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  1. 1. ISSN: 2277 – 9043 International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering Volume 1, Issue 4, June 2012 EWG-AMR Using WSN 1K.K.Thoke, 2Prof. S.D.Lokhande 1 ME(CN)Department of E& TC, Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune, India 2 Phd in E&TC, Principal, sinhgad college of engineering pune.ABSTRACT :Wireless Sensor Networks are wireless connective networks which sensors compose their main components.Sensors are deploying and are connecting with each other in environment dynamically. In this paper we presenta model for processes which are related to user of water, electricity and gas(meter reading, distribution of bills,sending notice, cutting and reconnection of flow) by using wireless sensor network. We are using VB softwareand embedded c for our result.Keywords- wireless sensor network, user process, electricity, water, gas.I. INTRODUCTION In this paper, we present a model for processes ofThe purpose of this project is to remote monitoring water, electricity and gas users by using of WSN.and control of the Domestic Energy meter. This This process includes meter reading, distribution ofsystem enables the Electricity Department to read bills, sending notice, cutting and reconnecting flowthe meter readings regularly without the MSEDCL II. WSAN STRUCTURperson visiting each house. This can be achieved by WSAN are including sensors and actuators withthe use of microcontroller unit that continuously very low power consumption that are connectingmonitors and records the Energy Meter readings in with each other by radio waves [4]. Specially, oneits permanent (non-volatile) memory location. This node may be only a sensor or only an actuator.system also makes use of a Xbee for remote Nodes in high density are distributed in one regionmonitoring and control of Energy Meter. Recent which is termed sensing/actuating area. A sinkadvances in integrated circuits manufacturing monitors whole of the network permanence.technology in one hand and expansion of wireless Information is collected by sink and also thecommunication technology in other hand caused to commands distribute in network through it. Figure 1designing of wireless sensor/actuator networks shows the general structure of WSAN. Management(WSAN) [1][2]. The basic difference of these in WSAN can be centralized or distributed.networks is their connection to environment and These are two automatic and semiautomaticphysical phenomena. Traditional networks provide different structures related to decision making level.the relation between humans and data bases, while We can use their combination too. We describe bothsensor/actuator network is connected with physical of them in A and B sectionsworld directly. By using sensors, this network A. Automatic structuresenses physical environment and decides based on The sensors which identify an event send the sensedits observations and performs suitable operations. data to actuator nodes for processing and suitableBy attention to sensors collected data, WSN reacting. Basically, the adjacent actuator nodesperforms special operations for environment decide and act appropriately.controlling, by using actuators [3]. Unlike In fact, there is no any centralized controltraditional networks which are general purpose, and decisions take place locally. Figure 2 showssensor/actuator networks are single purpose WSAN automatic structure.typically. While the nodes can to be mobile,network can be considered as a group of smallrobots which work with each other as a team andthey are designed for a special purpose such asplaying football or combat with enemy. In othersight, if we remove base stations in mobile cellularphone network and suppose that every receiver is asa node, the connection between nodes must beconfirmed directly or via one or several nodes. Thisis a type of wireless sensor/actuator network byitself. hide the required secret message. Themessage should not be altered by the attacks. Theimage quality should be retained in much extent. Figure 1. Sensor/Actuator network basic structure[4] 39 All Rights Reserved © 2012 IJARCSEE
  2. 2. ISSN: 2277 – 9043 International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering Volume 1, Issue 4, June 2012 After these changes we can consider meters In fact, there is no any centralized control as sensor nodes. Figure 4 shows the meter thatand decisions take place locally. Figure 2 shows applied changes in them.WSAN automatic structure. Electricity Meter Water Meter Gas Meter Figure 2. WSAN automatic structure[4] Figure 4. All of metersB. Semiomatic structureIn this structure, data are forwarded to the sink by So, the house or apartments unit that usesnodes one of three meters can be considered as a node. Ifand sink sends commands to the actuator nodes. adjacent house is in its radio range, termed neighborFigure3 shows semiautomatic structure. node and they can send and receive information to each other. In proposed model, office considered as sink or central station of collecting data. By neighbor node, house transfers its meter data to the next house. And next house sends data to another node that is its neighbor. Finally, data is received by office that uses a computer system. The data collected and processed by special software. The Microcontroller based system continuously records the readings and calculate the Figure 3. WSAN semiautomatic units consumed on that particular day by user.structure[4] According to day time(such as in morning cost will In other hand, in special application, it may per unit will be 3 RS and in afternoon it will less i.e.use cellular or clustering structure that there is a 2.5 RS )per unit cost the total unit consumed andcluster-head in each section that it collects its nodes it’s total cost will be continuously display on theinformation and sends to the sink. In fact, each LCD and the live meter reading can be sent to thecluster-head works like a gateway. Electricity department on request with help of Xbee.III. PROPOSED MODEL This system also can be used to disconnect Our proposed model is related to three main the power supply to the house