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3rd Issue by Manager Today Magazine

  1. 1. EDITOR’S NOTE m MAKING THE DIFFERENCE Managing the day to day responsibilities and re- quirements is the primary objective of all of us at present. To use one’s intellect, to harness the emo- tions and to streamline duties with the help of both these directed capacities is a challenge. The third issue of Manager Today is here to help you all in developing that management skill to meet this challenge and shine in your personal and professional Ijaz Nisar Editor-in-Chief lives. & CEO Leading Edge Comprising the cover story on how you can capitalize on emotional intelligence and a look on emotional & spiritual mix in business would serve as a provoca- tive beginning of your reading. I hope the exclusive interviews including entrepre- neur Ramzan Sheikh, the CEO of Royal Palm Golf & Country Club, Uzma Bashir Ghous, the woman of substance and the real success story of Arshad B. Anjum, the vice president of operations Pearl Conti- nental Hotels would inspire you a great deal. The recipe of a successful academic career is very well brought in the interview academia from the dean of Suleman School of Business LUMS, Dr Shaukat Brah. Dealing with the hazards stress brings in our lives, we have a very practical strategy of stress manage- ment in the magazine. More for the betterment of this publication I would like to inculcate the suggestions and participation of my readers. Till the upcoming Oct-Nov issue of the magazine I wish you all a very happy and peaceful time ahead.
  2. 2. Mail BoxI feel pleasure to congratulate the Man- My dear Ijaz, I request for the annual subscription ofager Today’s team to roll out such a won- Please accept my congratulations on a Manager Today for my company, consid-derful & much awaited magazine job very well done with Manager Today. ering it the best guide for all of workingcatering to corporate sector’s needs. May it grow in influence and content. personnel on their desks.This is actually the first personal & pro- Kind regards Rahat Anjumfessional magazine in Pakistan which is Philip S. Lall Manager HRsecond to none in its content collection Consultant & CEO Faisal Spinning, Sheikhupura.and layout. We, at Bank Alfalah wish the Pro-cel Consulting -------------------------------------------------------------management of Manager Today a roar- -------------------------------------------------------------ing success! Manager Today is highly appreciated by Hamid M Mirza I am very happy over receiving the us all at the PEL. The magazine seems Head of Marketing second issue of Manager Today, the very getting comprehensive in its contents Bank Alfalah Ltd. first magazine of its kind in Pakistan. I and the presentation. Accept congratu- ------------------------------------------------------------- congratulate the whole team on this lations! unique and a valued venture. Major WaqarAS I read through the content of Man- Prof. Dr. Khawaja Amjad Saeed General Manager HR, PEL, Lahore.ager Today’s second issue I could not re- Principal, -------------------------------------------------------------sist appreciating the effort. The gradual Hailey College of Banking & Finance,ascend in its’ quality is remarkable. I wish University of the Punjab ‘The reading habit of our nation is on ayou success at every step ahead. ------------------------------------------------------------- sharp decline’ it is a general comment we Waqas Lodhi often hear. But I am rather of a different Manager HR It was really a greeting to get through the opinion, I do not think reading can loose Mughal Steel. magazine addressing the core issues of its charm and influence on learned peo- ------------------------------------------------------------- human resource and management in ple no matter how busy they get in their companies operational in Pakistan. I must lives though the only condition for it isI want to congratulate you for publishing appreciate the content being highly rele- quality stuff. Manager Today is an in-Manager Today which is indeed very in- vant to the present problems of our work stance having a great potential of reviv-formative guide for our managers. environment. ing reading habit of the nation. I count the Jazib Faizi Naseem Zafar publication of this magazine a social serv- Special Assistant to CEO Director CMD ice indeed. I wish this venture a very good Packages Ltd, Lahore. Lahore. luck in future. ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- Fasihul Karim Siddiqi Director & Board Advisor HR Hinopak Motors Limited, Karachi. INSPIRED? MOTIVATED? DID YOU LIKE WHAT YOU READ? If you find ManagerToday inspirational for the personal and professional development, do inform us. You can also contribute with your articles, suggestions and recommendations at: Email: editor@themanagertoday.com, managertoday@hotmail.com Website: www.themanagertoday.com Ph: 042 5792066, 042 5817048, 0344 6700812 Don’t forget to mention your full name, postal address and phone number.
  3. 3. PCPB # 303-M MANAGER TODAYEditor-in-ChiefIjaz Nisar COVER STOERY 10Managing EditorShakil A. Chaudhary CAPITALIZING OF EMOTIONAL IN-Editorial Advisor TELLIGENCE Remembering that we are alwaysShakeel Ahmed in transition, it is critical not to getEditorNabeela MalikSub EditorMariam Lodhi lulled into the “this is forever” syndrome EMOTIONAL & SPIRITUAL MIX IN 14 32Associate EditorSaba Kiani BUSINESS Information, it is rightly said, is notArt Director knowledge; knowledge is notHeesan Bilal wisdom. And wisdom is notMarketing Manager attained if we do not nurture theMunir Hussain capacity to love and serve ourSales Manager fellow beings.Haseeb NisarPhotographer INTERVIEW 16Mansoor Ahmed IF THE GOVERNMENT SUCCEDDSContributors IN ALLOCATING SOME INCENTIVESDr. SM NaqiMaqbool Ahmed Babri (Max) FOR THE HOSPITALITY INVESTORS,Masood Ali Khan THE INDUSTRY WOULD ENJOY ADanish Shehryar GREAT BOOM – RAMZAN SHEIKHBakhtiar KhawajaIdrees Qamar MANAGEMENT 20Irfan Ahmed MirSonia Urooj FIVE GREAT MYTHS OF LEADER-Wali Muhammad SHIP IN PRACTICEGhazanfar Azzam Undoubtedly, leadership is much talked and written about subject inShahid Nafees the management literature. InMuhammad Zaheer behavioral training too, leadershipBilal Ilahi has the top priority.Legal AdvisorMuhammad Zulfiqar Ali Buttar Communication 22Publisher HEAR TO LISTEN!Leading Edge Listening more sophiticatedPrinter mental process than hearing and itJaved Printers calls upon energey and disciplineHead Office ManagerToday that one needs to train himself forPL-20 Siddique Trade CentreMain Boulevard, Gulberg III MARKETING 24Lahore GOOD MARKETING DECISIONS BUTTel: 042-5792066, 5817048 EXECUTION EXECUTION FOUL-UPSemail: info@themanagertoday.comwww.themanagertoday.comwww.leadingedge.com.pk
  4. 4. 32 SALES HOW TO BE A GOOD SALES PERSON “7% of the impact come from the words you say, 38% relates to your body language and 55% of the impact is related to the way you say your words & your voice tone. 34 STRESS MANAGEMENT THRIVING ON STRESS There is a needs to initiate new infrastructure projects and inject fresh industry to absorb the ever-16 grwoing pool of young men26 38 36 ISLAMIC BANKING HOW TO AVERT IMPENDING ECO- NOMIC DISASTER TMCL-based interest-free banking model can replace conventional banking immediately without any disruption in the financial system 42 HUMAN RESOURCE WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON? 48 44 SELF DEVELOPMENT THE POWER OF PERSONAL DEVEL- OPMENT When I say Think and Grow Rich, what comes to your mind? 46 TRAINING CORPORATE PATANGBAZ 48 INTERVIEW 22 SHAUKAT BRAH 14 52 HEALTH & WELLNESS OLD PROVENS WITH NEW MEALINGS...
