Evocative Pedagogy Bricolage Curriculum Common Core
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Evocative Pedagogy Bricolage Curriculum Common Core



IAEA 2013 Conference presentation by Olivia Gude.

IAEA 2013 Conference presentation by Olivia Gude.



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Evocative Pedagogy Bricolage Curriculum Common Core Evocative Pedagogy Bricolage Curriculum Common Core Presentation Transcript

  • Project Runway to Rock the Runway
  • •  What is it?! •  Evolution of the show: Circus to Disasters! •  What we have learned.! Things to think about before hosting your own. •  Questions! Project runway to Rock the Runway Presented by Dawn Zalkus and Ellyn Theis
  • What is it? •  •  •  •  •  ! Wearable art fashion show.! Theme based! No fabric allowed! Student run! Year round planning!
  • fusion Creative Directors •  Group of students that work together to develop the theme and make creative choices! •  Usually a student who has had designer experience and great leadership.! •  I personally ask the student to be creative director.!
  • Selection of theme *selected at the after party! ! ! ! ! ! *no style of dress or costume tied to it.! *wide variety of interpretations.! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !*ppt explains theme at launch !
  • Fleshing out the theme
  • Guidelines Design appropriate for school, but can be strapless/backless, no fabric allowed, unique interpretation of theme. May work off an armature of a Good Will dress or skirt.! ! Model Confidence!!! all sizes appreciated! ! Music student choice in music to accent their design.! ! Artist Statement: explains their interpretation of their ! ! !theme, poetic. Included in the program and a snipit is ! !read while the model is walking.!
  • Judging Criteria *Theme/Concept *Originality *Technique *Craftsmanship
  • Evolution of the show
  • Introduction: Circus 2009-2010 Wearable Art Fashion Show
  • “We want to have a fashion show.”$
  • The founding members
  • 11 designers 100+ in attendance
  • Location: My classroom
  • Tickets and Sales: Artist trading card in the theme of circus. Sold at the show.
  • Prize: Baskets donated from a local salon
  • Profits benefited Dress for Success
  • The$Ar'st$Statement$ “She’s$crazy$ Why$would$she$do$it?$ How$could$she$do$it?$ She$li9s$her$foot$and$steps$forward.$ Eyes$on$the$prize.$Don’t$look$down.$ One$foot$in$front$of$the$other.$ She$smiles$as$she$walks$the$line.$ InspiraCon?$Tightrope$walker.$ So$poised,$confidant,$courageous;$walking$on$a$ line$of$rope;$risking$life$and$limb$for$your$ entertainment$.$Applause.$Twenty$feet$in$the$ air,$too$late$to$turn$back.$$Perfect$balance.$$The$ bravery$in$her$step$inspired$me.$The$ Technicolor:$mulCple$emoCons.$$Is$she$scared,$ exited,$nervous,$thrilled$or$all$of$the$above?$ One$step$forward$and$the$show$begins.”$
  • “Food$entangles$the$senses$ and$the$smell,$texture$and$ sight$of$coPon$candy$can’t$ help$but$bring$the$child$out$ in$even$the$most$ sophisCcated$adult.$$It$just$ makes$you$want$to$get$your$ fingers$sCcky$with$its$sugary$ goodness.”$
  • Designers wanted on etiti

