Ilikemystyle quarterly issue 2 short


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This is the short version of the second issue of Ilikemystyle Quarterly, the first user generated fashion magazine.

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Ilikemystyle quarterly issue 2 short

  1. 1. the first user-generated fashion magazine i Like my stYLe Quarterly Lucy Gabriel (username: lucywaslike) from New York introducing: The High School of Fashion Fr/De/Au: € 12,- UK: £ 9.50 Be/Es/Gr/It/Lu/NL/Port.Cont.: € 10,- 02 1 4 191858 912006
  2. 2. COntributors 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 This could be yOu! 8 9 10 11 12 13 People who worked on Ilikemystyle Quarterly 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 1 Angel Abramson 49 Kirsten Herrmann 2 Ryan 50 Olivia Kwarda- 3 Marion Heider Tuivaga 4 Guglielmo Castelli 51 Lucy Gabriel 5 Sale & pepe 52 this could be you! 6 Florian Kohl 53 Stefan Liske 7 Sigrid Rothe 54 Natalia Rodriguez 8 Henning Kober 55 Atessa Bock 24 25 26 27 28 29 9 Amy Martino 56 Gabriele Schauf 10 Michelle Marizan 57 Ali Zreik 11 Issaura Capellan 58 Angelo Plessas 12 Alexandra Perrin 59 Annie Wachsmuth 13 Kirsy Paulino 60 Philipp Ross 30 31 32 14 Leslie Genao 61 Volker Hobl 15 Brenda Guesnet 62 Shanna Benlevy 16 Michael Rivas 63 Ben 17 username: 64 Anne Philippi 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 catherineM 65 Michael McKee 18 Richard Tillotson 66 Joachim Bessing 19 Kyle Meyer 67 Molly Stene 20 Lea Schornstein 68 Orapin 21 Kirby Baumann Chalermskulratn 42 43 22 Philip Buiser 69 Eloise Hindle 23 Polina Bock 70 Gian Cruz 24 Mosch Khanedani 71 Sawa Takai 25 Pong Somprasertsuk 72 Yasuko Hama 26 Kali Gibson 73 Erik Schmidt 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 27 Alexa Karolinski 74 Gabriel Schauf 28 Eckhart Nickel 75 El Pichy Boys: 29 Olivia Bossert Maikel Rodriguez and 30 Brian Gallardo Alejandro Gonzales 51 52 53 31 Marla Erlenmaier 76 Eran Rothschild 32 Julia Lang 77 Karin Oender 33 Charleston Matthews 78 Joana Avillez 34 Martin Fengel 79 Maidje Meergans and 35 Robin Kranz Anna Ahlers 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 36 Shumon Basar 80 Giovanni Teeuwisse 37 Peggy Wu 81 Cordula Reyer 38 Scott 82 Jaroly Asilis 39 Brook Banham 83 Ingo Niermann 63 64 40 Oliver Milczarek 84 Maeen Hasan 41 Ben Nimkin 85 Nils Dunkel 42 Louise Clara Hess 43 Jackie Thomae 44 Katharina Zelisko 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 45 Florentine Schlüter 46 Isabelle Emmerich 47 Greg 48 Claudio Campo- 73 74 75 76 77 Garcia 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85
  3. 3. Dressing Room Piracy Jasmine Dilmanian (username: jdilm) wears Naeem Khan silver sequin scoop-neck dress. left: Marion Heider wears H&M striped ruffle top, sequin skinny leggings, white-rimmed sunglasses. Polina Bock (username: paulaaa) wears H&M midnight blue sequin bomber jacket. top: Marion wears H&M pink floral shirt, white layered tutu, pink-rimmed sunglasses. Polina wears H&M pink floral shirt, white layered tutu, pink-rimmed sunglasses. Emily Segal (username: RIPyourself) wears Hervé Léger red cap-sleeved dress. Alexa Karolinski (username: alexak) wears Hervé Léger gold lamé one-shoulder dress. Jasmine wears Marc by Marc Jacobs raincoat, Jasmine’s own t-shirt. right: Dressing Room Piracy Martin Cho (username: bucnam) wears Raf Simons beige cotton leather belted trenchcoat, Christopher Lee Sauve black graphic t-shirt, How do I look in Hervé Léger? Is the new Junn J. white cotton shorts, Junya Watanabe collection really for me? Raf Simons leather serpent sandals. What about this Prada summer coat? Such Hugh Jernigan (username: questions can’t be answered in theory. Users of hugo) wears Raf Simons serpent-print sheer t-shirt, went to their favorite stores for Laitinen black leather a reality check with the best of summer 2010. jean shorts, Junn J. white padded high-top (To be copied and continued in the next issue) sneaker sandals.
  4. 4. Dressing Room Piracy Martin wears Rick Owens cotton sleeveless tunic t-shirt, denim and nylon drawstring shorts. Alexa wears: Chanel black and white bouclé jacket, Alexa’s own pants and shoes. Hugh wears House of Holland printed short-sleeve Martin wears Raf Simons shirt. beige cotton leather-belted trenchcoat, Christopher Lee Martin wears Prada black Sauve black graphic t-shirt, and white plaid cotton short- Junn J. white cotton shorts, sleeve shirt and matching Raf Simons leather serpent shorts. Martin’s own shoes. sandals. Hugh wears Prada black and white print cotton short sleeve Right: shirt, black cotton skinny Emily wears Hervé Léger pants, Hugh’s own shoes. royal blue dress. Alexa wears Hervé Léger striped dress. This editorial would not have been made possible without the help of the knowledgable, inviting, and patient sales Emily wears Givenchy associates and stylists from studded black blazer, Emily’s Atelier, Barneys, If, Prada, own dress. Saks Fifth Avenue, Seven New York, Rick Owens, Hervé Léger, and Guiseppe Zanotti.
