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  • First passive building in Macedonia20 passive buildings with 15kw per m2 for heating = 320kw of not isolated buildings EXPRO STRUMICA
  • The proposed Nakheel Tower in Dubai is set to be the world’s tallest building after completion in 2020 with a total height of more than one kilometer. The mix-use development will include a harbor, a cultural podium, and residential districts in the heart of the New Dubai Development.The tower conceived by Woods Bagot was inspired on visions by Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, and Paolo Soleri as the first true vertical city where more than 15,000 inhabitants will live and work.  The tower also aims for LEED Platinum certification through the implementation of a vast array of green technologies like black water treatment, storm water harvesting, reuse of fire test water, solar panels, wind turbines, and high voltage power distribution.The tower is divided into four separate towers with two slots through the height of the tower to allow wind pass through the structure. This innovative concept will reduce the wind loads and will allow for larger floor plates on the higher levels – skyscrapers usually taper towards the top due to wind forces.  With more than 200 floors, the four towers will be connected by bridges every 25 floors that will serve as ‘sky-lobbies’ and recreational areas that will include restaurants, parks, and gyms.
  • Ilijana p eu_build_v3

    1. 1. The Challenges of Marketing Communications:Opportunities for Energy Efficient Financial Tools Ass. Prof. PhD Ilijana Petrovska, Marjan Bojadziev, Nada Sekulovska and Makedonka Dimitrova University American College Skopje - Macedonia
    2. 2. Overview– Banks Marketing communications during crisis– Financing energy efficient building projects– Discussion of the research results– Recommendation for banks’ marketing communications of EE buildings financing University American College Skopje - Macedonia
    3. 3. Introduction 3• Aim: To research the challenges of marketing communications strategy model during the last global financial crises in the financial industry in the World and in Macedonia• World banks’ marketing communications is showing changes in the approach, message strategy and communication channels• In Macedonia, too• Are we facing new crisis- how to quickly adopt?! University American College Skopje - Macedonia
    4. 4. Objectives 4• To find out the most suitable marketing communications model during financial crises• To define what to be communicated during crises• To find out which promotional activities to be used University American College Skopje - Macedonia
    5. 5. Marcom during crises 5• Ogilvy (1985) presents the results from the recessions from 1974, better profit for those who didn’t cut the Adv. budgets• Crises in 2008/2009 decreased the ad budgets of top 10 banks (AdAge Data center) University American College Skopje - Macedonia
    6. 6. Change of the approach 6• Some banks, changed the communication tactics and did not decrease their voice (Bulik, 2009) – Charles Schwab customize towards the customers – JPMorgan introduced “The Way Forward” message – City Bank started campaign “Never sleeps” – Credit Suisse Bank more emotional and human approach “Delivers what really matters” University American College Skopje - Macedonia
    7. 7. Credit Suisse Bank 7Source: University American College Skopje - Macedonia
    8. 8. EE financial instruments 8• In the case of EE financial instruments’ marketing communications for corporate clients the banks orient only towards present and VIP clients - trusted financial portfolio - long-term relationship - client growth care University American College Skopje - Macedonia
    9. 9. EE financial instruments for public 9• In the case of EE financial instruments’ marketing for public consumption- relative change of approach – only in 2011- lack of in depth knowledge of the benefits and the payback- minor distinction between other pure consumption oriented loans and EE ones University American College Skopje - Macedonia
    10. 10. EE Loans 10What is the best marketing communications approach for EE loans?- Mass media- Case studies and Testimonials- ‘Big start’ talking about their benefits (social trends)- Word of mouth- Information offices with technical support University American College Skopje - Macedonia
    11. 11. Employees 11• Eagle (2008) stress the importance of the bank’s employees – Address same attitudes and customer’s concerns – Inform customer about their security – Persuade the customers about bank’s security and reputation University American College Skopje - Macedonia
    12. 12. Media spending changeMEDIA 2009 vs 2008 year 4th quarter 2009 / 2008TELEVISION - 9,5 - 2,4MAGAZINES - 17,4 - 11,5NEWSPAPERS - 19,7 - 8,9INTERNET 7,3 - 2,1RADIO - 20,3 - 12,5OUTDOOR - 13,2 - 5,4Source: Kantar MediaBiggest decrease is for financial services, automotive industry, local services,retail and direct response University American College Skopje - Macedonia
    13. 13. Research Results 13• Budget – 50% from the banks kept the same budget during the crises – 50% decreased the marcom budget for 20-30% in 2009 compared to 2008 – Total advertising budgets were decreased 23% compared to 2008 – NO budget for EE buildings University American College Skopje - Macedonia
    14. 14. Research Results 14• Media channels allocation – Same budget allocation for media – TV and newspapers the same allocation – Internet and outdoor growing slowly University American College Skopje - Macedonia
    15. 15. Media allocation changes Significant decrease in 15 Loans marketing communications budgets Media budget allocation by products type campaign for banks in Macedonia in 2007-2009 50% 46% 45% 40% 35% 33% 30% 30% 28% 25% 20% 19% 19% 20% 17% 17% 15% 14% 13% 10% 10% 10% 10% 8% 6% 5% 1% 0% 0% Corporate Housing Loans Consumer Loans Business Loans Credit cards Deposits 2.007 2.008 2.009Source: data provided from Zenith Optimedia group Macedonia as from 15.01.2010 University American College Skopje - Macedonia
    16. 16. Discussion 16• MARCOM in Macedonia – Mainly through Advertising – Few banks with IMC approach – Some with promotional activities – PR is much used – Direct marketing rarely used, only 2 banks – Lower budgets for sponsorships and donations – Internal communication, present – Research activities, low level – Outsourced advertising agencies are used University American College Skopje - Macedonia
    17. 17. Discussion 17• Non-traditional media pioneering usage – Guerilla marketing (acrobats) – Digital media: • online advertising • social media • E-mail direct mailings • Mobile SMS advertising University American College Skopje - Macedonia
    18. 18. EE Loans 18• Situation 2009 – No offer of EE building financing• Situation after 2 years 2011 – 5 banks from the EU fund – Only one bank from personal funds• Law offer of EE building financing• No marketing communications, mainly direct marketing and using EU funds media channels• Start of mass media communications – modest budget University American College Skopje - Macedonia
    19. 19. Conclusion 19• Communication not to be stopped• Integrated marcom• Communication focused on: – Selling benefits rather than figures on benefits and money savings – Advertising campaigns about credibility, reputation and corporate image – Promotion of new or improved products – Permanent public relations regarding bank’s stability and bank’s activities towards customers and society – Training to employees and their motivation• New marcom approach – partnership relationship marketing• Focus on CRM – support of EE building financing University American College Skopje - Macedonia
    20. 20. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! University American College Skopje - Macedonia