Transit Operations and Maintenance Capabilities


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Transit Operations and Maintenance Capabilities

  1. 1. Serco – Transit Operations and Maintenance Capabilities Defining Operator Involvement in major transit projects; World Class Experience in Operations and Maintenance
  2. 2. 2 The Custome r The Customer Prioritize customer requirements Design & Build Operate & Maintain Establish operations/service delivery philosophy & strategy Define & apply ‘lessons learned’ as a design inputs Identify who the customer/s is/are Define customer requirements Identify value added design features Establish ‘core’ design precepts & performance requirements Provide initial design Create a ‘customer & stakeholders’ D&B Phase Establish programme delivery Review design against customer requirements – sense check Create a ‘customer & stakeholders’ O&M Phase Identify & map full journey experience Define customer experience Establish clear Primary & Secondary KPI’s Establish internal customer map Establish integrated O&M structure for delivery Define management model to track delivery Design & apply continual improvement cycle Apply lessons learned Review KPI’s and improve performance VALUE FOR MONEY VALUE FOR MONEY Early Operator Involvement – Design & Planning Start by focusing design upon the ultimate objective
  3. 3. The benefits of this approach are: Service input results in designs that are fit for purpose longer – Delivery is about how services will work in years from now, not how an asset looks at completion – Reduce risk of changes and costs associated once operator on board Early input of the service provider results in better designs – Design solutions that enable better functionality with more efficient and effective provision of services – Focuses on integration of the design with other transport modes Early Operator Involvement – Design & Planning
  4. 4. Why is it Important – What is the Value 4
  5. 5. Early Operator Integrated Design Review Design opportunities which may be explored include, for example: – Staged procurement of key assets and phased introduction into operational service; – Balancing Capex and Opex costs when considering system and infrastructure design characteristics e.g. effects of reducing overall width of viaduct central walkways; – Elevated stations founded with the viaduct to prevent differential settlement; – Optimized station-box size; – Pits and conduits integrated into the track form and/or into the walkway, slab-track vs. ballasted track at grade; – Accessible station canopies for cleaning and maintenance; – Efficient man-machine interfaces in control rooms; – Track layouts that provide operational train service flexibility with short turn- backs and pocket tracks for stabling ‘hot-spares’ and ‘defective’ trains. 5
  6. 6. Shadow Operator Involvement – Defining ‘3Ps’ 6
  7. 7. Example Policy or Strategy Documents  Procurement  IT  Communication  HR  HSSQE  Rolling stock and Asset Management  Asset Management Plan  Asset Maintenance Plan  Renewal strategy  Rolling stock maintenance strategy  Rolling Stock yearly plan  Rolling Stock yearly budget  Operations  Operations strategy  Operations yearly plan  Operations yearly budget  Business Management  Licensing and Regulation 7 Customer Experience
  8. 8. Example List of Processes 8 Normal Station Operations Degraded station Operations Emergency station Operations Managing station Equipment Failures; Lifts, Escalators Management of a Station Evacuation Train on Fire on a Train Passenger Train on Fire on a Freight Guidance for Granting a Railway Premises Storage Signalling and Communication system failure Permit to work on Railway Premises Failed Train Unauthorized vehicles / people on the track Passengers carried into a Depot or siding Failed Recovery Degraded Train Operations Emergency Train Operations Event and Seasonal Train Operations Evacuating the OCC Retrieving items from the track Emergency Evacuation of a train (immediate threat to life) Suspected incident involving gas or biological or chemical substance (Incident) Prepare WI: Evacuation of a train (no immediate threat to life) Controlling access to Yards, Stations and premises Automatic Fare Collection system failures Prepare WI: Safety Critical Communications Prepare WI: Safety critical error made by Operating Staff Activation of emergency equipment ? Identifying and Managing Accident, Incidents & Emergencies Security Alert Fire on a Railway Premises Flooding Managing Lost Property Vandalism or graffiti on Railway Premises and Vehicles Mobile Phone Policy Weather
  9. 9. Example List of Procedures Accident & Incident Reporting and Investigation Procedure Fire Safety Procedure Verbal Safety Communication Procedure Operations Procedure External Communications Procedure Performance Management Procedure Procurement Procedure Control of Records Procedure Control of Test Equipment Procedure Crisis Management Procedure Document Control Procedure First Aid at Work Procedure Identification, Investigation & Management of Non Conformance First Aid at Work Procedure HSE Communications & Consultation Procedure Management Review Procedure Incident Management Procedure Management of Operational Performance Data Procedure Drugs and Alcohol Procedure Extreme Weather Precautions and Emergency Response Procedure Management of Test Cases and Demonstration Procedure Induction Procedure Internal Communications Procedure Management of Legislative and External Procedure Personal Protective Equipment Procedure Roster & Allocation Parameters for Operational Staff Procedure Leadership Tour Procedure Recruitment & Selection Procedure Training & Development Procedure Management of Special Events Procedure Management of Emergency Replacement Bus Services Procedure Management of Customer Communication Procedure System Risk Assessment Procedure Timetable Planning Procedure Introduction to Arabia Depot Workshop Management Procedure Fatigue Management Procedure Failure Management Procedure Performance Management & Reporting Procedure Permit to Work Procedure Railway Protection Procedure 9
