Custom Non-RDS Multi-AZ Mysql Replication


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Lightning Talk slide for Cloudpack Night #6

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Custom Non-RDS Multi-AZ Mysql Replication

  1. 1. CUSTOM NON-RDS MULTI-AZMYSQL REPLICATIONCloudpack Night #65/17/2013
  2. 2. ABOUT ME (@IJIN)• Michael H. Oshita• Japanese American• In Japan since 2002• Software/Infra/Cloud Engineer•
  4. 4. COMPONENTS• AWSVPC (Routing-Based HA Pattern)• MySQL Master-Slave Replication• MHA (Master HA Manager for MySQL)• no RDS!!
  5. 5. MHAMasterSlaveSlaveManagerManager detects failure on master
  6. 6. MasterMasterSlaveManagerMHASlave is promoted to master after binlogs are appliedbinlogbinlogbinlog
  7. 7. "Starting master failover.""* Phase 1: Configuration Check Phase..n""* Phase 2: Dead Master Shutdown Phase..n"==> Delete routing table (master_ip_failover)"* Phase 3: Master Recovery Phase..n""* Phase 3.1: Getting Latest Slaves Phase..n""* Phase 3.2: Saving Dead Masters Binlog Phase..n""* Phase 3.3: Determining New Master Phase..n"==> Change routing table (master_ip_failover)"* Phase 4: Slaves Recovery Phase..n"MHAFAILOVER SEQUENCE
  9. 9. • Storage engines & distributions• Instance types• Fast• EfficientWHY NOT RDS?→ FLEXIBILITY!!
  10. 10. • Percona Server (XtraDB)• MariaDB• TokuDB• MroongaSTORAGE ENGINES &DISTRIBUTIONS
  11. 11. • hi1.xlarge• m3.xlarge• c1.xlarge• etc.INSTANCETYPES
  12. 12. • RoutingTable changes pretty quickly• Total failover in roughly <20s (RDS takes 3-6m)• Non-DNS based• Apps can be configured with a single IP• no need to worry about internal DNS problemsFAST FAILOVER
  13. 13. • Minimum of 2 (web+db) servers• Warm up (replication booster)• Fine tuning• Server LogsEFFECIENT
  14. 14. DEMO
  15. 15. CONSIDERATIONS• Backups → Xtrabackup, copy binlogs to s3• Point inTime Recovery → Automate with Chef• Provisioning Replicas → Automate with Chef• Some learning curve• API backplane a SPoF
  16. 16. THANKYOU!
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