ADIF’s role as Spanish Infrastructure Manager and it’s Scope in the Haramain Project
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ADIF’s role as Spanish Infrastructure Manager and it’s Scope in the Haramain Project






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ADIF’s role as Spanish Infrastructure Manager and it’s Scope in the Haramain Project ADIF’s role as Spanish Infrastructure Manager and it’s Scope in the Haramain Project Presentation Transcript

  • ADIF’s role as Spanish Infrastructure Manager and it’s Scope in the Haramain Project .
  • Fiber Optic Network: 17,500 km  Stations: > 1,900 stations (40 for HS Lines)  Managed Traffic: 1.8 M trains /year (2012)  Passengers: 468 million passengers/ year (2012)  Freight : 7.5 million tons-km / year  HS Passengers: >17 M.  HS Punctuality: 98.5%  Km. ERTMS : >86,000 km.
  • Con v e n t ion a l gauge n e t w or k: 12,000 km.
  • H ig h Sp e e d network > 3,000 km.
  • 1988 2012 171 million Passengers 412 million Passengers • Suburban lines >2,000 km • 12 Suburban hubs in major cities • Ensures mobility for citizens in urban environments/areas • Avoids trips in private vehicles and traffic congestion • Reduces pollution Commuter lines: a successful story
  • • Administration, construction, maintenance and renewal of the rail network • Management of traffic operations • Network Statement • Stations and facilities Management • Capacity allocation to railway undertakings • Collecting fees and charges for the access and use of infrastructure, stations and terminals
  • • Activities related to superstructure maintenance • Knowing the state of the track (predictive) • Documenting its evolution • Asset Management Plan • Checking the quality of the maintenance tasks carried out • Keeping the data base for track inspections and works updated
  • Activities related to superstructure maintenance • Track dynamic monitoring
  • Territorial maintenance structure areas to stock track materials, with resources for loading and unloading stocks (cranes, portal frames, pits for unloading ballast, etc.) auxiliary facilities: Bays for maintenance purposes and machines reparation Warehouses Siding tracks Water and fuel tanks
  • 100% Track Signaling Telecom Catenary Substations Earthworks Viaducts Tunnels Madrid - Sevilla/Malaga 1% 4% 3% Track and Signaling are the key items to be managed € per line km
  • Atlantic Corridor Mediterranean Corridor  Spain is part of European Corridors N. 4 (Atlantic) and 6 (Mediterranean), which started operating last November 2011 European Rail freight transport. European Corridors
  • Bus Station 16.420 m2Bus Station 16.420 m2 Retail & Hotel 31.429 m2Retail & Hotel 31.429 m2 Residential 352 dwellingsResidential 352 dwellings Residential 144 dwellingsResidential 144 dwellings LOCATION AND INTERMODALITY ARE KEY FACTORS FOR ECONOMIC SUCESS
  • Malaga Maria Zambrano P
  • Malaga Maria Zambrano
  • Barcelona North - La Sagrera
  • Barcelona North - La Sagrera
  • Barcelona North - La Sagrera Creating a new intermodal station Green deck and Lineal Park High Speed Hall High Speed Tracks Commuter Hall Commuter Tracks Subway Interchanger Total area: 300.000 m2
  • Barcelona - La Sagrera Station
  • ATOCHA STATION Totally integrated in the city, with most of the cultural premises within a range of 1.5 Km.
  • Sharing Spanish experience in railway development Saudi Arabia USA Colombia Morocco Poland Lithuania Russia Mexico Venezuela United Kingdom Turkey Chile Tunisia Bosnia & Herzegovina Croatia India
  • Haramain High S peed RailProject Main Characteristics Design speed - 360 km/h and Operational speed - 300 km/h. ERTMS Level 2. Trip time between Jeddah and Makkah would be 30 minutes. Trip time between Makkah and Madinah would be 2 h. Five iconic passenger stations:  Makkah Station – 10 platform tracks  Jeddah Station – 8 platform tracks  King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) Station – 6 platform tracks  Madinah Station – 6 platform tracks  King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA) Station
  • Haramain High S peed Rail Phase 2 includes but not limited to: Operation Control Center (OCC) and Back up OCC Electrification, 25 Kv – 60 Hz Catenary system 449 km Mostly Ballasted Track only specific areas have Slab track Automatic fare collection Workbases and Maintenance bases 1 Main Workshop Other technical buildings Procurement rolling stock (36 train sets from Talgo) Operation and Maintenance for a period of 12 years
  • Haramain Project. Adif’s scope • Track Construction Phase:Technological integration and coordination of all specialities (track, signaling, telecommunications, electrification, rail systems) • Track Operation Phase: Maintenance & Traffic management • Stations Management: retail, parking, facilities maintenance, …