  5. 5. WISDOM CORNER quotable quotes CORRUPTION To fix even a single unlawfully acquired stone in a house is to guarantee to its destruction. n HAZRAT ALI (A.S) Livelihooh acquired by foul means is the worst form of livelihood. n HAZRAT ALI (A.S) ATTITUDE The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. As you think, so shall you be. n WILLIAM JAMES COMMUNICATION Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible -- the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family. n VIRGINIA SATIR CONFIDENCE You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do. n ELEANOR ROOSEVELT COURAGE One isnt necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We cant be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest. n MAYA ANGELOU Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. n WINSTON CHURCHILL DISCIPLINE The strongest man is whoever can make his reason conquer his passions. n HAZRAT ALI (A.S) Develop the winning edge; small differences in your performance can lead to large differences in your results. n BRIAN TRACY FOCUS If you chase two rabbits both will escape. n ANONYMOUS8 MANAGER TODAY | June - July 2009 www.themanagertoday.com
  6. 6. COVER STORY TAQUEER SALEEM KHAN The writer is a practicing psychologist10 MANAGER TODAY | August - September 2009 www.themanagertoday.com
  7. 7. ‘It’s not your IQ. It’s not even a number. But emotional intelligence may be the best predictor of success in life, redefining what it means to be smart.’ E very single day we are faced with some challenge and often several. The life of today’s man has become quite hectic. From smaller troubles like heavy workload, long working hours, family issues, increasing inflation ratio, long power cut offs and bad The idea of Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence - EQ - is a relatively re- cent behavioral model, rising to prominence with Daniel Golemans 1995 international best-seller called Emotional Intelligence. The theory of Emotional Intelligence proved an im- portant consideration in human resource planning, job profiling, recruitment interview- those feelings, name them and begin to un- derstand their causes and effects. It also helps us understand how emotions function in our brains and bodies, and the interaction of thought, feeling, and action. RECOGNIZE PATTERNS Human brain follows patterns, or neural pathways. Stimulus leads to response, and weather to greater issues of injus- ing and selection, management development, over time, the response becomes nearly au- tice, insurgency, insecurity and polit- customer relations and customer service, tomatic. ical instability – all have put people and more. On a behavioral level, the neural patterns into great depression, a state of help- Emotional Intelligence links strongly with lead to behavior patterns. At a young age, we lessness where they behave in a very concepts of love and spirituality: bringing com- learn lessons of how to cope, how to get our nasty way to their fellow beings. This passion and humanity to work, and also to needs met, how to protect ourselves. These state of restlessness not only dis- Multiple Intelligence theory which illustrates strategies reinforce one another, and we de- turbs interpersonal relationships but and measures the range of capabilities peo- velop a complex structure of beliefs to sup- the whole mechanism of a society in ple possess, and the fact that everybody has port the validity of the behaviors. As we larger perspective. We, Pakistanis a value. become more conscious of the patterns we have become a victim of this dis- The EQ concept argues that IQ, or conven- exhibit, it becomes possible to analyze the be- tressing state which is affecting us tional intelligence, is too narrow; that there liefs and replace them if appropriate, and in- individually and socially thus appear- are wider areas of Emotional Intelligence that terrupt the pattern and replace it with ing symptomatically through obses- dictate and enable how successful we are. conscious behaviour that moves us closer to sions, addictions, violence and loss of Success requires more than IQ (Intelligence our real goals. This is an enormously difficult meaning. Apparently, no visible solu- Quotient), which has tended to be the tradi- task that requires commitment and vigilance tion seems to be fitting to this malady tional measure of intelligence, ignoring es- --- but it is not difficult to begin. of the twentieth century, but only one sential behavioral and character elements. APPLY CONSEQUENTIAL and that is introducing us to the emo- Weve all met people who are academically THINKING tional intelligence. brilliant and yet are socially and inter-person- People are often told to control their emo- By developing our Emotional Intelli- ally inept. And we know that despite possess- tions to suppress feelings like anger, joy or fear gence we can become more produc- ing a high IQ rating, success does not and cut them off from the decision-making tive and successful at what we do, automatically follow. process. This old paradigm suggests that and help others to be more produc- Goleman based his performance-related re- emotions make us less effective; nothing could tive and successful too. The process search on hundreds of top executives from be farther from reality. Feelings provide in- and outcomes of Emotional Intelli- some of the world’s largest corporations and sight, energy, and are the real basis for almost gence development also contain many concluded that close to 90% of leadership every decision. Instead of disconnecting our elements known to reduce stress for success is attributable to EQ. emotions, we need to control our actions so individuals and organizations, by de- There are eight key fundamentals of emo- that we have time to make the most creative, creasing conflict, improving relation- tional intelligence. insightful, and powerful decisions. Particularly ships and understanding, and BUILD EMOTIONAL LITERACY when dealing with conflict or crisis, we need to increasing stability, continuity and Feelings are a complex aspect of every per- slow down the process and apply carefully harmony. son. While research has identified eight practiced strategies that lead to decisions in- "core" feelings (fear, joy, acceptance, anger, formed by the fused powers of heart and sorrow, disgust, surprise, expectation), we mind. This "habit of mind" stems from a clear each experience dozens, even hundreds, of understanding of the consequences of our variations each single day. These emotions choices and the ability to imagine the cause blend and merge and frequently they conflict. and effect relationships. This process allows This EQ fundamental helps us sort out all of us to be as impulsive as we truly want to be,www.themanagertoday.com August - September 2009 | MANAGER TODAY 11
