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  1. 1. Nastaran Mohammadhossein, Dr.Nor Hidayati Zakaria / International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) ISSN: 2248-9622 www.ijera.com Vol. 2, Issue 6, November- December 2012, pp.1578-1586 CRM Benefits for Customers : Literature Review (2005-2012) Nastaran Mohammadhossein*, Dr.Nor Hidayati Zakaria Author** *(Department Of Computer Science And Technology, UTM University, Malaysia) ** (Department Of Computer Science And Technology, UTM University, Malaysia) technology tools for enterprises that enable the firmABSTRACT to expand its customer relationship management CRM is a strategic approach that [3]. It will raise the firms‟ ability to earn profits andintegrates people, business and technology to generate higher-quality products or services. Basedunderstand the needs of customers to be more on Gartner explanation, CRM is a business strategysatisfied. Customers are the vital key for each designed and implemented to help the firms andbusiness and company to help them to grow. So, companies to know and foresee the requirements ofimplementing CRM applications is one of the their potential and obtainable customers. Discover,important tools that will help managers and attract, and find new clients and customers are thecompanies to increase the satisfaction and loyalty vital aim of the CRM. Pay attention and beof customers more than before. Beside this, there responsible about those customers which are theare some benefits which will affect on customers loyal customers, attract previous customers forafter implementing CRM. These benefits will come to the company again, and lessen the cost andhelp the customers to become happy and money of promotion; marketing and customerpleasant of using the companies that is offering service are also goals of the CRM [4]their product and services from using CRM According to Winer [5] “this revolution in customerfacilities. In this study, we find eight benefits of relationship management…has created a worldwideCRM which are important and beneficial for market for CRM products and services of $34customers such as improve customer services, billion in 1999, a market that is forecasted by IDCincreased personalized service, responsive to to grow to $125 billion by 2004.” While there is acustomer’s needs, customer segmentation, huge investment in CRM implementation , stillimprove customization of marketing, there are many CRM initiatives that fail tomultichannel integration, time saving, and understand their proposed benefits [6] .improve customer knowledge. We reviewed Although CRM has a huge impact on theprevious studies, and identify these benefits firms and organizations, there are some advantageswhich will affect on customers. Our result will and benefits of implementing CRM which have ahelp the managers and companies to know and direct impact on the customers, and will bringrecognize the factors and benefits of CRM which customer‟s satisfaction and improving retention ofare more significant for their customers. So they customer. Assessing and finding the benefits ofcan increase their customer’s satisfaction and CRM is a vital aspect of managing [7]. Theseretention by more attention to these benefits. benefits will help the firms to find out the way that increase effective relationship with customers andKeywords - CRM, BENEFITS, CUSTOMER finally will profit firms. Some studies classified the benefits of CRM in terms of operational,I. INTRODUCTION organizational, strategic, IT infrastructure, and Customers are the critical factors in each managerial. In our study, we want to find out thebusiness. In all companies, the loyal and the fixed benefits of CRM for the customers. Since thecustomers are expecting more level of service customers are the critical key for each organization,qualifications, suitable transaction, and customized they will have a huge impact on making profit andproducts. So it means that the companies should be sales.informed of each customer to increase the loyalty Considering that some of the effects ofand effectiveness. For this reason, CRM systems CRM are multi-dimensional faceted, the objectivecan help to change the way that each company is of this paper is to have literature review about thetreated with customers and employees, to promote CRM benefits. The CRM benefits will affect on theits revenue and obtain higher final profit. customer‟s needs and acquiescence that could beNowadays, organizations are implementing extensible. Also the results can be comparableCustomer Relationship Management (CRM) across time, different systems and contexts.applications more and more because CRM will help .them to achieve a range of business benefits [1-2]. II. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP Moreover, Implementing CRM will MANAGEMENT (CRM)consider as a set of information processes and In a general Customer relationship management (CRM) is a business strategy, which aims is acquiring new customers and retaining 1578 | P a g e
