Sons and lovers


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di Rosanna Fico - Istituto Orazio Flacco di Castellaneta

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Sons and lovers

  1. 1. David Herbert Lawrence
  2. 2.  He was born on 11 September 1885 in Eastwood. He became teacher and wrote stories: «The whitepeacock» and «The trepasser». He met Frieda von Richthofen and got married. His last novel: «Lady Chatterley’s lover» He died in 1930 in France.
  3. 3.  It is a semi-autobiographicalwork. It was published in 1913 andtalks about his claustrophobicrelationship with his mother. Paul Morel, the protagonistfeels something for Miriam andthis is based on the realfriendship with JessieChambers. The book is set in a communitysimilar to the author’sbirthplace.
  4. 4.  Lawrence’s novel begins in1885 and ends in 1911.During that time britishminers tried to obtain abetter pay and saferworking conditions.
  5. 5.  The story talks about Morel’s family; Gertrude Coppard(bourgeois woman) and Walter Morel (miner) met at a Christmasparty and a year after they were married. They had 4 children:William, Arthur, Annie and Paul. Paul was similar to his mother,he loved painting and worked in Nottingham. He had a closerelationship with his mother, infact he wanted that she livedforever with him.
  6. 6.  One day Paul and Gertrude went to Willey’s farm and here Paulmet Miriam, a joung girl. They fell in love but sometimes he hatedher even if he felt to belong to her who wanted a «spiritual love» .Thanks to Miriam he met Clara Dawes, a married woman whobroke off with her husband. Paul was attracted by Clara but sheadvised him to go to Miriam. Paul and Miriam had a real lovestory but after some time they broke off because he didn’t wantto get married and the day after he began a secret love story withClara. When their passion finished and Baxter discovered thestory they broke off and she retourned to her husband.
  7. 7.  While Paul was loving Clara his mother got ill, she had a cancerand when she got worse Annie and Paul «killed» their mothergiving her the morphine so she died the day after.Paul was alone and desperate because of his mother’s death sohe thought that Miriam could help him; they met for the lasttime: she wanted to marry him but he refused so finally Pauldecided to face the situation with courage.
  8. 8.  Social differences: Mr. and Mrs. Morel. Oedipus complex: Freud. Social and romantic bondages. Contrast between body and mind.
  9. 9.  It was published only afew years after the ideasof S. Freud and the writersbegan to be influenced byFreud’s theory of Oedipuscomplex. In this novel themain character is themother who has a badmarriage and she tries tobe happy by eating up herson’s life.
  10. 10.  Lawrence rewrote the novel four times.At the beginning the title was «PaulMorel» but finally it was called «Sonsand lovers»
  11. 11.  It is written using Nottinghamshiredialect, the author uses always the word«nesh». Lawrence adoptes the omniscientnarrator. There is also the cinematic tecnique inthe descriptions. It is structured episodically.
  12. 12.  We can make a parallelism betweenDickens and Lawrence: Dickens in HardTimes wrote a description of Coketownthat is similar to Lawrence description ofthe industrial setting, Nottinghanshirecoal-fields, in the first chapter.
  13. 13.  «Sons ans lovers»inspired also amovie in 1960,directed by JackCardiff, with DeanStockwell as Pauland Wendy Hiller asGertrude.
  14. 14. Theend