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Invited as a speaker at the ALA Annual Conference after increasing international lighting retail traffic to the Dallas Market Center by 170% - (276% total traffic increase including the apparel / accessories and Home decor industries).
Speaker bio ALA brochure: "Ivonne Kinser is a marketing and advertising strategist with more than 15 years of experience in international marketing and advertising, trade and
business. She currently serves as vice president of international development for the Market Center Management Company in Dallas, where her experience and knowledge regarding international trade, marketing and cutting-age advertising tools allowed her to create strategies translating into a 170% increase of lighting retail international attendance to the Dallas Market Center within a six month period.

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Ivonne Kinser_Accomplishments_Page 6

  1. 1. ALA Annual Conference Event and Registration Information September 13-15, 2009 | Terranea Resort | Rancho Palos Verdes, California OceansofOpportunity Opportunity: GROW YOUR BUSINESS Learn what to do NOW to build momentum for long-term business success Opportunity: NETWORK WITH PEERS Compare notes with others in the lighting industry and see what is working NOW for them. Opportunity: INTERNET MARKETING TIPS Learn how to use e-mail and the Internet to reach new and existing customers NOW.
  2. 2. 2   Sunday, Sept. 13  7:45 a.m. – 9:15 a.m. Finance Committee Meeting 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. Registration Open 9:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. Board of Governors Meeting 9 a.m. – Noon CLC®Training Session 1: Advanced Kitchen and Bath Lighting 12:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Pre-Conference Golf Event (First tee time 12:30 p.m.; Second approx. 3 p.m.) 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Showroom Networking Group Meetings 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. CLC Training Session 2: Advanced Recessed and Track Lighting 5:30 p.m. – 6 p.m. New Member Orientation 6 p.m. – 6:45 p.m. New Member Reception 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Gala Welcome Reception   Monday, Sept. 14  7 a.m. – 5 p.m. Registration Open 7:45 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. Opening Breakfast/Great Ideas Session 1: Rethinking the Business: Short Term Actions and Long Term Strategies 9:45 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. Seminars ▶  Business Workshop: Act NOW and Be Ready for the Turnaround! ▶  The Future of the Manufacturers’ Rep ▶  The New Manufacturers’ Sales Survey – What it Reports and Revisions to Make it Better ▶  What’s Hot: Home Theater Design and Sales 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Spouse/Guest Special Event Noon – 1:45 p.m. Business Luncheon 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. Great Ideas Session 2: The Remodeling Industry – Where We are NOW and the Outlook for 2010 3:15 p.m. – 5 p.m. Seminars: ▶  Getting Back to the Good Old Days: Avoiding the Mistakes of the Past ▶  What Manufacturers are Looking for Today in their Reps ▶  Global Marketing for Manufacturers ▶  Brilliant HR: Are You Wasting Energy? (Maximizing Your Staff’s Potential) 5:15 p.m. Young Executive Reception   Tuesday, Sept. 15  7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Registration Open 7:45 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. Breakfast/Great Ideas Session 3: Using Energy Efficiency To Do More Business Now and Tomorrow 9:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Seminars ▶ Getting Your Share of the Growing Energy Efficient Lighting Market ▶ What Showrooms are Looking for Today in their Reps ▶  CSA Presentation: LED Efficiency and Performance Requirements ▶ Selling is Everyone’s Business 11:45 a.m. – 2:15 p.m. Manufacturers’ Exhibits/Lunch 2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Great Ideas Session 4: Making the Internet a Valuable Part of Your Showroom Marketing/Business 3:45 p.m. - 5:15 p.m. Seminars ▶  Workshop: Practical Web Marketing - Part II ▶ Reps: Leverage Technology and Spend More Time on Your Business ▶ Making Your Sales Force More Profitable ▶  UL Presentation: LED Fire and Electrical Safety Issues 6:45 p.m. – 7:15 p.m. Reception 7:30 p.m. Annual Banquet As of April 22, 2009. Conference Schedule Opportunity:
