Time & Stress Management: Inhouse Module


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Time & Stress Management: Inhouse Module

  1. 1. TIME & STRESS MANAGEMENT <br />1854835248285 <br /> <br />Training | HR Consultancy | Publications<br />A project of<br />Pakistan’s First Best Selling Business & Professional Development Magazine<br />2180590192405<br />130492595885<br />Workshop Concept <br /> <br />Stress & burn out are the most critical factors that drain and plague the human performance in any organization, which, in turn directly affects the human as well organizational productivity. Responding to the different kinds of stressors, be it economical, social and psychological, decide everything about a human being who is that nutcracker. In today's world, most of our sufferings are because of not managing time & stress and the product of these emotional variables are hostility, hate, revenge and destructive aggressive behaviors. This two day motivational workshop will not only change the responses of participants towards stressors but also maximize the performance and productivity of the participants and help them manage their lives successfully. <br /> <br />Workshop ContentsDay - 1 Time Management Issues & challenges of Modern Life StyleTime Management means Self Management Time Management MatrixSetting Priorities and maximizing Performance Applying PARETO Principle to get more done with lessTime management strategiesPutting first thing firstMaintaining work life balance  Day 2 – Stress Management Controlling Stress before it Controls You -Types of StressorsImpact of Stress-Strategies to Keep Stress at Bay Role of Emotional Intelligence in Controlling Stress & AngerPhilosophy of religion Managing time & stress. <br />Workshop Objectives & Benefits<br /> <br />- Improved & Balanced Relationships at home, office and society<br />- Increasing performance and productivity at workplace <br />- Grossly reduces the chances of broken relationships <br />- Good physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health <br />- Smiling face, peace, health and happiness <br /> <br />Methodology<br />12382533020<br />Who Must Attend<br />All Officers and Heads of department and anyone wishing to get more out of life and to get more done in the time they have available.<br />Learning Philosophy<br />The learning philosophy of Leading Edge is based on experiential learning. <br />57150236220<br />TRAINING Plan<br />Duration1-2 Days<br />Max number of participants in a group18 or 21<br />Timings for a full day workshop9:00 am to 5:00 pm<br />Trainer’s Profile:<br />364807590170Ijaz Nisar is the Founder & President of Pakistan’s Best Selling Business Magazine, Manager Today.He is organizational development practitioner, behavioral trainer, personal coach, and author of best selling business book "Top 50 Successful Managers of Pakistan". His 15 years experience in the corporate world has been most enriching till now with the responsibilities of an executive for two large organizations with a size of average 15000 employees and valuing over USD 15 bn public sector entities in Pakistan. Both legacy brand names of National Bank and State Bank of Pakistan (NIBAF) where he has been designing, developing, delivering training and OD initiatives in the field of Strategic Leadership & Management Development. Ijaz is a visiting faculty at number of prestigious business schools.He has trained more than 50,000 participants over a decade and conducted training for organizations, like State Bank , MCB, Tetrapak Pakistan, Nestle, NIPA, Pepsi, Coca Cola, NBP, HBL, Faysal Bank, Bank Alfalah, UBL, ABL, Askari Bank, ICI, FBR, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, Institute of Bankers (IBP), Punjab Bank, Lahore, Civil Services Academy, Kohinoor Energy Ltd. Pakistan State Oil, Civil Aviation Authority, PIA, US Denim, Royal Palm Golf & Country Club, Millat Tractor, DDFC, Hush Puppies, Borjan, Pak Arab Fertilizers, etc. with a local flavor but <br />strategically global in perspective.<br />As behavioral trainer & writer , he is able to excite people's imagination and ignite them to strive for excellence.Over a period of time, he has earned a lot of respect for his professional prowess, acumen, and business savvy approach that is why some of his participants call him a "Inspirational Guru". Undoubtedly, with all his natural style and passion to discover and learn, Ijaz Nisar is a treat to listen. His favorite quote is "If an egg is broken by an outside force, a life ends. If an egg breaks from within........LIFE begins"<br />Specialities:<br />Strategic Leadership & Management Skills, Anger, Stress & Time Management, HR For Line Managers, Developing Manager in You, Effective Communication & Negotiation Skills, Strategic Vision, Mission & Goal Setting, Developing Interpersonal Skills, Developing Emotional Intelligence, Managing & Leading Change, Building High Performance Team, Motivate to Win and Many others.<br />Glimpses of Previously Held Training:<br />0352425Our Clients:<br />Contact Details:<br />For Inhouse Training Program Contact:<br />Ms. Somia Ishaq (Learning & OD Manager) 0332-4191397<br /> PL-11 Siddiq Trade Centre, 72 Main Bulevard Gulberg-lll, Lahore<br />Tel: +92 42 3579 2066 | E.mail: somiamanagertoday.pk<br />Web: www.leading edge.com.pk<br />