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    Lgs2 Lgs2 Presentation Transcript

    • OUR LIFEGUARD STORIES We have been learning about the role and responsibility of a lifeguard. Here are our stories as we take on the role of a lifeguard
    • It was a stinking hot day and millions of people were down at the amazing Bondi Beach. Suddenly I saw a swimmer in a rip. I raced out of the lifeguard tower. I dived down into the IRB. We raced out to her. I pulled her in. As we were turning the boat I saw another man getting slammed against the rocks. My heart was racing, I dived in and swum to him. He wrapped the tube around him and I swum back to the boat. Then I saw a swimmer drowning in a wave. I told Chris to go back to the shore. I grabbed the tube and swum to her. I had to think quickly, Zed had already taken an IRB and met me at the swimmer. We got to her just in time. BTG
    • My first day as a lifeguard. I jumped out of bed. Got my gear. It was raining at my house. I listened to the forecast. It’s supposed to be raining. I packed all my wet weather gear that I could fit in my bag. When I got to Foxton Beach to do patrol it was HOT HOT HOT!! Loads of people were at the beach. “ We just put out the flags,” said Lucas my instructor. “It’s all safe for now but it’s been raining far out at sea,” he said with a sad sounding voice. “So the waves might get bigger?” I said. “Unfortunately yes,” he replied. At lunch time it all started. The waves were crashing, everyone was getting worried even the kids on the sand were getting worried about their brothers, sisters and parents out at sea because of the big waves. Suddenly a seven metre dumper came in. There’s a hand up on top of the dumper. Get the IRB!! Hurry, hurry, HURRY!! Lucas, Zed and I got into the IRB. Soon we met the ginormous seven metre wave. “ How do we get to the top of a seven metre wave?!” I yelled above the humungous crash. The crash was like a deafening loud whirl of wind. When it caught us up, I yelled, “Turn around and catch the wave like we’re on a boogie board. We’ll have only a few seconds to save him!” But by the time I had finished talking the moment passed. Go, GO, GO. We caught up and Lucas pulled him by the arms. He was slipping. I manoeuvred the motor so were close to him. “Zed, help him!” I yelled. Zed jumped into the water and pushed the young boy into the boat. I heard an even bigger crash and looked behind me. A ten metre tidal wave was coming up and fast. “ Hold on to the side, Zed” I shouted. I put the IRB at full throttle but the ten metre wave still crept up on us. We just got back in time to jump of the IRB and get every body off the beach. We all made it before the tidal wave hit. We all got very wet, nobody died. Phew! The only bad thing was we lost the IRB. CS
    • One day I saw a blue bottle on the sand. I sprinted to it, picked it up and tossed it back into the sea. It was still alive. I then put up two flags. I saw two ginormous rips. A swimmer was caught in a rip. I scrambled into the IRB. I drove the boat and another lifeguard was holding the boat down. Another lifeguard, on the hot sand. One lifeguard radioed in saying ‘ Keani, come in’. I said, “Yes, the swimmer is on board, get the ambulance quick”. Suddenly I saw a sweeper behind us. I radioed Daniel in. I saw Liam and George in the other IRB coming up to help us with the rescuing. I saw the ambulance turn up just in time. When the ambulance went, I went back to sea again. When I went out to sea Liam and George’s engines exploded. I was terrified. I though that they had died. I heard someone yelling, it was Liam. He was yelling about a wave. George was knocked out because he was hit with a surfboard. I dived in. I saw George, suddenly a humungous wave came up and swallowed me whole. It felt like I was bitten by something large. I felt a hand. It was Abby she was carrying me back to shore. KD
    • It was a Saturday morning and a very hot day. The lifeguards were just getting up and ready for the day. Today the senior lifeguards were on duty. Suddenly Daniel saw someone metres from the rocks. Keani and I got the IRB as quick as we could. We rushed it to the man but he started to drift through to the Key Hole. The Key Hole is a hole that is caved in rocks. George, Zane and Tom got IRB 2. They raced to the Key Hole, Zane jumped into the water and swam over to the man. He was lying down with his head facing down. Zane rushed after the man as he was drifting very fast through the Key Hole. Suddenly I saw another man in the current he was drifting out to sea. Keani started the engine. We raced over to the man, I picked him up, raced to shore and dropped him off. Then zoomed over to Tom and George. Zane had got the man but they were still drifting through the Key Hole. Keani and I raced to shore, we ran to the other side of the rocks and swam over to the Key Hole. Zane was right there at the end of the Key Hole. We dragged him in. It was 6 o’clock, we started to pack up and went home. LK