  8. 8. COVER STORYbut also forces us to limit impulsivity when these mechanisms and opportunities. she were honest -- even when she was not.consequences are undesirable. One key MOTIVATE YOURSELF She internalized that value and struggled tomechanism to develop and monitor conse- Motivation comes from Latin “to move;” it improve her actions because it felt good toquential thinking is "self-talk." Self-talk is a is a goal-oriented behavior. In essence, we have her real behavior meet that high stan-mechanism to mentally explore multiple op- take action because it feels good to do so. dard.tions and viewpoints; it provides a system to It feels right to take a break when we are on 3. Give time. Motivation is a complexbalance the various aspects of ourself. Just overload, then it feels right to go back to work. process and a vital one. Like so many intra-as in conversations outside ourselves, some- The challenge is to make it feel right to take personal skills, it often takes years ortimes the louder voice gets more attention; action that does not have an immediate re- decades for the seeds to bloom.the issue in both cases is to develop a ward. To do so, we have got to tap into the CHOOSE OPTIMISMprocess where listening is valued and all the part of ourselves that has a longer-view -- Likewise, children are born optimistic andvoices -- loud or soft -- are heard. which also feels right. We each make count- tend to stay optimistic until they are six orEVALUATE AND RE-CHOOSE less decisions each hour. For example: seven. At that time, lifes difficulties impinge In our daily lives, we have countless oppor- • What should I eat for lunch? enough that the door is opened for hopeless-tunities to get feedback about our thoughts, •What clothes should I wear today? ness. Research suggests that to avoid gettingfeelings and actions, and to change them if •Which book should I read? Ask? trapped in the negativity, people need at leastthe feedback so warrants. Unfortunately, we In part, we make those decisions uncon- one refuge. The refuge can be a person or aalso have a great capacity to ignore this feed- sciously based on our patterns and habits. In practice (such as reading) that provides posi-back and continue with a scarcity of useful in- part, we make those decisions based on our tive input. It is remarkable to think that oneformation. In this unconscious state it is easy personal priorities. So, if we want to redirect source of kindness, one source of comfort,to become selfish, to sever connections with our decision to take a longer-term view, we one source of hope is enough to combat theour humanity and to subjugate ourselves to need to both shape unconscious habits and terrible perils that some children experience.addictions or other compensations. examine priorities to make sure they match. CREATE EMPATHY The alternative is to listen -- listen to our- In addition to motivating ourselves, it is im- Empathy is the ability to recognize and re-selves and listen to others. When we become portant to learn how to motivate others. spond to other peoples emotions. It is con-Emotional intelligence is an important consideration in human resourcesplanning, job profiling, recruitment interviewing and selection, managementdevelopment, customer relations and customer service and moreskilled at sensing our own emotions, we are There are many ways to do so; the most ob- nected to optimism because it is through aable to tap into the energy that they provide vious are “extrinsic” motivations. For example, sense of our connection to others that weand take action. Emotions are energy and one “If you carry my bag, Ill give you a candy bar,” see our own efficacy and importance. To-place where that energy most frequently is a simple example of extrinsic motivation -- it gether they govern a significant portion of ourerupts is in conflict. is a bribe or a type of commercial interaction. behavior; they are the gatekeepers of our To socialize effectively you must recognize Quite useful at times -- but it doesnt last. Build- emotional selves. When we are empathic, itand gauge other peoples thoughts, feelings ing lasting motivation requires a more com- hurts us to hurt others or to see them hurt.and actions just as you monitor your own. plex strategy; one that employs both intrinsic We actually experience for ourselves theThese skills are heavily dependent on inter- and extrinsic motivation (ideally 60-80% of emotions of others.preting paralanguage (body-language, tone, the focus is on intrinsic motivation). Building COMMIT TO NOBLE GOALSutterances, facial expression, and other motivation in others begins with three ele- Noble goals activate all of the other ele-forms of nonverbal communication). An ef- ments: ments of EQ. Through our missions and ourfective socializer is able to turn conflict into a 1. They need to feel the benefit of the pri- acts of human kindness, the commitment topositive force. She/he creates compromise ority you are suggesting. If you want a child to emotional intelligence gains relevance andand makes sure needs are met. She/he can use a more polite vocabulary, she/he needs power. Just as our personal priorities shapemobilize people, persuade and inspire others. to experience how such a decision would feel our daily choices, our noble goals shape our The most critical step to teaching effective good. She/he will develop that experience by long-term choices. They give us a sense of di-socialization is to provide positive role models being spoken to with polite words -- at the rection; they give us a spar to hold in theand opportunities for people to practice what same time, it might feel good to avoid the con- storm, they are the compass for our soul. Allthey have observed. In today’s demanding sequences of using impolite words -- and that the “inside” aspects of emotional intelligencecorporate culture, employees often do not will feel good. change your attitudes. They shape your ownfind time to interact much socially. Thus, it is 2. Always treat them as you want them to life; they help you become the person you wanteven more important that they are provided be. Sarah’s mother always treated her as if to be. Your noble goals touch the future. n12 MANAGER TODAY | August - September 2009 www.themanagertoday.com
  9. 9. ARE YOU EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT MANAGER? TEST YOUR E.Q www.themanagertoday.com Rate yourself on the following items on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the low and 5 high). This exercise aims at fact-finding and not fault-finding, and is intended to help you focus on areas for self-improvement. 1. I stay relaxed and composed under pressure. 1 2 3 4 5 2. I can identify negative feelings without becoming distressed. 1 2 3 4 5 3. I stay focused ( not lost in unimportant details) in getting a job done. 1 2 3 4 5 4. I freely admit to making mistakes. 1 2 3 4 5 5. I am sensitive to other people’s emotions and moods. 1 2 3 4 5 6. I can conceive feedback or criticism without becoming defensive. 1 2 3 4 5 7. I calm myself quickly when I get angry or upset. 1 2 3 4 5 8. I communicate my needs and feelings honestly. 1 2 3 4 5 9. I can pull myself together quickly after a setback 1 2 3 4 5 10. I am aware of how my behavior impacts others. 1 2 3 4 5 11. I pay attention and listen without jumping to conclusions. 1 2 3 4 5 12. I take regular time out ( once a month or a quarter) to reflect on my core purpose and vision for how I want to live my life. 1 2 3 4 5 If you have solved the quiz and found the grand total, see your score at page # 58 and get to know the level of your EQ.August - September 2009 | MANAGER TODAY 13
