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Air playit

  1. 1. Air Playit<br />Posted by software guru on July 21st, 2011 | <br />1diggdigg<br />1<br />Air Playit is a free video streaming application for iPhone, iPad, iPod. Using Windows or Mac computer as a server, you can stream any video & audio to iOS devices over WiFi, 3G and 4G by live or offline conversion, regardless of the format.<br />It allows you to stream video/audio on their disk or the entire iTunes library over the local network and even through the Internet onto their iPhone, iPad. iPod, acts as a personal video audio cloud to stream video audio no matter where you go and share favorite video audio with friends and family.<br />Free download Air Playit at:<br />With the built-in converter, Air Playit does all the encoding on-demand and can stream 320 different video & audio to Apple devices with on-the-fly conversion. So users don’t have to wait to convert before playing the videos & audios that are not in the format supported by iPhone, nor any storage on the devices is taken up in this process. That’s why it claims it is actually far more than an iPhone streaming app. Well, exactly speaking, it is more like a free remote video converter.<br /> <br />Since besides live-conversion, this free app also allows you to add and manage the conversion task on portable devices. The video converted offline can be downloaded to iPhone, iPad, iPod via WiFi, 3G and 4G according to needs. It realized video conversion remotely without syncing. Now anyone can do it around the home, in the coffee shop, on the road or anywhere on the global.It needs no effort to operate this app and extremely easy to control the quality and playback speed by offering a list of options to adjust the data rate, from 128 kbps up to 5120 kbps, 480p standard video to 720p HD video, as well as the network connection type. No mention other features to simplify the whole process, like the ability of resume watching from where you left off, power off computer after finishing the watching.Many people may doubt is this app only for iOS devices users? The answer is definitely no. When designing this app, they also take users who don’t use all Apple devices into consideration. Air Playit gives users seamless access to video and audio playlist from the Web with the built-in HTTP server. Meanwhile, the further version will also be available on Google Android OS mobile devices.<br />