  3. 3. 3   For Showrooms  Peer-to-Peer Information ▶ Pick up real-life tips and ideas for improving business from fellow showrooms ▶ Build relationships with your suppliers in a non-sales environment Advice from the Experts ▶ Hear from the largest group of experts ever gathered at a single ALA Conference ▶ Learn what to do NOW to grow your business and be well positioned for the future Seminars Tailored to Showrooms ▶ What’s Hot: Home Theater Design and Sales ▶ Getting Your Share of the Growing Energy Efficient Lighting Market ▶ Using the Internet to Drive More Customers to Your Store   ForManufacturers’Reps  No-Pressure Relationship Building ▶ Get to know the real people in key positions at the manufacturing companies ▶ Network with fellow reps to see what’s working for them Steps Closer to CLMR ▶ Earn credits towards your Certified Lighting Manufacturers’ Representative (CLMR) accreditation ▶ Stay up to speed on the latest sales techniques and technology advancements Seminars Tailored to Reps ▶ The Future of the Manufacturers’ Representative ▶ What Manufacturers and Showrooms are Looking for Today in their Reps ▶ Leverage Technology and Spend More Time on Your Business   For Manufacturers  Customer Feedback ▶ Learn more about what showrooms are facing today and how you can help them ▶ Build relationships with current and potential buyers of your products Manufacturers’ Booth Display ▶ Exhibit your company’s strengths to every ALA Conference delegate ▶ Promote new products and programs in a non-sales environment Seminars Tailored to Manufacturers ▶ Global Marketing for Manufacturers ▶ The New Manufacturers’ Sales Survey – What it Reports and Revisions to Make it Better ▶ CSA and UL Presentations on LED Lighting Too Good to Miss Opportunities:
  4. 4. Rethinking the Business: Some Short-Term Actions and Long-Term Strategies This economy has challenged every lighting business to rethink its value to the marketplace. In Steve Mulvany’s keynote presentation, he will provide additional short-term actions to help your business, but will focus on helping you build business momentum and create strategies for long-term success. In his usual entertaining style, Mulvany will give anecdotes for what other companies are doing to address their situations and offer a preview of what will be discussed in breakout sessions following. The Remodeling Industry – Where we are NOW and the Outlook for 2010 Traditionally fairly stable, the $300 billion remodeling industry has also been caught in the larger economic recession. Kermit Baker will discuss which segments of this important industry are likely to hold up the best and recover the earliest, and how the remodeling market is likely to be transformed as we move into the next upturn. Great Business Ideas from the Experts Opportunity: Steve Mulvany Popular Speaker and President of Management Tools, Inc. Kermit Baker, Ph.D. ProjectDirectorforRemodeling StudiesatHarvardUniversity, ChiefEconomistforThe AmericanInstituteofArchitects About Steve Mulvany Steve Mulvany is president and founder of Management Tools Inc., which works with companies throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia implementing strategies to improve management and service quality practices and facilitates long range strategic and operational planning sessions for businesses. Mulvany is a very highly rated speaker whose audiences have included the Department of Defense, numerous trade organizations and many corporations. Take full advantage of his knowledge and expertise. About Kermit Baker Kermit Baker is a Senior Research Fellow at Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies and the project director of the university’s Remodeling Futures Program, a research effort aimed at developing an improved understanding of the dynamics of the U.S. repair and renovation industry. Baker is also chief economist for The American Institute of Architects (AIA) in Washington, D.C., for whom he analyzes business and construction trends for the U.S. economy. He previously served as vice-president and director of the economics department at Reed Business Information, where he was responsible for industry forecasting and developed the Top U.S. Construction Market Report. 4
  5. 5. Using Energy Efficiency To Do More Business NOW and Tomorrow There is no doubt that energy efficiency is a popular topic and that energy efficient lighting is getting extensive media coverage these days. Lighting showrooms and distributors have an unprecedented opportunity that can help them do more business in these tough economic times. Paul Vrabel, who has worked with showrooms, distributors and the lighting industry for the past 12 years on energy efficient lighting issues, will discuss how showrooms and distributors can sell more energy efficient lighting. From best business practices to merchandising tips, Vrabel will share insightful and actionable steps that can be implemented immediately, as well as provide insight for an effective long-term energy efficient business strategy. Making the Internet a Valuable Part of Your Showroom Marketing/Business Consumers are using computers, laptops and even mobile phones to find and research the products and services they need, but that doesn’t mean all Web marketing is practical or effective. Join the author of E-Mail Marketing for Dummies as he gives an overview of the most practical Web marketing strategies for small businesses and how to attract more new and repeat business through your Web marketing that complements your traditional marketing efforts. Paul Vrabel, LC, PMP ENERGYSTARExpertandICF InternationalPrincipal