What does the future hold for traditional style mappers? OSMマッパーの未来は?

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FOSS4G Tokyo Lightning Talks …

FOSS4G Tokyo Lightning Talks
NOV 2013

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  • 1. FOSS4G Tokyo Lightning Talks Nov 2013 Tokyo,Japan What does the future hold for traditional style mappers? OSMマッパーの未来は? Oosu coast, Fukushima
  • 2. Self-introduction I'm Ikiya. I live in Fukushima, Japan. I've mapped Japan and other countris. Sorry, my english is not so fluent. 'Where did you contribute to OpenStreetMap? ' http://yosmhm.neis-one.org/?ikiya
  • 3. What does the future hold for traditional style mappers? GPS Mapping OpenStreetMapにおけるGPSマッピングとは
  • 4. OpenStreetMapは白紙の状態から自分たちで地図を描き始めました。 決して他の地図や情報を写すことなく、 GPSログと使用が許される情報のみで 地図を描きます。 2007年 Tokyoの書き始めです。
  • 5. OpenStreetMap 白紙から地図を書きます。 地図を描くためには下絵が必要! 自由に使える下絵とは? OpenStrtMap
  • 6. 下絵となるのは 位置情報を持ったGPSログ
  • 7. OpenStreetMap 白紙から地図を書きます。 GPSログ
  • 8. I started OSM in 2008. There were hardly any maps of Japan and my town then. Fukushima, Japan in 2008 © OpenStreetMap contributors, CC BY-SA
  • 9. These are my GPS Logs of the Fukushima area.
  • 10. I spent many hours mapping towns on foot and by car using a GPS. Fukushima,Japan in 2013 © OpenStreetMap contributors, CC BY-SA
  • 11. Walking a lot and recording a lot of points was necessary for detailed mapping in Japan. I did a lot of walking and driving to record these GPS logs.
  • 12. Tsuruga-jo Castle in Aizu Wakamatsu, Fukushima This is Tsuruga-jo castle in Fukushima, Japan. You may have heard of Tsuruga-jo castle through OSM.
  • 13. Tsuruga-jo Castle in Aizu Wakamatsu, Fukushima I spent 6 months mapping this castle using GPS logs and data I collected on-site.
  • 14. Mapping of Tsuruga-jo Castle Logs These are my Tsuruga-jo Logs.
  • 15. The outer perimeter of Tsuruga-jo Castle is about 2.5km. I wanted to map it in detail mapping. On some days I walked up to 23km collecting data from the outer regions of the castle.
  • 16. Before Mapping of Tsuruga-jo Castle © OpenStreetMap contributors, CC BY-SA
  • 17. After Mapping of Tsuruga-jo Castle © OpenStreetMap contributors, CC BY-SA
  • 18. Creating maps from scratch using a GPS takes time and effort but is very satisfying.
  • 19. What does the future hold for traditional style mappers? The introduction of Bing images - 2010 OpenStreetMapにおけるBing衛星写真の利用
  • 20. In November 2010 we heard the big news that we could use Bing satellite Images for OSM. I was happy because using the Bing images expanded mapping possibilities. http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Bing
  • 21. Use of Bing images in OSM Yokomaha City But at the same time I was sad. When I realized the amount of information and detail collected through Bing images. I could see that maps such as those I created on foot with a GPS would start to replaced by maps created using high resolution satellite images.
  • 22. Use of Bing images in OSM Many of the maps that I have spent months creating using GPS logs and logging photos cannot compete with the information and detail of Bing Images. Tokyo Station
  • 23. Tokyo, Kamakura, Yokohama・・・ Many of the places we spent time GPS mapping hold deep memories for us. But with the advance of tracing using Bing images, I can see that the maps I created will soon be replaced.
  • 24. Even so, I'm a mapper! I was happy to be able to use Bing Images in Japan and have spent many hours tracing Bing Images, and thinking about how I could trace best. I have traced several thousand buildings and roads around Japan. “Red = ikiya” Yokohama, Japan ito! OSM Mapper http://www.itoworld.com/static/openstreetmap_tools/osm_mapper.html
  • 25. In 9 months, I traced 16,000 buildings in central Tokyo using Bing images. Red=ikiya Tokyo, Japan ito! OSM Mapper http://www.itoworld.com/static/openstreetmap_tools/osm_mapper.html