    • I was sitting at Foxton Beach on the silky sand. There was Tom and Brandon surfing that day. Zed and I raced off in the IRB because they had fallen off their surfboards. A huge wave had bowled them over. They were struggling to swim back to shore. Matthew got the phone like superman. He called the ambulance really fast. As soon as the ambulance arrived we had them up at the top of the sand. They were saved by the ambulance people because of the heart start. LH
    • One Sunday I got out of bed and got ready and packed my lunch. I got in my car and went to Piha Beach. When I got out of my car I heard someone screaming. I sprinted to the shed and rushed to the IRB and hurried to the water. Lucas and Zed had just arrived. They saw me. They followed me to the boat and we all went out. She was stuck in fishing rope and we cut her out. Oh, no! She couldn’t reach my hand. We lost her. She was stuck in a rip and drifting off. Lucas dived off the boat. Lucas saw her. It was too far to go in the boat because we didn’t have enough petrol. ‘Lucas, you need to swim to her and stay with her, we’ll get the Westpac Helicopter,” I said. We went back to shore and rang the Westpac Rescue Helicopter. It took them a few minutes to come. Finally they arrived. We showed them where she was. The Westpac helicopter has picked her up Lucas come to the shore. The girl was fine but she was freezing cold. MC
    • It was a boiling hot and sunny day. Every single person was at the beach. It was a mission keeping an eye one everyone. Suddenly I saw a hand up in the air. I ran and got a rescue tube. I got all the other lifeguards to get the IRB out and we started to zoom and rescue the person. They were out of their depth. We had gone past her so we turned around, we got close enough to grab her. I asked if she was all right. She said, “Yes”. Then I saw a person by the rocks, then there was a big wave coming. I zoomed in the IRB. I pulled him in just in time. Fifteen seconds after I saved him the wave came. He was lucky. After I had a few minutes rest, I got a message on my walkie-talkie from the club saying they saw a saw a hand in the air. The person was in a rip, they couldn’t swim. The IRB wouldn’t start so I just got a rescue tube and swan out to save the person. I got the person to float there for a limit of time so I could get the IRB out. I started the IRB and zoomed out to get the person. Suddenly she had disappeared. She was missing. I searched everywhere but I couldn’t see her. Suddenly I saw something floating. Then I noticed she had a bite mark on her, a shark had killed her. We zoomed in the IRB and put up signs to say there was a shark in the water. We took her to the shore and had a better look at her. I noticed it was a great white shark. It was only a baby from the size of the bite mark. It became dark so everyone went home. So I biked back home. SLR
    • Help, Help, Help, Help, Help! Five helps means five people in trouble!! I dived into the IRB and raced out. I picked up four people but the fifth person was tangled in seaweed. I went to get the knife but when we went over a bump it had fallen overboard. So we went back to get another one. We went back to the man but he was gone. There he was face down in the water. It took both Jayden and I to pull him in. We took him to shore and gave him CPR. He jumped up. Then he spewed up water. We lifted him onto the bed and rolled him in the ambulance and he sped off. ZF
    • It was a scorching hot day at the beach. When I got to the beach I was watching everyone. We put the red and yellow flags out. The sand was hot like a fire. At morning tea I had to still look out but…I saw a person dunking in the waves. We got the IRB and I had to rush. I said to Zed “ Stop, come on. The person needs our help!” Zed drove the boat out to sea. The person drowned. But then I saw something. It looked like Abby trying to get back to shore. I got Abby in. Zed said “Let’s give her CPR”. We tried to hear her heart but her heart did not beat. Not even a sound. Matthew gave a life pump. It didn’t work. A big wave came in the boat. The motor didn’t work. I told Daniel to send three more lifeguards. Daniel sent George and Liam. “Get Lucas right now”, I yelled. “We need him now, Daniel. We found a person struggling in a rip and we need to get her to shore. Lucas got another giant humungous boat. He grabbed George and Liam. They raced out to my IRB. Luckily Abby survived. TN
    • It was a hot day and there were heaps of people at the beach. Some of the people were swimming between the flags. Some people were fishing. There were some people who weren’t swimming between the flags. I am going to rescue the people stuck in the rip. OC
    • It was a peaceful day at Piha beach. I was patrolling the main stretch of shore just outside the Lifeguard Clubhouse, where many more Lifeguards are carefully watching. It’s the holidays, which means all beaches are busy, especially Piha. It’s like watching a colony of ants! But luckily no accidents today. Day 2 and I just got a heart racing message! I ran like a Tsunami to the code red situation of intense misery! At first sight all I see is a terrified group of people and a few kids staring out at sea, mouths open wide. As I approached, I nearly fainted as the story unravelled . . .! A ladies left foot had been bitten clean off by something or someone! It must have been Jack, a swift Mako shark in the area! He’s attacked two times before. One victim of the past was even killed because of blood loss. Meanwhile at the latest attack, the ambulance arrives and immediately takes the screaming lady away in a skid of sand. Everybody on the beach scrambles to get out of the way as the ambulance continues to speed towards the nearest hospital. I won’t forget what happened today for quite awhile now. Hopefully tomorrow won’t be such a nightmare . . .but Jack will at sometime be back! ZH
