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Iaea ne pp t 2012

  1. 1. The DuSable Museum Of African American History
  2. 2. Making History Come Alive
  3. 3. Discovering DuSable Digitally
  4. 4. The Mobile Museum
  5. 5. Walking with Heroes
  6. 6. Soul Ecology
  7. 7. Migration
  8. 8. The African Pot: Around the African World Via Cuisine
  9. 9. I Will Survive: African American Herbology and Folk Remedies
  10. 10. Telling the Story: Trials to Triumph Driving Forces Shaping Chicago: DuSable’s Impact on Chicago Building Blocks for Cultural Achievement
  11. 11. 4041 N. Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL 60641 312/326.0270 (p) 312/326.9767 (f) www.nvam.orgSarah Eilefson, Grant & Communications Coordinator Lisa Bromiel, Education Coordinator
  12. 12. Getting to know The Smart Museum of Art
  13. 13. • The Smart Museum of Art is the art museum for the University of Chicago• Over 12,000 objects from all periods of art, but with concentrated holdings of mid-century modern, contemporary, and East Asian art• located 6 miles south of downtown Chicago, in close proximity to many of the city’s largest museums• The University’s faculty and students comprise a large audience, but we are also free and open to the public, serving the Hyde Park and greater Chicago communities
  14. 14. “Saturday  CHAI School”R
  17. 17. Smart ways to integrate the arts with classroom learning: TOURS • The Smart Museum offers a variety of in-depth visual art experiences, from single-visit tours of the permanent collection & special exhibitions to our multi-visit program for 3rd and 5th grades. • All visits are free of charge and can be designed in collaboration with museum staff to support your classroom learning objectives.LESSONS• Collaborative Programs grow out of conversations between teachers, museum staff, andoccasionally artists. We talk with teachers about classroom priorities and needs, as well asprocess and goals, to determine what specific roles each partner will play based on the natureof the project. Themed tours and lesson plans are easily and purposefully integrated withinthe curriculum.
  18. 18. Example of collaborative programs:• Healthy Habits: a teacher-developed lesson plan based on a still-life that exemplifies healthy food choices• The Making of a Superhero: a teacher-team developed lesson plan based on a narrative work through which we explored themes of myths, storytelling, and visual literacy. •Harlem Renaissance: a tour developed in conjunction with classroom objectives to consider further the role of the arts in the Great Migration •Chicago Artists: a tour developed in conjunction with classroom objectives to make personal connections between the arts and Chicago students
  19. 19. Engaging discussions challenge students to observe carefully, thinkcritically, communicate confidently, and listen with respect to otherpoints of view.
  20. 20. Professional DevelopmentOBJECTIVE: Teachers will discover opportunities to collaborate and create arts-integrated lessons, using objects in the Smart’s collections, with a focus on the points ofintersection between the arts and other discipline areas.
  21. 21. www.smartmuseum.uchicago.edu Lisa Davis 773-834-1066 lisadavis@uchicago.edu
  22. 22. The ISMLG is a branch of theIllinois State Museum system.Our mission is to share withyou  &  your  students  Illinois’  visual culture, past & present.We do this with changingart  exhibitions  …
  23. 23. sometimes  based  in  history……sometimes  on  contemporary  themes
  24. 24. The ISMLG has a highly-acclaimed school tourprogram tailored to your needs:  guided, interactive tours  multi-disciplinary approach  meets ISBE goals  offered year round  no fee  free parking
  25. 25. Tours begin with an introduction to  museums… …and  “museum  etiquette”
  26. 26. Thefundamental elements of artare explored
  27. 27. art  is  placed  in  an  historical  context…
  28. 28. …and  linked  with  other  disciplines
  29. 29. tours conclude with a related, on-site  activity……or  activities  to  complete athome or back atschool
  30. 30. Art, Architecture, &Design Education Brooke Hutchison Education & Program Assistant 708.725.3825 bhutchison@gowright.org GoWright.org
  31. 31. Froebel Blocks Workshops GoWright.org
  32. 32. Art Glass Done Wright GoWright.org
  33. 33. Little Builders GoWright.org
  34. 34. Architecture in Education GoWright.org
  35. 35. Reading, Writing, & Robie House GoWright.org
  36. 36. Focus on Japan GoWright.org
  37. 37. Youth Architecture Workshop GoWright.org
  38. 38. Architect Studio 3-D GoWright.org
  39. 39. architectstudio3d.org GoWright.org