Animal Card Using MS Power Point

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  • 1. Animal Cards
  • 2. Elephants
    Elephants are
    herbivores. Some times
    they are friendly but
    you have to watch out.
    They’re big, loves rolling
    on dirt and washes in
    water. They live in Africa
    and around the world.
  • 3. Dolphins
    Dolphins lives underwater.
    They eat fishes. They are smooth
    and fast swimmers. They watch out for
    sharks or anything that eats fresh flesh.
  • 4. Puppies
    They are cute and small.
    They love spending there
    time with you. Fun to play
    with. Sometimes energetic.
  • 5. Tiger
    They have an awesome
    camouflage. Experts in
    hunting. They are carnivores.
    They are very fast too.
  • 6. Grizzly Bears
    They are protective. Loves fish
    or anything that is meat. Sometimes
    are heavy sleepers. Can stand 7 ft long.
  • 7. Birds
    They are cute. Loves flying.
    They peck. They are herbivores.
  • 8. Spiders
    They are crawlers.
    They live on a web and
    bites when you bother them.
    They have hairy legs and got
    8 of them. They eat flesh, they
    get that from the web, when
    they get stuck and they die.
  • 9. Panda’s
    They are cute. They’re heavy
    sleepers. Loves the tallest grass
    on earth which is bamboos.
    They are fuzzy!
  • 10. Wolf’s
    They are very good howlers.
    Loves meat and eats them
    too. They are carnivores.
    They are good hunters.
  • 11. Crocodile
    They are carnivores.
    Has a dangerous move
    called the “death roll”.
    They have powerful jaws,
    bumpy sharp skin.
    They are dangerous!
  • 12. Mice
    They are cute and fuzzy.
    They are little. When there
    having a baby there is like
    a million of them if they do.
    They are good sniffers too.