  2. 2. Nastaran Mohammadhossein, Dr.Nor Hidayati Zakaria / International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) ISSN: 2248-9622 www.ijera.com Vol. 2, Issue 6, November- December 2012, pp.1578-1586current customers to increase competitive improving customer‟s satisfaction. There are aadvantages. CRM helps firms preserve relationships numbers of studies which have explored thewith customers that are directly connected different aspect of CRM, such as CRM benefits.competitive compensation. The basis of CRM is Recently, some researchers are classified the CRMrelationship marketing, which aims are improving benefits based on Shang and Seddon „s (2002)the long-term profitability of customers through enterprise systems benefit frameworks [6-7].moving away from product-centric marketing to Although this studies are very efficient in extractingcustomer-centric. the benefits of CRM, but still there is a lack of More and more, firms understand the CRM framework benefits which present the CRMworth of establishing close relationships with benefits from customer‟s point of view. Consideringcustomers to growing retention. According to customer as an end user who is interacting as anKhalid Rababah [8] Knowing customers, will external user with CRM applications, will help toenable firms to serve them better and keep them take out those benefits which are related toloyal forever. This is the main theme of Customer customer. Therefore, through reviewing the pastRelationship Management (CRM). Therefore , literatures, it is possible to find and extract thoseDefining CRM is necessary for increasing and benefits that are important for customers.developing a clear perceptive and vision of whatCRM means to a business and organization while III. CRM BENEFITSthe lack of such obvious understanding is There are some problems regarding theconsidered as an obstacle to successfully implement benefits of CRM ,David [21] , as Managers did notCRM [9]. know what kind of advantages the CRM system will The CRM concept is used widely in brings to a company. So management should havecooperation of perform and research, while not for at least the basic understanding or knowledge aboutall time without fail [6] and also , Rigby [10] CRM‟s benefit. The following lists of CRM benefits[10][9][9][9] states that the majority of executives are selected and minimized from a wide range ofcan not immediately define CRM. Therefore, here survey from latest CRM studies.we present some definition to describe the meaning With CRM systems customers are servedof CRM. better on day to day process and with more reliable In the other definition ,CRM is the information their demand of self service fromcombination of marketing efforts, business companies will decrease. Therefore if there is lessprocesses and technology which will lets the firm need to contact with the company for differentto know and recognize its customers from numerous problems, customer satisfaction level increases [22].perspectives [11]. Through Implementing CRM Companies can In addition, a number of studies define remove confusion that exists in the productivity,CRM more holistically and they attempt to define efficiency and control and every level throughCRM through its association with technology, and appropriate use of CRM (Rushforth, 2007).also as a business strategy [12-15]. In recent findings, the list of benefits will On the other definitions , Kincaid [16] be considered as a critical connection among CRMdefined CRM as a strategic tool that use of initiatives and growth of customer equity. Theseinformation, processes, technology, and community central benefits of CRM will be connectedto handle the customer‟s relationship with the hypothetically to the three kind of equity that arecompany departments such as marketing, sales, relationship, value and brand, and in the end toservices, and support, during the customer life customer equity[2]. Eight core benefits werecycle, and Buttle [17] quoted that “CRM is an recognized to provide value drivers.integration of technologies and business processes 1. Enhanced ability to target profitable customersused to satisfy the requirements of a customer 2. Integrated assistance across channelsthroughout any given interaction. CRM involves 3. Enhanced sales force efficiency and effectivenessachievement, analysis and exploit of knowledge 4. Improved pricingabout a customer to sell more goods more 5. Customized products and servicesefficiently”. 6. Improved customer service efficiency and In the other literatures , CRM is defines as effectivenessan opportunity to increase profit, attracting and 7. Individualized marketing messagesretaining “economically valuable” customersthough removing “economically invaluable” ones CRM system helps companies to keep and record[18-20]. the customer information, like their goals, needsConsequently, by looking towards the CRM and events. Moreover, saved knowledge is updateddefinition, it is clear that satisfying the needs and into the CRM system, so that the customer‟srequirements of customer is an important and information will be up to date without beingsignificant part of CRM. Also, one of the vital outdated. With these connections the information isgoals of firms through implementing CRM is always expands in the CRM system that enhances 1579 | P a g e