  • 26. But in Japan, something even more sensational for me was to come.
  • 27. What does the future hold for traditional style mappers? The introduction of KIBAN - 2012 OpenStreetMapにおける基盤地図情報の利用 KIBAN Chizu Joho (Fundamental Geospatial Data ) http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/JA:GSI_KIBAN
  • 28. http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/JA:GSI_KIBAN In 2011, the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) decided to allow people to use the government's mapping data called Kiban Chizu Joho (KIBAN), on OSM. This would allow people to trace KIBAN illustrations but would not allow the importing of data.
  • 29. 基盤地図情報閲覧サービス  http://fgd.gsi.go.jp/view/ This is a sample of Kiban Chizu Joho of GSI data. (1/2,500 scale) Fundamental Geospatial Data ;KIBAN Chizu Joho(GSI)
  • 30. In 2012, it became possible to use KIBAN as an underlay when editing data on TMS. http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/JA:GSI_KIBAN/Using_GSI_KIBAN_WMS
  • 31. Although KIBAN data is not as new as Bing Images, it is more accurate and even in its coverage of cities. Also, with Bing, it is necessary to interpret images to determine roads or buildings. However, because this is not necessary with KIBAN. Map-making has become faster and more accurate. In 10 months, I traced 70,000 buildings using KIBAN data. Red=ikiya ito! OSM Mapper http://www.itoworld.com/static/openstreetmap_tools/osm_mapper.html
  • 32. Looking back over my experiences over the last few years, I see this. Maps created over many months with a GPS have replaced with more accurate maps created using Bing. Maps created over many months using Bing images have been replaced with maps created using even more accurate data. What do you, as OSM Mappers, think of this? To be honest, 'the mapper in me' feel sad.
  • 33. Yokomaha City It seems to me that we are moving more towards open data and open governments. I for see that even more accurate and detailed data sources will be used on OSM in the future. Should this progress be stopped? 今後、OSMへのより精度が高く、詳細なデータの利用は進むでしょう。
  • 34. Bus stop data collected by riding buses for many months May be replaced by even more detailed data released by governments. The same may be said of Street maps created over many months using satellite images and GPS mapping. 長い時間をかけてマッピングしたバス停データが インポートされたデータで置き換わるようなことが コツコツ衛星写真やGPSでマッピングした地図においても起こるでしょう。
  • 35. What does the future hold for traditional style mappers? Mappers and Change マッパーと変化:諸行無常
  • 36. I have spent many hours thinking about this, But as permission to use the data has been given, I cannot find a reason not to use this more detailed and accurate data. 長い間、マッパーとしてこのことについて考えてきました。 Underlying this is my opinion that OSM should not be a community just for mappers - it should be a community for all people. Even if long hours have been spent creating a map, if a better map is produced, it should be the one used. Oosu coast, Fukushima
  • 37. As mappers who come into direct contact with mapping data, our roles and presence will changes as OSM grows and its environment changes. The driving force behind OSM is the community and people, and I hope it always will be. OpenStreetMapのフォースはコミュニティであり人である。 このことは今までも、そして今後も変わらないと思います。
  • 38. The role of Mappers is to link OSM and people going about their daily lives. If you look around, you will see that as mappers, there are still many things we can do. As for me, I will continue to map with GPS and Bing trace and KIBAN trace as always. 試行錯誤する中で、今後も私はGPS、衛星写真、基盤地図情報・・・を使って OSMマッピングを続けるでしょう。 一連の思いに答えが見えた最近です。 答えは 「先人を越えて:地図」 でした。来年のOSMカンファレンステーマなるかも?
  • 39. Thank you for listening to the ramblings of a mapper ! FOSS4G Tokyo Lightning Talks