    • It was a stinking hot day at Piha. Day one, there were three people diving off Lion Rock. It was all fine, then it just happened! A huge wave smashed against the rocks, the wave went down. There was one person on the rocks, one in the water with his hand up and… the other man was gone! On the walkie-talkie I told Dylan and Mr Snell to take one IRB and told Liam and Mrs Christie to take the other. They all raced off and got the boats in the water. They were off to Lion Rock as fast as the boats would go. I told Matthew to run on the sand, to the rocks where the people last were. Matthew got there first and walkie talkied me up. He said Dylan and Mr Snell had rescued the man in the water and the man on the rock but bad news! The other man was face first in the water in the blow hole! The boat couldn’t fit in so Liam and Mrs Christie had to hop in. “I’ll tell Daniel to call the ambulance”, I said. “Good idea”, replied Matthew. I walkie talkied up Daniel and said “Daniel, Zed here”. “Oh yes, what do you want?” asked Daniel. “You need to call the ambulance” I requested. “Okay”, said Daniel. “ Zed, Matthew here, bad, sad news, “said Matthew. “Oh no, what’s happened?” I replied. “He’s dead!” said Matthew. Day two. It was another stinking hot day. Mrs Christie and Mr. Snell were off. Mr. Mic, Tom and Keani were replacing them. They had just put the flags out. I was taking the IRB’s out. As I was taking out the second IRB I saw a young boy stuck in a rip. I left the IRB on the sand, raced off like a rocket with my tube, dived in the water and swam as fast as a shark to the boy. I put him on my tube and swam back to shore. Then disaster struck rain ,rain ,rain, everybody packed up and left. ZF
    • AWARD WINNING RESCUE SATURDAY MAY 10 th 10:30am I got my binoculars and looked out the window. Five hands were up! But far away from the beach and far away at sea! Down stairs I was in the IRB and I yelled “Olivia K come on Zacks on the beach so let’s go!” Olivia K yelled “ok” so we went out. By the time we got out I said “Olivia K an enormous wave is coming to us” BUMP! “Olivia K are you alright and stop going into the rocks” I yelled, she didn’t answer me so I looked back, “OH no way” I said to myself she wasn’t in the boat!!... I got the walkie-talkie “Zack, Olivia K is over board.” Zack replied “I’m sending two IRBs out and two more lifeguards with rescue tubes ok?” “Ok” I said. Suddenly the ambulance is on the beach. “I’ll get Zane whose by the rocks stuck in a deep hole, Chelsea, Maide-Pearl go get Tom he’s been stung by blue bottles, Chris and Lucus go over there (I pointed) and get those three girls they are trapped in a net” I shouted. Meanwhile back on the beach Zack radios me to say “Olivia K is alright and did our new lifeguard Gary get to you.” “Yep” I said. Chelsea called out “Abby, Tom is ok he’s in the ambulance.” Zack radios “Chris, Lucus have you got the three girls.” “Yep” said Chris “but they will need to go to hospital they have some huge cuts.” “ Abby have you and Gary got Zane” radios Chelsea. “Yes and he isn’t hurt see you soon” I replied...... Two years later...I got an award for bravery and got to see Tom, Zane and the three girls that were rescued that day. Two hours later the ceremony was over I was on my way home but Zack texted me that he wanted me for an emergency. I thought to myself ‘here we go again.’ AM
    • “ Quick, some people are drowning, get in the sea”, I said. I was the captain. “Come on guys this is your job. Get in the boat and now zoom. They are in the current in a big rip by the rocks,” I shouted. “Got one person sir”, shouted Abby. “Good work,” I said. “We have got enough time to get Sophie-Lee, she is by the rocks. Oh no she is going to drown soon. Go, go, go now and pull, got her. Yeah!” “Mrs Christie, a dolphin has washed up on the beach and it’s going to die,” I said. We moved fast to rescue the dolphin and it had been there for 5 minutes already. “Sophie-Lee you saved dolphin by pushing on its chest. You’re a hero! You are my new lifeguard. Right I’m going to get an ice-cream. See you later, alligator,” I said. “ Some people are stuck in sticky, green seaweed. Go to the clubhouse and get the sharp knife. Soon kids from Taonui School are coming for surf lifesaving,” I said. “ Get in the boat.” Cut, slit I heard from the boat. Abby was grabbing the people. Oh, no, I dropped the people. Abby said to herself. “ Captain,” yelled Abby. “What have you done now Abby?” I relied. “I dropped the people,” she said. “You what!” I yelled. “Captain, the people are slamming against the pointy sharp rocks,” cried Abby. “Pick the people up,” I said. Mrs Christie rang the ambulance. There maybe a chance that the people might stay alive. The people from the ambulance said. “ Oh no. We’ve got Taonui School here. Let’s go over the ten rules,” I said. “Now, let’s go and have some fun and play games,” I said. “Yeah let’s go swimming,” the children said. “Wait,” I said but they didn’t listen. I ran like the wind to catch up to them. “Stop,” I shouted. They were having so much fun. “Everyone,” Abby said “ Do you want a surfboard or a boogie board? If you do, go and see Chelsea and Sophie-Lee. I am going to put flags up.” Later on Taonui School said to me, “We are going now.” “That’s it,” I said, “I am going home.” CH
