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Twitter and a little bit Facebook for Business
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Twitter and a little bit Facebook for Business


Introductory Twitter and Facebook workshop for entrepreneurs at Seneca College.

Introductory Twitter and Facebook workshop for entrepreneurs at Seneca College.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • If you’re NOT familiar with Twitter, it is a social networking, communications and publishing hybrid where short bursts of media are shared amongst one-to-many networks. What does THAT mean? You’re ostensibly answering the question “what am I doing?” and you’re sharing that status with the group of people who’ve chosen to follow you. At the same time, you’re following the status updates of the people you’ve chosen to follow.
  • 1. Edit page- profile picture- logo-as you edit it is not live, you will need to publish it2. Become your pages first fan- as a manager of your page your name wont come up unless you become a fan. -
  • Now you got your personal profile and your business page.-how can you establish a precense Talk about recent vanity urls...
  • People you know might already be on facebook and you can interact with them -
  • News feed... Is what is happening in your facebook community or network. When you log in you first see the news feed. -you can create as many business pages as you like-
  • Fans are part of your database... Email list Get to know people and then extend your relationships
  • Business try to use your domain name and personal or employee accounts-get to know that person -
  • Business try to use your domain name and personal or employee accounts-get to know that person -
  • And see who they follow, thoughtful conversations,


  • 1. & a little bit of
    for Business
  • 2. No
  • 3. Who am I?
  • 4. Who are you
    Why are you here?
  • 5. Main Point
  • 6. And always make sure to have more than one leg on your marketing stool…
    “The Marketing Stool”
  • 7. 5 Steps to Social Media Strategy Success
    Know Your Objectives
    Fine Tune the Details
    Take Action
    Is it working?
    Change or Tweak Your Strategy
  • 8.
  • 9. Tavallai
  • 10. Where is the value?
  • 11. Tom Peters Slide from The Art of Management
    *Listening is of the utmost … strategicimportance!*Listening is a proper … core value! *Listening is … trainable!*Listening is a … profession!
  • 12. Value for Individuals & Entrepreneurs
    Build your network and professional relationships
    Gain knowledge
  • 13. Valuable Twitter Uses
  • Small Business Case Study
  • 25. But… How does it work?
    • Twitter lets you write and read messages of up to 140 characters.
    • 26. The messages are public.
    • 27. Twitter works equally well from your desktop or mobile phone.
    from Twitter 101
  • 28. How to get started
    • Sign up for an account. It takes just a few minutes.
    • 29. To help people recognize and trust your account, fill out your profile completely and include a picture.
  • “The Lingo”
  • 30. The Lingo
    • To follow somebody is to subscribe to their messages
    • A tweet is an individual message
    • 31. ADM or direct message is a private message on Twitter
  • Reply using @
  • 32. Search & Trending Topics
  • 33. #hashtags
    Find people talking about similar topics
  • 34. Retweet using RT
  • 35. Best practices
    • Build relationships on Twitter
    • 36. Be welcoming and friendly
    • 37. Engage people – ask questions
    • 38. Listen for comments about you
    • 39. Respond to comments and queries
    • 40. Provide useful information (links, quotes, etc.)
    • 41. Retweet messages you would like to share
    • 42. Use a friendly, casual tone
    • 43. Don’t spam people
    • 44. Be Human
  • 45.
  • 46. What is Facebook?
    Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you.
    Your friends
    New opportunities
  • 47. Why should you care?
    Over 300 million active users
  • 48. Personal vs. Business Accounts
    Business page or Fan Page
    Manage your business page
    Personal Page
    Humanize your brand
  • 49. What NOT to do! Personal Profile
    Profiles are for people and not companies
    Don’t use it as a business
    Personal Profiles should be kept personal
  • 50. Is this for business or pleasure?
    Privacy setting
    Make different connections see different things
  • 51. Connect with people
    Friends need to be requested and mutually accepted
    Friend finder
    Search – coworkers, friends, businesses
  • 52. Friend Lists
  • 53. Facebook Business Page
    Why should a business set up a Facebook page?
    Search Marketing
    Business Promotion
    Low Cost
  • 54. How to Create a Business Page
  • 55. Tips to Establish Your Presence
    #1 - Create an interesting page
    Articles (RSS feeds)
    Vanity urls
  • 56. Use Existing Networks
    Let people know
    Include in your e-mail signature
    Post a link or a badge on your website or blog
  • 57. News Feed
    #2 “News Feed” is your friend
    Viral effect
    First thing users see
    Engage other users
    Updates shown on the “wall”
    Allows users to post or share your material on their “wall”
  • 58. Optimize for Search
    Facebook Search (get more fans)
    Public Search
    Settings (e.g. Privacy)
    Power of Facebook
  • 59. Advertise on Facebook
    PPC (pay per click) or PPV (pay per view)
    PPC – every time somebody clicks you pay
    PPV- you per 1000 impressions or people looking or not looking on your ad
  • 60. How to Drive Business
    Create events
    Promote to your network
    Call to action
    Send updates (to fans of your page)
    Join the Discussion (Groups)
    Get to know people
    Put up interesting discussions and videos on your page
  • 61. Personalize Your Profile
  • 62. Follow People
  • 63. Follow Leaders
  • 64. alex@ikonn.ca