  10. 10. Operations & Maintenance Linking Requirements to the Customer 10  Click to edit Master text styles  Second level – Third level  Fourth level » Fifth level Linking The Strategic requirements, Policy, Process and Procedures to the clients requirements and to the end user – The Customers The 3Ps preparations are the backbone to Operating and Maintaining a world class transportation network with interchange functionality that will become the platform to launch;
  11. 11. Experience in Preparing for Operations & Maintenance Dubai Metro Shadow Operator Snapshot of deliverables;  Design review  114 plans,  91 procedures  1,181 work instructions  225 training manuals  141 training courses  Recruitment & Mobilization of 2,500 people  30 Nationalities  Testing & Commissioning  Trial and Start Up Operations Currently Mobilizing 1. Shadow Operator for Qatar Metro PH 1 2. Shadow Operator for Qatar Lusail Tram 3. Shadow and Operator for Al Soufah Tram system Dubai 11
  12. 12. Serco in Confidence Organisation Indicative Key Personnel: Operations specialists Accessibility Timetable Planner Resource Planner HSQE Support Specialist Trains Stations OCC Fares/ Ticketing Maintenance Specialists Signalling Rolling Stock Power Track AFC Buildings
  13. 13. Serco in Confidence Summary and Observation Service and operator led projects allow more attention to designs and better construction with a view to optimization of life cycle cost of the project It is important to think about what success looks like 5, 10, 15 years after commissioning – not just the shiny system when built Service delivery excellence is not something that just happens – it needs to be designed in, and 13
  14. 14. Serco in Confidence Summary – Serco’s metro experience Pre Operations and / or O&M on 11 metro or urban rail systems Long term operations & maintenance  Docklands Light Railway since 1997  Manchester Metrolink 1997 - 2007  Copenhagen Metro 1999 - 2007  Merseyrail since 2003  Northern Rail since 2004  Dubai Metro since 2007  Palm Jumeirah Monorail since 2010 Pre Operations in UK, Europe, Middle East, India and North America Click to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level Click to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level
  15. 15. Tram Dubai Al Sufouh to edit Master text styles d level level urth level » Fifth level  Awarded 2013  Early operator involvement commenced  Currently in Mobilization  14KM, 11 Stations in Phase 1, 2 Interchanges with Dubai Metro and 1 interchange with Palm Jumeirah Monorail  Providing transport integration in Dubai 15
  16. 16. Metro; Al Mashaaer Al Mugaddassah, Rail Consultancy – Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  Advising on all aspects of operation & maintenance for 18.7 km metro  Supporting CRCC and MOMRA preparations for Hajj pilgrimage  Support in the management of recruitment and training programme for frontline staff  Development of operational rules, procedures & processes – Train operations – Customer service – Development of rules & procedures – Station operations – Training & Competency – Emergency planning – Testing strategy
  17. 17. Metro; Operations & Maintenance – Dubai Metro, UAE  Appointed by Dubai Government (RTA) to provide full O&M services  Early Operator Engagement from June 2007 onwards and 10-year O&M concession  99.99% Availability (8 months at 100%) 99.93% Punctuality (2 months at 100%)  Recruitment & mobilisation over 2,500 staff – 30 countries  9/9/9 successful service launch  Integrated management and stewardship of this USD 7B asset
  18. 18. Copenhagen Metro - pre operations  Delivered O&M pre operations input prior through the 3 phase opening  As in Dubai  Review of system and asset designs and subsequent RAMS proposals  Review and make recommendations upon the detailed E&M procedures and work instructions  Established full O&M management system and procedures  Mobilised O&M organisation over two years including recruitment and training  Obtained the first metro operating safety certificate in Denmark  Project managed the opening of both phases 2 & 3 Click to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level Click to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level
  19. 19. Monorail; Operations & Maintenance – Palm Jumeirah Monorail, Dubai UAE  Appointed by Nakheel to provide Operations & Maintenance services for Palm Jumeirah Monorail – the first driverless monorail in the middle-east region  5 year concession from July 2010  Maintenance, security, control centre, facilities management, customer services, procurement and supply chain management  99.8% Punctuality – 99.9% Availability Advise | Design | Integrate | Deliver
  20. 20. Automated People Mover T3; Operations & Maintenance – Dubai Airport, UAE 20  Operations & Maintenance  APM connects terminal 3 to the new A380 terminal  4 trains in service  24/7 operations  High capacity system – 99.63% reliability in first month of operations  Train every 150 seconds  Up to 6,050 pphpd  Integral to the overall operations of the airport
  21. 21. Light Rail; Docklands Light Railway, Operations & Maintenance – DLR UK  High performance achieved – 98.25% Availability – 98.44% Punctuality (Serco improved on 2011 results even though ridership figures doubled over the summer during the 2012 Olympics) – 97.08% customer satisfaction  System enhancements – Commissioned 47 new rolling stock vehicles – Served the Olympics with distinction – Opened 3 extensions including Woolwich Extension early – Extended fleet from two to three twin-cars with station platform modifications while maintaining service – Ridership growth from 17m per year to over 93m. – RoSPA Gold safety certification and over 15 national and local awards 21