in case of non-industries of Iran which are water, electricity and payment of electricity bills.gas distribution network.We can generalize this Person will get his total bill amount after 1model for all industries which need to collecting month on his energy meter and will give indicationdata from special locations. In three mentioned that bill amount has come , show message send bynetworks, there are meters for recording amount of electricity that ‘pay --- amount before due date’. Iffamilys consumption and for cutting or user will not pay the amount before its due date thenreconnecting of familys flow. For meter and they will disconnect power supply of that houseproposed model conformity, must to occurring In proposed model, for awareness of meterfollowing changes: state, central station sends a message or a query to the network in interval time and all meters must to • All meters must be equipped with wireless reply. By collecting responses via central station and transceivers. analyzing them, the damaged meters will be • All meters must be equipped with GPS. recognized. By attention to studies on water, But we can use some ways to determining electricity and gas offices, we can list five returns to meter position. houses that take place in every two month • The meter cutting and reconnecting key periodically; first is meter reading and recording must be had digital system and controlled data. wirelessly. • Security issue in data transmission must be observed. 40 All Rights Reserved © 2012 IJARCSEE
  3. 3. ISSN: 2277 – 9043 International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering Volume 1, Issue 4, June 2012 • Flow cutting from office wirelessly. • Recognizing damaged meters. • Recognizing offender families (this ability depends on the meter and software intelligence), if one meter pass the flow less than or more than common extent, system recognizes it and reports. • Controlling whole of network flow through reducing meter flow (in some cases that network needs to high Figure 6. Proposed model economy of families). • Overall cost is decreased. The bills will be delivered in second • Make quickly to users process.return. Third is for notification of families that havenot paid bills costs. While the families did notattention to the notification then must be cuttingthem meter. The fifth return to happens while family IV. RESULTShas paid the bills costs and wants to reconnectingflow. Moreover, the meter reading device, billsprinting and using autos and vehicles of office are Billother costs that imposed to office. meterid date Pre current uint bill due date In proposed model, there is not need forreturns to houses, because computer system receives 1 5/19/2007 01 22/05/12the data of each meter by sending query to the 1 5/19/2007 01 4 3 9 25/05/12network periodically. It extracts the cost bills and 1 11/06/12 30 60 30 300 14/05/12persons who should to receive notification and canto offer these to families in two ways. In first way,family is aware of bills costs by Short MassageService (SMS) and in second way, they can beaware by Email. After family informing, they canpay their bills automatically and send their billsbarcode to the computer system. For prevent fourth and fifth returns, thecomputer system cuts and reconnects flow byproducing specific security codes. The instruction isthis; when computer system after notificationchecking and delay times make decision to cuttingflow, sends one code by its wireless sender tosupposed wireless network. The code will be routedby wireless network routing algorithms and arrivesto supposed meter or node. By receiving this code,meter enables one key that causes to cutting theflow. And in some cases that we need to reconnectthe flow, computer system sends another code tonetwork that it causes reconnect it. APPLICATION ELECTICITY USED PER Computer system in proposed model DAY:includes complete software, a wirelesscommunication mechanism with meters networkand SMS sending system. Certainly, we can addmany abilities according to each officesrequirements to proposed model. So we can mentionproposed model abilities as follows: • Meter reading with one wireless system and synchronously. • Sending meter cost via email or SMS. • Recognize and sending notification to every one who must receive it because of pay delay. 41 All Rights Reserved © 2012 IJARCSEE
  4. 4. ISSN: 2277 – 9043 International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering Volume 1, Issue 4, June 2012 V. FUTURE WORKS AND CONCLUSION program", Mobile Network and Applications 9 (4) 379-391 2004. Recent progresses in integrated circuits [3] Akyildiz I.F.,Kasimoglu I. H., "wirelessmanufacturing technology in small sizes in one hand sensor and actuator networks: researchand expansion of wireless communication challenges ",Ad hoc Networks 351-367technology in other hand are caused the designing of 2004 2 (4).wireless sensor-actuator networks. [4] Al-Hammouri A., Liberatore V., Al-Omari In this paper we presented one model for H., Al-Qudah Z., Branicky M. S., Agrawalusing of WSNs in processes which are related to D., "Demo abstract: A Co-Simulationuser of water, gas and electricity. This process Platform for actuator networks" ,includes meter reading, Proceedings of the 5th internationaldistribution of bills, sending notice, cutting and conference on embedded networked sensorconnection of flow. Cost saving and efficiency that systems, 2007 384-384.resulted due to proposed model are shown in tables. [5] Xia F., zhao W., Sun Y., Tian Y.-H.,For future works we are practicing to offer more "Fuzzy Logic Control Based on Qosdetail Management in Wireless sensor/Actuatorof this great plan in other papers. Netwo [6] Implementation of AMR system using Power REFERENCES line communication, By B. S. Park, Associate member, IEEE, 2002 [1] Babak Aghaei Department of computer engineering Islamic Azad University, Malekan Branch Malekan, Iran,” Using Wireless Sensor Network in Water, Electricity and Gas industry” 2011 IEEE [2] Huang C.-. Lee H.-W., Tseng Y.-., "A two- tier heterogeneous mobile Ad Hoc network architecture and its load-balance routing 42 All Rights Reserved © 2012 IJARCSEE