Know your Shoppers


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Wouldn't it be helpful to operate with deep insight into your shoppers’ behavior and motivation?

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Know your Shoppers

  1. 1. Revenue.Your customer’s in-store path and behavior holds the key to tremendous insight. Shoppers face countless options, with each trip a new opportunity for conversion and satisfaction. Accurately knowing which departments they visit, when, and for how long can inform your business as much as your POS data. How long do they dwell in each department and when? How often do they return? For those who don’t buy… where did they go? For each decision you make in mer- chandising, marketing and operations… what was the effect on traffic? Now you have the resource to know. KnowYour Shopper&GrowYour Wouldn’t it be helpful to operate with deep insight into your shoppers’ behavior and motivation? iInside’s retail location solutions offer the most precise indoor location technology available for capturing and analyzing consumer movement and understanding in-store traffic and behavior. With iInside, businesses gain strategic awareness to optimize revenue, test resources, identify departmental performance and increase conversion. “Turning shopper behavior into actionable insights is our company mission,” says Jon Rosen, executive vice president of corporate development at iInside. “When we understand where our shoppers are going, when they visit and how long they stay, we understand their intent and can inform our teams to better serve them. iInside delivers precise shopper traffic insights, and enables retailers to appeal to shoppers at a more informed level.” Understanding in-store traffic behavior reveals shopper motivations and actions that are crucial to optimizing sales and revenue performance. With detailed shopper traffic data, retailers can improve operations, enhance the shopper experience and increase the performance of stores and departments, while protecting the anonymity and privacy of every consumer. You spend a substantial amount of resources pro- moting your products. What is the precise effect of those efforts? In today’s customer-centric landscape, retailers struggle to identify which marketing efforts resonate. Shopper traffic measurements inform the direct and indirect effect of campaigns – so that marketing budgets can be channeled to maximize revenue. The ability to identify and understand shopper behavior provides ac- curate information regarding the potential for new products. Detailed shopper traffic data identifies marketing efforts that drive demand, and those that do not, and when and where across the chain. An improved checkout experience equals dollars and cents for your business A critical Customer Service metric is the wait time at checkout. It’s now fast, easy and inexpensive to implement a Queue Management solution at POS across the entire chain. With precise wait time reports, retailers can set standards, measure and manage wait times at every store, and even every register. The result? Better customer service, higher conver- sion and increased repeat visits. Today’s retail marketing and merchandising managers must: Understand the connections between in-store traffic and marketing and merchandising efforts. Improve marketing by testing media and messages against shopper behavior beyond POS data. Leverage shopper traffic data to make better decisions about products, placement, marketing and operations. Increase sell-through and retention with data-driven approaches through in-store behavioral analytics. iInside helps you answer the important questions: Which departments across the chain are converting well or poorly? How does each department in each individual store convert compared to the company average? How long are people waiting to check out at POS? Did a promotion drive traffic to the right products? Are displays and signs working? Does advertising drive the desired results? With indoor traffic metrics, you can measure the actions that made a difference. Request an introductory WebEx at 877.500.9379. For more information, visit us at