  10. 10. COVER STORY IJAZ NISAR Emotional & spiritual mix in business Information, it is rightly said, is not knowledge; knowledge is not wisdom. And wisdom is not attained if we do not nurture the capacity to love and serve our fellow beings.G <None>reat thinker and poet- philosopher, Dr. Allama Muham- mad Iqbal, once said that education is the manifestation of the perfection already inherent inus. It is about cultivating a way of viewingthe world by developing the inner spacewith the help of which we are empoweredto engage the outer space. It is a lamp tobe lit, not a bucket to be filled. Management education, in Pakistan andabroad, betrays a marked disposition to-wards the later instead of the former. Oureducation system is excessively geared tofilling young minds with megabytes of mind-less information. It is heavily weighted in favor of analyticalintelligence and ignores the fostering ofemotional and spiritual intelligence. Infor-mation, it is rightly said, is not knowledge; velopment of emotional and spiritual intelli- ing such courses. I remember the state-knowledge is not wisdom. And wisdom is gence in management education. ments that you made in class: ‘I have nevernot attained if we do not nurture the ca- Five years ago, I introduced a course in worked for money,’ ‘I see all of you as disci-pacity to love and serve our fellow beings. collaboration with a local business school ples, trying to balance the various de- Management education imparts tools on Anger Management and Emotional In- mands that you face in your life,’ andand techniques designed to secure pro- telligence for new managers. Such was the ‘management is a creative pursuit;’ eachfessional skills that help the learner make a response from students that I not only con- day at work gives me examples of the ve-living. Spiritual education embeds in the tinued the offering, but floated a new elec- racity of these statements.”learner both character and attitude. If pro- tive course on spirituality, Ethics and self “In the last two years I have found that tofessional education provides the scaffold- development for young managers. do a role that challenges me is more im-ing, spiritual education lays the foundation. Last November, I received a letter from a portant than the money that a particularOur higher education must, therefore, aim student who had taken both these course. role pays,” he wrote. “Inevitably, a challeng-at combining instruction in tools and tech- He said: “I was your student in 2006 – ing role makes me perform and stretchniques with embedding character and atti- 2008 when you taught two electives— and the rewards are not far away. Manag-tude. The tragic events of September 11 Anger Management and Emotional Intelli- ing the demands of team, the process, andand the unceremonious collapse of corpo- gence, Spirituality and Self development for the emotions of the people affected takesrate entities Enron, World Tel, Arthur An- managers. While reading a recent article as much time as the job itself. And to top itderson and recent global economic in Businessweek on the new courses being all, every day I have to think creatively, thinkdownturn have led American management taught at foreign business school with the differently to get my job done.”schools to question their role as educa- same theme as your courses, I thought I I receive emails, and letters along thesetors. Globally, there is a pronounced shift should write to you and thank you for the lines. They are an eloquent testimony of thein emphasis and this is reflected in the in- impact the courses have had on my life and need to embed emotional and spiritual in-creasing importance accorded to the de- for being ahead of these schools in offer- telligence in management curricula.n14 MANAGER TODAY | June - July 2009 www.themanagertoday.com
  11. 11. ENTREPRENEUR NABEELA MALIK W ould you like to give an in- troduction to your aca- demic background? My schooling was done at Sacred Heart, a missionary school. Providing a very high quality education the school educated me in real terms. Later, I joined Government College La- hore; completing my graduation there I opted for some courses locally and some abroad. But personally I feel the process of get- ting educated never stops throughout the life. It is also because one has to keep abreast the modern day needs along with personal and professional en- hancement of one’s caliber. Thus, I like studying the quality stuff from all around the world. Tell us something about the family business and the establishment of Royal Palm Golf & Country Club? Our family business was basically con- struction related. My father started with construction projects in 1967. We turned to hospitality industry after a long time and established Royal Palm Golf & Country Club in 2001. Initially, it was a sports oriented facility, which eventually transformed into a world class Golf course and country club as you can see it for yourself. The well established construction business might have helped in it. Yes, the core knowledge of construc- tion did obviously help a lot in setting up Royal Palm in the short time span of two years which wouldn’t have been possible16 MANAGER TODAY | August - September 2009 www.themanagertoday.com
  12. 12. www.themanagertoday.com August - September 2009 | MANAGER TODAY 17
  13. 13. INTERVIEW otherwise. What are the main features of a country club? What facilities are pro- vided at Royal Palm? The 18 hole golf course at our club meets all the standards of Pakistan Golf Association (PGA). It has been visited by the Asian Golf Federation and Star Net- work and they have rated it as the best golf course in the South Asia. Apart from golf, we have three squash courses, three tennis courts, two swim- ming pools, fitness facilities, restaurants and banquet facilities at Royal Palm. So, actually it is the combination of a sports club and a country club. Is there any plan to provide lodging facilities in times to come that are yet unavailable here? Well, the project is in pipeline but due to recent insurgent attacks I believe it will be more appropriate if lodging and day to day activities aren’t mixed to- gether. For security reasons, I think there should be a separate compound for all the routine club activities. Then there is a heavy traffic of visitors and members in the banquet or sports area of a hotel or a country club and ide- ally speaking, the residential compound should be separated from these areas. And we are in a process of developing lodging area far from the day to day heavy traffic activities areas. How far the insurgency has affected hospitality industry and tourism in Pakistan? Pakistan has much of internal or do- mestic tourism, people travel from one place to another frequently, it has de- creased, apart from it the international tourism has also been highly affected due to the law & order and security is- sues. How to portray the soft image of Pak- istan to the outer world? Primarily, it is the soft face of Pakistan we are representing and also few of the foreign companies operating in Pakistan are contributing toward making Lahore the favorite spot for foreigners. What are the Royal Palm membership pre-requisites?18 MANAGER TODAY | August - September 2009 www.themanagertoday.com
