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    Two choices Two choices Presentation Transcript

    • You haveYou havetwotwochoiceschoices
    • Jerry is the manager of aJerry is the manager of arestaurant. He is always inrestaurant. He is always ina good mood.a good mood.
    • When someone would askWhen someone would askhim how he was doing, hehim how he was doing, hewould always reply:would always reply:"If I were any better, I"If I were any better, Iwould be twins!"would be twins!"
    • Many of the waiters at hisMany of the waiters at hisrestaurant quit their jobsrestaurant quit their jobswhen he changed jobswhen he changed jobs,,so they could follow himso they could follow himaround from restaurant toaround from restaurant torestaurantrestaurant
    • WhyWhy ??
    • If an employee was having a badIf an employee was having a badday, Jerry was always there,day, Jerry was always there,telling him how to look on thetelling him how to look on thepositive side of the situation.positive side of the situation.BecauseBecauseJerry was a natural motivator.Jerry was a natural motivator.
    • Seeing this style really madeSeeing this style really mademe curious, so one day I wentme curious, so one day I wentup to Jerry and asked himup to Jerry and asked him ::"I dont get it! No one can be"I dont get it! No one can bea positive person all of thea positive person all of thetime. How do you do it?"time. How do you do it?"
    • Jerry replied, "Each morning IJerry replied, "Each morning Iwake up and say to myself, Iwake up and say to myself, Ihave two choices today. I canhave two choices today. I canchoose to be in a good mood or Ichoose to be in a good mood or Ican choose to be in a bad mood.can choose to be in a bad mood.
    • I always choose to be in a goodI always choose to be in a goodmood. Each time something badmood. Each time something badhappens, I can choose to behappens, I can choose to bevictim or I can choose to learnvictim or I can choose to learnfrom it. I always choose to learnfrom it. I always choose to learnfrom it.from it.
    • Every time someone comes toEvery time someone comes tome complaining, I can choose tome complaining, I can choose toaccept their complaining or I canaccept their complaining or I canpoint out the positive side of life.point out the positive side of life.I always choose the positive sideI always choose the positive sideof life."of life."
    • "But its not always that"But its not always thateasy,” I protested.easy,” I protested.
    • "Yes it is,""Yes it is,"Jerry said.Jerry said."Life is all about choices."Life is all about choices.When you cut away all theWhen you cut away all thejunk every situation is ajunk every situation is achoice.choice.
    • You choose how you react to situations.You choose how you react to situations.You choose how people will affect yourYou choose how people will affect yourmood.mood.You choose to be in a good mood orYou choose to be in a good mood orbad mood.bad mood.Its your choice how you live your life."Its your choice how you live your life."
    • Several years later,Several years later,I heard that JerryI heard that Jerryaccidentally did somethingaccidentally did somethingyou are never supposed toyou are never supposed todo in the restaurantdo in the left the back door of hisHe left the back door of hisrestaurant openrestaurant open
    • And then in the morning, heAnd then in the morning, hewas robbed by three armedwas robbed by three
    • While Jerry trying to openWhile Jerry trying to openthe safe box,the safe box,his hand, shaking fromhis hand, shaking fromnervousness, slipped off thenervousness, slipped off thecombination.combination.The robbers panicked and shotThe robbers panicked and shothim.him.
    • Luckily, Jerry was foundLuckily, Jerry was foundquickly and rushed toquickly and rushed tothe hospital.the hospital.
    • After 18 hours of surgery andAfter 18 hours of surgery andweeks of intensive care, Jerryweeks of intensive care, Jerrywas released from the hospitalwas released from the hospitalwith fragments of the bulletswith fragments of the bulletsstill in his body.…still in his body.…
    • I saw Jerry about sixI saw Jerry about sixmonths after the accident.months after the accident.When I asked him how he was,When I asked him how he was,he replied,he replied, "If I were any"If I were anybetter, Id be twins.better, Id be twins. Want toWant tosee my scars?"see my scars?"
    • I declined to see hisI declined to see hiswounds, but did ask himwounds, but did ask himwhat had gone throughwhat had gone throughhis mind as the robberyhis mind as the robberytook place.took place.
    • "The first thing that"The first thing thatwent through my mindwent through my mindwas that I should havewas that I should havelocked the back door,"locked the back door,"Jerry replied.Jerry replied.
    • "Then, after they shot me, as"Then, after they shot me, asI lay on the floor, II lay on the floor, Iremembered that I had tworemembered that I had twochoices: I could choose tochoices: I could choose tolive or could choose to or could choose to die.I chose to liveI chose to live."."
    • Jerry continued, "TheJerry continued, "Theparamedics were great.paramedics were great.They kept telling me IThey kept telling me Iwas going to be fine.was going to be fine.
    • But when they wheeled me intoBut when they wheeled me intothe Emergency Room and Ithe Emergency Room and Isaw the expression on thesaw the expression on thefaces of the doctors andfaces of the doctors andnurses, I got really scared.nurses, I got really scared.In their eyes, I readIn their eyes, I read‘‘Hes a dead man’.Hes a dead man’.
    • I knew I needed to take action."I knew I needed to take action.""What did you do?" I asked."What did you do?" I asked."Well, there was a big nurse"Well, there was a big nurseshouting questions at me,"shouting questions at me,"said Jerry. "She asked if Isaid Jerry. "She asked if Iwas allergic to anything."was allergic to anything."
    • Yes, to bullets, IYes, to bullets, Ireplied.replied.
    • Over their laughter, I toldOver their laughter, I toldthem: “I am choosing to live.them: “I am choosing to live.Please operate on mePlease operate on me as if Ias if Iam alive, not deadam alive, not dead.”.”
    • "Jerry lived thanks to the"Jerry lived thanks to theskill of his doctors, but alsoskill of his doctors, but alsobecause of his amazingbecause of his amazingattitude.attitude.
    • I learned from him that every dayI learned from him that every dayyou have the choice toyou have the choice to eithereitherenjoy your life or to hate it.enjoy your life or to hate it.
    • The only thing that is trulyThe only thing that is trulyyours - that no one canyours - that no one cancontrol or take from you –control or take from you –is your attitude,is your attitude,so if you can take care ofso if you can take care ofthat, everything else in lifethat, everything else in lifebecomes much easier.becomes much easier.
    • Now you have two choices toNow you have two choices tomake:make:1. You can delete this1. You can delete thismessage ormessage or2. You can forward it to2. You can forward it tosomeone you care about.someone you care about.I hope you will choose #2.I hope you will choose #2.I did.I did.