John Arnold SmallBuinessMarketing consultantandAuthorofE-Mail MarketingforDummies About Paul Vrabel, LC, PMP Paul Vrabel has more than 15 years experience in helping companies realize the business opportunity with energy efficient lighting. Over the last 12 years Vrabel has worked with the residential industry to help businesses manufacture, promote, market and sell energy efficient lighting. He is formerly the director of the energy efficient products group at Sea Gull Lighting and also worked under contract to the EPA to manage the ENERGY STAR Residential Lighting Program. About John Arnold John Arnold is a sought-after speaker, syndicated columnist and trusted source for small business marketing expertise. In addition to authoring E-Mail Marketing for Dummies, Arnold co-authored the comprehensive desk reference Web Marketing for Dummies. He helped initiate e-mail marketing company Constant Contact’s Local Experts Program, teaching e-mail marketing to thousands of small business owners through the program, and currently serves as director of Constant Contact University. 5
  6. 6. 6   Showroom Seminars  Making Your Sales Force More Profitable Harry J. Friedman, The Friedman Group Learn how to maintain a disciplined and motivated staff and how to maximize potential while maintaining a high performance sales floor in the current economy. Friedman’s session will focus on the essential, key statistics to arriving there, such as higher transactions, higher conversion rates, higher average sale and, lastly, making sure every customer counts. Selling Is Everyone’s Business Harry J. Friedman, The Friedman Group To be successful today, you really need everyone in your organization involved within the selling process, from owner to store manager. Harry Friedman’s session will help you access your training and skill development at the store level, teach you how to establish and correct behaviors versus attitudes and discuss how to implement non-negotiable standards within your organization that have accountability. Brilliant HR: Are You Wasting Energy? (Maximizing Your Staff’s Potential) Merri Mai Williamson, Application Researchers During these challenging times, how do you retain your great employees, recruit top talent and offer the best possible work environment when you have limited resources? Merri Mai Williamson’s interactive workshop will teach you practical applications of HR best practices to help you manage your most valuable asset: your employees. Lessons on Thriving NOW Opportunity:   Rep Panels  What Manufacturers are Looking for Today in their Reps What Showrooms are Looking for Today in their Reps Do you know what your manufacturers want from you as an independent representative these days? How about the showrooms you call on? Manufacturers’ reps will hear a variety of expectations straight from the sources during these two panel discussions.   Manufacturers’ Seminars  Global Marketing for Manufacturers Larry Lauck, ALA, and Ivonne Kinser, Dallas Market Center Management Company Attention manufacturers: Learn cost-effective branding strategies for your company and its products from ALA VP of Communications Larry Lauck and how to approach international opportunities from Ivonne Kinser, VP of international development for the Market Management Company in Dallas. Merri Mai Williamson Merri Mai Williamson began her career in human resources more than 18 years ago and recognized that avoiding attrition was an important part of the hiring process. Incorporating her own screening procedures into the hiring process at her employer’s firm reduced attrition more than 50 percent in the first year. Now on her own, Williamson’s Application Researchers®is a thriving, award-winning licensed private investigative agency which has grown to service more than 1,200 clients across the U.S., Canada, England and Japan. About Ivonne Kinser Ivonne Kinser is a marketing and advertising strategist with more than 15 years of experience in international marketing and advertising, trade and business. She currently serves as vice president of international development for the Market Center Management Company in Dallas, where her experience and knowledge regarding international trade, marketing and cutting-age advertising tools allowed her to create strategies translating into a 170% increase of lighting retail international attendance to the Dallas Market Center within a six month period. About Harry J. Friedman A retailer once said, “You don’t meet Harry J. Friedman, you encounter him. He’s outrageous, revolutionary, inventive and invigorating. His unique style shakes you up and forces you to rethink the way you sell or manage on a retail floor.” Harry Friedman is the internationally acclaimed CEO and founder of The Friedman Group, a firm specializing in retail sales and management consulting and training. Since 1968, he has established himself as a super-salesman, record- breaking sales manager, owner of a successful chain of retail stores and trainer of more than 500,000 retailers.