comp esign and

d After



D115 Masquerade$2010-2011
  • 19 designers, 200+ in attendance Location: Cafetorium Profits benefit: Dress for Success
  • Tickets$and$Sales:$$ Masquerade$mask.$Sold$at$the$show.$ Fundraising:$bake$sales,$Jamba$Juice$$
  • Prize: $50 first place Student photographer, deejay and videographer
  • “Something$beauCful$doesn’t$ require$money.$Open$your$ eyes,$there$is$beauty$in$the$ most$uncommon$places.$$Just$ because$something$doesn’t$ cost$a$lot$doesn’t$mean$it$can’t$ make$something$look$amazing.$ Even$the$taPered$and$ crumpled$pieces$can$make$ someone$feel$confident.”$
  • “You$must$take$the$cards$you$are$dealt$$ with$and$display$a$happy,$posiCve$persona.$ You$are$able$to$hide$your$true$idenCty...$An$ outward$expression$of$uncertainty$and$ mystery$come$on$this$night$while$any$ hatred$and$conflict$are$concealed$by$the$ mask”$
  • The$war$torn$love$story$of$a$$ Flamenco$dancer$and$her$ Spanish$soldier$love.$
  • Dreams$2011-2012
  • 15$designers,$150+$in$aPendance$ Loca'on:$Courtyard$of$new$auditorium$
  • Tickets:$Paper$cranes$ Profits$Benefit:$Dress$for$Success$
  • Fundraising:$bracelet$sales,$bake$sales$ Prize:$$50$first$place$ Student$photographer,$deejay$ and$videographer$
  • “There$is$a$barrier$within$ourselves— between$the$colorful$whimsy$of$our$ dreams$and$the$dull,$uniform$of$our$ reality.$$These$two$halves$make$up$the$ whole$that$is$us—the$reality$we$can$exist$ within,$and$the$imaginaCon$we$escape$to$ when$the$reality$becomes$too$ burdensome.”$
  • “Where$would$we$be$today$if$we$ didn’t$have$the$material$things$that$ we$all$crave$everyday?$You$can$only$ dream$that$one$day$we$will$be$ driving$space$machines$in$the$ streets$or$living$on$the$moon,$or$ maybe$your$dream$is$living$without$ technology.”$
  • “Daydreams$are$like$thousands$of$Cny$ liPle$threads$being$strung$endlessly$ throughout$your$imaginaCon.$The$Cme$ spent$thinking$of$the$impossible$is$like$ gold.$Daydreamers$are$possibility$ makes,$so$why$not$try$the$daydream$ machine.$$
  • “Our$dreams$intertwine$us$in$a$ mysCcal$and$manipulated$reality.$$ They$express$things$felt,$and$ things$desired$to$be$as$they$ connect$logic$and$emoCon.$$ Simply$though,$dreams$will$ always$be$the$only$place$that$ ideas$can$be$obtained$within$a$ creaCve,$limitless$atmosphere$ with$no$inhibiCons.”$
  • Disasters 2012-2013
  • Inspiration
  • 25$designers$ $250+$in$aCendance$ Loca'on:$auditorium$ Tickets$and$Sales:$refugee$ wrist$bands.$Sold$at$the$ show$and$presold$online$via$ our$visual$arts$booster,$ Studio.$
  • Tickets Refugee wristbands
  • Hair and makeup The Colour Line, Geneva, IL
  • The Set
  • Good Gracious Cakes
  • Profits benefit: *1/3 Studio Visual Arts Booster * 1/3 next year’s show * 1/3 visual arts scholarship for Senior at Batavia HS.
  • Fundraising $ Corporate$sponsorship:$5,$$200$ Fine$Arts$FesCval$t_shirts$
  • The Batavia Academy of Dance
  • “The weight sets in" and we are forced to face down everything that came before us, and that will come after. " Minds unhinge as galaxies expand, threatening to crush our sense of significance with their infinite hands. " The universe feeds us questions," starving us of answers. " “What am I doing?”" “Who am I?” " “Why am I here”
  • “ A disaster doesn’t have to be the end of the world, it can be something as simple as waking up to find that you are out of coffee. How can one get started in the early morning with out their java or “go juice”?
  • “My hopes for a normal life have deflated like a cold balloon.”
  • “With$liPle$noCce$and$only$so$much$Cme$to$prepare,$it’s$Cme$to$break$out$the$ $shovels$and$snow$blowers$again,$there$is$a$blizzard$in$the$air”$$
  • “In desperation, nature seeks our help. It crawls on us in order to grab our attention-wanting us to take action.”
  • “Can we ever mend a broken love, or is it stuck to carry on like the shredded pages of your once most beloved novel?”
  • “Everything I do today can have a lasting effect on my life in the future, I don’t know where to go, or what path to take. Maybe I should leave it up to fate. Flying away from home; leaving the nest, I’m drifting with the wind, Where will I go next?”
  • “We can gather up the fragments of our world that remain, the colored happy memories and learned lessons, and bring them up around us so that perhaps next time confronted with disaster, we may use them to shield ourselves from harmful shards.”
  • What have We Learned?
  • Beginner pitfalls •  •  •  •  •  Poor Design Fundraising Models that don’t exude confidence. MC’s that were too quiet. Themes that were too narrow
  • Poor Design
  • Fix Thumbnail Critique Sumbission
  • a successful dress Our$ AspiraCon$ Our$student$
  • Shy Models _Confidence$building$with$the$models$through$a$Model$workshop$ Quiet MC _MC’s$are$appointed$on$recommendaCon$of$the$Drama$dept.$ Limiting Themes _themes$are$built$around$the$breadth$of$designs$they$could$bring.$ Fundraising _keep$a$porCon$of$your$profit.$$Throw$a$Fashionista$Camp$
  • Art and Identity, sculpture course Art Program Influence
  • Created more of an artistic community *Fever/excitement *Sharing *Team building *Working for the greater good
  • A Venue to express themselves *Personal voice * Leadership * Confidence * A range of possibilities
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  • Photography Credit •  •  •  •  Tarin Butterfield Quentin Hacker Andrea Schindlbeck Sharon Sychta
  • Questions? Email me at dawn.zalkus@bps101.net