  5. 5. News STreetstyle Flash China Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Dongtai Lu Railway Station Huangpu Park Huangpu Park Shanghai Zhongshan Shanghai Zhongshan Shanghai Zhongshan Shanghai Beijing Dong Lu “The Bund” Dong Lu “The Bund” Dong Lu “The Bund” Huangpu Park Forbidden City China S,M,L The smiling streetstyle of the new superpower. Sigrid roThe (username: siro) went Beijing Entrance to Forbidden City Beijing Summer Palace Shanghai Huangpu Park Shanghai Huangpu Park to Beijing, Shanghai, and Suzhou and found buzzing cities full of beautiful people, S faces, and looks. And a lot of victory-fingers. Shanghai Beijing Shanghai Peoples Park Summer Palace Fuxing Park 27
  6. 6. news Flash LiTerature holiday, lazy Mr. Moon, Milky Ways in Hawaii. He thought of SMiLE as a teenage symphony to God, a trip from coast to coast. A line of light wanders over the ground, it originates from the sun that is positioned in the southeastern part of the sky. The line moves along with the plane. Rivers, little streams, and duck ponds refract its rays. Every stretch of water is a mirror. This is the country Walt Whitman wrote about and at the same time invented, as did Thoreau. As everyone is allowed to do. Particular in First, hills become visible, the winding of a river, circular irrigated fields, a larger lake, Every Detail everything is particular in every detail. Nebraska, powdered white with snow. Ice crystals have formed between the window panes, sparkling in the sun like a kaleidoscope. Through this the country below looks like a painting by Charles Burchfield. In his work, the American landscape shines as it does when someone travels through it, set to see something. To travel is to think and The Rocky Mountains appear, peaks glinting white. In a way, this flight is On the Road write. Henning Kober in five hours and thirty minutes. (username: hk) about how Traveling means I think and write. American landscape The pilot announces the Grand Canyon on the left and Las Vegas on the right. It won’t and literature shape his be long now. Already the plane begins its slow descent above the holy Mojave, over the majestic imagination. San Bernardino Mountains. There at Lake Arrowhead Brian Wilson sat, invented America, and then composed SMiLE. I remember the magic year 2004, I had just moved to New York when the album was re- My driver is an Angolan cat with alert, yellow-green eyes. He pilots his Ford like a tactical leased, almost forty years after he began. I bought it at Sound Fix in Williamsburg and listened. missile, fast, on track, taking chances, moving between traffic and still navigating steadily. The And I keep listening. The more I travel through this country, the more I understand. coming day lies in darkness, only a faint first blush on the horizon. As if on a tray, Manhattan Down there on curving streets, endless rows of uniform houses, the sub-suburbs, the to the left, the tips of the skyscrapers blink red, veiled in light white haze. The diamond iceberg world of Greater L.A. Green watered parks, golf courses. Soon freeways, denser neighbor- floats. Here the days often start with a pleasant magic. hoods, palm trees, smog, cars in traffic jams, everything as it is supposed to be, as I remember it. Terminal 4 is empty, everything happens quickly, Gate B24. I’m sitting across from Later I drive up to Griffith Park, to the observatory, and walk the rest towards the top. I a family portrait, the thin, silent mother, her lips overly enhanced. In the middle the chubby- look over planet Los Angeles while the sun goes down, darkness creeps over the basin, the set cheeked daughter, snuggling against her father. All dramas begin to play in my mind. begins to light up. Then I think about all that happened in the last weeks. It’s while traveling that it all appears, always. We’ll land soon. A guy in black shorts crosses the frame. From where is he coming? Cold wind blows out- The plane turns around over the Pacific, I see the Santa Monica ferris wheel and people side. From Boston to San Diego, from Seattle to Key West, the United States spans all seasons, on Venice Beach. all weather. For this guy, JFK airport is not a port of arrival, just transit. On the plane, a Korean businessman sits next to me, carefully folding his dark trench coat and placing it on his lap. In my earphones Brian Wilson performs SMiLE, his masterpiece. “Heroes and Villains” first. A journey begins. I awake when the aircraft accelerates and ascends into the sky. The airport shrinks, planes glitter on the runways. Soon the first clouds, the old Boeing dives into them, groaning, slightly in- clined. In my book, I read Jack Kerouac began writing his novel On the Road in Joual, the Quebec French of Montreal. When I read it the first time, some ten years ago, I almost couldn’t finish, but now, I’m reading a book about him. The interweaving of characters fascinates me. Deep below lies a quiet white ocean of clouds, ruffles, cryptic marks, I recognize a world of animals. When I wake up again, the clouds have disappeared. We’re already over the Midwest, Indiana, soon Illinois, and Iowa. The ground is divided into squares, wide fields, straight roads Henning Kober is the author of the novel Unter diesem Einfluss. frame them, farms between. I see a truck move below. Brian Wilson sings about a pirate on He took these photos while working on his second book. 31
  7. 7. FaShion One day in May, filmmaker AlexA KArOlinsKi (username: alexak) ran into a bunch of awesome looking teenagers, who turned out to be students at new York High school of Fashion industries. 36 hours later they started doing their first photo shoot for ilikemystyle The Quarterly. We proudly present: HigH School of left to right: Fashion Jaroly wears t-shirt, ring, and shoes: Forever21. skirt: H&M. Lucy wears cardigan: American Apparel. boots: Steve Madden. shirt: Forever21. skirt: H&M. sunglasses: Urban Outfitters. Michelle wears sandals: H&M. jumpsuit: Urban Outfitters. Kirsy wears blazer, sandals, and necklaces: Forever21. tank top: H&M. leggings: Capezio. Brian wears cardigan, shirt, and jeans: H&M. shoes: Sperry. sunglasses: fake Ray-Bans from street vendor on 181st St. Leslie wears cardigan: American Apparel. tank top: Forever21. skirt: H&M. shoes: moccasins. Angel wears sunglasses: Urban Outfitters. t-shirt and shoes: H&M. shorts: American Apparel. 35
  8. 8. Michelle wears sweater: Unique Thrift Store socks: Nike shoes: Doc Martens sunglasses: Fake Ray Bans Kirsy wears Lucy wears blazer, sandals, and leotard: American Apparel necklace: Forever21 glasses: Urban Outfitters tank top: H&M tights: H&M leggings: Capezio boots: Steve Madden
  9. 9. Angel wears sunglasses: Urban Outfitters t-shirt: H&M shorts: American Apparel Concept, styling, and photography by Michelle Marizan, Lucy Gabriel, Jaroly wears Jaroly Asilis, Leslie Genao, Issaura skirt and bag: Forever21 Capellan, Kirsy Paulino, Angel Abramson, t-shirt: American Apparel and Brian Gallardo. Additional photography by Michael Rivas 47
  10. 10. FaShion More than a collaborated on countless They’ve Woman commercials but decided to take their creative partnership to a new level. Director Eva Munz (username: evvaa) shot stylist Pong SoMPraSErTSuk (username: jpongmoss) in her own house in Bangkok with and without her exquisite wardrobe. Victoria’s Secret leopard print panties. Vintage costume bracelet, worn throughout. 49
  11. 11. FaShion The framed photo shows the Indian guru Sri Sathya Sai Baba, famous for materializing Seiko watches in front of his disciples. opposite page: Balmain black pagoda-shoulder dress. vintage silver chain necklace, worn throughout.
