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Plate Tectonics Photographic Evidence - QiHua
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Plate Tectonics Photographic Evidence - QiHua



Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. Convergent boundary When two plates come together that is convergent boundary.
  • 2. Himalaya Mountains When two plates beneath the earth’s surface collided, the edges of one or both are pushed upwards that creates a mountain. It formed in continental crust.
  • 3. Divergent Boundary - when two tectonic plates separate. Rift valley Mid-Ocean Ridge
  • 4. Great Rift Valleys Formed by the continental plates breaking apart that creates rift valleys.
  • 5. Mid Atlantic Ridges When two plates separate by plate tectonic. it’s oceanic spreading water. The effect is formed by lava erupted from the mid-ocean ridges that the volcano can attached to it form the ridges.
  • 6. Transform Boundary- slide past to each other. Earthquake Tsunami
  • 7. Earthquake It formed by when the rock underground suddenly breaks along a fault. It is at a transform boundary in Japan in 2012. The effect of the earthquake are many people died, damage the houses and buildings and so on. It is so terrible.
  • 8. Tsunami The tsunami formed by earthquakes must occur underneath or near the ocean, be large and create movements in the sea floor. The effect of the tsunami are wash away property, destroy the live, make people scared that have nightmares.
  • 9. Subduction Zone– two plates come up together and one of them moves on top of the other. Volcanic Arc Trench
  • 10. Volcanic Arc Volcanic Arc is the Line of the volcano. It will create the volcano. The effect of this is the volcanic eruptions.
  • 11. Fault Zone-A fault line is a break in the surface of the Earth where one side of the break is pushed up against the other. Fault lines are caused by Earthquakes. It has three types of  the faults. They are  reverse fault (one  side moves down)  normal fault(one side  moves up)strike­slip  fault(slide past to  each other.)   12/17/13
  • 12. Banning strand of the San Andreas fault zone, Riverside County, California—III It caused by the reverse fault. The effect of this is it will be created the terrible earthquakes. 12/17/13
  • 13. Hot spot-part of the mantle and always stay in the same locations. Hot spots are places within the mantle where rocks melt to general magma.And the it will have the heat to push the magma up that create 12/17/13 the hot spot volcano.
  • 14. Ring of Fire-is no longer active of the volcano. The Ring of Fire is a ring of volcanoes around the Pacific Ocean that result from subduction of oceanic plates beneath lighter continental plates.And it always happen in Japan.In addition,if it erupts,it will cause 12/17/13 the volcanic eruptions under the ocean.
  • 15. Earthquake in Japan It happened at 13:46 on March 11, 2011.It was in Miyagi Prefecture in northeastern Japan region. It was really terrible and the magnitude is 9.0 earthquake. It had big consequences. For example the earthquake has caused 14,063 people were killed,13,691 were missing. Moreover, it had 9.0 earthquake caused a tsunami about 10 meters high, and caused nuclear power plant explosion. It was the highest in the world in the history of the observed magnitude earthquake. On the other hand, it damages many buildings and effect the economic conditions. That was made Japan had a big accident for this that make people feel scared. 12/17/13
  • 16. The effect of the earthquake in Japan 12/17/13
  • 17. Tsunami in Japan In this case it shows the tsunami caused by the earthquake. This earthquake, not only hit the Japanese homeland, hit the Japanese economy, but also on the Japanese caused the tsunami. Tsunami disaster has caused 3373 deaths and 15,000 people missing. The big effect of this is Nuclear and nuclear radiation leak. There caused the people might got the diseases from the radiation explosion. It is really harmful, it is not just for Japan, it should harm all over the world. 12/17/13
  • 18. The effect the tsunami in Japan 12/17/13