From Webcat to CiNii Books @ EAJRS2012 (2012.09.20)


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From Webcat to CiNii Books @ EAJRS2012 (2012.09.20)

  1. 1. From Webcat to CiNii BooksRecent updates on information services in NII Ikki Ohmukai and Mai Sekido National Institute of Informatics
  2. 2. Important announcement•  NACSIS Webcat will be closed on March 8, 2013 •  Thank you for long-time support!•  It’s time to move on… •  Introducing CiNii Books •  Webcat Plus will be continued
  3. 3. CiNii Books•  Search engine for NACSIS-CAT records •  1200+ libraries CAT holding records 12000 Libraries 1400 110,340,000 1,248 累積図書所蔵登録数 Holding •  11M bibliographies 10000 参加機関数 Member Libraries 1200 1000 8000 •  110M holdings 6000 800 600 4000 400 2000 200 0 0 S60 S61 S62 S63 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6 H7 H8 H9 H10 H11 H12 H13 H14 H15 H16 H17 H18 H19 H20 H21 H22 H元
  4. 4. Restructuring of services Before 2009.3 2009.4 - 2011.10 After 2011.11 Webcat CiNii Webcat CiNii CiNii CiNii Books ArticlesNACSIS- ELS NACSIS- ELS NACSIS- ELS CAT CLS CAT CLS CAT CLS•  Modularization, Downsizing •  “Cloud ready” for disaster recovery•  Re-designing user interface •  “CiNii UI” for general and novice users
  5. 5. Key concepts•  Power of data •  Rich metadata brings rich search •  Name authority•  Deepen collaboration with libraries •  Direct link to library systems •  Useful functions for ILL
  6. 6. Inside CiNii Books – Search•  Search by basic bibliographic information (Title, Author, IDs)•  Search by Subject, Classification, Notes, Media format•  Filter by Library ID, Organization ID and Area •  You can search for particular libraries!•  N-gram-based search (don’t mind word separation)
  7. 7. Details and Holdings•  Enhanced holding list •  Filter by area, Global ILL availability •  Direct link to OPACs•  Link to external services •  CiNii Articles, NDL, Worldcat…
  8. 8. Metadata and Web API•  OpenSearch •  Provides search result in XML format•  RDF representation of records •  Bibliography, Name authority, Library info•  Developer can create mash-up services
  9. 9. Romaji to Kana Check! Press Translate to Kana “Search” and Search
  10. 10. Recent updates – from April to June 2012① CiNii authentication ① Ø  Institution name is displayed on upper right. Ø  Your library is displayed on ② the top of holding list Ø  Link to link resolvers (by OpenURL) set by your institution ①② Cover image Ø  Taken from Google Books③  Direct export to bibliographic management tools Ø  RefWorks, ① Ø  EndNote Ø  Mendeley ③④  Social media Ø  Twitter 10 Ø  Facebook ④
  11. 11. Recent updates – August 2012① Sort by title Ø  available A-Z and Z-A at the search result② Filter by countries ① Ø  Selectable Country or region outside Japan ②③ Transcription for special characters and languages Ø  Pinyin for Chinese Ø  Alphabetical  transcription (romanise ③ d) for Arabic, Thai, Devanagari Ø  Cyrillic etc. 11
  12. 12. Latest updates – September 2012•  Remember Lib ID, Org ID and Area•  Setting will be saved onyour Web browser•  Settings will be applied onthe list of holdings•  You can find the Library ID(FAID) at
  13. 13. DEMO•  Search for Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin • advanced=true&fano=FA02157X•  Search for UK • advanced=true&area=54
  14. 14. CiNii Articles•  15 million metadata with 4 million full text PDF •  50% of full texts are Open Access •  90% of full text are available with institutional subscription 14
  15. 15. Registration from overseas - via agents Overseas Vendor NII contract institutionRegistration / Complete registrationApplication form Usage Send Application authorizationUsage start Notification ・ Letter of ・ Letter of acknowledgment acknowledgment ・Administrator ID ・Administrator IDPayment of fixed Invoicecharges Invoice Payment in local currency Contact information of agent:  -KINOKUNIYA Company Ltd. -Japan Publications Trading -Okura Info Service International Business Division   Co., Ltd.  Co., Ltd.  E-mail: Book Export II Dept.  E-mail: okura-info E-mail: For details, see:
  16. 16. Roadmap of CiNii•  Data integration between Articles and Books •  Bridging two different culture•  More links to full texts •  Open access resources •  Any other digitized materials
  17. 17. Conclusion•  CiNii is an evolving platform•  We really welcome your feedback!