Working as a Photographer


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*1 of 3 data collection presentations as part of a 'Design Research Proposal' class on the Mdes Design Communication Course in University of Ulster, Magee.

*Method One: Working as a Photographer.

How to work as a successful photographer and make a living whilst doing so. Networking, Marketing and keeping informed and educated on new trends in the market.

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  • I really like to buy a Nikon DSLR camera. I am a big fan of Nikon's. If only I could get some one to sponsor my photography studies. As well as offer me a pimento job as an assistant freelance photography.
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  • Hi there. I would like to comment. On who just how hard it has being for me to fined a good paying job in the photographic field. I have being tying every since I finished my photography studies thou Intec College in 1996. I would like to fined a job in the photographic field as an assistant freelance photography. I am looking for some one to please sponge my photographic studies. As well as offer me a pimento job as an assistant freelance photography. The only photography I do not want to do is family pot res, weddings, potties, I don't want to do photo shoots on small children. The type of photo shoots I would like to do are the following Magazines ( Inter Decorating) , food magazines as well as recipe books, architecture, outdoor, landscape, travel, marketing/ advertising, old ships, I would all sow like to do photo shoots for car showrooms. Please help me fined some one to sponger my photographic studies. As well as offer me a prominent post. I would like to start off with a job here in Pretoria, & then get a job eight in Durban, Cape Town, Eastlanden, PE. I all sow don't mined starting out my career in a photographic store. I am asking for thise help as circumstances have place me in thise position. I really need help to make my hopes & dreams come true. Please help me I am asking you with tee rs in my eyes as well as in my heart. With lost off thanks from Leann Ruth M
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Working as a Photographer

  1. 1. A slideshow about working as a photographer.. ✤ What you need to do, what type of work you need to ✤ know when marketing, networling and working as a photographer
  2. 2. In todays industry it is now necessary for photographers to know how to re-touch
  3. 3. Picture Libraries.. Stock images are sold to magazines and advertisers. When entering keywords at the early stage of a picture library the librarian has to think like a picture editor/art director. Picture editors are looking for images that clearly represent the subject matter of the images without your interpretation or guesswork.
  4. 4. Picture Libraries..
  5. 5. Picture Editors/ Art Directors.. . This is where the role of picture researcher comes in. Once a client knows what image they want the price is calculated according to the intended use ; editorial/advertising, size, distribution/reach etc. Then your work is printed in magazines.. .
  6. 6. 2010 General Election Events
  7. 7. Published Work: Online, Newsletters..