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  • 1. Male Sexual Anatomy, Physiology, and Response
  • 2. Male Sex Organs:What Are They for?  Sex organs serve a reproductive function  Also serve other functions:  Bringing pleasure to self  Giving pleasure to others  May serve to attract potential sexual partners  Sharing of genital sexuality can play a bonding role in relationships
  • 3. External Structures The penis The scrotum
  • 4. The Penis Penis: from Latin word for tail  organ through which sperm and urine pass Three main sections:  Root: attaches penis within the pelvic cavity  Shaft: contains 3 parallel columns of erectile tissue  Corpora cavernosa: 2 columns along the front surface  Corpus spongiosum: runs beneath corpora cavernosa, also forms the glans
  • 5. The Penis  Glans penis: head of penis; most sensitive  Corona: rim at base of the glans  Frenulum: on underside of penis; triangle of sensitive skin  Foreskin: sleeve-like covering of the glans  Circumcision  Urethra: a tube that transports urine and semen  When penis erect, urinary duct is blocked
  • 6. The Penis: Myths Penis size not linked to body size or weight, muscular structure, race or ethnicity or sexual orientation No relationship between penis size and ability to have sexual intercourse or satisfy a partner
  • 7. What is a normal penis?
  • 8. Penile Widening
  • 9. Glanular Enhancement
  • 10. Penile Lengthening
  • 11. Other Procedures Curvature Correction Circumcision
  • 12. The Scrotum A pouch of skin that holds the two testicles Scrotum skin more heavily pigmented Sparsely covered with hair Divided in the middle by a ridge of skin Testicle temperature control: 93°F
  • 13. Internal Structures Testes:  Two major functions: sperm and hormone production  Shaped like olives; 1.5” long and 1” diameter.  Size and weight decrease as men age  Not usually symmetrical in the way they hang  Suspended by spermatic cord  Within each testicle, there are about 1000 Seminiferous tubules: Production of sperm takes place in these tubes
  • 14. Internal Structures Epididymis  C shaped structure on the back of the teste  Sperm mature in vas deferens Vas Deferens  The ducts that carry sperm from testicles to urethra for ejaculation  Vas deferens joins the ejaculatory duct within prostate gland
  • 15. Internal Structures Seminal vesicles  Secrete fluid that makes up 60% of semen Prostate gland  Secretes fluid that makes up 30-35% of semen  Can be stimulated in anal play Cowper’s (bulbourethral) glands  Secrete thick clear mucus prior to ejaculation Urethra
  • 16. Other structures Breasts  gynecomastia Anus Buttocks Rectum
  • 17. Male Sexual Physiology Production of hormones Spermatogenesis
  • 18. Male Reproductive Hormones Testosterone  Acts on seminiferous tubules to produce sperm  Regulates sex drive  Is responsible for development of secondary sex characteristics in puberty  Influences growth of bones and muscle mass
  • 19. Spermatogenesis Ongoing process from puberty onward  Sperm produced within seminiferous tubules of testicles (64-72 days)  Several 100 million sperm produced daily  20 days for sperm to travel through epididymis  During this time they become fertile and motile  Upon ejaculation, sperm expelled through urethra by muscular contractions
  • 20. Male Sexual Response Erection  Blood vessels expand and increase blood in penis  Veins that normally carry blood out are compressed, leading to engorgement of penis  Secretions from Cowper’s glands appear at tip
  • 21. Ejaculation and Orgasm Emission stage  Sperm sent into vas deferens  Rhythmic contractions begin  Feeling of ejaculatory inevitability Expulsion stage  Rapid contractions  Semen spurts from urethral opening Orgasm  Intensely pleasurable physical sensations that usually accompany ejaculation  Followed by refractory period