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Consumer & Brand Trends in a Digital World 2014


Consumers have become more demanding with Internet of Things becoming a reality and Brands are facing challenges from a new breed of players identified as Clean Slate Brands. …

Consumers have become more demanding with Internet of Things becoming a reality and Brands are facing challenges from a new breed of players identified as Clean Slate Brands.

Look at this SlideShare, to see our take on 7 Consumer Trends and 7 Brand Trends which will shape the entire landscape in 2014 and beyond.

This is the era of the Screenager and with Multiple screens comes Multiple Paths to Purchase thus making it even more challenging for Brands to find that perfect fit of Communication and Engagement that can result in Consumer Loyalty.

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  • 1. Digital Trends A Presentation by IDEATELABS
  • 2. 7,200,429,000 TOTAL POPULATION 1 / 17 TABLET USERS 1/5 SMARTPHONE USERS 1/4 SOCIAL MEDIA USERS 1/3 INTERNET USERS Figures as on December 2013 Story told by IDEATELABS Source: BI Intelligence
  • 3. The Age of SCREENAGERS Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 4. A new Consumer has emerged: USER 3.0 SEARCH SURF SHARE Avid Searchers who use Web + Mobile to instantly research a product or Service anywhere, anytime. They form impressions about brands / issues after seeing news / content / ads & Reviews on the same by others. Avid Social Media Consumers who actively SEEK & SHARE experiences with thousands of others in an instant. Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 5. What to look forward to in 2014 Consumer Trends Brand Trends Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 7. CONSUMERS WANT MORE… Over the past five years consumer expectations have increased on average by 20%. The trend Continues… Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 8. Newer, better, faster, cleaner, more open and responsive CLEAN SLATE BRANDS consumers are rushing to new brands on the block and are now lavishing love, attention and trust on brands without heritage and history. Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 9. WEARABLE TECH is not just for gadget heads. The market for wearable tech is projected to reach $6bn by 2016. Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 10. VISUAL ENGAGEMENT Consumers, having become more visually literate, will move from text outreach to more image-based connections. Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 11. LUST FOR THE NEW The ‘new’ has never been hotter, as the entire world, is now creating new products, services & experiences, as a way of life, in every industry. ! Which moves 'NEW' from being a tired marketing ploy by ‘old’ brands ('new and improved!'), to a genuine, exciting proposition for consumers. Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 12. THE QUANTIFIED SELF Blood pressure, pulse and steps are just some examples of how consumers want to measure and track their health with mobile devices, using personally-generated data. Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 13. CROWDSHAPING In 2014, more people will pool their data, profiles and preferences, in groups (small & big) to shape new goods and services. ! ! Via social media, histories, ecommerce, endless read/watch/play lists, smartphone GPS services and more, connected consumers are creating vast profiles and data trails that relate to everything from their music preferences to their daily movements. Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 15. To understand HOW to Sell your BRAND You need to know… WHERE IS THE CONSUMER, TODAY. Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 16. Brand is as brand does. What brands truly stand for, not just what they say, will be the deciding factor in increased sales. ! There will be an intensified focus on VALUES, BELIEFS & CSR. ! Going well beyond the functional & emotional benefits of products and services, corporate culture will determine brand loyalty. Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 17. Social media becomes old school. ! Social engagement transitions from being a shiny, new object to being a customer service and marketing necessity. Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 18. #INSTATRUST Brands that simplify customer decision-making are 115% more likely to be recommended. Now that experiences are increasingly shared, and even the newest of the new is instantly reviewed and rated, consumers have THE F-FACTOR, and feel more confident in being earlier and earlier adopters. THE F - FACTOR = FRIENDS / FANS / FOLLOWERS Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 19. Brands Will Get Emotional ! ! ! ! ! ! Values that drive the decision process to select one brand versus another has become more emotionally-driven. ! Successful brands will need to identify what emotional values in the category they compete, and use them for meaningful differentiation. Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 20. Targeting Becomes Personal ! With consumers craving – and expecting – more… more customized, more personalized, more experiences… ! Brands will increasingly need to respond to real consumer expectations. Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 21. Mobile Optimised ! Brands will need to adapt strategies and delivery mechanisms, content and flow of communications to match increased consumer multi-tasking and multi-screen behaviour. Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 22. Integration Intensification ! ! ! ! ! ! Brand marketing & digital budgets will fuse as teams work jointly. ! Multi-platform traditional & digital models will require social media integration into all marketing efforts, with responsibilities extended to customer experience, design, sales, and product development. Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 23. The Funnel Flattens 
 What used to be a “purchase funnel,” that became a “path-to-purchase,” will become a “multi-path-to-purchase” & will become extraordinarily category specific. Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 24. 2014 will set the pace for a New Paradigm in Consumer Engagement Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 25. Digital Media is not a medium to simply broadcast your communication message Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 26. Use it to nurture & build your BRAND & Use it to build lasting RELATIONSHIPS Story told by IDEATELABS
  • 27. Visit us @ www.id8labs.com /TheIdeateLabs IdeateLabs @TheIdeateLabs Story told by IDEATELABS