  3. 3. Nastaran Mohammadhossein, Dr.Nor Hidayati Zakaria / International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) ISSN: 2248-9622 www.ijera.com Vol. 2, Issue 6, November- December 2012, pp.1578-1586the profile data for customers and works like a Dimension Reference yearstrong instrument in making business decisions  Improves customer [27] 2005[23]. segmentation and assessment  Enable communication Greenberg [24] stated that through through multiple sellingdeveloping the total lifetime value of customer, channelsCRM can raise the true economic worth of a  The ability to gather [28] 2005business. Moreover successful CRM strategies customer datapromote customers to purchase more products, stay  identify the most valuableloyal for longer periods and be in touch effectively customers and increasewith a company. customer retention is highlyCurry and Kolou [25] quoted some benefits and desirablereasons for adoption of CRM :  learning from Customers from the competition will customers(customerdesire come your organization, Simplify customer- knowledge)focused internal organization will make simpler theinfrastructure, decrease the workflow and remove  Deliver the right product [29] 2005non-productive information process, and Profits will and service in the right timeincrease from more satisfied customers and more from the right channelintegrated focused company. Since adopting CRM will provide a lot of  Channels for customers tobenefit in firms and their process, it would be give feedbackhelpful to clarify results and benefits of  Produce personalized andimplementing CRM for them. Therefore, they will customizable product andhave a good background about the results and servicesincomes from using CRM applications.  Institution of customer As we mentioned above, most of the trust in CRM systemsprevious studies on customer relationship  Information use and [6] 2005management (CRM) focused mainly on exploring captureCRM benefits from organizational and managerial  Better personalizedpoint of view, and there is a few studies that servicespecifically concentrate on customer‟s point of  Being more responsive toview. However, finding this benefits and reinforcing customer requirementsthem in the company will affect on the satisfaction  Closer relationship to its [30] 2006of the customers. We had reviewed some of the customers and offer phoneprevious research and studies since 2005 to 2012 serviceswhich were about the CRM and its benefits. It will  Servicing customers andhelp to find the benefits which are critical for receive information tocustomers. For this reason we reviewed around 60 develop the level of servicepapers and select those studies that were mentioned offered to customersbenefits of CRM for customers too. Because of the  Target commercial [2] 2006limitation of our domain search, only 15 papers customerswere recognized that were exactly mentioned and  Offerings from differentdiscussed about the CRM benefits from customer‟s channelssides. Of course, these studies and others had  Enhanced customermentioned some other benefits of CRM form other serviceviews but, here we focused on the benefits which  Customized products andare for customers only. services  Advance responsiveness [31] 2009  Accelerate delivery lead- times  Enable customer knowledge management  Develop customerTable1 : CRM customer‟s benefits segmentationDimension Reference year  Targeting the most Enhanced customization [26] 2005 profitable customersof services and product  Improve product andofferings business innovations 1580 | P a g e
  4. 4. Nastaran Mohammadhossein, Dr.Nor Hidayati Zakaria / International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) ISSN: 2248-9622 www.ijera.com Vol. 2, Issue 6, November- December 2012, pp.1578-1586Dimension Reference year Dimension Reference year Enhance customization of communicationmarketing efforts and  Customized products andmessages to individual services;customers  Improved customer Permit multi-channel service efficiency andintegration success Allow multi-channel  Identify and target their [38] 2012communication best customers Enable personalized  Allowing the formation ofproducts and services individualized relationships Improve product with customersseparation  Identifying the most Focus on customers and profitable customers andtheir needs providing them the highest Provide customers a level of service“one-to-one” skill  Understand and identify Personalized services [32] 2009 customer needs and Customers knowledgeand experience empowered Deliver high quality IV. CRM BNENEFITS FOR CUSTOEMRSservice According to the above table, and reviewing the Meet customer previous studies, we selected some of this benefitsneeds(personalization) which are more significant in customer‟s Employee empower more satisfaction. We summarize them into the followingtime to serve up customers cases: Advanced satisfaction  Improve customer servicesratings  Increased personalized service or one to one Targeted product and serviceservice contributions can be  Responsive to customer‟s needstimed to match with  Customer segmentationcustomer actions and  Improve customization of marketingrequirements  Multichannel integration Individualization of [33] 2010  Time savingmarket  Improve customer knowledge Customization of productand services According to table1 this benefit‟s rate and Improved responsiveness [34] 2010 frequency can be seen in the following fig1 . Valuable time savingsduring reduction of thesearch effort Seamless communication Enhancing customer‟s [35] 2011attentiveness Consolidating helpfulservices Describe diverse [36] 2011customer groups that will beserved in different ways Customer service andsupport service operations Predict potential and Figure1 : CRM customer‟s benefits frequencypersonal customers‟ behavior Based on table1, we find the most repeated benefits Improved capability to [37] 2011 for customers and tried to show the frequency oftarget profitable customers these benefits in fig 1. Based on this classification Integrated contributions we can see these eight benefit‟s frequency andacross channels numbers of repeat in these fifteen studies from Individualized marketing customer‟s point of view. So it is important to 1581 | P a g e
