Internal branding winning staff support


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Internal branding winning staff support

  1. 1. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 1CIC – January 2005Internal Branding:Winning the Support of Faculty and StaffJanuary 2005Dr. John Roush, president, Centre Collegejroush@centre.eduDr. Robert A. Sevier, senior vice president,
  2. 2. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 2About Centre – Centre.eduPersonal Education, Extraordinary SuccessWe provide personal education that enables students to achieve extraordinarysuccess in advanced study and their careers. They remember this experiencefor the rest of their lives. Centre alumni lead the nation in loyalty, providingannual financial support at a rate higher than that of any other college oruniversity in the country– Founded in 1819– Located in Danville, Kentucky, with campus programs in England, France,and Mexico (Study abroad program ranked among the nation’s top 10)– Liberal arts and sciences, enrollment of 1,100– Have produced seven Rhodes Scholars and, in the last 10 years, 22Fulbright winners– Alumni include two U.S. vice presidents and a Justice and Chief Justice ofthe Supreme Court– Hosted the 2000 Vice Presidential Debate
  3. 3. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 3About StamatsWe help clients develop integrated marketing and brand marketingstrategies to enhance student recruiting and fundraising. Our range ofservices include:- Research, planning, and consulting:• Image and competitive analysis• Brand development and planning• Academic program marketability studies• Tuition pricing elasticity studies• Integrated marketing plans• On-site consultingOffices: Cambridge, Richmond, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Cedar Rapids- Marketing communications:• Publications• Web and CD-ROM• Direct mail• Advertising
  4. 4. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 4OverviewIntroductionA quick review of brand marketingThe brand-building experience at CentreWinning support for the brand-building processWinning support at Centre
  5. 5. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 5A Big QuestionWhy do so many brand initiatives fail to gain traction?
  6. 6. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 6A Brief Review of Brand Marketing
  7. 7. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 7What Is a Brand?Contrary to popular opinion, a brand is not just a lookRather, a brand is a valued trustmark, a warrant, and a promisePerry Forster: “A brand is a promise expressed as a benefit that yourtarget audiences value”Al Ries and Laura Ries: “The purpose of marketing is to build a brand inthe mind of a prospect”Rob Frankel: “Truly successful brands are perceived by the targetaudience as the only solution to a particular need”Brand marketing is all about creating and delivering relevance to bothstakeholders and customers
  8. 8. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 8Sample Brands/Positioning Statements*MIT: Premier technological university in the worldYeshiva: Comprehensive Jewish institution of higher education in theU.S.Biola: The nation’s premier, comprehensive evangelical university*Positions these colleges hold or seek to hold
  9. 9. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 9Awareness, Image, BrandBrandImageAwarenessIn most instances, initial awareness occurs before a more completeimage, and a more complete image precedes a brand (but a brand ismuch more than an image)
  10. 10. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 10BrandMarketingDirectMarketingCustomerRelationshipManagementIntegrated Marketing Communications
  11. 11. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 11A Brand Leadership StrategyMake a PromiseThat MattersMake a PromiseThat MattersStrengthenYour PromiseLive Your PromiseLive Your PromiseCommunicateYour PromiseCommunicateYour PromiseStrengthenYour Promise
  12. 12. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 12Step One: Make a Brand Promise That MattersYour brand exists where your mission and marketplace merge– The ideal brand promise is:• Important• Believable• Distinctive (not just to external audiences)
  13. 13. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 13Promise TestingPromise testing involves asking key external and internalaudiences—via quantitative research—to evaluate the five to sixpromise statements that have been developedThe promise statements are evaluated on three dimensions:– Important– Believable– DistinctiveThe goal of the researchis to identify the brandpromise that has the mostcredibility with your keyaudiencesSt. 5St. 6St. 4 St. 2St. 3St. 6.8 7 7.2 7.4 7.6 7.8 81=Not at all Important to 9=Very Important1=NotatallBelievableto9=VeryBelievable
  14. 14. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 14The Creation of a Brand PortfolioBrand PromiseBrand PromiseBrand RationaleBrand Rationale Brand Attributes(benefits, vividdescriptors)Brand Attributes(benefits, vividdescriptors)TaglineTagline Graphic IdentityProgramGraphic IdentityProgram– Elevator speech– Verbal and visual vocabulary
  15. 15. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 15Step Two: Communicate Your PromiseYour goal at this point is to position your brand promise in the minds ofyour most important target audiences– Your goal is awarenessUltimately, you want messages that are:– Relevant (important, believable, distinctive)– Repeated– RememberedFor these messages to succeed, they must first be noticed
  16. 16. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 16BrandCommunicationChannelsThe power is inintegrating acrossmultiple channelsInternal relations/communicationWord-of-mouthFacilities and environmentals:1. Buildings and grounds2. Signage and wayfinding3. Perimeter markingMedia work:1. Hometowners2. Features3. Wild artSponsorships, promotions, publicity,and collaborationsPublications including variabledigital printing and print on demandDirect response:1. Telephone2. Postal mail3. E-mailInteractive media:1. Web2. E-mail3. CD-ROMConstituent relations:1. Public2. High school3. Alumni4. Donor5. Community6. BusinessTraditional media (advertising):1. Magazine and newspaper2. TV/cable3. Radio4. Outdoor/out-of-home
  17. 17. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 17Elements of a Brand Communication Plan1. Situational analysis2. Brand promise/positioning statement (drawn from brand portfolio)3. Target audiences (need clear data on their media preferences)4. Target geography5. Brand attributes translated for each major audience6. Visual identity/graphic identity7. Two broad types of integrated marketing goals– Deal with brand deficiencies discovered in research– Establish brand attributes8. Marketing campaigns (audience and media specific)9. Budget10.Calendar11.Evaluation mechanism
  18. 18. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 18Step Three: Live Your PromiseFollow through: walk the walk– Delivering, through the entire collegiate experience, what youpromise– Staff training and development– Secret shopper– Campaign maintenance
  19. 19. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 19Step Four: Strengthen Your PromiseCan we:– Make a better promise?– Communicate our promise better?– Live our promise more completely?To strengthen your promise, revisit key audiences and ask them:“How’d we do?”– Repeat external benchmark research to gauge brand campaignand brand assimilation success• Invest in a research cycle– Conduct internal assessments– Evaluate retention, student satisfaction, and outcome data
  20. 20. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 20The Role of the PresidentThe president is the chief marketing officer: The signals he/she sends—to seniorstaff, middle managers, and faculty—will telegraph whether or not integratedmarketing and brand marketing is a legitimate institutional commitmentAs such, the president must:– Have a vision for how marketing can help the institution. Without this personalvision there will never be personal commitment– Commit his or her power and prestige to the marketing efforts– Commit institutional time, talent, and treasure– Make tough decisions in a timely fashion– Provide authority to the chief marketing officer, department, and/or team– Convey that marketing is an institution-wide commitment and responsibility– Clear away organizational and policy roadblocks– Insist on shared goals and resources among senior administrators/staffs– Go toe-to-toe with recalcitrant administrators, administrators who adopt await—and see attitude, and administrators who are hostile to the idea ofmarketing– Demand departmental, and even individual accountability– Be the champion’s sponsor
  21. 21. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 21The Brand-Building Experience at CentreWe’ve been intentional about brand management—or “reputationmanagement” as we call it—for a good while
  22. 22. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 22Laying the Foundation for IntegratedMarketing and Building the FrameworkOctober 1999: Trustees approve strategic plan (ambitious studentrecruitment and fundraising goals, goal to create integrated marketing plan)2000: Formation of marketing committee (Gang of Seven—representativesfrom admissions, communications, development, faculty, and internationalstudies)– Marketing proponents– Influential but intentionally ad hoc and low profile, especially in earlystages2001: Drafting of integrated marketing plan (marketing committee, chairedby dean of admissions and director of communications)
  23. 23. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 23Laying the Foundation for Integrated Marketing and Building the Framework - continued2002: Refinement and revision of integrated marketing plan, presentation toand discussion with senior staff; initial incremental implementation.2003: Additional refinement of strategic plan, approval by senior staff,presentation to and discussion with trustee planning committee; continuedimplementation.2004: Contracting with Stamats for communications review, on-campusinterviews, and surveys of key constituencies; initial survey of prospectivestudents and parents, development of draft brand promises, testing of brandpromises, and final section.
