Saving the World One Photo at a Time.


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Mdes Design Communication. Design Research Proposal. Method 3 - Issue.

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Saving the World One Photo at a Time.

  1. 1. ChangingtheWorld.....Onephoto at a time.
  2. 2. Children raising awareness Children can take their cameras and document through their environment, showing their view of their lives and what it is really like. In preparationphotography for this they could spend a few days studying workshop the basic principles of photography under me. This would be a great experience for the children some of whom have never experienced any type of education. In response, organisations such as UNICEF or Oxfam could get involved. Perhaps even a high street store who have been accused of child labour before would take part and help with cost of the workshop as it would be good publicity for them.
  3. 3. Newspapers&Children raising awareness through photography workshop Newspaper could do a report on it to gain exposer for the project and the aims, which would be to raise awareness and get more action towards helping change the plight of child labourers. This could result in lots of outcomes potentially raising a lot of money for the cause, an exhibition and book of the children’s work could sell prints and copies in participating shops and online through participating organisations. Many would be moved by the level of despair facing children in Bangladesh seeing the world through their eyes.
  4. 4. Our addictionto cheap (Primark are by no means the only company that support child labour but I will focus on them alone for this presentation.)clothes Please click on the link below for an article from Primark survives on the Telegraph and The Sunday Times on subcontracts!! Primark.The company has a ethical trading initiative but that was proved to be all lies when the BBC and a number of newspapers did an expose on them. ★The Times ★Primark ramps up ethical efforts after expose on working practices People need to be aware that what one organisation says and does may be two very different things, they need to be accountable for their actions.
  5. 5. Exhibitionsand Expos Exhibition in local galleries raise awareness of the show as well as the cause could result in more international exhibitions. Selling prints of the photos,put them in other galleries for viewing. Exposure is the main thing so creating posters and putting them anywhere. Exhibition could be a collaboration with another event. In London every September there is an Ethical Fashion Source Expo ‘The Ethical Fashion Source Expo is the first and only annual industry trade show dedicated to suppliers of ethical and fair trade fabrics, components, and manufacture to the fashion industry.’ I think this is key!! As the reason child labour is rife in Bangladesh is because the western world demand cheap clothes, and the high street stores provide. If consumers knew how and why their clothes were so cheap it would definitely change public opinion of shops and force them to change their policies. ‘The event brought together more than 60 exemplary suppliers and manufacturers working to fair trade and high ethical standards from all over the world. It was attended by just under 800 visitors, representing a huge range of fashion industry professionals and providing an ideal networking opportunity.’
  6. 6. SocialNetworking A website could be created, which would be the Tools main vehicle for raising awareness of Child labour issues, human rights violations and documentation of our efforts to change the issue in Bangladesh.Using my creativity to better the plight and exposing through online tools. The artist and participent can interact with one another through sites such as facebook and twitter. The fastest way of sharing information. The effort of me alone on a website is all well and good but when combined with efforts of people from all over the world we can achieve much more.
  7. 7. SocialNetworking Tools Twitter and Facebook enables us a new way of thinking in terms of sharing ideas, talking with interested participants creating awareness and ultimately making a difference. ★email newsletters ★instant messages ★blogs ★websites ★myspace ★youtube ★flickr ★facebook
  8. 8. Overallaim of I hope to inspire other people to use their own talents and efforts to create awarenessefforts for this cause it is greatly needed. We can’t only be interested when comic relief is on, this needs to be an ongoing effort. We all have a moral obligation to help others in need and the children of Bangladesh definitely need our help. Art that creates awareness and has a cause could have a bigger impact than traditional art does, this involves everyone art lovers or not. Involving everyone in this way can lead to further collaborations and new ways of thinking how to make a change. Opening peoples minds and the individual passing on the message, as child labour continues and we expose more of it hopefully this well lead people to help in some way!