  7. 7. Techniques to Prepare for Tomorrow Opportunity:   Showroom Seminars  Getting Back to the Good Old Days: Avoiding the Mistakes of the Past Dr. Albert D. Bates, Profit Planning Group Every recession eventually ends, and though the current recession is more severe than normal, it too shall pass. Unfortunately, when it does end, some companies will go back to a variety of business practices that are not beneficial to their long-term health. Al Bates discusses how showrooms can reposition themselves after the recession for fundamentally greater profits. Business Workshop: Act NOW and Be Ready for the Turnaround! Steve Mulvany, Management Tools, Inc. What is your company doing to ensure your business survives and is prepared to successfully operate in a leaner, value-seeking economy? In this workshop, Steve Mulvany shares dynamic actions that many businesses are implementing now and will show how you can be a winner in the new, recovering economy. Manufacturers’ Seminar  The New Manufacturers’ Sales Survey – What it Reports and Revisions to Make it Better Stacey Harrison, NationalElectricalManufacturersAssociation Learn more about the recently introduced ALA Manufacturers’ Sales Survey and share your ideas for improving the type of data collected. Stacey Harrison of NEMA’s confidential data collection agency will answer questions and take suggestions for making this ALA survey as valuable as possible to ALA manufacturers.   Rep Seminar  The Future of the Manufacturers’ Rep CLMR Sales and Management. Training Session Credit: 2 hrs. Bryan Shirley, CPMR, MANA Attention Reps: Come together to discuss the biggest challenges facing reps and what to do about them. Shirley will identify your biggest challenges and then provide real solutions and tools to create better future success. Learn how to enhance your value proposition and relationship with manufacturers and dealers. Be certain that you bring candor, ideas and lots of thoughts about diversification and differentiation. About Bryan Shirley, CPMR Bryan Shirley, CPMR, is the president and CEO of MANA (Manufacturers’ Agents National Association) and has 22 years experience in the rep business. Shirley has been presenting since 1992 to various representative associations, sales organizations and manufacturers on topics such as: ▶  Strategic Planning for Any Size Rep Firm ▶  Interview to WIN: A How To Guide for Line Interviews ▶  Buy-Sell-Merge of Rep Companies ▶  Marketing and Branding Your Representative’s Firm ▶  The Value of Using Manufacturers Reps About Dr. Albert D. Bates Al Bates is chairman, president and founder of the Profit Planning Group, a research and executive education firm headquartered in Boulder, Colo. The firm works exclusively in the area of corporate financial planning. He makes approximately 100 presentations each year on topics such as improving the bottom line, getting serious about profit, doing more with less and pricing for profit. He also provides strategic direction for the firm’s investigation into profitability research for over one hundred different trade associations, including the ALA. About Stacey Harrison Stacey Harrison is the director of statistical operations for the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). He oversees NEMA’s confidential data collection agency, which issues more than 400 industry data publications annually ranging from sales, orders, geographical distribution and channel of distribution data to failure rate, production cost and financial operating ratios for electrical and medical imaging equipment manufacturers. 7
  8. 8. Trends and Technology Updates 8 Opportunity: Lighting for Tomorrow Awards Presentation and Products Display Be among the first to see tomorrow’s technology when the 2009 Lighting for Tomorrow competition winners are revealed and their products displayed to Conference attendees. Organized by the ALA, the U.S. Dept. of Energy (represented by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) and the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE), this annual competition recognizes the best new energy-efficient lighting products and solid-state lighting (SSL) advances. In a new twist, the decorative fixture component of past years has been replaced by a Fluorescent Dimming Competition requiring products to meet the relevant ENERGY STAR® criteria as well as dim down to 20 percent of initial light output. The new component has two categories: one for dimming fixtures and another for dimming CFLs. Pre-Conference Training Sessions  Advanced Kitchen and Bath Lighting Advanced Recessed and Track Lighting CLC/CLMR Lighting Knowledge Training Sessions – Credit: 3 hours each session Robert G. Davis, Ph.D., FEIS, Litecontrol Looking for more CLC hours to apply towards your CLC or CLMR accreditation? Come early Sunday to attend one or both of this year’s pre-conference training sessions. The morning session covering advanced techniques for lighting kitchens and baths will run from 9 a.m. until noon, while the afternoon session on advanced recessed and track lighting applications runs from 1:30 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. Each session allows you to earn three CLC credits. Take either course for $90, or attend both for just $159. It’s an unbeatable training value!   Showroom Seminars  Workshop: Practical Web Marketing John Arnold, Constant Contact John Arnold’s breakout session demonstrates how—on a tactical level—you can use your Web site, e-mails and other Web marketing in combination with traditional marketing to effectively reach your audience. Topics include building an e-mail list, creating effective content, combining multiple marketing methods and measuring results. What’s Hot: Home Theater Design and Sales CLC/CLMR Lighting Knowledge Training Session Credit: 2 hours Robert G. Davis, Ph.D., FEIS, Litecontrol The home theater is all about technology—projectors and speakers and screens and automation and … lighting! Bob Davis’ seminar considers the various uses and lighting needs of the home theater and reviews the lamp, fixture and control solutions for these spaces. The seminar includes case study examples to see how some designers have addressed the lighting challenges in the home theater. Getting Your Share of the Growing Energy Efficient Lighting Market CLC/CLMR Lighting Knowledge Training Session – Credit: 2 hours Terry McGowan, ALA, and Paul Vrabel, ICF International Light source technology continues to advance rapidly, new lighting legislation is being written and changes are underway in the design of even older light sources, systems and controls that will give you selling opportunities. Terry McGowan and Paul Vrabel help showrooms get ahead of this growing market with the information that you need for the profitable selling of energy-efficient products.
