Company Profile- real estate investment opportunities in Brazil


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Real estate investment opportunities in Brazil - company profile.
We completely assist foreign investors looking to start business in Brazil providing:
Market Research & Analysis,
Tools to develop real estate project,
Real Estate Projects Management,
Legal and fiscal services,
Company opening and registration,
Legalization and registration of financial resources in Brazil,
Obtaining Permanent Residency Visa for Investor, CPF, CNPJ Number,
Opening bank account,
Financing property investment in Brazil,
Finding a business partners, joint ventures,
Cost-benefit analysis,
Due diligence.
Preconstruction, off plan, Land development, land banking, Housing development, subdivision, construction, Joint venture,
Residential properties, Land plots, farms, Second homes, holiday, rent, Luxury properties, beachfront villas, Condominiums, hotels, resorts

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Company Profile- real estate investment opportunities in Brazil

  1. 1. BRAZIL PARTNERCompany Profile invest in Brazil
  2. 2. Real Estate Investment Solutions ... Identify, evaluate, analyze, plan, organize, act, monitor and promote BRAZIL PARTNER – Your business partner in Brazil
  3. 3. The Company The CompanyBrazil Partner - The company was founded in 2006 by members: Walch Gérôme, French, Real Estate Administrator with excellent knowledge of the system of operational procedures related to foreign direct investment abroad; Dr. André Campos, Brazilian, Lawyer - 16,147 OAB - Specialist in Real Estate Law; Francisco de Assis Teixeira de Souza, Brazilian, Civil Engineer - 10 609 -1 CREA.TeamIn order to allow investors totally control their projects and in order to offer them a team that best meets their expectations, Brazil Partner brings together the best real estate professionals in Northeast of Brazil, including among others: international multilingual lawyers, engineers, architects, realtors and developers.
  4. 4. Real Estate Investment Solutions ... Mission & Strategy BRAZIL PARTNER – Your business partner in Brazil
  5. 5. Mission Mission We are providing outstanding service and personal attention to our clients. Honesty and integrity are two qualities you are sure to find dealing with Brazil Partner. We look to develop long term relationships with our clients and take pride in the fact that most of our clients refer us to their friends and co-workers. We provide real estate solutions sized to all investors:- companies and individuals wishing to enter the real estate market in Northeast of Brazil looking for profit and safety,- residential and commercial real estate buyers,- those who start their business in Brazil, looking for company registration and Resident Visa.
  6. 6. Strategy Strategy Investing in real estate in northeastern Brazil on one hand requires an excellent knowledge of local practices and a wide network of contacts and skills on the other hand, and then there are real possibilities for excellent return on investment. We work closely with each property investor to recommend diverse portfolio and to meet their specific investments goals in chosen areas and price points. Having a profound knowledge of a local market and Brazilian trends we provide the best investment solutions, seeking out the properties and projects that deliver the highest possible returns at the lowest possible risk. We own, develop, and invest in properties throughout Brazil Northeast. We currently have several development projects and we are always seeking out new investment opportunities.
  7. 7. Real Estate Investment Solutions ... Services BRAZIL PARTNER – Your business partner in Brazil
  8. 8. Services --Starting Business Services Starting BusinessWe completely assist foreign investors looking to start business in Brazilproviding: Market Research & Analysis, Tools to develop real estate project, Real Estate Projects Management, Legal and fiscal services, Company opening and registration, Legalization and registration of financial resources in Brazil, Obtaining Permanent Residency Visa for Investor, CPF, CNPJ Number, Opening bank account, Financing property investment in Brazil, Finding a business partners, joint ventures, Cost-benefit analysis, Due diligence.
  9. 9. Services --Real Estate Solutions Services Real Estate SolutionsFinding the right location is a strategic decision.There is a wide range of Real Estate available in Cearà. All you have to do is find the right location,a critical move in the successful development of your project in Cearà. Only specialists with in-depthknowledge of the field and solid expertise in Real Estate can help you find what you are looking for.Through its network of specialized partners, affiliated with CRECI, accredited real estateprofessionals and local authorities, Brazil Partner offers you practical Real Estate Solutions.We will guide you throughout your Real Estate project and:- Provide with reliable data on the rent and purchase values of land and property- Keep you informed with the listing of new Real Estate products- Advise you, through our experts, on business areas or industrial areas that can accommodate yourbusiness- Guide you in setting up your Real Estate specifications- Inquire from various partners (local authorities and / or real estate brokers affiliated with CRECI)- Suggest land and property solutions tailored to your needs (residential and commercial,apartments, houses, hotels, offices, premises, warehouses, land).
  10. 10. BRAZIL PARTNER BRAZIL PARTNER opensyou the door to success through effective Real Estate solutions, professional planning & management
  11. 11. BRAZIL PARTNER BRAZIL PARTNER LTDAAvenida Dom Luís 300 - Shopping Avenida, 6º andar, sala 619, Aldeota Brazil, Ceará, Fortaleza, CEP: 60.160-230 Tel:/ +55 85 8741.8151 / +55 (85) 3088-4101 Email: