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Incomplete Sentences
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Incomplete Sentences


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  • 1. INCOMPLETE SENTENCES / SPEAKING 1. Can you hear what he is ________________? a) saying b) speaking c) telling d) talking 2. She hasn’t come home ____________________ a) still b) already c) yet d) till 3. I ______________ TV yesterday evening. a) saw b) looked c) viewed d) watched 4. We live _____________ the city centre. a) near b) next c) by d) nearby 5. She looks _____________ a famous film star a) as b) like c) similar d) same 6. This television gives you the ______________________ news. a) last b) latest c) least d) later 7. I only __________________ one mistake in last night’s test. a) made b) done
  • 2. c) did d) make 8. I want you to tell me the ____________________ truth. a) all b) exact c) real d) whole 9. He is looking ____________________ a present to buy his girlfriend. a) for b) at c) in d) on 10. That’s what I would like ______________________ Christmas. a) for b) at c) in d) on 11. The train to Rotterdam ____________________ at 6 pm sharp. a) exits b) goes c) departs d) deserts 12. Have you heard that Mrs Andrews ________________ from the board of directors? a) departed b) abandoned c) deserted d) resigned 13. This exercise was very difficult and I finally ______________ a) left b) resigned c) departed d) gave up 14. Unloyal sailors often ______________ their ship.
  • 3. a) abandon b) give up c) desert d) depart 15. You have to ________________ smoking because it’s not good for you! a) leave b) quit c) abandon d) resign 16. The teacher asked the noisy students to ________________ talking. a) give up b) leave c) quit d) abandon 17. My best friend _____________________ me in a time of need. a) quitted b) deserted c) departed d) resigned 18. He easily _______________ his career. a) left b) departed c) abandoned d) resign 19. Why did Jason ______________ his wife? a) depart b) quit c) abandon d) resign 20. Cuckoos usually ________________ their nests. a) resign b) desert c) give up d) quit 21. I went to the library to get as many information as I could.
  • 4. a) to b) as many c) as 22. When it is possible, I will help you later today. a) when b) will c) later 23. I can speaking English quite well now. a) speaking b) quite c) well 24. He will not let me to borrow his computer. a) will not b) to borrow c) his 25. Tonight I’m going to stay at home with myself. a) tonight b) going c) with 26. I think it is a spend of money to buy cigarettes. a) it is b) a spend c) of money 27. I look forward to see you on Tuesday after work. a) forward b) to see c) on 28. I didn’t see someone on the way to your house. a) didn’t b) someone c) to your 29. It is sure that one day she will pass her examinations.
  • 5. a) sure b) one day c) pass 30. I don’t think I have ever red one of his books. a) think b) ever c) red