  9. 9. 9   Rep Seminar  Leverage Technology and Spend More Time on Your Business CLMR Sales and Management Training Session – Credit: 2 hours Steve Turner, Turner Time Management, LLC Steve Turner of TurnerTimeSM will demonstrate how you can leverage technology to become more productive and effective using your computer/mobile device. Topics covered include: ▶ Using your innate “unconscious competence” skill to become more effective using technology ▶ Optimizing and supercharging your computer for best performance ▶ Time saving computer shortcuts you can use every day ▶ The most efficient way to process and organize e-mails ▶ Quick search tools you can use on your computer to find things faster ▶ “Ask the Expert” QA session   Manufacturer Seminars  CSA Presentation: LED Efficiency and Performance Requirements Steve Longo, CSA Group Learn detailed information on the efficiency and performance requirements related to LEDs and discuss the progress and challenges facing the lighting industry in the transition to solid state lighting products. Special emphasis will be placed on CALiPER measurement and ENERGY STAR ratings. Seminar leader Steve Longo is the technical manager for the OnSpeX product performance division of the CSA Group. UL Presentation: LED Fire and Electrical Safety Issues Michael Shulman, Underwriters Laboratories Learn the latest on UL’s efforts to provide Standards to deal with the heat generation and electronic circuitry concerns of LED lighting systems in a relevant and practical manner. Presentation will include UL’s current thinking on the methods and timelines for implementing the transitions. About Robert G. Davis, Ph.D., FEIS Bob Davis joined Litecontrol in 2007 as the director of product management. Prior to his move, he spent nine years as a senior instructor in architectural engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he taught courses in lighting design and engineering. His experience also includes positions at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Lighting Research Center and at Sylvania Lighting. About Steve Turner Steve Turner is the former executive vice president of sales and marketing for Clover Technologies Group. An integral part to taking Clover from $44 to $265 million in just over four years, Turner and his groundbreaking strategies for time management and productivity helped rocket Clover to the industry’s number one position. A large part of the effort was working with independent sales agencies. Turner uses his proven ability to leverage technology (including desktops, laptops and mobile devices) to help businesses in need of greater sales and/or productivity results. TurnerTime is time management tools, techniques and tips to effectively manage e-mails, tasks and projects. About Steve Longo Steve Longo joined OnSpeX, the product performance division of CSA Group, in 2006 as the technical manager for the Atlanta facility. Prior to that, he spent seven years as a military jet engine design engineer for Pratt and Whitney, where he obtained five U.S. Patents for research and development of the F22 Raptor and F135 Joint Strike Fighter. His experience also includes positions on the CALiPER program and NEMA standards committee. About Michael Shulman Michael Shulman has 30 years of product safety experience at Underwriters Laboratories, where he has performed equipment investigations and participated in codes and standards development for a wide range of industrial, commercial and consumer products. He is currently one of UL’s principal engineers for lighting products and represents UL on the NFPA 101 and NFPA 5000 Means of Egress technical committees while also providing guidance for UL’s position on the emergency egress and exit sign issues for the International Code Council.
