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International Institute for Procurement and Market Research (IIPMR)

International Institute for Procurement and Market Research (IIPMR)



International Institute for Procurement and Market Research (IIPMR) is a global leader in training and certification for Research and Supply Chain Management education. It is the developer of ...

International Institute for Procurement and Market Research (IIPMR) is a global leader in training and certification for Research and Supply Chain Management education. It is the developer of internationally recognized certification programs such as

* Certified Research Analyst (CRA)
* Certified Research Expert (CRE)
* Certified Research Professional (CRP)
* Certified Supply Chain Associate (CSCA)
* Certified Supply Chain Specialist (CSCS)
* Certified Procurement Professional (CPP)

IIPMR certified members (CRA, CRE, CRP, CSCA, CSCS and CPP) are recognised worldwide as the sign of a qualified Research and Supply chain management professional and are achieved through examination and recognition of relevant prior learning.

For more information visit: http://www.iipmr.com/education



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    International Institute for Procurement and Market Research (IIPMR) International Institute for Procurement and Market Research (IIPMR) Presentation Transcript

    • Courses Offered Eligibility: 2.Any graduate or Post Graduate 3.Work Experience not required Eligibility: 2.Any graduate or Post Graduate 3.One year relevant work experience or Level 1 Certification such as CRA/ CSCA Eligibility: 2.Any graduate or Post Graduate 3.Three years relevant work experience or Level 2 Certification such as CRE/CSCS
    • PlacementsHi everybody. This is Lin Meifeng from Shanghai, China. I have more than 4 years experience in the MarketResearch Industry and I am also a Certified Research Expert. There is a large demand for IIPMR certifiedresearch candidates in China and Hongkong. In fact, the certified candidates are usually paid a higher salarythan non-certified people here. Most of the leading market research companies in China such as the ChinaMarket Research Group, Force Research and ACMR Consulting prefer to recruit only IIPMR CertifiedResearch Analysts. Moreover, by being a member of International Institute for Procurement and MarketResearch, I get access to the latest trends and research techniques and it helps me to keep myself updated Placed as Research Manager at SXLabout the industry GroupThanks & Regards,Lin MeifengE-mail: linmeifeng@ymail.comHi. I am Becky from London and I am a Certified Research Expert currently working at Vision one, a leadingmarket research firm. The Certifications offered by International Institute for Procurement and MarketResearch are widely recognized in Europe and certified professionals are also highly paid. Typical salarypackages offered by most companies for IIPMR certified professionals are anywhere between £27,000 to£35,000Thanks & Regards, Placed as Senior Research AnalystBecky Lubela at Vision OneE-mail: beckylubel@gmail.com
    • PlacementsIIPMR Offers industry focused training program for Supply Chain Management. It makes students jobready. A reliable partner. Thanks for helping me get through Wipro.Thanks & Regards,Ranjith PurushothE-mail: ranjithpurushoth@gmail.com Placed as Senior Officer – Sourcing at WiproI found this course very relevant and Sunil Sir’s effective handling and coverage helped me to faceinterview at Wipro with confidence. Thanks to Sunil Sir and IIPMR.Thanks & Regards,Arun SiddarthE-mail: arunsiddarth_84@yahoo.co.in Placed as Senior Officer – Sourcing at WiproThis course is for 2 months but I got placed in the 3rd week itself after I joined. I got an offer atConnectivity Data Systems as a Research Analyst.Thanks & Regards,RupeashE-mail: rupeashshiv@gmail.com Placed as Research Analyst at Connectivity Data Systems
    • PlacementsHi people, this is Melinda and I am from Brazil. I have successfully completed the exam for CertifiedResearch Analyst and I am now working with Brazil Market Research Association as a Senior Analyst. TheIIPMR Certifications are of high value in Brazil and so once you are certified it is easy to get jobs in leadingMarket Research companies and also in government departments. Moreover, the online video classesfrom IIPMR are simply superb and very interesting to learn. You also get to study rare techniques such asPrice Forecasting and Financial Risk analysis. If you want to get in to the market research industry, then it isvery important to be IIPMR certified Placed as Research Analyst at