  12. 12. The PEoplE FaShion More than a Woman 8 1/2 nude silk dress. opposite page: taxidermy and pottery 57
  13. 13. FaShion do I like my Hair?They say the hair is always curlier, straighter, blonder or more voluminous on other people’s heads. Nine users of on how they found happiness with their ’dos. username: catherinem 61
  14. 14. FaShion do I like my Hair? Kirby BaumanN / username: kirbyanysia I’ve wanted my hair to be short for as long as I can remember. The first time I cut it off, I let my brother do it. He and I were pulling an all-nighter before a 6am flight home for Christmas. We were drunk and bitching about ex-girlfriends, I was in the moment, and was like “fuck it, let’s cut my hair.” After my first short cut started growing out and turning into a bad shag, I saw a picture of Ash Stymest, and it was all over. The very next day, I got Cody (Chandler) to shave off the sides and back, and I’ve had some variation of that cut ever since. I dyed it black once after seeing The Godfather. I wanted to be a badass Italian mafia boss like one of the Corleones, but now I usually stick with my natural brown. Styling is pretty simple. It looks best after a day or two of no washing, but when I do wash, I mix and match the brands of shampoo and conditioners: that way you can make your own smell. Or, I’ll skip the condition- er, and when it’s dry, I use a tiny bit of hand lotion instead of hair product. It makes it super soft and it smells great. That picture was taken while I was shaving my hair again myself. I used the “ear trimmer” setting and accidentally shaved my sideburn all the way off, so I just went with it and shaved the sides almost bald again. There’s something exhilarating about ac- cidentally fucking up your hair and knowing you can’t do anything but shave it—it’s so final. I guess my perfect hairstyle starts with not giving a shit and goes from there. orperit dolor iriliquisMolorper sit ad erci tatuer autet, Hairstyle is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself quissi bla conse veliquisl utatummolore -Hubert de Givenchy, Vogue, July 1985 65
  15. 15. FaShion Comme des Garçons The collection: A pastiche of separate basics (skirt, jacket, trenchcoat, etc.) rendered through raver-choreography seaming into kaleidoscopic sculptures. Different prints and textures packed together by graphic, armor-esque leather accents. The best-in-show, acid-poodle wig/hat styling crowns the collection alongside Kawakubo’s irony with manga-inspired sleight of hand. The car: Front engine, V6 transverse-mounted single seater sportster. Manual transmission, rear wheel drive. Limited turning circle due to covered front wheels. The panels and joining struts make up the chassis so all mechs are exposed. Non-weatherproof leather skirts and wheel arches are stitched and rivited. Car cannot get wet. Fashion Transformers How fast can fashion really be? Brook BanHam (username: brook) injected five dazzling summer collections* into his horsepowered imagination and reinvented fashion on four wheels. *Reviews by Martin Cho (username: bucnam) 73
  16. 16. Fashion Transformers riCk owens The collection: His story for the season, if there ever was one, is about mercurial aliens who worship geometry and flowing loincloth, the running Niles between each model’s legs. Footballer shoulders and heavy treads, as though conceived by Richard Serra, add to the topsy-turvy, jagged silhouette. Grayscale, black, and white is the trademarked palette. The car: 2+2 seater American GT (Grand Tourer), 350 cubic inch V8 with output of 348 BHP. Rear-wheel drive with front mounted engine. Viktor & rolF The collection: Edward Scissorhands was commissioned to art direct the gown parade at their show’s finale. The sculptural chiffon hedges or satin bonsai confection not only burn a big hole in one’s Swiss bank account, but also literally in the body of the dress—like an off-target glory hole exposing innards coveted or otherwise. It’s a concept waiting to be test-driven by Roisin Murphy. The car: Luxury coupe seating for two. Front engine and rear-wheel drive. 5 liter V8 producing 380 BHP. No roof option so only driven in good weather. 75
  17. 17. Mercedes-benz & ilikemystyle Quarterly present Berlin Wildlife A car story by Nils DuNkel (username dunkel) and RobiN kRANz (username robin). Anna wears transparent shirt: H&M shoes: Zara sunglasses: Mango jewelry: vintage 8 37
  18. 18. Mercedes-benz & ilikemystyle Quarterly present beRlin Wildlife Maidje wears top: Topshop jacket: Zara shorts: COS shoes: Buffalo mascara: Max Factor 5
  19. 19. Mercedes-benz & ilikemystyle Quarterly present beRlin Wildlife Stella wears scarf: vintage dress: COS jacket: Balenciaga tights: Henry Holland boots: Le 66 Paris Giovanni wears hat: vintage shirt: Boys Boys Boys jacket: Hugo Boss jeans: Ksubi Jeans shoes: Suicidal Tendencies for Vans Maidje wears leather jacket: Vero Moda jacket: Topshop dress: H&M tights: Falke shoes: Buffalo Claudio wears jacket: Hugo Boss This story was shot in Berlin on May 22nd and hoodie: American Apparel 23rd, 2010 with the new generation of the stonewashed jeans: Cheap Monday shoes: Adidas Mercedes-Benz R-Class. Photography and production by Robin Kranz and Volker Hobl, styling and concept by Nils Dunkel. Nils’ friends: Anna Ahlers, Maidje Meergans, Claudio Campo-Garcia, Giovanni Teeuwisse. 99
  20. 20. Fashion Lilly says The most important voice you’ll ever hear is your own: Isabelle emmerIch (username: lilly) never shows her whole face on her blog eppendorfghettochick, but goes full-frontal with her thoughts about life and style. shirt: Supré. hoodie: Cheap Monday. shorts: vintage. tights: H&M. 79
  21. 21. Fashion Lilly says 1 2 2 3 4 1 5 6 2 3 7 8 4 5 1 Your own voice is the most important voice you will ever hear! shirt: Volcom. oversized dress: 1 shirt & tights: Cubus. little bow scarf: Primark. bracelets: from various markets all over the world!; Monki. rings: Primark/Six. The first time I was wearing that dress, a friend was like “Oh, you are 2 We all need little things to cheer us up. happy glitter socks: H&M. chain: Primark; 3 dress: Yumi. car- dressed as a bee tonight?” 2 Life isn’t a fairytale, but at least we can dress like it is. dress: H&M. digan: MTWTFSS Weekday. ring: H&M; 4 London calling. I was on a £20 shopping budget in London. cardigan: Cubus; 3 shirt & necklace: H&M. cardigan & jeans: Monki; 4 It isn’t meant to always be Too bad, but I brought home a really lovely Super Kate shirt and another pair of vintage Levi’s shorts. okay. 5 shirt: Cubus. hoodie: American Apparel. jeans: Cheap Monday. ring: a gift. Bag: Primark; shorts: vintage Levi’s. shirt: from somewhere on the street in London. blazer: Pimkie. watch: Tiger; 6 People say that everybody belongs somewhere. Everybody? Maybe some people are just lost. shirt: 5 I always loved my mom’s clothes a lot. All these gorgeous pieces. Sometimes pretty pieces end up Cubus; 7 shirt: Cheap Monday. pants: Monki. blazer: Pimkie. ring: from somewhere in Eastern Europe; in my suitcase like this Strenesse blazer from the 80s. That time, I didn’t have to give it back. blazer: 8 I fall for all kinds of oversized clothes. shirt: MTWTFSS Weekday. bracelets: SIX. shorts: SASH. vintage Strenesse from mommy. shirt: Marc O’Polo. chain: Primark. scarf: H&M. 85