  10. 10. 10   New Member Orientation and Reception  Before all the action begins, first time attendees and new members will be given tips on getting the most out of their ALA membership and the Conference at a special orientation held by ALA leadership. An exclusive reception follows, where first-timers can mingle with other new attendees. Showroom delegates attending through a Conference scholarship will get to know representatives from the scholarship’s hosting manufacturer.   Young Executives Reception  ALA members in their 20s and 30s are invited to join their peers at this special networking reception.   Manufacturers’ Booth Display  Executives and sales representatives from ALA member manufacturers will staff booths displaying the latest company and product information during the Tuesday buffet luncheon. Showrooms don’t want to miss this chance to discuss concerns and learn about new products in a no-pressure, non- sales situation. To reserve your booth today, contact Beth Bentley at 800-605-4448, ext. 28 or email bbentley@americanlightingassoc.com.   Gala Welcome Reception  Catch up with old acquaintances and make new contacts as we officially kick off the 2009 ALA Annual Conference at the Gala Welcome Reception. Enjoy spectacular views and ocean breezes on the grounds of Terranea while enjoying food, drinks, fun and entertainment.   Showroom Networking Groups  Showroom networking groups provide the ultimate opportunity for exchanging tips and ideas with members who know what you’re going through. Showrooms are organized into non-compete groups from around the U.S. and Canada. Contact Eric Jacobson at 800-605-4448, ext. 24, or ejacobson@americanlightingassoc.com to sign up.   Annual Reception and Banquet  Join fellow participants in a casually elegant setting for the final evening of Conference. The Annual Reception kicks off the Conference finale, followed by irresistible food, fun entertainment and unmatched camaraderie at the Banquet. Though the Banquet signals the end of the Conference, the informa- tion and contacts you’ve made over three days will prove invaluable for years to come. Network Building/Idea Sharing Opportunity:
  11. 11. Recognize Industry Leaders   Election of Board and Officers  Make your voice heard as members vote to approve the 2010 Board of Governors nominees and officers during Tuesday’s business luncheon. Recommended to fill the four open slots on the 2010 Board are: ▶ Carolyn G. Overman Owner, Western Montana Lighting (Second term) ▶  Bob Evans Owner, Showroom Lighting Sales (First term) ▶  John E. Deininger President, Deininger Lighting Group, Ltd. (Second term) ▶ T. Tracy Bilbrough President/CEO, Generation Brands (First term)   Hall of Fame Induction  Susan Solomon Auerbach Susan Solomon Auerbach, executive vice president – corporate development at Generation Brands, will be inducted into the Lighting Hall of Fame at the Annual Banquet Tuesday evening. Granddaughter of Henry Siegel, founder of Sea Gull Lighting, and daughter of Edwin Solomon, Solomon Auerbach has dedicated much of her life to the development of high-quality lighting products that satisfy the market’s widespread tastes for fashion, flair and function. Active with the ALA since 1984, Solomon Auerbach has served on numerous ALA committees and was elected the first female member and first female chair of the ALA’s Board of Governors. Her other ALA leadership roles include: 2003-2007 Chairperson, Long-Range Conference Planning Committee 2001 Recipient of the ALA Industry Leadership Award 1999 Chairperson of the ALA Sponsorship Task Force-Seminar Meeting Center Chairperson, Public Relations Committee (creating the Bi-National Advertising Program) 1996-1997 Chairperson, Board of Governors Bi-national Task Force 1996 Chairperson, American Lighting Association 1993 Recognized as ‘Lighting Person of the Year’ Executive Board, ALA’s Strategic Team (responsible for restructuring the ALA) 1984 Convention Planning Committee   Pillars of the Industry Awards  The ALA’s Pillar of the Industry awards recognize individuals for their extraordinary service to advance the lighting industry and the association, its programs and mission during the past year and a half. Nominations for the 2009 Pillars of the Industry are being accepted until June 1. To obtain a nomination form, contact Larry Lauck at 800-605-4448, ext. 27, or llauck@americanlightingassoc.com. Past Pillar of the Industry Winners 1999 Zia Eftekhar, Bruce A. Robinson, Philip S. Hoefer 2000 Stan Angelo, Clark Linstone, Harold Baumritter 2001 Todd Langner, David deSteiger, Tom Underwood 2002 John McKiernan, Linda Pavletich, Scott Zanger 2003 Barry Minoff, Carolyn G. Overman, Fred C. Fennell 2004 Howard Bernstein, Jack Fleischer, David Stark 2005 Paul Eusterbrock, Tom Early, Paul Levitt 2006 Tom Garber, Beverlee Griffin, Dean Gottesman 2007 Lars E. Bostrom, Michael S. O’Boyle, Monty Gilbertson 2008 Clark R. Linstone, Howard J. Ketzner Opportunity: 11 Overman Evans Deininger Bilbrough