BMRAThanks & Regards,Melinda HazelE-mail:melinda.hazel@ymail.comIIPMRS course is unique in terms of covering both Market Research and SCM. I have done a thoroughresearch on various institutes in Chennai but most of them only teach Primary research. But IIPMRsmodules cover everything including Price Forecasting. This course helped me to sharpen my research andprocurement skills. It’s a great effort from Mr. Sunil and other faculties who have made wonderful onlinecourse material. The online course covers all modules in detail, so we dont miss even a small topic. I got aoffer from Flextronics for a senior position with a salary of Rs.3.5 lakhs/annum even before my coursecompletion. I sincerely thank Mr. Sunil for helping in placements and encouraging during difficultsituations. I strongly recommend this course to all fresher’s who wants to start their career in MarketResearch & SCM Placed as Specialist Buyer atThanks & Regards, FlextronicsRafik AhamedE-mail: rafikve@gmail.com
    • PlacementsIIPMR is very well structured with strong Educational & Experienced background. Myexperience with this institute gave me confidence and vision to the available opportunitiesand possibilities. Definitely IIPMR is a stepping stone in my career.I sincerely thank Mr. Sunil, for spending time very patiently in reviewing my career goalsand recommending strategies for achieving them. His advice was very helpful and gave me anew perspective on available opportunities. Always I like his confidence, he have very goodKnowledge, Experience & Clarity in field of Marker Research & Supply Chain Management.According to my vision definitely IIPMR is going to be a big Institute in India for MarketResearch & SCM. I wish all the Success to this Institute and my upcoming Juniors .I thank IIPMR for helping me in getting placed at Connectivity Data Systems even before Placed as Research Analyst at Connectivity Data Systemsproject completion. I am glad to start my career as a Research Analyst with a starting salaryof Rs.17,500 per month.Thanks & Regards,Delsingh BrightE-mail: medelsingh@gmail.com
    • PlacementsHi this is Steve from NY, USA and I am both a Certified Research Analyst as well as a Certified Supply ChainAssociate. Market Research and Supply Chain Management are the next top booming industries and that isexactly the reason why I have completed both these certifications. Right now, I am just bombarded withjob offers almost every single day with salaries ranging from $90,000 to $120,000 a year. The CRAcertification has become the most valued certification in the Research Industry. And similarly, Certifiedsupply chain associate has become the highest rated certification this year. Employers in these twoindustries prefer to recruit only IIPMR certified candidates. The lectures are cool as they are taught byexperts in the Industry. Placed as Consultant at Establish IncThanks & Regards,Steve JaggerE-mail: stevejagger98@gmail.comI am extremely happy and delighted joining IIPMR. I am half way through the course and I got placed atFlextronics as a Specialist Buyer (senior cadre). And I am offered a starting pay of Rs.3,75,000 Per annum.More than the job aspect what makes the course interesting is, the 100 hours course module which isequivalent to two years work experience in Market research and Supply chain management as far as I amconcerned. Apart from all above I am extremely pleased with the way MR. Sunil Ashwin Roy (founderIIPMR) has lent a helping hand to me, in every possible way even without a slight tinge of hesitation. Eventhe course fee is very nominal when compared with what you get in the end. Long way to go IIPMR and Iam proud to say that I am a product of it.Thanks & Regards, Placed as Specialist Buyer at Flextronics AchyuthE-mail: achyuth.giridhar@gmail.com
    • PlacementsI have over 2 years of experience in Supply Chain Management. I am also a Certified Supply Chain Specialist(CSCS) from International Institute for Procurement and Market Research (IIPMR). I decided to do thiscertification course from IIPMR as there is huge demand in the job market for IIPMR certified professionalsnot only in Canada but also in USA as these certifications are globally recognized. The course curriculum isone of the best and you get to learn the latest concepts directly from the industry experts. The best part Ilike about this certification is that you can take the classes online from the comfort of your home anytime.All you need is an internet connection and a computer. My ultimate aim is to become a Certified Placed as Procurement Analyst atProcurement Professional and work in a fortune 500 company as Chief Procurement