ‘roberto Cavalli.’ username: debaser A clash of references on the louis Vuitton runway. Sexy and funny shapes. Among the prints, the floral prevails. username: thepoulpeSince seeing the movie Spun for thefirst time, where the lovely BrittanyMurphy wears cute white-trashhookeroutfits, I have become addicted tocolorful animal prints. Using themon long, shiny dresses rather than onshirts or hot pants or Fran drescher,makes them unexpectedly elegant! username: quintela Marc Jacobs does not care anymore if his ideas make sense for louis Vuitton. That’s good. This collection was so over the top that you had to stare speechlessly at the mixture of donna Summer, colonial style, and whatever else on the runway. The best! username: tooposhtopush Louis Vuitton, October 6, 2010 – Paris 287