  14. 14. We look at an applicant’s profile, as- alogue with my employees to discuss all sessing his education, family back- the pros & cons of any new strategy. ground and present standing etc. We And more importantly, I always look also find out that the person should be forward to a healthy and impartial feed- clubbable. So, the applicant himself and back from my clients and employees. existing members should be feeling Are there any HR issues at the club comfortable with one another. that needs to be solved? Has the present day global economic Luckily, we don’t have much of HR is- meltdown affected hospitality indus- sues; we could find devoted and talented try? professionals performing their duties Yes, it has definitely affected as four very well. But hospitality industry needs years ago there were 10 hotels an- a continuous improvement. It is essen- nounced to be established in Lahore but tial because the serviceability can not be unfortunately not even one or two of put on the second preference. So, we them could come to completion. I find are in a constant effort of regulating one or the two reasons of it including training and development programs to that certain roadmaps are needed to be ensure a constant improvement in HR provided by the government. practices at the club. Our government has to realize that ho- How Royal Palm meets its Corpo- tels pay a very high ratio of taxes as 16% rate Social Responsibilities (CSR)? tax is levied on services and many other Our main focus is primarily on envi- taxes making 20 to 30% bulk of over all ronment. We have a very sustainable tax generation, it also produces a great and environment friendly model for the employment opportunity. So it should Our government has to preservation of trees and luckily we have encourage hospitality industry. realize that hotels pay been able to preserve 95% of trees im- I hope if the government succeeds in planted here. Secondly the water re-cy- allocating some incentives for the hospi- a very high ratio of cling system is also very efficient tality investors, the industry would enjoy taxes as 16% tax is because there is a lot of water con- a great boom. levied on services and sumption at the golf course. So, by the Do you have any role models that re-cycling system we make sure that you might have cherished in your life? many other taxes minimum water is being wasted. Yes, I certainly cherish the personality making 20 to 30% We have a forthright assistance to of LEONG, the prime minister of Singa- meet any catastrophe as having nearly pore. He brought Singapore to the highly bulk of over all tax 2000 members whom we can call in developed countries of the world though generation, it also case of any emergency in the country it is a small island. produces a great like earthquake or insurgency etc and Besides him I really admire some of our network quickly responds toward the leadership stories by Jim Collins, a employment meeting any such hazard on national management and leadership guru. opportunity. So it level. These people are a great inspiration for Serving as the CEO of a big club, how me. should encourage do you manage work life balance? What makes one successful in one’s hospitality industry. The most important for you in the life and profession? world is your own health and the self. So Keeping a sharp focus on things if you are consuming time on maintain- around you is the basic component of ing your health and routine life activities, success. And next to it is the vision, one then it is a great ability indeed. must be able to see life in a bigger con- day to day dog fight for short term In my case, at times it feels that per- text. Being a professional it is very much needs, one should try to bring some im- haps I am not maintaining an ideal bal- essential to be competent, adaptable provement in the existing environment. ance between work and the family. And and strong enough to meet new chal- What is your execution strategy this realization is very much important lenges. being a CEO? because it motivates me to do more ef- As a member of the society, think be- I focus on planning broadly for the up- forts in this regard. So, if there is a will yond personal interests, apart from the coming projects. I believe in an open di- to find this balance, one finds it.nwww.themanagertoday.com August - September 2009 | MANAGER TODAY 19
  15. 15. MANAGEMENT SYED ALI RAZA The writer is the head of HR in a multina- tional company20 MANAGER TODAY | August - September 2009 www.themanagertoday.com
  16. 16. U ndoubtedly, leadership is much talked and written about subject in the management literature. In behavioral training too, leader- ship has the top priority. There are many models and theories that have come into which leadership can be developed. This involves a rigorous process and many times a lifetime effort is required. MYTH-III Managerial implication T existence highlighting the different facets he practical utility of five of leadership. But leadership remained Leaders are charismatic. great myths will be enor- an enigma for many. This is due to cre- mous to all managers, ation of leadership that is not in reality. There is a tendency to think that one particularly for top Man- There are many managers who still be- needs to be stylish, smart, and charming agers. Organizations pay lieve that leadership is a born talent, lead- in appearance to become a leader. This is heavily, when we believe in ership is only for top management and only half true. In reality, successful lead- something that is not one should have an inbuilt charismatic ership practices and behaviors contribute real. For example, our personality to be a leader. This belief has for a leadership rather than charisma self leadership efforts may negative ramification to leadership de- leading a person to effective leadership lack conviction if we be- velopment efforts in organizations. Two behavior. lieve that leadership is of the most insight leadership gurus, merely a born talent. namely Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus Therefore, leadership de- in their book titled Leaders: The Strate- velopment program in gies for Taking Charge identified five MYTH-IV any organization must great leadership myths: Leadership exists only at the commence with dispelling these myths. The other top of an organization. valuable insight that man- Organizations have played into this myth agers must put into ac- MYTH-I by focusing leadership efforts only on top tion is that leadership Leadership is a rare skill. management. In reality, leadership is re- must be business of quired at every level of operation in an or- every body in the organi- There is a wide spread belief that lead- ganization. On has to be a good leader zation and not be con- ership is rare because leadership skills even in a single person operation to excel fined to top echelons of are rare with people in organization. But in that. Therefore, there must be multipli- handful of managers.n the fact remain is that many people pos- cation of leadership roles. sess leadership competency within them, we realize this when opportunities are ex- tended to tem to demonstrate their lead- ership prowess. The formal MYTH-V organizational structures discourage peo- The leader controls, directs ple to exhibit leadership behavior. and manipulates. Leadership is a role of empowering the followers as opposed to popular mis- MYTH-II nomer leadership as a power seeking Leaders are born not made. role. Leadership is epitome of equity, fair play and sacrifice and not the act of ma- Biographies of great leaders and sto- nipulation. Effective leaders ensure re- ries surrounding them create a picture wards to others and the cost of that leadership is a born talent. But the self-comfort. Further, facilitation is what fact is that many leadership skill and com- leaders engage in and to controlling and petencies can be learned. However, there directing. n is no simple formula or model throughwww.themanagertoday.com August - September 2009 | MANAGER TODAY 21