  22. 22. Still from Ben’s video “Telephone parody” Still from Greg’s video “Lady Gaga - Paparazzi Parody (Stalkerazzi)” Gaga 2 Gaga It’s rare that an impersonator’s fame rivals that of the original—but perhaps Stefani Germanotta’s brilliant, unoriginal originality explains how the following internet phenoms have earned the title in their own right. Some of her most creative copies chat each other up. Concept, matchmaking, production: Michael Ladner / username: apollinaris 103
  23. 23. Collaborative work: still from Ben’s video Comments by angry 13-year-old Boys Ben: Yeah, bloggers can be tough critics, but it’s fun to see them pick these videos apart. Ben (username: ben) from new York and So I did the “Box in a Box” video, and then about six months later I started Barely Political with “I GreG (username: gregscarnici) from new York Got a Crush on Obama” in June 2007. Since then I have been making these online videos full time. GreG: That was huge! I’m glad you’re able to concentrate on it full time. I have to squeeze my Ben: Always a pleasure to meet another video creator. How’d you get started with online videos? video making into an insane schedule of doing live shows, working, acting—it’s mad- GreG: I’ve been on YouTube since the beginning, and started posting digital shorts I was cre- dening sometimes! Do you have people you collaborate with? ating for a gay sketch comedy show. The first one that really clicked was a parody of Ben: We have a whole team. Tom Small is our director; Jake Chudnow does music; Mark Prince’s “Black Sweat”. How about yourself? Douglas writes and performs; Michael Stevens does remixes and editing; and Rusty Ben: The first video I posted on YouTube was “My Box in a Box”. Ward is a writer we get to work with a lot. GreG: Love it. I remember that. GreG: I AM SO JEALOUS. Greg Scarnici writes, directs, edits, performs, and composes mu- Ben: Like your videos, it got a huge boost when Perez Hilton blogged about it. sic. Greg Scarnici does every fucking thing! GREG: Perez has been great about posting my vids that skewer celebs. A posting on his site Ben: We’ve done like 480 videos in three years, so we keep ourselves busy. And we collaborate guarantees a bazillion views. a lot, which, if you’re game, you should drop by. Ben: Though we went three years without him blogging about us again. Then he blogged our GreG: That would be great. Lady Gaga “Telephone” parody, which we put out a few months ago. Ben: I kinda feel an instant kinship with online video creators because I know they’ve been GreG: What I love about him is that he only posts what he likes. I thought he would blog my through a lot of the same stuff. Created often with almost no budget. Picked apart in Gaga parody but he told me he wasn’t crazy about it. comments. Stayed up until 4am editing. 105
  24. 24. Still from Sale & Pepe’s video “Bad Romance Very Italian Trash Parody” Still from “Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce telephone cuban Parody” by El Pichy Boys a PuTana runninG Wild in the Yard Even when we work with a TV station, we try to stay as close to our roots as we can. SaLe & PePe (username: saleepepe) from roMe and SaLe & PePe: We understand :) Our videos look really homemade. We made costumes with eL PIChY BoYS: aLejandro GonzaLez (username: alepichy) and MaIKeL plastic boxes haha. And in Italy nobody makes this kind of comedy. rodrIGuez (username: pichyboys) from MIaMI eL PIChY BoYS: Our costumes were made by a very creative stylist, Orly Romay. She is awesome. She got a couple of empty cans and some yellow caution tape and there you go: two boys looking like freaks. What was the funniest thing that happened to you guys SaLe & PePe: Heyyyyy we are Sale & Pepe. while shooting the video? eL PIChY BoYS: My name is Alejandro and Maikel is my cousin. Pichy is what my grandma SaLe & PePe: Everything is funny for us. It’s funny to remake the Gaga choreography be- used to call us when we were kids. cause we can’t dance and so we are always out of time. And walking in high heels— it’s SaLe & PePe: Sweet :) dangerous!! eL PIChY BoYS: It’s their way to say “bambino” over in Cuba. We were born there and then eL PIChY BoYS: Tell me about it! moved here to the United States. SaLe & PePe: Anyways, we really love trash and so in videos we like to make mistakes too. SaLe & PePe: Do you live in Miami? eL PIChY BoYS: Haha, that is good. That’s the best way to make it happen. eL PIChY BoYS: Yeah, I’m an American citizen. This is my home now. SaLe & PePe: We are happy when people watch our videos and find them disgusting or con- SaLe & PePe: How old are you? sider us a group of retarded freaks. It’s funny for us because they don’t understand that eL PIChY BoYS: I’m 23 and Maikel is 24. it’s intentional to create these reactions in them, positive or negative. SaLe & PePe: We are 23 and 26. So why did you make a “Telephone” parody? eL PIChY BoYS: I agree. In our video we had fun too. When we went to the junkyard (the eL PIChY BoYS: We work for a TV station called America TeVe. We are featured on a show place that you see all the broken cars), people were looking at us. Most of them were that broadcasts at 9pm, Monday to Friday. these kinds of prejudice men—the homophobic type. And they were complaining to the SaLe & PePe: You are famous!! manager of the place about a guy dressed like a whore (putana) running wild in the yard. eL PIChY BoYS: We make comedy bits there. SaLe & PePe: We love these moments. We understand you. SaLe & PePe: We started making videos alone and then posted them on YouTube three years eL PIChY BoYS: The other funny part was when we tried to shoot the scene in the sun- ago. And our videos began to have lots of views, especially from Central America. A glasses…with the cigarettes. We started to light them up but they didn’t want to catch on national TV station followed us on the making-of our latest video, “Telephone.” fire so Maikel put them all on his mouth and started to inhale. He almost passed out. He eL PIChY BoYS: The TV show acquired us because our projects look homemade, but creative. couldn’t breathe because of all the smoke. 111
  25. 25. StOries Best A PinkAtesSA Bock / username: atessa) about her friend Ana (left) Heart-shaped Cake Friends You envy her body, you love her mind, and sometimes you could kill her. How did you two meet? In kindergarten. Six girls from about the What were yo u r f i r s t i m p r e s s i o n s o f e a c h o t h e r ? She’s my favorite playmate. Describe the def i n i n g m o m e n t t h a t c e m e n t e d y o u r f r i e n d s h i p . Our first school day. complicated, ambiguous, and totally Wardrobe pieces th a t a r e “ s o h e r. ” Leggings, long top, high heels, scarf, XL sunglasses. amazing thing called friendship. I want to b i t c h s l a p h e r w h e n . . . She puts on way too much makeup. What’s your fri e n d s h i p s o n g / m o v i e / c u r i o ? Maria Arredondo, “True Friendship.” We love shopping, taking photos, and modelling. O n e t h i n g y o u e n v y o f h e r. . . Her curves. Yo u r l a s t c o n v e r s a t i o n w a s a b o u t . . . Men! W h o ’s t h e b i g g e r b o y / g i r l m a g n e t ? She is! S h e a l w a y s s a y s . . . “Schnugg” to me. What’s one thing t h a t y o u k n o w b e t t e r t h a n s h e d oe s a b o u t h e r s e l f ? Her taste in shoes. What do you order f o r h e r w h e n s h e s t e p s a w a y t o t h e w a s h r o o m ? A five-course meal with lots of mousse au chocolat as dessert. Fondest memory o f h e r ? When she was standing at my door after a big fight with a pink heart-shaped cake. 115