  5. 5. Nastaran Mohammadhossein, Dr.Nor Hidayati Zakaria / International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) ISSN: 2248-9622 www.ijera.com Vol. 2, Issue 6, November- December 2012, pp.1578-1586know and discuss about the vital benefits of CRM produce a more satisfactory transaction, and overthat will impact on customers. For this reason, time, a more satisfactory relationship. Personalizedhaving an overview about these dimensions will service should simply be better service than routinehelp the companies to know this importance. service that does not take the individual’s needs into account.”A. Improve Customer Services With a Personalize service companies Customer Service is a communication concentrate on what the customer desires to buyamong a customer and the company, frequently by more than what the company wants to purchase.usual channels like phone or email. Regularly the Therefore, one to one service is a strategy to meetcustomer will have a concern or request that wants the customer‟s needs and helps them to becomeresolving. CRM services provide a business with happy through providing personalize service.the ability to produce, allocate and manage requestsmade by customers. For example, Call Center C. Responsive to Customer’s Needssoftware, which helps to connect a customer to the CRM is not only application ofmanager or person who can best assist them with technology, although it is a strategy to study moretheir existing problem, is one of the CRM abilities about customers needs and requirements tothat can be implement in the firms and implement powerful relationships with them.organizations. Recognizing and using of this type of Customer responsiveness is providing customersservice can help to the companies to improve their what they deal to obtain, nothing more, and nothingclients‟ knowledge to improve customer services less. CRM is a strong tool to help the companies toand also can increase efficiency and minimize costs focus more proactive on their customer[39]. responsiveness. CRM contains gathering Personalized services, identify and reward information about customers to discover better waysprofitable customers, creating and scheduling to satisfy their needs.appointments with customer, customization of Focusing on customer needs andmarketing efforts and sending messages to requirements, take the relationship one step further.individual customers , providing multi-channel It shows that companies can understand theircommunication , and More responsive to customer customers‟ situations and needs [42]. It‟s the rightneeds are some of the CRM applications ability of each customer to want the companies for foreseewhich can impact on customer service quality [6-7, what will bring value to them through finding and40]. addressing their unknown wants and needs. And, A business with high service quality will these unknown wants and needs must then besatisfy customer needs while is remained changed into new products and services. For thiseconomically competitive. Improving customer reason, CRM is a significant tool that will help toservice quality is one of the important achievements the companies to know and find the needs of theirof using CRM in each company. Based on Freeman customers, and be responsible about them [43-45].& Seddon [6] the major reasons for theseimprovements were; information access and capture D. Customer Segmentation,increased personalized service , and being more Segmentation is in center the process byresponsive to customer needs. which objects or items are categorized or classified into groups that split similar characteristics.B. Increased Personalized Service (one to one Although these characteristics, can be one or moreservice) attributes. It can be defined as a subdividing the One-to-one service is about individuals popularity based on already known goodand personalization. Communicating with, selling, discriminator. In CRM , segmentation is used toand servicing individuals by providing a particular categorize customers according to some similarity ,and significant personal experience can be such as industry [46].considered as personalize services. One-to-one There are many techniques for classifyingservice is an ability and skill of understanding a and segmentation, but in this research we just wantcustomer‟s needs and requirements by asking to focus on the benefits of segmentation forquestions and listening to their answers, in addition customers. Three ordinary group of segmentationto observing their actions. variables in consumer markets are demographics, Therefore, personalize customer service or psychographics and behavioral characteristics, likeone to one service provides companies to improve loyalty status or benefits required.understanding and knowledge about the customers Segmentation or target marketing moved athat the company cares about them and also to have company‟s attention to balancing products andbetter knowledge about their customers marketing efforts to be according customer needs.preferences, requirements and wants. Firms need to describe slighter and smallerAccording to Dwayne Ball [41] “ The rationale segments to find customer needs and preferencesmakes common sense: personalization should [47]. Therefore, customers can be segmented to 1582 | P a g e
