Arthur Conan Doyle


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Arthur Conan Doyle

  1. 1. ARTHUR CONANDOYLE«The Lost World»
  2. 2.  Born in Edinburgh on 22 May 1859. From 1876 to 1881: Studied medicineat the University of Edinburgh. 1885: Got married with LouisaHawkins died of tuberculosis (twochildren). 1907: Got married with ElizabethLeckie (three children).ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE’SLIFE
  3. 3.  Released in 1912. Type of novel: First example of«Science Fiction». Narrator: First person narration. Style: full of scientific descriptions.THE LOST WORLDThe book Basic informations:
  4. 4. Main Characters Edward Malone - journalist Prof G.E. Challenger - scientist Prof Summerlee - scientist Lord John Roxton - explorerSecondary Characters Gladys Hungerton - woman loved by Malone Mr McArdle - the editor Zambo and Gomez - IndiansBASIC INFORMATIONSSettings London South America
  5. 5. PLOT The journalist Edward Malone asks to his editor to be sent in a far place to face a very dangerousadventure to impress his lover Gladys Hungerton who promised to marry him after the demonstrationof his bravery. Malone is sent to the «strange» Prof Challenger who, after a violent first meeting,agrees to talk with him about his fantastic discovery done during his last journey in South America: theexistence of some Jurassic creatures in the unexplored forest. The professor, because of theinsistence of the reporter, decides to illustrare his impressive discovery during a scientific meeting inLondon when Challenger is mocked by the most of the scientists because he had no evidence of hisabsurd theory, expecially by Prof Summerlee who will accept Challenger’s proposal to travel toAmerica to ascertain the truth with the company of Malone and John Roxton, a skilled and braveexplorer. So they fly to South America where they meet their guides, two native indians, Zamboo andGomez. They are introduced in the savage forest but Gomez destroys the bridge built to reach the«plateau» after the passage of our heroes to revange his brother’s death killed time before by Roxton.But Zamboo continues to be loyal and becomes the only possibility to send to London Malone’sreport-mails.
  6. 6. So the exlorers begin their trip in the forest discoverying a lot of Jurassic animal and prehistoricalplants but, unfortunately, a strange tribe of Ape-Men tries to kill the two professor and other nativeindians of an other prehistorical but more «human» tribe. Malone and Roxton save them anddestroy the ape men tribe with the help of the Indian tribe and expecially the use of their modernand fatal weapons, efficient also against the dangerous dinosaurs and for this reason the nativepopulation do not want to let them go home but with the help of one them, the explorers are ableto reach the «normal world» and come back home. Back in London they organize a conference toshow their discoveries and, with the surprise of those presents, Prof Challenger frees a dinosaur inthe hall as incontrovertible evidence. Then Malone goes to Gladys to talk about his adventure andhe discovers that during his absence she had got married with an other inept men. Shocked hereaches the other friends because Roxton had to give them something: real diamonds found in theplateau that permitted them to realize their dreams.
  8. 8.  DECORUM: Victorians privatelives were subject to anauthoritarian male figureconsedered as a «refuge».. RESPECTABILITY:peculiarity that distinguished themiddle class from the lowerones, symbol of the hipocrisy ofthis period.THE VICTORIAN COMPROMISEReferences in the novel:Gladys Hungerton is thestereotype of the perfect Victorianwoman because she wants a braveman synonymous of protection: a«Refuge» but at the end shemarries a banal man to underlinethe hipocrisy of Victorian people.
  9. 9.  DARWINISM: based onDarwin’s evolution theories butadopted in social field to supportthe idea of superiority of the race. POSITIVISM: philosoficaltheory that gives total importanceto empirical and scientificknowledge.NEW THEORIESReferences in the novelThe two professors are the symbolof the total devotion and faith inscientific knowledge but this is abit passed by the description of aJurassic land - unreal. Then thePositivism is hidden behind theirracist behaviors against the nativeindians considered as inferior.