  26. 26. StOries Best Friends Silly Videos and rAdiO Podcasts MarA erlenmaier / username: vagabunda) about her friend Lea (left) How did you two meet? We met some time in the 7th grade, but neither of us really registered the other. Much later, on a trip to Spain, we got to know each other better and started recording these silly videos and radio podcasts. What was your first impression of each other? As I said, she didn’t register at first. It took us three years to notice each other. Describe the defining moment that cemented your friendship? When we found out that we had the same sense of humor. We could laugh forever about Monty Python or crazy YouTube videos. Nickname for her? We don’t really have nicknames. We just crack up about retarded running gags, which must be really annoying for everyone around us. She looks the most attractive when… She performs air guitar solos to her favorite songs. Five of her wardrobe pieces that are “so her”: Tampon-colored Keds, colorful skirts, ice cream earrings, doodled-on and worn down leather bag, gangster cap with moving eyes and painted face (for ironic reasons) I want to bitch slap her when… She hums the same old song for hours. What’s your friendship song/movie/curio? We do radio shows together, which means that we constantly listen to or talk about music. My current favorite is Futureporn Tightjeans from Hamburg. One thing you envy her for… For her infallible optimism. Your last phone conversation was about… The big dilemma: at the Fete de la Musique in Berlin, Bonaparte, Ratatöesca and Berlin Boom Orchestra play at the same time... Who’s the bigger boy magnet? That’s in the eye of the beholder. She always says… Exactly the right thing, even if I don’t want to hear it. You girls bond over? Our craziness. The last time we hugged/kissed/cried with each other was because? My dog died. She is too good for? This world! Fondest memories of her? Covered in dust and sweat during a ska concert. 117
  27. 27. StOries Classic with some extras Gabriele Schauf (username: gabby) was a fashion pioneer, model, and stylist. Now she works as a therapist with obese people. Jackie ThOmae (username: thejackster) talked to her about lasting and fading beauty, skinny models, and the power of barbour. her son, Gabriel Schauf (username: gabriel) photographed her at her favorite places in berlin–and she shares some choice pictures from her private archive with us. At the gallery Camera Work showing Robert Polidori’s “Versailles” series blouse: Susanne Wiebe, Munich rock: Dolce & Gabbana shoes: Kookai bracelet: vintage 125
  28. 28. StOries Classic with some extras jacket: Moschino Jeans opposite page: hotel room, 1972 127
  29. 29. Classic with some extras “a little eccentric after all” Gabriele Schauf used to be a model and stylist and worked with iconic photographers such as Helmut Newton, who had a funny casting routine: Polaroid full frontal, Polaroid full back. New- ton would then just tap on the Polaroids of the women he liked. When he later saw her on the beach, he realized that he should have cast her instead. Today, Gabby works as a psychotherapist and has an office in Berlin. What’s it like to be photographed by one’s son? It was all really relaxed. First I thought there might be a problem because I used to deal so much with photography and have an inclination to be in command. Of course, I made some suggestions, but I held off on the mommy-babble. Was this your first time? Our first time shooting together, yes. But, I always wanted that and this was really the perfect occasion. How did you end up in fashion? Who influenced you? My mother was a draftswoman and a teacher at the fashion school. I started sewing my own designs at the age of 13. I tailored my own prom gown: I just cut into the fabric and off I went. Later, I used a knitting machine to knit cardigans for my classmates and made some money on the side by producing leather blousons. I never really had any formal training, but at some point I was just good at it. How eccentric can you be at the age of 22 compared to the age of 55? I’m not sure I ever was really eccentric, but, at some point, I was told, “Whenever you leave the room, we talk about you.” Okay, I thought, if you have nothing better to talk about, it’s alright. Perhaps I was a little eccentric after all, or just different. In any case I just always did whatever I wanted. I’d moved to a number of different cities by the age of 20, studied at university and traveled a lot. I’d always found ways to move through life rather elegantly. I was never conformist, not then and not now. I would never stick to a marriage or a job if it wasn’t working. How would you describe your style? Do you stay away from certain things today? I believe my style matches my age. For instance, you’d never find me running around in a miniskirt. I would describe my style as classic—classic with some extras. I work at a hospital once a week and I dress up for it too. In my practice, I want to be a role model for my patients. They may marvel at what I am wearing, but either they like it or they think: Man, she’s got guts. I don’t chase after every trend. Platform shoes, for instance, turn me into this 1.9 meter tower—what’s that good for? But you did wear them in the 70s? Yeah, it was hippy-esque and kind of funny, but I really don’t have to go there anymore. Gabriele’s living room. That’s just repetition. I look at myself back then, when it fit the era, when bands looked On the photos: her son Gabriel, all like that and so on. Bryan Ferry and herself Were you able to translate your experiences as a model and stylist to your work in psychotherapy? 133
  30. 30. StOries Season’s Greetings Our globe is an enchanting place: sometimes cryptic, often seductive, and these days rather scantily clad. Users of from all over the world share their expertise to maximize the experience of “summer 2010.” Posing inChalermskulratn / username: pretty88 by Orapin Krabi Here I was. One week of relaxation on a strictly no-internet or Facebook diet. All we wanted was nature. And some pictures to show off at home. Railay beach is unique. The curved coastline is surrounded by imposing limestone cliffs and low-rise accommodations nestled discreetly in the jungle. During the evening, we tried to match the beauty of the fab scenery with our own. I posed endlessly against the sunset to get the picture right. I guess I’m a perfec- tionist. My friends say I like to go over the top, but the smile is by no means fake. This is me! The guys on the beach stopped playing soccer and began to stare at me jumping, twisting, and throwing my ha-ha-hair. It made my day! I fall in love with Krabi every time: swimming in the crystal clear water, the seafood, a massage on the beach, a sip of fresh coconut juice. Heaven on earth! Then it’s time for another photo-op. 137
