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transcultural leaderhip in complex contexts

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Treichel systemic transcultural_leadership

  1. 1. Transcultural Leadership in Complex Systems Prof. Dr. Dietmar Treichel MA MBA Institute of Communication & Leadership IKF Lucerne, Switzerland @ University of Miami, Feb 09MBA GL:IMIKF LuzernD. Treichel
  2. 2. The Human Context of Leadership Society Norms & Practices Attitudes & Artefacts Acting Objective Reality Objective Reality Institutions Organizations Culture Believing Thinking Groups Individuals Feeling Values & Interests &MBA GL:IM Basic Assumptions DevelopmentsIKF LuzernD. Treichel Subjective Reality
  3. 3. Components of Leadership FOCUS Guide- System & Context & Personal Business lines Culture Situation Objectives Objectives Perform Transact Transform Innovator Broker Strategies Proact CONTEXT Coordinator Controller ADDED VALUE Roles Task* Producer Director Competencies resolve Facilitator Mentor decide enact Require- Emotional Trust- Cognitive Task-relevant communicate ments Maturity worthiness Ability Knowledge enable collaborate PERSONALITYMBA GL:IMIKF Luzern * What am I really paid for?D. Treichel
  4. 4. Complex Systems are characterized by … self-referential forces self-organizing structures dynamic changes of state intransparent elements interconnected feedback loops internal competition for scarce resources non-linear cause-and-effect relations apparently incoherent principlesMBA GL:IM trial-and-error driven emergent developmentsIKF LuzernD. Treichel overlapping cultures & culture levels
  5. 5. Dimensions of Excellence Customer Intimacy ResourcesMBA GL:IM Processes ProductsIKF LuzernD. Treichel
  6. 6. Sources of Competitive Advantage Resource Cost acquisition & & use efficiency Creativity Marketing Competitive & & Advantage innovation penetration Systems Problem- flexibility & solving &MBA GL:IM effectiveness serviceIKF LuzernD. Treichel
  7. 7. Determinants and Selection Procedure for Coordination of Transnational Corporations Specific Industry, Specific Product, Business & Process or Culture Project Characteristics of Characteristics Characteristics Dispersion of Lead Markets & Transnational Customer Needs Architecture of Type & Extent of Capabilities Transnational Global Dispersion Corporate of Capabilities Strategy & Coordination Organization Requirements Across Relative Size of Units and Borders Home Country Corporate and Talent Base Culture at Headquarters Selection, Implementation andMBA GL:IM Adaptation ofIKF Luzern CoordinationD. Treichel Mechanisms Adapted from Guido Reger & Alexander Gerybadze: New Coordination Mechanisms and Flexible Lateral Organisation within Transnational Corporations. Discussion Paper 97-04. Stuttgart, Dezember 1997.
  8. 8. Value-Based Leadership Mission Vision Strategy price satisfaction reliability loyality Customer Value Leadership Value business acumen motivation return on loyality guidance investment integrity sustainability competencies brand stregth Human Values Shareholder ValueMBA GL:IMIKF LuzernD. Treichel People Processes Technology
  9. 9. Leadership Models Traits intelligence, confidence, Transactional determination, integrity, Cognitive Ressources contingent rewards, sozial skills, charisma intelligence, experiences, active/passive mgt by performance orientation objectives/exception, laissez-faire leadership Leader Skills Psychodynamic Path-Goal social & situation-based socialisation (parent as goal attractiveness, knowledge, solving complex role models), maturity, staff development, problems reflexion & insight supportive/directive/ participative/perform. LPC Contingency Participative Transformational task/relation decisons: autocratic, competence, character/situation consulted, shared, motivation, positional power, delegated; inspiration, stimulation task structure competence development Team Situation Leader Member Exchange relations management, SituationalMBA GL:IM in-group / out-group, Social Exchange task / maturity: direct/sell/IKF Luzern performance, commitment benefits, gifts, involve/delegate, expectations, developments & adaptationsD. Treichel selection
  10. 10. Systemic Leadership Self- Constructivism organization Learning Context Organization Steering Development- Innovation & Oriented Change Management ManagementMBA GL:IMIKF LuzernD. Treichel „Like a rolling thunder chasing the wind“
  11. 11. System-Effective Leaders … … develop authority through personality, performance, integrity & continuity … help people join forces to bring about holistic profits … consider the potential impact of their actions in & between social systems … relate to their followers cognitively, emotionally & behaviorally to make them (feel) significant … know that everyone has feelings, intellect, curiosity & potential courage … use their powers in pro-social and pro-active ways … make good use of cultural & personal diversityMBA GL:IM … generate excitement & excellenceIKF Luzern … love what they do and therefore always aim to excel at itD. Treichel for the benefit of their social system
  12. 12. Forces Administrative Force beaurocratic authority Symbolic Force Human-social Force power through competence-based or symbols & rituals structural authority Leadership Political-moral Force Disciplinary Force value-based professional authority authorityMBA GL:IMIKF LuzernD. Treichel
  13. 13. Leadership SkillsMBA GL:IMIKF LuzernD. Treichel