  6. 6. Nastaran Mohammadhossein, Dr.Nor Hidayati Zakaria / International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) ISSN: 2248-9622 www.ijera.com Vol. 2, Issue 6, November- December 2012, pp.1578-1586groups based on ages, gender, demographic and etc. channels and incorporate it with other relatedThough this, CRM will provide a capability of information [52].dividing customers based on their needs. It will helpcompanies to categorize their customers according G. Time Savingto their requirements into similar groups. CRM Faster and quicker time to market isapplication will facilitate the process of significant to organizations looking for asegmentation for companies. competitive edge. It is also critical for customers to have a fast respond in sale process from theE. Improve Customization of Marketing company and do not waste their time in buying Customization of marketing means that, process or product delivery. Organizations can takethe company or organization adapt and change its benefit of CRM capabilities that simplify theservices or products based on presenting a unique development and deployment cycle to respond toproduct or services for each customer. the customers. CRM systems bring in functionalityWith the purpose of ensuring that customer needs and enhancements, more quickly, at lower cost andand requirements are met Customization is used by enabling IT to be more responsive to businessthe organization[48]. Firms can invest in needs.information gaining about customers and then One of the useful benefits of using a CRMcustomize their products as best as they can to system is reduction in using paper in the companycontest customer interests. or during interacts with customers. All processes Moreover, communication can be that were done by forms and paperwork can becustomized with customers for improving the virtualized and mechanized within a CRM solution.product or services for a specific customer. As the Not only this process can save time and moneyability of CRM to customization of the services, spent on paper, but it also makes a firm moreCustomization of services and products is one of the environmentally-friendly with customers.benefits of CRM for customers [49]. CRM systems can store and organize every detail of each individual and customer and easilyF. Multi Channel Integration retrieval them. Sell person or employee can save the Nowadays, the range of Customers channel time of themselves and customers for searchingchoice is changed and therefore, a winning CRM about the information. In addition managers andneed to more efficiently manage customer marketers of the company can better analyzerelationships inside a multichannel environment. customer behaviors and trends in less time and then,Technology, customer potential, and competitive perform more systematic research about theforces, are more and more convincing local company‟s customer base and productcompanies and firms to support customer service offerings. CRM will let companies to interact withoperations from some delivery channels as much of customers more frequently, by personalizedthe customer knowledge occurs within this channel massage and communication way which can beenvironment. produced rapidly and matched on a timely basis, The multichannel integration development and finally they can better understand theirhas a important responsibility in CRM since it takes customers and therefore look forward to their needsthe result of the business strategy and value-creation [53].processes and change them into value addingcommunications with customers [50]. Multi- H. Improve Customer Knowledgechannel integration can maintain all three phases of Tracking customer behavior to customerCRM which are acquisition, extension and tastes and needs is a motivation for a firm toretention. According to Goersch [51] multi- implement CRM systems. Firms can make andchannel customers are more loyal and spend more develop enhanced products and services throughthan other customers. It is also valuable for retailers using this information [54].Since Customerthat connect in CRM. Multi-channel integration is knowledge is changing rapidly CRM applicationsgood for a transactional marketing approach, where help organizational improve their knowledge aboutretailers are just interested in effective customer the customers by analyzing purchase behaviorachievement. Therefore, CRM strategy may needed through different channels of the customersall three phases to be implemented, multi-channel customer [55]. CRM systems give a competitiveintegration residue valuable although just one or advantage in improving firm‟s collection oftwo goals are obtained [51]. customer information to customize product and Multichannel integration shows the point services according to customer needs.of co creation of customer value in CRM. On the According to Sunil Mithas [55] “Customerother hand, a company‟s skill to perform relationship management applications help firmsmultichannel integration successfully , is heavily gather and use customer knowledge through twodependent on the organization‟s ability to collect mechanisms. First, CRM applications enableand bring together customer information from all customer contact employees to record relevant 1583 | P a g e