  31. 31. StOries Season’s Greetings Sawa is wearing a traditional kimono a new Day inusername: eckhart by ecKhart nickel / Kathmandu by Japanese hip-hoP Wedding Sawa Takai / username: soursawanet I will never forget that day, the one which has since set the standard for all spiri- This picture is from my brother’s wedding that took place this past spring in tual experiences in my life. It started with an awakening at sunrise in the nearby Japan. Here, I was waiting for the bride and groom to walk down the stairs of Lumbini Hokke Hotel. The perfect Japanese mimicry of this outrageously clean the chapel, his best friends waiting at the bottom of the stairs for the signature and calm inn (at least by Nepalese standards) included an incredibly charming moment of the bouquet tossing. My sister, who is the oldest of four, managed to complimentary kimono which I threw over my pajamas to greet the morning catch it. Hopefully within the next few years her turn will come! sun outside our tatami room. In front of the door, I found a Hierodula pattel- These days, not many young Japanese wear kimonos, Japan’s tradi- lifera pointing with her huge green head to the nearby widespread mudfields tional garment. For me, however, the longer I stay abroad, the more my own which reminded me of Gloucestershire. A dusty fog was oscillating wildly, in- cultural customs attract me. Now, people can easily rent a kimono for special spiring me to refrain from coffee on that special day and to fast instead. Later, occasions, but I bought this kimono at the age of 20 for my coming-of-age I would meet my local barber at his roaming free air salon with its azure blue ceremony in Japan and have loved it since. It takes time to put on a kimono; a plastic monobloc, a short comb, pair of scissors, and a light blue polyester professional kimono dresser spent all morning dressing me up and doing my apron. Surya, that’s his name, crewcut my hair just a stone’s throw away from hair and makeup. Buddha’s birth tree. After the purchase of some charm bracelets and necklaces My brother is a rapper and has never taken life seriously. Therefore, I for my friends to be blessed, I approached the tree shoeless in an appropriately could not help but get emotional the moment he made his entrance into the cha- colored Abercrombie polo (which my co-pilgrim friend Christian gave to me pel in his gray three-piece suit; he suddenly looked like a real man. as a present) to get my tikka and blessings. The calm ceremony was beyond Although my trip home for the wedding was very short, busy, and tiring, description, long and short and beautiful in an otherworldy way. My mumbling it was unforgettable. It was one of the happiest times for our family. My tired sadhu never took his sunglasses off. body and mind were entirely healed by it. My heart was filled with joy! 141
  32. 32. StOries Season’s Greetings Sidekicks in/ username: feathers by Kali giBson San Francisco Last summer was pathetic. I spent most of it wallowing indoors over a breakup and then I got laid off and the pity party really started. The gray weather and wardrobe of heavy sweaters suited my mood and at the time, I didn’t mind the lack of golden afternoons that graced previous Julys and Augusts. Of course, time healed my bruises and things have invariably turned themselves up and around. Summer is practically here again and it’s so full of promise. A scenic drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and you can say bye-bye to the autumn-like weather of a San Francisco summer. We’ve already made one trip across for a picnic in a quiet meadow, followed by a dip in a refresh- ingly cool creek and some frozen yogurt from TCBY to cap off the day. We plan on making this routine a Sunday habit. Some Sundays will be reserved for the Alameda Flea Market. This in- credible display of vintage takes place every first Sunday of the month on an old air station not far from Oakland. Although it can be miserably frigid and windy out there most of the year, it’s amazing from May through October, you’re like- ly to walk away kissed by the sun, with arms full of your new-to-you treasures. The other shared day-off among roommates and friends are Wednes- days. My hope is that whatever we end up doing each week—whether it is a long walk through the city, an attempt at sneaking into a pool or just cooking up a big meal in the evening—we’ll photograph it. I just acquired a friend’s old camera and while it’s taped together with pink florescent tape, it works wonder- fully all the same and I plan on making it my sidekick from here on out. And this summer wouldn’t be complete without my dog Penny. There are a surprising number of parks here in these seven square miles, and I’ve become acquainted with each of them. Golden Gate Park is perhaps my fa- vorite, stretching across a lengthy span of SF before ending at the ocean. You can spend the whole day getting lost in the lush, winding trails and completely forget that a busy city is just behind the trees. It’s a journey to walk all the way through the park, but at the end is the Beach Chalet. Here, you can sit outdoors – shielded from the crazy wind – and fill yourself with a burger, beer, and oysters. My summer aspirations aren’t staggering – a camping trip might be the biggest thing I do – but all those small moments ought to add up to something big. I can tell it’s going to be a good one, full of everything that the past one was missing. 143
  33. 33. Far Out StOries Swazi-Me New York photographer KYle MeYer (username: thekylemeyer) has spent a year in southern Africa’s rural Swaziland. Here’s 43 things he saw, loved, hated, and chewed on. And 14 fantastic wraps from his low-res but highbrow turban project. 149
  34. 34. Swazi-Me 43 THings (random and/or fundamental) about SwazilAnd 1. The charm of Veki produces the most amaz- 19. Inspirational shopping. Beronja. She’s a very ing baskets (http://www. The beautiful wax print popular socialite in cloth and hand woven Swaziland. 13. Cultural exchange. I fabrics are cheap and one 2. House on Fire. This taught Audreykins, the can get them everywhere. popular outdoor bar/ accountant/secretary for I used them for my photo- club brings in big South Swazi Candle – the com- shoot as well as clothing African bands: Freshly pany I work for – how to and jewelry that I have Ground, Oliver Mtukudzi, cat walk. She loves it. been making. Mango Groove. 14. Religiosity. The country 20. Manzini Market. You can 3. The largest exposed gran- is fueled by religion and literally buy anything ite rock in the world. It’s the preachers take money here: veggies, fabric, called Sibebe and I can from people coming into monkey skulls, crafts, see it from my house. their churches. underwear, etc. The best 4. Keith the hairdresser, the 15. The marijuana. While day is Thursday. most flamboyant man in hiking, I stumbled upon a 21. A quick drive to get to Swaziland. Married to a huge marijuana plantation Mozambique. The most woman. in the middle of nowhere. vibrant, dirty place you 5. Traditional Swazi food. A lot of people grow it in will ever go. It’s on the Best place to have it is the their gardens and in their Indian Ocean so you can restaurant Edladleni. backyards. get the best seafood and 6. The beautiful language. 