  17. 17. COMMUNICATION M any a times you are in a nice function alone. Now if we extrapolate this in- SONIA UROOJ The writer is a café with a friend, may be CTC, dividual calculation, amazingly seventy per- commuication traniner Masoom’s, or Malee` (Don’t cent of our working hours is spent in verbal think that we are running a communication which equates reading and FOC publicity campaign!) grab- writing both put together as most of infor- bing a bite; she’s saying something but all mation that we receive till COB is verbal you can think of is your next meeting and making it the most frequently used channel your head is cramped with the upcoming of learning. However, it’s quite ironic that itHear audit report. You hear a distant voice that is the least understood function of all. Lis- has been magically dragged; you try but you tening is assumed to be basically the same fail to identify with it and you find yourself as hearing; this is a dodgy misconception saying, “Hone, you were saying something?” because it leads to the belief that effective There comes a flying menu and she leaves listening is instinctive. Whereas, listening in- you wondering where you went wrong. May volves a more sophisticated mental be that was a little exaggerated version but process than hearing and it calls upon en- to in our daily lives we often don’t hear to lis- ergy and discipline that one needs to trainListen! ten. In today’s frenetic world empathetic lis- himself for. tening is pivotal to effective communication. Having settled so that listening is a It promotes communication, reduces ten- learned skill, one can train himself for being sion and facilitates cooperation in personal an effective listener. To be an effective lis- and professional lives. In a world where tener, it is best to listen with all the empathy, communication means getting the job done, starting with listening level one and ulti- listening certainly means more than just mately taking it to the third level. The first hearing. It means an edge. level involves putting yourself in someone A manager who was curious about how else’s boots even if they pinch for a while much time he spent listening asked his sec- and the last thing that you would want to do retary to keep track of the time he spent on is being judgemental or tagging others. At the telephone, listening. To his utter sur- the second level, you hear words but do not prise, he discovered his company was pay- really listen and level three is listening in ing him 35-40 percent of his salary for this spurts. Many have found the empathetic ap-22 MANAGER TODAY | August - September 2009 www.themanagertoday.com www.themanagertoday.com
  18. 18. proach to be a powerful tool for improving sions of interest. Show interest by the use speed. The core of effective listening is to their people skills. Some payoffs have been of noncommittal acknowledgements. Step develop the utmost concentration on the increased sales, improved ability to sell 3 is working at listening. Efficient listening immediate listening situation. Concentrate ideas to management, improved ability to takes energy and practice makes it easier. If on what the talker says and then summa- handle emotional people, more effective in- the subject is announced in advance, pre- rize it in your head. Step 10 is about prac- terview and improved working relationships pare for it by reading, by discussing it, or by ticing regularly. Get experience and practice and who won’t want all that. thinking it over briefly, establishing your own in listening and note-taking by listening to The research indicates that there are point of view. Then listen actively and ener- difficult or unfamiliar material that chal- twelve easy steps that can help us to im- getically. Step 4 is all about focusing your at- lenges your mental capacities. Every club prove our listening skills so that we listen at tention on ideas. Listen for the speaker’s meeting could present many opportunities level one more often. central ideas. Pick out the ideas as they are for practice. Regular practice will work won- The step 1 involves looking for something presented; sort the facts from principles, ders for you. Step 11 involves analyzing you can anchor on. If you adopt a positive at- the ideas from examples and the evidence what is being said, nonverbally. Be patient titude toward a subject, you will usually find from opinion. At Step 5 you are suggested and sensitive to the talker’s feelings. Ask something to broaden your knowledge. Dry to make meaningful notes. You can improve yourself why the talker said what he or she though a talk may be, oozing out with dull your ability to learn and remember by mak- did. Listen between the lines for hidden numbers and figures; it will generally con- ing a brief record of the speaker’s main meanings what is the person saying non- tain an idea that is worthwhile to you, now points, review your notes later on to deter- verbally? And finally Step 12 is to evaluate or in times to come. Ask yourself: What is mine what you can put to use, and whether and be critical of content, not the speaker’s being said that I can use? What’s in it for you agree or disagree with the speaker’s delivery. It’s important to discriminate if the me? How does this relate to what I already notion. Efficient note-taking requires prac- talker is stating facts or assumptions. Get- know? What action could I take? At step 2, tice in selecting the right method of notes ting the talker’s message is more important you take the initiative. Find out what the that are easy to interpret and review. De- than his or her appearance. Don’t let the talker knows. Look at the talker and con- pending on the nature of the talk, practice talker’s poor voice, mannerisms, personality centrate on what has been said. Go all the making an outline, mental or written, or pick- or appearance get in the way of the mes- way in making the communication two-way. ing out the key words, phrases or ideas. sage. Recognize that most people are not Ignore the person’s delivery and personal- Step 6 involves resisting external distrac- very skilled at getting their message across. ity if you find them distracting. Reach for the tions. Sit where you can see and hear with- No mater how much your memory re- idea that is being conveyed. Stimulate the out being distracted. When you do so, you sembles to a sieve, better listening pro- talker with your attentiveness and expres- make it possible to be aware of noises with- motes better memory. By systematically out being distracted by them. Step 7 is slotting in these twelve tools into our listen- about holding your rebuttal. Don’t let emo- ing behaviour, one can overcome poor lis- tion-laden words throw you. Learn to sieve tening habits, thus spending more time at them. Identify the certain words that affect level 1 that results in much improved ability you to the point where you stop listening to concentrate and retain information as it and start performing a rebuttal. One way to is easier to remember the information lis- deal with this is to quickly analyze the rea- tened to at level 1. sons those words stir you, then resume lis- In a gist, efficient listening takes effort, but tening, withholding any judgement until you it is one of the easiest ways known to ac- fully comprehend what point the speaker is quire ideas and information you can use and making. Another method is to jot down always remember the empathetic listening major rebuttal points as questions; do this approach eases understanding of what the briefly, not at length. Both methods can help other person really means. To listen effec- clear your mind so that you can return to tively, check your understanding regularly by listening with an open mind. Step 8 is keep- rephrasing what the other has said. Give ver- ing your mind open. Quick and heated dis- bal feedback of what was said or done as agreement with the speaker’s main points this communicates approval. Since this ap- or arguments can cause a psychological proval bears no criticism and judgement, the deaf spot. Give the talker more rather than talker feels heard and understood which ul- less attention. Search for the full nub of the timately leads to trust. So listening doesn’t theme. Stay out of the judgemental frame- mean hearing alone and perhaps next time work by not judging what the person says when you are out with a friend, they won’t as “wrong.” At Step 9 capitalize on thought complain about losing you! nwww.themanagertoday.com August - September | MANAGER TODAY 23