  12. 12. 12   Pre-Conference Golf Event  Terranea Executive Golf Course. First tee off Sunday, 12:30 p.m. Arrive early to Conference to enjoy the beautiful on- grounds golf course, cool ocean breezes and visiting with your peers during the 2009 Annual Golf Event. The executive course at Terranea was designed by Todd Eckenrode and takes its inspiration from the famous 9-hole short course at Pebble Beach. It is the perfect venue for friends and couples to enjoy the ocean setting and hone their short game skills. For the Annual Tournament, nine foursomes will tee off in a shotgun start at 12:30 p.m., and nine others will tee off at approximately 3 p.m. Before or after your nine holes, take your best shot at the putting, chipping and plastic-ball longest drive contests. A buffet lunch and beverages will be available to registered golfers, and guests/spectators are welcome to enjoy the cash bar. Please note any golf pairing requests on your reg- istration form or e-mail requests to Elizabeth Ware at eware@americanlightingassoc.com. Limited to 72 golfers. Terranea Executive Golf Course  Terranea is no ordinary 9-hole par-3 course; rather, it is a collection of nine great par-3 holes, masterfully routed and integrated with each other and the natural surroundings. Each hole could easily stand as a memorable par-3 on a championship, regulation- length course. This walking course offers the new golfer an inviting setup and an experienced golfer the opportunity to play every type of short and mid-range shot imaginable.   Monday Free Evening  Relax at the resort, tour the Palos Verdes area or head into L.A. on Monday’s free evening. Palos Verdes Attractions ▶ Point Vicente Interpretive Center – next to the historic Point Vicente Lighthouse, exhibits cover the history of the Peninsula ▶ South Coast Botanic Garden – 2,500+ species from as far away as Australia and southern Africa ▶ Trump National Golf Course – famous club in the Trump chain is open to the public ▶ Wayfarer’s Chapel – “glass church” designed by son of Frank Lloyd Wright Sampling of Nearby Dining ▶ Admiral Risty (Rancho Palos Verdes) ▶ Chez Melange (Redondo Beach) ▶ La Rive Gauche (Palos Verdes Estates) ▶ Restaurant Christine (Torrance) ▶ San Pedro Brewing Company (San Pedro) ▶  Spaggo (Beverly Hills) ▶ Whale Ale British Pub and Restaurant (San Pedro)   Spouse/Guest Special Event  A complimentary event just for registered guests! Learn marinade and grilling techniques from Terranea’s kitchen while cooking on the resort’s custom-made outdoor grills. Lunch is included. Available to the first 40 registered guests to sign up. A Little Levity Opportunity:
  13. 13. Travel Information Hotel Terranea Resort 6610 Palos Verdes Drive South Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 www.terranea.com Attendee Lodging Opening in June 2009, the 582-room Terranea Resort sits atop the cliffs of California’s Palos Verdes Peninsula, the perfect combination of crystalline ocean waters and idyllic Southern California coastal microclimate. Rooms and suites are washed in light and open onto private balconies, most with unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean, Catalina Island and lush gardens and pools. The ALA’s negotiated group rate is $238 per night, plus tax, at this new luxury resort. Room rates are based on single or double occupancy. The resort fee has been discounted to $10 per room, per night, and includes beach and pool services, local and toll-free telephone calls, wireless high-speed Internet access, health club access, nightly turndown service, in-room coffee and tea, a daily newspaper and free transportation within five miles of the resort. Please contact the resort at 866-802-8000 for a wide variety of suite options/pricing. PLEASE NOTE: All reservations must be received by the hotel no later than Friday, Aug. 21, 2009 (or until the ALA block has been filled). After Aug. 21, 2009, rooms will be confirmed at the group rate only if available. A first and last night’s deposit will be required to confirm each reservation. Deposit is refundable if reservation is cancelled three days prior to arrival. Check-in time is 1 p.m. Check-out time is 11 a.m. Air Transportation Terranea Resort is located south of the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and north of the Long Beach Airport (LGB). Airline Discounts American Airlines works with ALA to provide members a five percent discount on travel to and from the annual conference. To receive your discount, ask your travel agent to call the American Airlines Meeting Services Desk at 800-433-1790 and give them the name and code of the event, or enter the code in the promotion code box on www.aa.com. American Airlines 2009 Palos Verdes, Calif. Annual Conference Code: A7399AA Discount code is good for travel to the conference September 9– 17. Rental Car Discounts ALA members can receive up to a 15 percent discount on daily and weekly rental car rates through Alamo, Avis, Budget, Hertz and National car rental companies. When making your reservations, please utilize the following company specific discount codes and telephone numbers: Alamo BY #529118 800-354-2322 Avis AWD #B608500 800-331-1212 Budget BCD# 2663400 800-527-0700 Hertz CDP #089817 800-654-2200 (U.S.) 800-263-0600(Canada) National Disc #5021601 800-CAR-RENT Conference Attire Resort casual is appropriate for all day events. The annual banquet is evening/cocktail attire (jackets and ties for men). 13