Officer. DalsaThanks & Regards,Jason RuttanE-mail: jasonruttan865@gmail.comHi this is Cindy from Italy. I am a certified Supply Chain Associate currently working with Hudco Electronics.I decided to become certified as there is a large demand for IIPMR certified professionals in Italy, Franceand Germany. A big advantage is that the certification from IIPMR is globally recognized and the salarypackages offered to certified professionals are always higher than others. My next step is to become aCertified Supply Chain Specialist to enhance my career. This certification is very prestigious and is of highvalue and Most of the companies here prefer hiring people with IIPMR certificationThanks & Regards, Placed as Sourcing Analyst atCindy Luther Hudco ElectronicsE-mail: cindyluther161@gmail.com
    • PlacementsIIPMR is a unique institute which offers career-oriented courses in the fields of Supply Chain Management& Market Research. The various modules covered provide great knowledge and exposure. The courseequipped me with thorough understanding of a number of concepts which are being used currently in thecorporate world. That is why I feel IIPMR is unique, since the courses offered here enables an individual tobe career-ready. I thank IIPMR and Mr. Sunil for the guidance, which has helped me get a lucrative job inthe field of procurement. The certification is of immense value. Placed as Associate Buyer at GlobalThanks & Regards, eProcureKarthik NagarajanE-mail: nkarthik1612@gmail.comWhat happens in product and supply markets? How does one make useful insight from all these to takeeffective decisions both in the procurement and its associated supply chain? I was wondering how dopeople make sense of all these info and how do they get it. All these demands thorough research andcritical analysis. When I came across IIPMR course content, naturally, I was wired to this idea at the verystart aiding my research aptitude. I am sure this course gives a solid grounding to any one who aspires tobe in the Research and Analysis wing forming part of the global supply chain dynamics. And then, do startit young! You will cherish it Placed as Research Analyst atThanks & Regards, Shree ConsultantsThandri NarayananE-mail: thandri.r.narayanan@gmail.com
    • Placements First of all I would like to heartily appreciate the initiative took by IIPMR in bridging the gapbetween business intelligence & SCM industry. The course material and instructional design washighly comprehensive and simply awesome. Experts say that the opportunities for trained marketanalytics and SCM are huge. IIPMR creates professionals and gratify this vast industry. This course ishighly recommended for people with a burning desire to achieve more in management, consulting,business intelligence, supply chain management, economics, finance etc. Despite of experiencedprofessionals, it also really helps the freshers to be ahead of the curve in getting a job. Manyprofessionals, who choose to have a seamless transition in their career, prefer this industry due toits tremendous growth potential.This course brought me a paradigm shift in my career. I got placed as a project manager in a leadingmarket analytics company. Placed as Project Manager at AIOCD PharmaThis program is going to be a boon for freshers and professionals because of the “boom” in thisindustry.I thank you once again for your efforts, support and guidance!!!Thanks & Regards,S.RamakrishnanE-mail: sramakrishnan6@gmail.com
    • PlacementsHi my name is William. I am a Certified Procurement Professional and I’m currently working as a SeniorProcurement Manager in Dunlop Peripherals, USA. The Certified Procurement Professional is considered tobe one of the World’s most prestigious certification today since top companies such as Mckinsey, GoldmanSachs, Wipro, Accenture and Capgemini prefer recruiting only IIPMR Certified Candidates. If you are seriousabout getting in to the Supply Chain Industry, then an IIPMR certification is what you need!Thanks & Regards,William Curis Placed as Senior ProcurementE-mail: williamcuris@ymail.com Manager at Dunlop PeripheralsThe CSCS certification is one of the best investments I have made in my life as it has tremendous amountof value in the job market. After I completed the exam and became a certified supply chain specialist, I wasable to get placed at Maersk which is a dream come true for me!Thanks & Regards,ChandrasekharE-mail: s_chandrus2005@yahoo.co.in Placed as Senior Associate at Maersk