  19. 19. MARKETING PHILIP S. LALL Writer is the management consultant & chief executive of Pro-cel consulting. procel@lhr.comsats.net.pk GOOD MARKETING DECISIONS BUT EXECUTIONFOUL-UPS CEOs and directors in many Pakistani companies face a two-fold delegation dilemma F oreign books and magazines into admiring the Sonys, The CEO of a large Pakistani so often trumpet the alleged Gillettes, P&Gs, Black & Deck- FMCG company decided to quality of marketing decision- ers they can’t see the ‘quality’ change the pack designs of all making in US, European & In- of their own marketing deci- his product lines and bring it dian companies. It seems to sions? under a common ‘umbrella’ me Pakistani companies, too, Agreed, some Pakistani design (reflecting his corpo- can lay claim to the ‘quality’ of companies make awful mar- rate vision). Fully aware it was their marketing decision-mak- keting decisions. Might we a strategic decision, he as- ing. If there’s Heinz, we have also agree that many Pak- sessed his marketing staff’s National Foods doing it here. If istani companies produce re- abilities for high-quality execu- there are McDonald’s arches markable marketing ideas? tion of this decision. He saw abroad, we have Gourmet And many take sound market- the risk, and took personal re- and Salt’n’Pepper icons. If ing decisions? sponsibility for executing it there’s MetLife marketing, we Then where’s the problem? himself. It was possibly one of have EFU. Very often: execution foul-ups. the best-executed marketing Maybe its because we don’t My experience with nearly two decisions in this company. yet have a global Pakistani dozen companies suggests In another very large Pak- brand we find it difficult to ap- avoidable foul-ups come from istani FMCG company, the preciate the ‘quality’ of mar- four main sources. family’s board chairman dele- keting decision-making in gated almost complete au- Pakistan. Or is it because Foul-Ups with thority and responsibility to many Pakistani marketing Inappropriate Delegation the so-called ‘professional’ professionals are so stuck24 MANAGER TODAY | August - September 2009 www.themanagertoday.com
  20. 20. CEO for all marketing decisions, including completely into daily sales target pres- You will see two kinds of foul-ups here: the company’s very successful brands. sures.Fortunately, the above company’s a common one is misinterpreting time Though a few of his brand marketing de- ‘strategic turnaround’ was not a com- deadlines. It seems to happen in almost cisions were sound, this CEO, in turn, del- plete failure; one product actually suc- all companies. egated responsibility for execution to ceeded – only because the marketing For instance, after a major pricing some rather mediocre managers. It just director himself ‘sold’ the product’s change, the marketing director and his took a few years for this large company strategic importance to the sales force. group product manager wrote a memo to be brought to its knees. to their regional managers requiring CEOs and directors in many Pakistani Foul-ups in Internal Coordination them to ensure “prompt and regular companies face a two-fold delegation When a family-managed firm was look- feedback” on how the pricing decision dilemma. Firstly, how much authority ing around for diversification ideas, one was being executed. Regional managers should be delegated to subordinates for of the younger directors saw a growth interpreted this to mean they should executing a good marketing decision? opportunity in an agricultural crop imple- send their weekly reports promptly Secondly, should authority for execution ment. His father agreed with the idea, every Monday. The marketing director be delegated on the basis of loyalty – or and the young director started planning actually meant verbal feedback every competence? to market the implement before the day. ‘rabi’ crop season. Other family board Another kind of foul-up is misinterpret- Foul-Ups by Fragmented Thinking members said they would start work on ing time as a product feature (e.g, gen- A medium-size Pakistani pharma com- engineering aspects, sourcing local and erator start-up time or courier next-day pany had several new products in its off-shore materials and arranging fi- delivery). A medium-sized Pakistani R&D armoury, based on ‘me-too’ mole- nances. A few weeks later, assuming that chemicals company was faced with cules. While product managers tested trial production would begin as promised near-saturation demand and stiff price product literature and area sales man- by other directors’ subordinate man- competition from Chinese products. It agers made sales estimates, the mar- agers, this director toured the field, ap- used R&D to formulate chemical agents keting director analysed industry data. He waited for the right time and decided to launch two low-priced new products If there’s Heinz, we have National Foods doing it he had planned as part of his ‘strategic here. If there are McDonald’s arches abroad, we turnaround’. have Gourmet and Salt’n’Pepper icons. If there’s Strangely, thinking among product managers and regional managers was MetLife marketing, we have EFU. quite different. Product managers saw this as a good short-term tactic to in- crease volume, while regional managers pointed dealers & hired a sales executive. for a different market sector. An impor- saw this strategic turnaround in terms On his return, he was stunned to learn of tant parameter of cost effectiveness of getting additional incentives. Even the almost zero progress on trial production. was process absorption time. Applica- supply chain director saw no advantage The product was eventually introduced tions trials showed highly competitive in the new products. Here was frag- late into the ‘rabi’ crop season; its sales cost effectiveness: 15.6 mins for com- mented thinking about the execution of a were not even one-fifth of what he had ex- peting Chinese products and 13.8 mins sound marketing decision. pected. The young director had made a for the company’s product with lesser Top managers visualize growth oppor- critical mistake – he assumed other di- input. tunities, map out strategy and convert it rectors and their subordinate managers The sales force, however, felt the dif- into sound marketing decisions, but would automatically coordinate with him. ference of 1.8 mins could be communi- lower-level managers see things differ- He forgot this principle: directors and cated as 2 mins – it was easier to ently. Some will invariably think of growth managers will coordinate following their explain to customers. Two months after strategy decisions as ‘rocking the boat’ priorities – not your priorities. A brilliant introduction, the Chinese products’ local unnecessarily. Some will set their own im- marketing decision might be a director’s distributor said to an ISO-certified major plementation agenda. Some finance or manager’s priority, its good execution customer that a lie had been told. The managers reduced strategy thinking to requires it to become an equally impor- customer made a big issue out of this quarterly budget priorities. By the time, tant priority for other directors and their time misinterpretation, saying now regional managers execute growth deci- managers. there was a trust deficit. n sions, strategy thinking is transformed Foul-Ups in Interpreting Timewww.themanagertoday.com August - September 2009 | MANAGER TODAY 25
  21. 21. WOMAN OF SUBSTANCEPROFILEA fter 20 years of varied experience, ranging from private to public sec- tor, she has developed her skills in Leadership and Change Manage- ment. While at PIA and National Bank of Pakistan, she was heading theHuman Resources management & development of 15000-18000 people. Shewas also involved in the Financial Sector Reforms in Pakistan driven by theWorld Bank & GOP. Uzma has also been a trainer and has developed & imple-mented many projects effectively. She has now launched Management Con-sultancy firm as a partnership concern broadly focusing on ManagementConsultancy, Technical Advising, Talent Management, Resourcing and Training.26 MANAGER TODAY | J August - September 2009 www.themanagertoday.com www.themanagertoday.com
  22. 22. Learning to live with people, learning to understand and respond to their aspira- tions, coping with the expectations of the stakeholders around you is the greatest lesson one needs to learn. Dealing with different situations re- quires much of efforts. And it is much more sensitive in ones professional life where there are many choices and choices come with conse- quences. So you have to be very careful. Thus, I am of the opinion, learning is a life long process. e would be pleased to have an intro- Q How do you see the status of W IJAZ NISAR duction to your early life and experi- women working in our organ- ences. izations? I have been very fortunate in getting As a lady I find myself lucky enough to multiple opportunities to see life in a serve in Pakistani society. wider scenario. No matter, how people portray a dismal I have met so many challenges and ex- picture of our society, I say it is lucky to perienced the wins and failures in my life be among the men of this society who that actually made me a very normal know to respect women and there are a human being. lot of privileges. I graduated from the IBA Karachi. The Though, males here need to realize the time I completed my education at IBA, I importance of women at senior positions. was a very light hearted girl, highly moti- Especially senior officers should recog- vated and compassionate about life and nize and acknowledge the services of goals. I think i am a very simple person. their female colleagues. I have been working in two large or- Q life? What are the key lessons you learnt from your professional ganizations. I have seen the treatment of men with the women being very much manipulating, and it really hurts me.www.themanagertoday.comwww.themanagertoday.com August - September 2009 | MANAGER TODAY 27
  23. 23. WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE Q Pakistan? What are the management consultancy opportunities in Q You have served as the head of organization development and training at National Bank of Pak- There are a lot of family businesses in istan. Would you like to share with us our country that preserve a culture the experience at NBP? where owners do not open doors for the consultants to get advised. And that is I think national bank is a great bank. the place where there is a strong need of We have seen it growing from 50 crore consultancy and advising. to a billion within six months and from one Back in 90s only corporate sector was billion it jumped onto four billion, reaching hiring management consultants and busi- eight to 12 and 18 billions. And we saw it ness owners, the ‘saiths’ were depending all happening in front of us. on their own wisdom focusing on prof- Why such a rapid growth? It is because itability alone. NBP got very strong muscles and very But now the situation is improved, many deep pockets. It has a lot of influence, family businessmen have started realiz- being the mover and shaker in the mar- ing the need of consolidation, so now they ket in terms of financial strength and pol- look at management consultancy very re- icy formulation as well. spectfully and its scope is rising. My experience with national bank has been very pleasant. I enjoyed working Q What are the challenges of management consultancy? Well, I would say, the quality of research there especially the project drafting of more than 12 billion was so thrilling that made us excited at our work. and the experience these briefcase con- Trans nationalization opened many new sultants bring with them is too shallow, horizons for us. thus the results they are producing are National bank has many unique fea-Q How did you end up in the management as your career? Having an MBA degree I had a passion literally superficial. Our corporate sector is very rich in experience and a consult- ant has to acknowledge the complexity of tures owing to its position in the market, policies and a strong structure. There is also a huge lot of talent employees asso-to work on the management side. I was the mechanism of an established organi- ciated with the NBP but I do wish thatasked by my father to join the family zation. Here consultants adopt it as a pro- there could have done more for a culturalbusiness but that was heavy civil con- fession having studied in theory but they change in the bank. Though Mr Ali Razatracting construction works, building do not understand the complexity of an has brought a big difference yet his teambridges and construction. organization. should also focus on cultural change be- I joined the family business, worked The present day fresh MBA and con- cause still the image of the bank in peo-and learnt a lot from the construction sultancy graduates lack practical experi- ples minds is that of a governmentindustry, enjoying that experience. But ence thus they are deficient in accurate owned bank, so there is a need of peoplenaturally I was more interested into cor- analysis and solutions. development in the bank.porate organizations. A mentor also fa- I also observe that fault lies with or-cilitated me to come into this field andexplore my talents and abilities in thearea of management. In mid 90s I was ganization management who do not pre- pare their teams to bring in change. Thus, it becomes a difficult task for hired Q ence? As you shifted from NBP to PIA, how was that experi-offered by the National bank to join consultants to access organizations, PIA is a mixture of industries and it is sothem considering me a right match build an environment and softening the huge that amazes to work with. There weowing to my academic and work experi- grounds; reason being that readiness to had engineers, a glamorous crew, an es-ence. change is not present at many of our or- tablished customer service culture, pas- They were of the opinion that due to ganizations’ culture. The primary client senger handling and at the same time themy understanding of developing proj- of a consultant maybe ready for the kitchen and food catering services. PIA of-ects I could be able to ad value to the change but other stakeholders inside fers so much diversity in work that it usedbank in bringing a change in manage- the organization press him a lot for to give a pleasure of moving into differentment that they were seeking. So I joined which strategic solutions of a consultant cultures within a single entity.National bank. fail. It is an extremely expensive organiza- tion ranging from all very active air sta-28 MANAGER TODAY | June - July 2009 www.themanagertoday.com