    • It was the tenth of May 2016. I was slapping on some 50+ sunscreen. It was a scorching hot day. Then suddenly “Help, save me,” someone yelled. As my feet sunk in the sand I ran back to Head Quarters. My friends George and Liam both 14 years old, helped me pull out the IRB, as coast guard Zed guided us to the drowning person. We lifted him into the boat. BOOM!! “ARRGGH!” I groaned, you punched me. You are a dummy, I’m an actor,” he said. “I have been chosen to play the captain for the new Titanic movie.” “Help start the motor,” said Liam. Putt, putt, putt, putt. “It’s dead,” said George. “We will have to use the oars,” Liam groaned. “They all have wood rot. Oh, sunburn, we will have to ride the waves,” I said. Then an hour later I was cleaning the IRB. I just saw Liam giving someone the pound of life. I sprinted to Liam. When Liam saw my presence the body started to glow. Suddenly a small fish with a light on it’s head flew out of his mouth and landed on the sand. I picked it up by it’s fin and I threw it back into the sea. Suddenly I saw someone sprint away from Head Quarters with a case saying ‘Joker C4 Bomb Shop’. FIZZLE, FIZZLE, BOOM!! The whole of Head Quarters exploded, five were injured. George got hit by a piece of Head Quarters garage, he got knocked out for a couple of seconds. Later the fire brigade, ambulance and police arrived. Liam, George and I watched as the burnt fragments of Head Quarters fell to the ground. Liam found a half burnt photo of Liam, George and I as junior lifeguards. All of us walked away to the sand dunes. DC
    • It was a horrendous day. I was watching the stormy sea. I saw someone putting their hand up. I quickly got the IRB. I called another lifeguard Daniel and we raced out. Jim took the IRB on the trailer. We zoomed out, we could not see the person so I got the rescue tube and I jumped into the great sea. As I swam to the struggling person a big wave crashed on him and he got swept out to sea. I got back in the boat, we raced out to sea, then another wave crashed on us. We tried to start the engine again but it wouldn’t turn on. So we paddled. That was no good. The man smashed into the IRB. I was struggling to pull him into the boat. Then all of a sudden CRUNCH!!!! Into the water we went. My heart was pumping like mad. It was dusk. The sun was going down and I was still in the water. I spent the night in the water. In the morning I was washed up on the wharf. I was thinking why are people talking Australian. I got told I was in Aussie. I said, ‘What!!’ How did I get here from New Zealand. I borrowed someone’s boat and raced back to New Zealand. It took a few days. The police met me in their jet boat and took me in. They said that they had found the man I was rescuing. GT
    • I have to wear a yellow top and read shorts. I rescue people at the beach. I keep people at the beach. MPH
    • It was a hot summery day at Foxton Beach. I couldn’t even see sand that’s how many people were there. It was about ten o’clock. Half an hour later three quarters of the people who were at the beach were gone. It was getting cold and windy. We put signs up about rips and waves. We thought since it was late we should put up the signs to protect people. The waves were crashing against the rocks, roaring like mad. I heard somebody screaming. I grabbed my rescue tube and pulled the boat to the water. A lady was getting smashed by waves. Abby averaged her to be about 30-40 years of age. From a distance a hand shot straight up. The IRB was racing like crazy. Bumping into humungous waves. That hand I saw was 5 metres away from me and Abby (my driver). I dived in the water doing a bellyflap. ‘Ouch’ Mrs Christie (her name) grabbed hold of the tube. I pulled hard and chucked her in the IRB. We zoomed like a racing car back to shore. We all told Mrs Christie some advice “stay in the shallower water she agreed and went back in. My mum drove slowly home that day I was thinking that was a lot of work but that was only day 1. OKK
    • Suddenly I heard someone screaming, ‘There is someone stuck by the rocks’. They are calling for HELP!!!! I called Zenan on my walkie- talkie “Come down to the club house I need you to come in the IRB tell Lucas to be on the beach.” I dived into the IRB and 1 minute later I was by the rocks. Zenan chucked a rescue tube. Lucas called an ambulance. “Come quick, he is nearly dead’, he said. We took him back to shore. What, there is someone else? Don’t put the IRB away there is someone else in danger. Off we go again. DR