  24. 24. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 24Laying the Foundation for Integrated Marketing and Building the Framework - continued1999 to present: Establishing and integrating brand communication channelsPublications (consistent brandingacross areas — not just admissions)Web site (minimum requirement:consistency—one click off homepage)Magazine and newspaperTVEvent-based promotionRadioOutdoorCD-ROMHometownersFeaturesElevator speechConstituent relationsBuildings and groundsSignage and way findingPerimeter marketing
  25. 25. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 25Centre Brand PortfolioBrand promise:– Centre provides personal education thatenables students to achieve extraordinarysuccess in advanced study and careersBrand rationale:– As a smaller, residential college, Centre hasalways been about personal education: 11:1student faculty ratio, active researchers, butcommitment to teaching comes first
  26. 26. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 26Centre Brand Portfolio - continuedBrand attributes/benefits:– Personal interaction with faculty and staffmembers enhances academic and socialgrowth– Personal education means students makechoices that reflect and best develop theirindividual interests and abilities—self-designed majors, double majors,internships, study abroad, and student/faculty research– Teachers who know students personallyoffer more effective advice and guidancevis a vis advanced study and careers, andwrite more convincing letters ofrecommendation
  27. 27. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 27Centre Brand Portfolio - continuedVivid descriptors (a sampling)– Faculty-intensive education– One-to-one from day one– Tailored– Custom– Top 50– The Centre Commitment– Nation-leading alumni loyalty– Success– Prepared you to succeed in a personal way– Satisfied alumni
  28. 28. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 28Centre Brand Portfolio - continuedTagline: Personal Education, Extraordinary SuccessGraphic identity program– The communications office coordinates the College’s graphicidentity program– Primary media:PublicationsThe WebSignage
  29. 29. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 29Centre Brand Portfolio - continued…We’ve been able toachieve a highdegree of visualconsistencythroughpersistence andpersuasion.Web-basedexamples,templates, andguidelines are alsohelpful.
  30. 30. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 30
  31. 31. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 31
  32. 32. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 32The Centre CommitmentWe back up our promise to deliver personal, timelyeducation with a guarantee: All students who meet theCollege’s academic and social expectations will beable to …– Complete an internship– Study abroad, and– Graduate in four years……or Centre will provide up to a yearof additional study tuition-freeThird year of The Centre Commitment and no“claims” to dateIf you live your promise, you gain the ability toconfirm it with a guarantee
  33. 33. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 33Building Internal SupportGet the right people on the busClarify why strong brands are importantBuild confidence in the brand creation process— Help the campus understand the process— Clarify their role in the process— Build confidence in the process— Give the campus community access to the process— Clarify the role of campus members in building andsustaining the brandImplement aggressivelyShow outcomes
  34. 34. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 341. Get the Right People on the BusAny change initiative must have active support of senior administrativeleadershipThe time for debate is before the decision is madeIf you have dissention at the top, you will have confusion at the bottomThree key components:— The team— The champion— The sponsor
  35. 35. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 35Everybody Pulling in the Same DirectionRecruiting& Fin AidFundraisingAcademicsStudent LifeFacilitiesITFinance& BudgetMarketingVision
  36. 36. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 362. Clarify Why Strong Brands Are ImportantStrong brands attract:– The best students and faculty– More full- and fuller-pay students (brand equity)– More students who will persist– More donated dollars– More media attentionStrong brands generate:– More alumni support– Positive word-of-mouthStrong brands require fewer direct marketing expendituresParents are less likely to encourage a son/daughter to attend a collegewith which they are not familiar
  37. 37. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 373. Build Confidence in the ProcessHelp the campus understand the process– The model you are usingClarify their role in the process– Think futuristically, globally, and participate in discussions– Must understand that their role is limited; while their input is sought,care must be taken not to convey that they are in control of theoutcomesBuild confidence in the process– Defendable, inferential research