    • PlacementsThis is an excellent institute to learn Supply Chain Management and also Market Research.They place candidates quickly in reputed organizations. I am grateful to Mr. Sunil whotrained me well & guided me to give my best in all my interviews. I am really happy that I amplaced in Accenture with a starting salary of Rs.2,25,000/- per year due to his constantmotivation and encouragement. The Free Mock interview sessions and Personalitydevelopment training helped me a lot in clearing the interview. I believe that Mr. Sunil is the Placed as Senior Associate – Accenturebest trainer & friend I’ve ever seen in my life. Once again I thank him for his interest to makeyoung people grow in their life.Thanks & Regards,Nazira BanuE-mail: nazi.gzlz@gmail.com
    • PlacementsA break from a boring career to the world of exciting opportunities in terms of salary andworking environment is what I had expected. I always felt that a career in Supply chainmanagement or Market Research would suffice my expectations. However I was notfamiliar with the standards and concepts of this institute called IIPMR until I joined.The Course focuses on Market Research and Procurement which is very unique in that itcaters to the needs of this industry. Unlike any other course this institute teaches only whatis required by the Industry. It was well structured deriving parallels with working pattersfrom the industry. Placed as Research Analyst at Aura Media TechPersonally it was an enjoyable experience because the students-teacher interaction wasexcellent. If one wants to learn concepts of Market Research and Supply Chain Managementin a great ambience where lectures are interactive then IIPMR is the place to start. I thankIIPMR for all the training and efforts taken and very happy to be placed as a ResearchAnalyst at Career vala.Thanks & Regards,Sriram RadhakrishnanE-mail: ram_specgod@yahoo.com
    • PlacementsThe course is structured perfectly so as to help students gain vital knowledgethat would enable them to enter the corporate world. All the industryterminologies and jargons are well explained, so that no difficulties occur duringthe time of joining the corporate world. The course is very helpful and advantageous to anyone who hasan ambition to become a market research or a supply chain analyst . Placed as Senior Research Analyst at Connectivity Data Systems The course helped me break through in the research field, as I am nowcurrently employed with NG Connectivity Data Systems as a Senior ResearchAnalyst. I am happy to get placed even before course completion directly as aSenior although I do not have any prior experience in this field.Thanks & Regards,Bhaaradwaj.SE-mail: grandemacabre@gmail.com
    • Placements First of all great "KUDOS" for IIPMR for the initiatives taken to introduce this course. This course helped me to gain knowledge in market research and Statistical analysis tools. In turn helped to climb to good position in my career. Indeed I got offer from Accenture for senior position with a salary of Rs.4 lakh per year. I personally demand all SCM professionals to learn and update themself which in turn unleashes wide wing of opportunities in their career path. I recommend this course for all fresh graduates, who like to start their career in Supply Chain Management. On verdict of this program, it helps every individual to gain confidence in SCM and Market Research which in turn to unveil their knowledge towards industry. Placed as Senior Besides there is huge scope for individuals in Supply Chain and Market Research, Since this domain has hugeProcurement Analyst potential for fresh graduates too. I wish a huge success for IIPMR and for the people whose are ready to travel at Accenture in this same boat for long run. Thanks & regards, Rakesh Babu E-mail: sankar.rakeshbabu@gmail.com The Course on Supply Chain Management & Market Research at IIPMR was very useful. I got placed in Accenture with starting salary of Rs.2.4 lakhs/year even before course completion and project. I thank IIPMR for the dedicated placement cell and all the efforts that was taken in placing me. Placed as Thanks & regards Procurement Analyst Fahad Iqbal at Accenture E-mail: fahadonein@gmail.com, fahad24in@gmail.com
    • PlacementsI greatly admire IIPMR for its unique and well structured course. Unlike in college, what they teach here isexactly what you require in the job market. I am glad to be certified from IIPMR. I not only got a jobimmediately after the course, but also opportunity to deliver lectures in Logistics and ERP which are mycore competencies. I wish IIPMR all the best and keep up the good work! Placed as Associate Buyer at GlobaleprocureThanks & Regards,Suresh JeyachandranE-mail: sureshmanila@gmail.comExcellent Course that adds value to your Resume. Get handpicked by companies because of the globalrecognition. I thank IIPMR for helping me to get placed at Standard Chartered.Thanks & Regards,Martin Placed as Senior Research Analyst –E-mail: martin.stanislaus@gmail.com Standard Chartered
