Leatherback Sea Turtles
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  • 1. Ian Jason11-29-11
  • 2. OverviewListed on the IUCN  Have been on the Red List of Threatened endangered list Species list as since 1982 critically endangeredNative to over 70  Harvesting of countries due to large eggs on beaches migration patterns a major potential threat
  • 3. Quick Facts • Largest sea turtle in the worldDescription • Have a soft shell • They spend most of their time inUniqueness the deep ocean • Can dive up to depths of 5,000 • In great dangerExtinction • All could be prevented
  • 4. Amazingly able to retrace migratory patternsImage retrieved from conserveturtles.org
  • 5. Ingestion of human garbageOcean PollutionDestruction of nesting beachesCommercial exploitation of eggs Image retrieved from wikipedia.org
  • 6. Egg Harvesting IncreasedHarvesting of eggs Decrease in the populations of on shores of overall populations fish as Malaysia of Leatherbacks result, especially jellyfish
  • 7. Pollution and Fishing Trash can be  Juveniles and eaten by the adults are often turtles in the caught on ocean, very accident in toxic migratory routes Driftnets have Plastics captured even been turtles on found in accident egg yolks
  • 8. Doctor Scott A. Eckert, an expert on Leatherback Turtles, has said… “Sea turtles are members of “the global commons”, and must be managed as such… we will not only fail to restore sea turtle populations, but theconsequences will be severe and enduring for domestic industry and policy”. Image retrieved from principiapilot.org
  • 9. How Can Extinction be Prevented?Try to limit ocean  Reform fishing pollution as best as practices in areas possible there may be Leatherbacks Full protection Collaboration and of spawning cooperation habitats between nations
  • 10. If extreme measures are taken soon, thesemajestic creatures may become extinct. Image retrieved from sustainablewaters.com
  • 11. BibliographyEckert, S. (2002, May 12). Safeguarding Pacific sea turtles in the oceanic commons. Retrieved from the Ocean Commission website http://www.oceancommission.gov/meetings/may13_14_02/ eckert_testimony.pdfSarti Martinez, A.L. (2000). Dermochelys coriacea. Retrieved from the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species http://www.iucnredlist.org/apps/redlist/details/