16. The beautiful wildlife. the cheapest beer. It’s called siSwati, and it Birds and monkeys are 22. Underage speeding. There doesn’t get any easier. everywhere and I live are six-year-old boys rac- 7. Swimming at the long ten minutes from zebra, ing around on dirt tracks pool in a secluded river warthogs, antelopes, and on motorbikes! dam at the bottom of a ostrich. 23. Marula brew. A traditional huge mountain. The eels 17. The lightning storms that Swazi beer made from are scary though! happen at least once a the marula tree. It tastes 8. The African winter sun. day; they’re crazy but like shit but it makes you 9. Curiosity. I love how beautiful to watch if you horny and high! I only random people will come are inside. Swaziland is had it once. up to me on the street and in the record book for 24. Riding in the back of strike up a conversation. most deaths caused by a pickup truck with 20 10. Mlungu. It means white lightning. people. person (= me). 18. Stone age internet. It 25. Swazi bananas - a banana 11. Baobab Batik’s wonderful takes thirty minutes to only grown in Swaziland. fabrics. download a one megabyte They are half the size of a 12. Gone Rural. A basket file. Internet is still dial- regular bananas but twice weaving company that up in a lot of places. as sweet. 151
  35. 35. Far Out kulturkritik Lunch chez Ali’s While visiting Beirut, Michael ladner (username: apollinaris) , was invited to the artist/bartender ali Zreik’s (username: alizreik) home in cornichel Mazraa. ali didn’t just show his command of lebanese cooking and hospitality, he also shared his sources of inspiration: collages of it-girls, pop stars, and revolutionaries cover all surfaces of his domain. an idiosyncratic inside look. The fine line between a mess and a moodboard: Ali’s sense of decoration is linked to his artistic strategies, involving objets trouvée from celebrity culture. 163
  36. 36. kulturkritik Lunch chez Ali’s 1 makanik (Lebanese sausages) 4 Lebanese tabbouleh 5 mjadara with onions 2 salad 6 rice with chicken find the recipes on page 169 Almaza beer 3 hummus 7 salad 167 8 dressing
  37. 37. KUlturkritik With Compliments Users of pick some of the season’s most remarkable fashion spreads and tell us why they care. Pop, #22 Welcome to Missoni-ville! Everything here is Missoni: the sofa, the floor, granny, grandpop, and the grandchildren. It feels like a shrewd Juergen Teller idea – to photograph the whole collection on the members of the Missoni clan in their mansion in Sumi- rago near Milano – but after a moment, you don’t see the ad anymore. The brain switches to a dream scenario: if there was ever a famiglia, then this is it. The Missoni family is a rare and precious jewel. The pictures tell a story of healthy chaos, of fights that end in celebrations, stories of colorful and old wardrobes for people who don’t dress as if they perpetually attend funerals, but rather parties where they drink Campari and enjoy themselves—life as the nega- Pop, #22 tion of death. You die the moment you die. You don’t die at 35 surrounded by sensationally and “Famiglia” horrifically tasteful furniture. photographer: Juergen Teller stylist: Vanessa Reid Here in Sumirago, everyone must and does look good (they are dressed in Missoni, after all) – mixing all sorts of patterns that the world has to offer – and has something to say 24/7. Granny Missoni – and so the granddaughter – like to collect mushrooms for hours after a long flight. Of course, this kind of family isn’t an anti-authoritarian utopia. It has a leader. The matri- arch wears a white knitted dress, lots of rings, and has the aura of a 15 year-old. I’d love to move in with them for a couple of weeks. Actually, I wouldn’t mind being adopted. The experience of a Missoni night would be hard to beat: a ton of carbs, a couple of gallons of wine, and heaps of knits. There must be a Missoni-ville, it’s just really hard to find on modern maps. by Anne PhilipPi / username: annevanity 171
  38. 38. Kulturkritik Couch- Angelo Plessas, August 2009 surfer Athens-based artist Angelo plessAs (username: angelodvd) invites guests to sit on his silver sofa. A subtle nod to Andy Warhol’s signature color and a visual guestbook for friends, family, and art world notorieties. photos: Christos Sarris (top), Christodoulos Panayiotou 177
  39. 39. Couch- surfer 1 2 7 3 4 8 9 Hospitality as divine gesture Angelo plessas by angelodvd / username: 1. Andreas Angelidakis, July 2009 2. Todd Ebberle, September 2009 The Silver Couch Series is a set of photos that I took of people sitting on a conceptual piece of 3. Caroline Corbetta and Andrea, August 2009 4. Socratis Socratous, April 2010 furniture called the Silver Couch that sits prominently in my living room. The idea for the Silver 5. Sylvia Kouvali, August 2008 Couch arose from my partner and architect Andreas Angelidakis’s “operation glorification,” 6. Alexandros Georgiou, April 2010 which was an effort to give new life to abandoned pieces of furniture that he found on the streets 7. Adriano Sack and Frank Hornig, April 2010 8. Cay Sophie Rabinowitz, May 2009 of our neighborhood, Faliro, which was once a glorified southern suburb of Athens. 9. Maria the Housekeeper, March 2010 I always love to have guests in my apartment. Many artists, curators, gallerists, writers, 5 and general art enthusiasts who are part of the international and local scene habitually stroll down Syggrou Avenue, where dinners, parties, and studio visits often take place. Hospitality is still an important issue within our contemporary culture. As a result of new globalized micro-societies, and the networks that we have formed within in it, as another means of exchange between my circle of friends and acquaintances has formed. A new kind of a gift economy, as some people within the art world would say, is taking place. To my ancient Greek and Roman ancestors, hospitality was a divine gesture, usually expressed in various ritualized ways. In my own personal way, I define the importance of hospitality with the Silver Couch, where I form these bonds, treating my guests (hopefully) as “iconic figures.” To see the whole series, go to or simply google “silver couch”. 181 6
  40. 40. KUltur kriTik Remember where you lost it Parties bring out the best in people: laughter, joy, dance, and romance. But in the heat of the night, they might encounter ghosts, excess, or their own boss. Snapshots from the beautiful trap called nightlife— poStmichael plus factsheets about these ★ from new York at Splash Bar/new York immortal hours. read on page 190 183
  41. 41. KUltur Remember kriTik where You loSt it jBessing ★★★ from Berlin at Rodeo Club/Berlin read on page 192 187
  42. 42. cottonxCandY ★★★★ from Braunschweig at her home read on page 193