  7. 7. Nastaran Mohammadhossein, Dr.Nor Hidayati Zakaria / International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) ISSN: 2248-9622 www.ijera.com Vol. 2, Issue 6, November- December 2012, pp.1578-1586information about each customer transaction. After Marketing Management, 2008. 37(2): p.this information is captured, it can be processed 120-130.and converted into customer knowledge on the basis [3] 3. Rogers, M., Customer strategyof information-processing rules and organizational observation from trenchesmarketing, 2005.policies.” 69: p. 262-263. Customer knowledge also can benefits [4] Gartner, Whats Hot in CRM Applicationscustomers through enabling the company to respond in 2009. 2009.their needs based on their purchasing behavior and [5] Winer, R.S., A framework for customertheir suitable services. By this reason finding the relationship management. Californiataste of the customers and personalize the products Management Review, 2001. 43(4): p. 89-can be the result of customer knowledge. 105. [6] Freeman, P. and P.B. Seddon, BENEFITSV. CONCLUSION FROM CRM-BASED WORK SYSTEMS, in New technologies affects on companies by Conference on Information Systemsaccelerating the speed of knowledge and (ECIS), 2005 - csrc.lse.ac.uk. 2005.information through them. Nowadays, managers [7] Darshana Sedera and W. Wang, Towardsand owners are gradually convinced about using of a CRM and SCM Benefits MeasurementCRM in their company to improve the revenue and Model, in International Conference onprofit, quality of product and services, customer‟s Information Systems (ICIS) at AISretention and satisfaction. By implementing a Electronic Library (AISeL). 2009.successful CRM, the benefits are emerging and the [8] Khalid Rababah, H.M., and Huda Ibrahim,companies are more interested in using CRM Customer Relationship Managementsystems. Although there are so many benefits for (CRM) Processes from Theory to Practice:companies which are the result of implementing The Pre-implementation Plan of CRMCRM but there are some benefits that will have a System. International Journal of e-positive impact on customers too. So it would be Education, e-Business, e-Management andbeneficial to classify and group those benefit that e-Learning, 2011. 1(1).can affect customers. It is clear that using and [9] 9. Nguyen, J. Sherif, and M. Newby,implementing CRM will have an impact on Strategies for successful CRMcustomers, since they are using CRM applications implementation. InformationManagementindirectly. & Computer Society,, 2007. 1(15): p. 102- 115. These study and its classification shows [10] Rigby, D.K., F.F. Reichheld, and P.the most important benefits of CRM from Schefter, Start with customer strategy..customer‟s point of view, through reviewing limited Harvard Business Review, 2002. 80(2): p.previous researches. Since our domain is limit, there 103.can be others benefits that are missed to consider [11] Chang, H.H., Critical factors and benefitshere. According to our review companies and in the implementation of customermanagers can have a better guideline to know which relationship management. Journal of Totalfactors are more important for their customers and Quality Management and Businessinvest time and attempt on them. It is obvious that Excellence, 2007. 18(5): p. 483-508.enhance and improve these benefits will have a [12] Bose , R., custoemr relationshippositive impact on customer‟s satisfaction and management , key component for ITretention. So satisfying the customers means success. industrial management and dataincreasing revenue and income for business. systems, 2002. 102(2): p. 89-97.Consequently it is in imperative part on the policy [13] Sathish, S., Pan, S. L., & Raman, K. S.,makers and strategist of each company to Customer relationship management (CRM)understand and improve the benefits of CRM from network: A new approach to studyingcustomer‟s viewpoint which can finally lead to CRM. , in Eighth Americas Conference oncustomer‟s satisfaction. Information Systems (AMCIS),Dallas, TX. 2002.REFERENCES [14] Buttle, F., customer relationship [1] Ballou, R.H., The evolution and future of management: Concepts and tools. Sydney. logistics and supply chain management. Elsevier., 2004. European Business Review, 2007. 19(4): p. [15] Goodhue, D.L., Wixom, B. H., & Watson, 332 - 348. H. J, Realizing business benefits through [2] 2. Richards , A. Keith, and E. Jones, CRM: Hitting the right target in the right Customer relationship management: way. 1(2), 79-94. MIS Quarterly Finding value drivers. Industrial Executive,, 2002. 1(2): p. 79-94. 1584 | P a g e
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