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Teacher Education and Development Program 2009

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TPDF 2009

  1. 1. Teacher Education and Development Program Seven Domains 1. Social Regard for Learning 2. The Learning Environment 3. The Diversity of Learners 4. Curriculum 5. Planning, Assessing and Reporting 6. Community Linkages 7. Personal Growth and Professional Development
  2. 2. Domain 1. Social Regard for Learning 1.1 Acts as a positive role model for students 1.1.1 implements school policies and procedures 1.1.2 demonstrates punctuality 1.1.3 maintains appropriate appearance 1.1.4 is careful about the effect of one’s behavior on students Statement of Principle
  3. 3. Domain 2. Learning Environment 2.1 Creates an environment that promotes fairness 2.1.1 maintains a learning environment of courtesy and respect for different learners (eg. ability, culture, gender) 2.1.2 provides gender-fair opportunities for learning 2.1.3 recognizes that every learner has strengths Statement of Principle 2.2 Makes the physical environment safe and conducive to learning 2.2.1 maintains a safe, clean and orderly classroom free from hazards and distractions 2.2.2 arranges challenging activities given the physical environment
  4. 4. 2.3 Communicates higher learning expectations to each learner 2.3.1 uses individual and co-operative learning activities 2.3.3 encourages learners to ask questions 2.3.2 provides learners with a variety of learning activities 2.4 Establishes and maintain consistent standards of learners’ behavior 2.4.3 guides individual learners requiring development of appropriate social and learning behavior 2.4.4 school policies and procedures for classroom behavior are communicated and followed 2.3.4 provides differentiated enrichment activities nurturing learners’ desire for further learning 2.4.1 handles behavior problems quickly and with due respect to children’s rights 2.4.2 gives timely feedback and reinforcement appropriate to learners behavior
  5. 5. Domain 3. Diversity of Learners 3.1 Is familiar with learners’ background knowledge and experiences 3.1.1 uses information on the learning styles and requirements to design and select learning experiences 3.1.2 establishes goals that define appropriate expectations for all learners 3.1.3 paces lessons appropriate to needs and/or difficulties of learners Statement of Principle 3.1.5 initiates other learning approaches for learners whose needs have not been met by usual approaches 3.1.6 is sensitive to multi-cultural background of learners 3.1.4 provides differentiated activities for learners
  6. 6. 3.2 Demonstrates concern for holistic development of learners 3.2.1 sets clear, challenging and achievable expectations on the holistic development of all learners 3.2.2 identifies learning gaps and takes actions to enable learners to catch up 3.2.3 employs integrative and interactive strategies for meaningful and holistic development of learners Statement of Principle 3.2.5 provides opportunities to enhance learners growth in all aspects 3.2.4 is sensitive to unusual behavior of learners and takes appropriate action
  7. 7. Domain 4. Curriculum 4.1 Demonstrates mastery of the subject 4.1.1 delivers accurate and updated content knowledge using appropriate methodologies, approaches and strategies Statement of Principle 4.1.2 integrates language, literacy and numeracy skill development and values in his/her subject area 4.1.3 explains learning goals, instructional procedures and content clearly and accurately to students 4.1.4 links the current content with past and future lessons 4.1.5 aligns with lesson objectives the teaching methods, learning activities and instructional materials or resources appropriate to learners 4.1.6 creates situations that encourage learners to use high order thinking skills
  8. 8. 4.1 4.1.7 engages and sustains learners’ interest in the subject by making content meaningful and relevant to them 4.2 Communicates clear learning goals for the lessons that are appropriate for learners 4.2.2 learning goals set are clear to learners 4.2.3 the goals link with the expectations for every learner 4.1.8 shows familiarity with scholarly works on the subject 4.2.1 sets learning goals clearly for the learners
  9. 9. 4.3 Makes good use of allotted instructional time 4.3.1 establishes routines and procedures to maximize instructional time 4.3.2 plans lessons to fit within available instructional time 4.4 Selects teaching methods, learning activities and instructional materials or resources appropriate to learners and aligned to objectives of the lesson 4.4.3 provides activities and uses materials which fit the learners’ learning styles, goals and culture 4.4.1 translates learning competencies to instructional objectives 4.4.2 selects, prepares and utilizes instructional material appropriate to the learners and to the learning objectives
  10. 10. 4.4 4.4.4 uses a variety of teaching approaches and techniques appropriate to the subject matter and the learners 4.4.8 utilizes information derived from assessment to improve teaching and learning 4.4.9 provides activities and uses materials which involve students in meaningful learning 4.4.5 utilizes information derived from assessment to improve teaching and learning 4.4.7 uses a variety of teaching approaches and techniques appropriate to the subject matter and the learners 4.4.6 provides activities and uses material which involve students meaningful learning
  11. 11. Domain 5. Planning, Assessing and Reporting 5.1 Communicates promptly and clearly to learners, parents and superiors about progress of learners 5.1.1 conducts regular meetings with learners and parents to report learners’ progress 5.1.2 parents participate in school activities that promote learning Statement of Principle 5.2 Develops and uses a variety of appropriate assessments strategies to monitor and evaluate learning 5.2.1 prepares formative and summative tests in line with the curriculum
  12. 12. 5.2 5.2.2 employs non-traditional assessment techniques (portfolio, journals, rubrics, etc.) 5.3 Monitors regularly and provides feedback on learners’ understanding of content 5.3.1 provides timely and accurate feedback to learners to encourage them to reflect on and monitor their own learning growth 5.3.2 keeps accurate records of grades/performance levels of learners 5.2.3 interprets and uses assessment results to improve teaching and learning 5.2.4 identifies teaching-learning difficulties and possible causes and takes appropriate action to address gaps
  13. 13. Domain 6. Community Linkages 6.1 Establishes learning environments that respond to the aspirations of the community 6.1.1 involves community in sharing accountability for the learners’ achievement Statement of Principle 6.1.2 mobilizes community resources (human, material) to support learning 6.1.3 uses the community as a laboratory for learning 6.1.4 participates in community activities that promote learning 6.1.5 uses community networks to publicize school events and achievements
  14. 14. Domain 7. Personal Growth and Professional Development 7.1 Takes pride in the nobility of teaching as a profession 7.1.1 maintains stature and behavior that upholds the dignity of teaching Statement of Principle 7.1.2 allocates time for personal and professional development through ☺ participation in educational seminars and workshops ☺ enrolment in short-term courses and post graduate programs ☺ engaging in educational research 7.1.3 manifests personal qualities such as enthusiasm, flexibility and caring 7.1.4 articulates and demonstrates one’s personal philosophy of teaching
  15. 15. 7.2 Builds professional links with colleagues to enrich teaching practice 7.2.2 is informed about recent development in education 7.2.1 participates actively in professional teacher organizations 7.3 Reflects on the extent of the attainment of learning goals 7.3.3 accepts personal accountability for learners’ achievement 7.3.4 uses self-evaluation to recognize and correct weaknesses 7.3.1 reflects on the quality of his/her own teaching 7.3.2 is rated favorably by students, peers and superiors
  16. 16. TEACHERS The END Thank You! BY: ikeivanangelo IQ7
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