  43. 43. KUltur Remember kriTik where You loSt it ★★★ love was the drug by Joachim Bessing / username: jbessing from Berlin ★★★★ by Perfect hooker PArty florentine SchlüteR / username: cottonxcandy from Braunschweig When? First of May in the very early morning hours—the night was young, Recently I threw a hooker-and-pimp-themed 18th birthday bash! like Moloko used to sing it back. Here are the top five tips on how to throw the perfect hooker-themed party: Where? Rodeo Club, Berlin. The violet beam is coming from the neon light 1. Invitations above the cloak room there. It was the opening night of Andreas Gursky’s A naughty and nice invitation with an attention-grabbing text. Say hello with show at Sprueth Magers. There was a dinner for 300 collectors and critics that “hey sweetie” and sign with your fake prostitute name. Don’t forget to provide was supposed to blend into a club night where Mouse On Mars and Andreas’s the DRESS CODE. No whore, no pimp, no fun! girlfriend, Julia Stoschek, would be spinning. We left just about at that time. 2. A sticky and sweet location Topics: Astrology over the phone. Art—in general and in detail. Michel A place that’s too small is better than too big, because you know…body Foucault and other nasty stuff I really dare not to recall (though I feel tempted contact! Having many small rooms is always good because you can make to; in fact I’m doing it right now but won’t tell). different sex themes in them. I’ve had one room as a dressing room, one for What were yo u w e a r i n g ? I wore a hand-printed sweatshirt by Cyril Duval in the buffet (with penis shaped pasta and penis shaped cake!!), one for sitting, pink, a short summer trench in navy by and one big room for the bar and dance floor. It’s super funny when the Burberry Prorsum, Acne Denims, the Hacienda Sneakers by Peter Saville location is near public places and you can act like you’re a real hooker. for Y3, acid yellow socks by UNIQLO, and concrete colored sunglasses by Right near my party location was a primary school, and there were parents Mykita called “Truman” that are not pictured. I rarely wear makeup, but Angel coming out of it. Eyes by Kenzo. I also sported Untitled, the Margiela Fragrance and a Nolex Oh yeah, I also had a room where I put a huge feather bed and loads of ‘used’ (Black Model) by Natalia Brilli on my right wrist, as usual. condoms. This leads me to the next point: What wa s s p e c i a l a b o u t t h a t n i g h t ? The people. They felt so alive. 3. Decorations! Soundtrack o f t h e n i g h t ? “Suicide Commando” by Hell. It was the first track Condoms everywhere. Dirty pictures from a sex shop.You can find loads of that Julia Stoschek used to play. cool things for decoration and I even got three free sex magazines to decorate Other peo p l e ? I was in the most perfect company: Michael Ladner (of my party rooms with! And no worries, you’ll get a black non-see-through ILMSQ), Cyril Duval, and 032c’s Matthew Evans. There was a Thai named plastic bag so nobody in the city will know where you’ve been shopping ;). Nathan who was sporting some David Beckham-ish haircut and matching A fog machine is always nice as well. And you need dark rooms with only a attitude, and I would get to know him only few days later. It was the beginning bit of light. Red light would be perfect. of a three-day binge that involved an extensive bystander’s trip to the 4. Music Maikrawalle in Kreuzberg later that day. And so on. Get some boxes and play that good ol’ Snoop Doggy Dog! “Candy Shop,” Drink/Stimula t i o n ? Sancerre, vodka-rhubarb, local beer, and many Marlboros. Pussycat Dolls, je t’aime. I have personally settled on trashpop (BACK- Plus the generic stimulants. But mainly Love was the Drug (which is where STREETSBACKALRIGHT) for my party. Just remember: not everybody has my depicted stupor was coming from). your good taste in music so just play dance and sex music! Sleep? No. There was kind of a pause to refresh and take a bath. At 11am, 5. Who to Invite we met again for “breakfast” at Andreas Murkudis. This gave us the FRIENDS THAT LIKE THEME PARTIES AND DRESS UP AS IF THEY opportunity to go on with champagne and health drinks until the Krawalle ARE REAL HOs. And pimps. It doesn’t work if your friends don’t like it. were due. Michael and I got into a pleasantly deep conversation with the guy Also, you need friends who help you clean up. It was so dirty—took us five from E15. Later on, we tried to follow a lecture at Kunstwerke, but that felt hours to make everything look like nothing happened. way too shallow. The weather was nice. We had planned to take some acid And finally: Don’t think too much about whether your party is successful but skipped that for Turkish beer in cans. or not. HAVE! FUN! 193
  44. 44. the words Hardboiled interviews, deep-digging chitchat, and off-the-cuff essays by users of on the PHenomena of our world. 205
  45. 45. Fiction World! World! World! World! World! World! is like orpheus in Dubai at the start of the 21st century. The city’s petro-dollar-fueled destiny detours into a fragile future and our hero fights for the woman he once loved. by Shumon Basar / username: pierrotlefou “FREEDOM MUST BE SERVED to those that are used to it.” With these ten words, our corpulent philosopher straightens his astral patterned tie in the uncomforting glare of a mirror that is surely three times his Slavic height. After decades of wearing “at very least 15 percent” polyester mix, his pure cotton, silk, and gabardine garb – flown in haste from Milan earlier that day – induces severe itching. Worse still, this opulent out- fit makes him perspire vindictively. Possible reasons are: the A/C in this part of Aqualuna hadn’t switched on/it was broken/it was never really installed correctly and he is thus left exposed to the unforgiving Dubai desert climate just a few kilometers away. Or it could be nerves. Yes, nerves. Not since his first obese treatise – If I’m for Madonna, I’m not Necessarily Against Marx – was published 20 years ago (Versus Publications, 1989) had Mladen Močnik experienced such crippling nerves. Back then, to his acute relief, fear switched to sudden glorious stupefaction. Western critics hailed him as “single-handedly proving how right Marx always was by demonstrating his every enumerable and fatal flaw.” He found their analysis trite but to his gen- uine surprise began to enjoy the subsequent publicity storm around his book, his childhood and even his predilection for slightly shiny shirts. Of course Mladen would at first try and explain this furtive excitement with his own celebrity through vaguely philosophical justifications. He had to contend with the truism that the only famous philosopher worth their fame was a dead one. All of that now belonged to another psychic-temporal zone in another century with names of places since forgotten. During his distinctly un-Bolshevikish life growing up at the fringes of the Soviet war-machine, Mladen told me that he had – bien sur – never ever sung a duet in front of what might “possibly be millions of people all over the world.” And that’s ex- actly where history had delivered my bearish comrade this night in circumstances that can only really be described as improbable and exquisitely ridiculous. “My friend, how fateful exactly is fate?”—for Mladen, there is rarely a time where ques- tions do not demand debunking and deriddling. “You mean, do we make or follow fate?” I answered. “Fate has to be made in order for it to be followed, that much is given, and we can quar- rel, as man has done for far too long, over who exactly is the one in charge of making. For me, this is irrelevant. What I mean is this: given the choice, can you ever choose to not choose fate’s i like My Spiral, 2010 path once it has been revealed to you?” He crooked his tie. He restraightened it. His head was by Richard Tillotson / username: thetillo 207