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Writing articles and submitting them to article directories is done to target readers in your niche, get them to read your article and then hold their interest so they will click through the link in your author bio to your website.

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Traffic generationarticlemarketing p2

  1. 1. Free Traffic Generation Using Article Marketing Part 2
  2. 2. For Article Marketing To Be Effective You Must Target Your Listener Keyword Research Is Critical
  3. 3. There are lots of different tools – both free and paid to do Keyword Research Google keyword tool Traffic Travis Keyword Discovery Rapid Keyword, but my absolute favorite is Market Samurai
  4. 4. Why I Use Market Samurai - Keyword Research - Rank Tracking Of Your Sites - Check SEO Competition For Your Keywords - Find Domains Containing Your New Keywords - Find Affiliate Products To Promote Matching Your Keywords - Find Content for your Site or Blog Matching Your Keywords - Publish That Content To Your Site Or Blog
  5. 5. Your web site is about Cheese Making In Australia, so you search for that in Market Samurai Some of the keywords that come back are - Cheese making classes - Cheese making course - Cheese making courses
  6. 6. Market Samurai also shows us that “Chess Making Classes” has a lot of competition But Cheese Making Course and Cheese Making Courses have very little competition! So we’ll now write an article with the keywords Cheese Making Course and Cheese Making Courses! While there is not as many search's per day for these keywords there is much less competition. This is a point people often overlook!
  7. 7. <ul><li>You need to understand what you are looking at when doing your research </li></ul><ul><li>To be able to rank high in Google and get really good traffic you need to find a combination of these 2 things </li></ul><ul><li>Competition of no more than 30,000 sites </li></ul><ul><li>Daily search’s - 100 minimum </li></ul><ul><li>Get These 2 Right And Here Comes Your Traffic Train! </li></ul>
  8. 8. Why do you use these guidelines? High volume search’s have high competition so unless you have lots of $$$ to spend on SEO you will never get to page 1 of Google so the volume of traffic doesn’t matter! If you can dominate for your chosen keyword and get 50, 100 or more people to your site everyday and you keep duplicating this process you will have a huge business very soon!
  9. 9. Effective Keyword Research will allow you to dominate the search engines and drive lots of traffic to your site 1 keyword = 100 people p/d. Site converts (sells) @ 1% And you commission is $20 - You make $20p/d 5 keyword = 100 people p/d. Site converts (sells) @ 1% And you commission is $20 - You make $100p/d 10 keyword = 100 people p/d. Site converts (sells) @ 1% And you commission is $20 - You make $200p/d That’s $73,000 per year – NICE!!!
  10. 10. I hope you have enjoyed this presentation and learned something from it! The most important point is to take action and use the information you have just learned! Please keep a look out for the next in this series If you want loads and loads of absolutely FREE internet marketing training, please visit