IA Ondernemen met innovatieve apps. Design Thinking Valentijn Destoop sessie 4


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IA Ondernemen met innovatieve apps. Design Thinking Valentijn Destoop sessie 4

  1. 1. Introduction to DESIGN v0.3
  2. 2. 1. Introduction
  3. 3. Valentijn Destoop is a Belgium designer, born 28 November 1981. ! - Founder and creative director of Little Miss Robot, digital product & design consultancy studio in Ghent. ! - Founder of Wonderland, innovation network. ! - Public speaker on innovation, design, storytelling and related business topics. ! - Attended LUCA (Sint-Lucas) school of arts. He earned a Master in multimedia, graphic design. ! - At Vlerick Business School he attended General Management.
  4. 4. Little Miss Robot is a digital product design studio in Belgium, founded in 2009 with an ambition to work for pioneering brands & clients. ! We collaborate as a creative innovation partner, providing concept & interface design, cutting-edge development and creative direction & strategy. ! We have done web campaigns, mobile, tablet and TV applications, interactive installations and lots of concept design for tomorrow's engaging experiences. We are proud to work for brands in a variety of fields: from media, fashion, and architecture to retail, automotive, medical & global healthcare.
  5. 5. 2. Why Design
  6. 6. Dieter Rams (Wiesbaden, 1950-60)
  7. 7. Good design ... ! Is Innovative Makes a Product Useful Is Aesthetic Makes A Product Understandable Is Unobtrusive Is Honest Is Long-lasting Is Thorough Down to the Last Detail Is Environmentally Friendly Is as Little Design
  8. 8. Price-setting Price Quantity Value of Designers ! Their work must be capable through innovation on multiple levels of contributing to creating new economic value for a firm. ! An ability to understand technological opportunity and act upon it is required, otherwise designers remain visualisers of other’s ideas or incremental improvers of existing products. ! They are not independent spirits, but dependent on the view of design held by management or the cultural imperatives of an organization.
  9. 9. Technology progress Market impact Incremantal Disruptive Breakthrough Game Changer Four zones of innovation
  10. 10. Design Creativity The act of introducing change into relatively stable systems. Unleashing the potential of the mind to conceive new ideas.
  11. 11. 3. The Creative Industry
  12. 12. AdvertisingPhotography & VideoFashion Music & performance arts RadioTelevisionPublishing Software, games & digital publishing CraftsArts & AntiqueArchitecture Products
  13. 13. B-reelIdeo Akqa Design consultancy Production company Advertising agency Subsidiary of WPP plc˝ Revenue $ 250 million ˝ Employees 1,200 Private˝ Revenue $ 130 million ˝ Employees 550 Private˝ Revenue $ 46 million ˝ Employees 150
  14. 14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=JaYcj-frRg0
  15. 15. Finding Talent Finding talent? ! www.behance.com www.cnbe.be www.offf.ws www.dribbble.com www.awwwards ...
  16. 16. 5. The design process & evaluation
  17. 17. Think Processes
  18. 18. Test Taxonomy tested against corpus and classification is checked with team wireframes tested on user groups Taxonomy finalised Rules written Wireframes completed Taxonomy view, navigation scheme taxonomy structure, classifaction rules and controlled vocabulary User, context and content Concept model, business goals, vision draft taxonomy Personas Web analytics User Stories Web surveys Build Design Concept Research Ethnographic studies Industry taxonomies Competitor sites Public Taxonomies Dan Brown from EightShapes at IXDA
  19. 19. What is? What if? What wows? What works? Journeymapping ValueChain Analysis Mind Mapping Brainstorming Concept Development Visualization Assumption Testing Rapid Prototyping Customer Co-creation Learning Launch Design Thinking for Business Innovation
  20. 20. From IDEO Human Centered Design Toolkit CreateHear Deliver Observations ConcreteAbstract Stories Solutions Themes Opportunities Prototypes Implementation plan
  21. 21. Methodologies
  22. 22. Storytelling I Have A Dream by Martin Luther King
  23. 23. Personas Rob Millard, How user personas can improve your CRO strategy
  24. 24. Clint Studio, Curupira Storyboards
  25. 25. Wireframes Pinterest Wireframe Generated By Mockup Tool
  26. 26. Prototypes Pensar, Gamer Pro
  27. 27. Concept design Hari Krishnan, iOS 7 Relax App
  28. 28. Concept maps IHMC CmapTools, Weather
  29. 29. freemind software
  30. 30. Process Flows Withfriendship.com
  31. 31. Content inventories Nform.com
  32. 32. Scenarios Team Trojans
  33. 33. Analytics Google Analytics
  34. 34. Presentations Chris Anderson, TED talk
  35. 35. Narrative Reports Slam Dunks
  36. 36. Specifications TheBlueprints.com
  37. 37. Design Patterns Mobile UI Patterns
  38. 38. The importance of user testing
  39. 39. Differentiators
  40. 40. Concept Tom Hussey, Novartis “Reflections”
  41. 41. Craftmanship Joe Fenton, Solitude
  42. 42. Process Moriogogh / Formidable, RBM Portfolio
  43. 43. Recognition Jirka Väätäinen, Envisioning Disney Characters in “Real Life”
  44. 44. Technology Suren Manvelyan, Your beautiful eyes
  45. 45. Content Charles Minard (1781-1870)
  46. 46. Standards ControlAssurance Quality Lynda.com
  47. 47. 6. User Experience & Storytelling
  48. 48. Technology BusinessEmpathy Features and Function Experience Technology Specification Message Channel Interaction Interface Brand StrategyArtistry Storytelling Upgradenow.wordpress.com
  49. 49. Meaningful Pleasurable Convenient Usable Reliable Functional Focused on Experiences Focused on Tasks Stephen P. Andersons
  50. 50. The museum of me
  51. 51. historic Apollo 11 mission
  52. 52. 8. Business strategy & Design
  53. 53. Future of design: Design for social innovation. ! Designers looking for meaningful and engaging work through which they can make a significant contribution to society, as well as for people in other disciplines who want to learn to harness the power of design to create positive change and transformation. sva.edu
  54. 54. Future of design: Design thinking ! Tackle complex business challenges using Business Design, a human-centred, creative problem solving methodology. ! We draw on the designer’s way of working and apply it to the way we build businesses – from innovative user experiences to creative business strategies and models. Rotman, School of Management
  55. 55. Valentijn Destoop | Value by Design, Innovation & Storytelling Little Miss Robot & Wonderland, +32 496 12 55 42, twitter.com/quidante