  38. 38. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 38Build Confidence - continuedGive the campus community access to the process– Open and overtClarify the role of campus members in building and sustaining thebrand– Understand the resources that are available to them– Training on how the brand might impact their behavior– Changes in how faculty and staff are evaluated and rewarded
  39. 39. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 394. Implement AggressivelyLaunch, not leakPick some low hanging fruitCelebrate early winsCommunicate successes– Especially successes related to resource gainsShare the rewardsShow outcomesMaintain inertiaDon’t blink
  40. 40. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 405. Work with FacultyIt is worthy of their time and attention (much like a facilities plan)The purpose of brand marketing is to increase the flow of resources tothe institutionIt is not about being something you are not; it is about more completelytelling the story of who you areStrong institutions have strong brands– If you don’t build a brand, the marketplace will build one for youIt is not about popularity; it is about relevance
  41. 41. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 41Work with Faculty - continuedBegin with faculty leadership– Make the case– Show likely and reasonable outcomes– Clarify their roleSpread ownership through aggressive data- and feelings-gathering– Interviews– Focus groups– Quantitative researchUse faculty leadership to involve other faculty– While you must be willing to work with all faculty; don’t spend too muchtime trying to solicit support from faculty who don’t want to support theprocess– Rather, work with the faculty who want to work with you
  42. 42. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 42Winning Support at CentreTo reiterate: The first step was in draftingthe strategic plan in 1998-99—buildingsupport for integrated marketing in thestrategic plan is crucialFull campus participation in Stamats project(on-campus interviews; ongoing reporting ofresults; e-mail survey of students, faculty,and staff to select brand promise)Reporting of final results and discussionwith senior staffDiscovering that for us the phrase“reputation management” was moreeffective than “branding”
  43. 43. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 43Winning Support at Centre - continuedCampus group discussions to explore how Centre provides personaleducation that leads to extraordinary success– Document and develop an extensive list of examples of how Centrefulfills its brand promise– Explore how Centre can more fully deliver on its brand promise(“campus conversations,” including enrollment managementcommittee, representatives of faculty steering committee,representatives of the College Council, planning and prioritiescommittee, representatives of staff congress, three groups ofstudent leaders, and the athletic staff)
  44. 44. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 44Winning Support at Centre - continuedCommunicate Progress Internally and ExternallyLike members of House of Representativesmaintain a “continual campaign” to convinceinternal audiences of the importance andrewards of consistency and integration in“telling the story more effectively”Student recruitment success– Applications up 30% over last year’srecord total– Test scores and other academicmeasures rising (middle 50 ACT = 28.5;SAT = 1300—around 70% in top 10% ofhigh school class)– Increasing minority enrollments
  45. 45. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 45Winning Support at Centre - continuedCommunicate Progress Internally and ExternallyFundraising success– Rising alumni giving percentages (No. 1in nation in annual percentage— 63.4%)– Record setting annual fund total– 13th in the nation in average alumni gift– Almost $90 million committed in $120million campaign
  46. 46. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 46Winning Support at Centre - continuedCommunicate Progress Internally and ExternallyFundraising success allows Centre to keepprices low (most affordable of U.S. nationalcolleges)– Best value recognition: U.S. News & WorldReport, Fiske Guide, Princeton Review,Consumers Digest
  47. 47. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 47Winning Support at Centre - continuedCommunicate Progress Internally and ExternallyTrustee support for major campus enhancements ($22 millionCollege Centre)
  48. 48. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 48Winning Support at Centre - continuedCommunicate Progress Internally and Externally
  49. 49. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 49Winning Support at Centre - continuedStudent success in winning postgraduateawards (Rhodes, Fulbright, Goldwater,Truman, Rotary)Attracting better qualified faculty and staffLeading international studies program— threeof four students participate (ranked 9th in thenation by U.S. News & World Report)Increasing media placements (2003-04included, USA Today, New York Times, L.A.Times, Washington Post, NBC Nightly News,Today Show, NPR, Sports Illustrated)
  50. 50. Centre College and Stamats, Inc. - 50Thank YouAny Closing Questions