    • FeedbackHi there. I am Catherine and I am the Vice President of California Consulting, USA. We are one of the topsupply chain consulting companies in USA and we usually prefer hiring Certified Supply Chain Associatesand Certified Supply Chain Specialists. The reason why we recruit IIPMR certified candidates is because oftheir high level of Knowledge and excellent analytical skills. I personally find them to be very productivethan others.Thanks & Regards,Catherine VP, California Consulting, USAE-mail: catherinejochem@ymail.comHello. I’m Jeff Spoor and I am the vice president of Infinite Solutions. I have been in the Supply ChainIndustry for over 25 years and I should say that IIPMR Certified Professionals are very intelligent and areusually top performers.Unlike other universities, the certifications offered by International Institute for Procurement and MarketResearch are globally recognized and are highly respected in USA and other countries as well.Thanks & Regards,Jeff Spoor VP, Infinite Solutions, USAE-mail: jeff_spoor@yahoo.com
    • FeedbackHi! This is Dorothy and I am the Director of Fortune Research. We regularly recruit Certified ResearchAnalysts for our offices in Poland, UK and Dubai. IIPMR certified folks are definitely one step above thanthe rest due to their brilliant research skills & expertise. And for this year, we have plans to recruit around180 Certified Research Analysts in Poland. Candidates who are certified are most welcome to apply forthese vacancies through our website.Thanks & Regards,Dorothy Shiago Director, Fortune Research, PolandE-mail: dorothyshiago@ymail.comHi my name is Lisa and I currently work as a Senior HR Manager in Kasper Industries which is based out ofMoscow in Russia. We have a preference to hire only IIPMR Certified professionals for our company as theyare very good in technical analysis and possess high knowledge in supply chain management. We regularlyrecruit Certified Supply Chain Specialists for our company.Thanks & Regards,Lisa JeffreyE-mail: lisajeffrey752@gmail.com Senior HR Manager, Kasper Industries, Russia
    • Eligibility  Any Under graduation or Post graduation  Fresh or Experienced  Good Communication Skills  Good Analytical Skills
    • About IIPMR What is IIPMR?  Is a Research & Supply Chain Consulting Company based out of Texas, USA.  IIPMR is the developer of globally recognized certification programs that are most valued and in high demand.  www.iipmr.com is the worlds first online Business to business (B2B) E-commerce platform that has an inbuilt Market Intelligence/Market Research tool. It has registered members from 54+ countries ranging from CEOs, Procurement Managers and analysts.  Offers Research, Supply Chain Management & Procurement Services to clients in more than 15 countries  Does customized research and offers research reports for sale online at www.iipmr.com  Offers Training, Certification programs & Placement in Wipro, Accenture, Flextronics etc
    • About IIPMR The International Institute for Procurement and Market Research (IIPMR) was founded by Mr. Sunil Ashwin Roy in the year 2008. Having worked for MNCs like HCL and Beroe Inc which is a US based market intelligence firm, Sunil has over 5+ years and over 21,000 man hours of real time industry experience. During his stint at Beroe Inc, He has had the opportunity to work with several fortune 100 MNCs on project implementation and has travelled across several continents including countries such as USA, Argentina, France, Italy, Turkey, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and China. He has handled business research, market research, strategic sourcing, supply chain consulting, procurement intelligence, analytics, Founder, IIPMR price forecasting, supply chain risk, low cost country sourcing and client account management. He has held several positions such as Research Manager, Head of low cost country sourcing and Client Account Management wherein multiple teams comprising of 30-50 Research analysts were reporting to him. In terms of industry verticals, He has worked on projects in Health care, Pharmaceuticals, Specialty Chemicals, Paper & Paperboard, IT, Electronics and FMCG. Sunil has the prestigious distinction of successfully completing the Executive Program in Supply Chain Management from IIM Calcutta with excellent grade in Supply Chain Management and E-Sourcing and is also a graduate in B.E (EEE) from Anna University.
