5 Algorithmic Trading Strategies


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Here are 5 algorithmic trading strategies you can implement in 2014 with I Know First Daily Market Forecast's algorithm predictions.

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5 Algorithmic Trading Strategies

  1. 1. 5 Algorithmic Trading Strategies
  2. 2. We utilize an advanced algorithm based on artificial intelligence & machine learning The machine follows the flow of money from one market into another for over 1,400 markets Our sample portfolio from 2013 returned 60.66% in 12 months beating the S&P 500 by 31.27%
  3. 3. How Can The Algorithm Help You? The algorithm will update you with your forecast on a daily basis There are multiple forecasts for different types of investors including ETF’s, dividend stocks, interest rates, commodities, currencies and many more!  Our Top 10 Stocks + S&P 500 Forecast is our most popular Our algorithm has two unique indicators which can help you make the best investment decisions. There are 6 predicted time-horizons from the short to long term. – 1 Year) (3 days
  4. 4. Our Customers Are Confident Investors Many professionals at hedge funds, family offices and the like are already using our forecasts Join our newsletter for weekly updates of actual algorithmic performance sent to our subscribers
  5. 5. How To Read Our Predictions There are two indicators: Signal – Predicted movement of the asset Predictability Indicator – The historical correlation between the prediction and the actual market movement Read Our Algorithmic Trading Strategy Article
  6. 6. General Tactical Approach First and foremost: For any trading decisions use the most recent forecast Forecasts with a longer time-horizon tend to be more accurate Consider the general color of the heat map Review entire industry forecasts to make a better judgment on a particular stock Try to buy the asset with at least a 3% discount when the market goes against the prediction intraday
  7. 7. Strategy 1 Identify New Opportunities & Double-Check Your Analysis As you do your own analysis of companies, you can compare your assessment with that particular assets forecast On the other hand, you can do the exact opposite by recognizing new market opportunities and then doing your own analysis of the assets that have strong signals and predictabilities If you specialize in a particular industry we recommend getting a forecast that identifies the best and worst companies in that industry such as our Best Tech Stocks forecast
  8. 8. Strategy 2 Buy All Assets In The Forecast Of Equal Weights Purchase all the assets of the forecast in equal weights   This will diversify your portfolio Augment returns while reducing risk The I Know First Sample Portfolio is a great example of how this strategy has proven effective   60.66% gain in 1-year Based on predictions from our Top 10 Stocks Forecast
  9. 9. Strategy 3 Buy Only Stocks With High Predictability This strategy is straightforward and very dependent on the predictability indicator  This measurement indicates how often the algorithm has been correct in the past Generally a predictability of .2 and higher is considered very good but a predictability of .55 and higher is excellent
  10. 10. Strategy 4 Buy Stocks That Have A Strong Signal In Each Time Horizon When you see the same asset in your forecast appear in the 1month, 3-month, and 1-year time horizons, this is good sign The next step is to analyze the signal and predictability  You should look for a consistently strong signal and predictability in each time horizon  Generally you will see the predictability indicator increase in larger time-horizons, and this is sometimes the case with the signal as well
  11. 11. Strategy 5 Multiply the Signal And The Predictability Indicator Together Multiply the signal and predictability, you basically create your own new indicator   Allows you to easily compare the different assets in your forecast Larger numbers will denote a stronger forecast
  12. 12. Become An Algorithmic Trader Today! As you become more familiar with the system, you will soon develop your own algorithmic trading strategies "Thanks for the daily forecast for Apple, LVLT and URRE (52.9% in 30 days) - Great service!” - Tim K. “… ANF was an 800% Jan. option today!” - John B.
  13. 13. Read Our Full Article I Know First Algorithmic Trading Strategies 101
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  16. 16. Recent Stock Forecasts Stock Market Forecast: 33.76% Gain In 3 Months Best Assets To Buy: 171.7% Gain In 1 Year Capital Gains: 40.3% Gain In 1 Month Best Investments: 44.88% Gain In 1 Month Dividend Stocks: 8.72% Gain In 1 Month
  17. 17. Become an Algorithmic Trader with