  14. 14. Register Today and Win! Opportunity: 14   To Register  By Mail or Fax: Download a registration form at www.americanlightingassoc.com/members, print and submit. By Telephone or E-mail: Contact Elizabeth Ware at 800-605-4448, ext. 21, or eware@americanlightingassoc.com. Registration Fees Attendee Type Before June 30 After June 30 Full Delegate Rate $725 $750 Spouse/Guest Rate $375 $395 New Member Rate* $360 $360 First Timer Rate* $525 $525 *Special New Member/First Time Attendee Rates Companies joining the ALA after Sept. 1, 2008, are eligible for a one-time, one delegate fee of $360. Companies that have never sent a delegate before are eligible for a one-time, one delegate fee of $525. Please contact Elizabeth Ware at 800-605-4448, ext. 21 or eware@americanlightingassoc.com to verify eligibility. Daily Rates Members may attend Conference on ala carte/daily rates. The daily rates (and badges) are for admission to that days’ general session and educational sessions only. Social/food function tickets must be purchased separately. Prices will be published in summer 2009. Included with Registration Delegate registration includes all of the following conference activities: ▶ Sunday – opening gala reception ▶ Monday – opening breakfast general session and all educational seminars and lunch. ▶ Tuesday – breakfast general session and all educational seminars, lunch, viewing of exhibits, reception and banquet. Pre-Conference CLC training and the golf tournament require separate registration fees. Guest/Spouse Registration The spouse/guest registration is designed for the individual who will be accompanying the delegate to the general sessions and social functions only. The guest/spouse registration does not include admittance to the educational sessions. Tax Deductions If an individual travels to a convention/conference that is related to their trade or business, all expenses (travel, lodging, food) are deductible for tax purposes. If the taxpayer takes a spouse to the conference, the spouses’ expenses are not deductible (unless, of course, the spouse is part of the business). Please check with your accountant for specific information. Be sure to register for the 2009 ALA Annual Conference before June 30, 2009, to be eligible for a FREE upgrade to a one- bedroom ocean view suite at the Terranea Resort during the 2009 Annual Conference! While all of Terranea’s rooms include luxurious bedding, a flat-screen television and a private balcony with unparalleled views, suite upgrade winners will live lavishly during Conference with a separate living room perfect for entertaining, a convenient guest bathroom and two start-of-the-art 42-inch LCD flatscreen televisions. Don’t miss this opportunity for a Conference experience you won’t forget!   Win a Terranea Suite Upgrade!
  15. 15.   2009 Conference Committee  Stanley D. Johnston, CLC, CLMR Johnston Lighting Associates, Palos Verdes Estates, Calif. Paul Pavletich, LS Premier Lighting, Bakersfield, Calif. Bruce Reegler Reegler Associates, Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. Bob Riffle Brown Gold Lighting, Los Angeles, Calif. Jeff Sessler Liton Lighting, Los Angeles, Calif. Greg St. John Designers Fountain, Rancho Dominguez, Calif. Judy Ziccardi Lighting Innovation, Laguna Niguel, Calif. Beth Bentley, CMP Director of Conferences, ALA   Special Thanks to Conference Sponsors  As of April 22, 2009   Conference Scholarships Available  The ALA awards a limited number of scholarships for qualified member showrooms to send a delegate to the Annual Conference. Each showroom scholarship includes: ▶ One delegate registration per showroom (Includes most meals for three days, all general sessions, a choice of educational sessions and entrance into manufacturers’ product exhibits.) ▶ Three nights of room, tax and resort fees for attendee at the Terranea Resort. Scholarship delegates must attend the Conference in its entirety, arriving the afternoon of Sunday, Sept. 13, and departing at their convenience Wednesday, Sept. 16. Travel expenses are the responsibility of the showroom. Contact Eric Jacobson or Beth Bentley at 800- 605-4448, ejacobson@americanlightingassoc.com or bbentley@americanlightingassoc.com for more information or to obtain a scholarship application. 15
  16. 16. PO Box 420288 Dallas, TX 75342-0288 800-60-light www.americanlightingassoc.com 90-200A 4/09 Experience the serene beauty of the Southern California coastline. Joinyourfriendsandcolleaguesatthe2009ALAAnnualConference, September13-15attheTerraneaResortinRanchoPalosVerdes,California.