    • About IIPMR  During the course of his work, He realized the need for a state of the art international online platform which offers all the required facilities that procurement managers and suppliers would need to conduct seamless and effective transactions that is beneficial to both parties. Today IIPMR offers facilities such as Price index of commodities, Reverse auctions, Request for Quotations (RFQs), Special offers from suppliers, Market Research reports, Trade Regulation reports, Weather forecast, Currency Forecast, Logistics report, Price forecast and real time news pertaining to specific industries. In less than 3 years time, IIPMR now has members from 54 countries across the world that belongs to small and large MNCs.  Apart from Research & Consulting assignments, IIPMR is actively involved in training and placement of candidates in Research, Procurement, Supply chain and Analytics in major companies such as Infosys, IBM, Accenture, HCL, Capgemini, Genpact, Cognizant, TCS etc.  IIPMR also offers real time projects for MBA and Ph.d Students. At USA At Argentina At Vietnam At China
    • IIPMR’s Clients
    • Introduction What is Supply Chain & Market Research?• In case of a Manufacturing set up, Supply Chain is nothing but the entire chain that starts right at thepoint of procuring raw materials for manufacturing a particular commodity/product to the point where it issold. This involves managing the supply of raw materials, its inventory, maintenance of machinery requiredto manufacture the product, manpower, factory premises, packaging, transportation and delivery of theproduct from the factory to the warehouse, from the warehouse to the distributor and from thedistributor to the retail outlet. Supply chain is also applicable to service industry. In case of a services setup, supply chain is nothing but the entire chain that starts with the different modes of deliveryinfrastructure such as the employees, desktops, laptops, kiosks, websites and anything else that is used todeliver a service in a company framework. It also involves data centers, servers, storage devices andfirewalls.• Contrary to popular belief, Market Research is not marketing. It is more of Industry data analysis anddata interpretation.• Market Research is nothing but collecting, analyzing and interpreting data in order to produce usefulinformation with actionable insights.• Market Research is also known as Business research or Market Intelligence.
    • IntroductionFollowing are the industries that use Supply Chain & Market Research: IT (Capgemini, Infosys, IBM, HCL, Wipro, Accenture etc) Manufacturing (Nokia, Dell, HP etc) Pharmaceutiful Firms (Pfizer, Novartis, Biocon etc) Banking (Eg. RBS, Standard Chartered etc) Chemicals (Eg. Reliance, Aditya Birla Group) Retailing (Target, Walmart, etc) Research Agencies (IMRB, Gartner, Infinity Research etc) Consulting Firms (Mckinsey, KPMG, E&Y, Beroe Inc) Supply Chain and Procurement (Global e-procure, ABC Procure etc)
    • Supply Chain & Market Research Why Should you learn Supply Chain & Market Research?  Demand for Supply Chain and Market Research professionals is expected to grow by 20% every year in India and by 16.85% globally.  Shortage of trained Research Professionals in India and Abroad.  Highly paid job with Salaries ranging from Rs.25,000 – Rs.1,00,000 per month.  On site opportunities within 1 – 3 years.  Opportunity to Settle Abroad.  Get Placed as Research Analyst, Business Analyst, Procurement analyst, Purchase Analyst, Supply Chain Analyst and Supply Chain Consultant.
    • Facilities at IIPMR Following are the facilities available at IIPMR:  World Class Online Learning Management System that adheres to SCORM International Standard  Air-conditioned class rooms at Study Centers  Wi-Fi  Faculty from IIM and leading business schools  Industry exposure  Free Personality Development sessions  Free Aptitude Training and sample tests  Free Resume Preparation in Monster.com, Indeed.com and Naukri.com  Free Profile preparation on linkedin.com  Free Mock Interviews  Free real-time project experience.
    • Duration & Fees Certified Research Analyst (CRA) Certified Research Expert (CRE) Certified Research Professional (CRP)Duration: 100 hours, Duration: 180 hours, Duration: 240 hours,Fees: US $500 or INR 24,999/- (Including. Tax) Fees: US $600 or INR 29,999/- (Including. Tax) Fees: US $700 or INR 34,999/- (Including. Tax)Delivery: E-learning Delivery: E-learning Delivery: E-learningCertified Supply Chain Associate (CSCA) Certified Supply Chain Specialist (CSCS) Certified Procurement Professional (CPP)Duration: 100 hours, Duration:180 hours, Duration: 240 hours,Fees: US $500 or INR 24,999/- (Including. Tax) Fees: US $600 or INR 29,999/- (Including. Tax) Fees: US $700 or INR Rs.34,999/- (Including. Tax)Delivery: E-learning Delivery: E-learning Delivery: E-learning Fee includes the following: • Online classes will be a combination of video sessions & Practicals • Free Personality Development sessions • Free Training on Aptitude, Analytical, Verbal & Logical Reasoning with Sample Tests • Free Resume Preparation in Monster.com, Indeed.com and Naukri.com • Free Profile preparation on Linkedin.com • Free Mock Interview training • Free Real-time project experience • Free Placement Assistance and Job alerts.