Connie Aalderink Diane Aamoth Jerry Aardema Janet Abate Jennifer Abbattista Stephen Abbey Mary Abbring Marva Abeyta Komlan...
William Carrier Abraham Carrillo Noel Carrillo Tammie Carringer Yolanda Carrizales Charles Carroll David Carroll Catisa Ca...
The basis of our community–things that matterCuriosity and Exploration 07 Performance 11 Engagement 15Design 19 Relationsh...
Lynette Flowers Keith Foco Karl Fodor James Foley Gabriela Fonseca Yolanda Fonseca Mavis Footman Craig Forbes Debra Ford M...
Christopher Jefferson Tonya Jefferson Jamie Jeffress Steven Jeltema Gail Jenkins Kevin Jenkins Mary Jenkins Tamara Jenkins...
McManamey John McManus Jr Barbara McMillan Eric McMillan Ronald McMillen Leigh Ann McMillen Joyce McMiller Brian McMurray ...
What exactly are “corporate values” and why are we going to allthis trouble to make them public? Well, our values are thin...
On their own time with scrounged materials, a bunch of curiousHerman Miller engineers (with a little design help) built th...
Curiosity and ExplorationTwo of our greatest strengths. Curiosity and exploration lie behindour heritage of research-drive...
This biannual publication showcases some of the results and insightsfrom Herman Miller curiosity.08
What’s around the corner? What’s the future of work? Or learning?Or healthcare? Our researchers are finding out.09
11PerformancePerformance is required for leadership. We want to be leaders atHerman Miller, and so we are committed to per...
Our operations groups have shown us what real performance is allabout, relentlessly eliminating waste from our manufacturi...
Rather than just talk about it, an employee dreamedup Bob the Dummy and sewed him together to showpeople the latest in saf...
15EngagementIt isn’t just about showing up. It is about being owners—activelycommitted to the life of this community calle...
16Industrial psychologist Carl Frost taught us the importance of involvingeveryone through the Scanlon Plan. In 1952, all ...
Ayse Birsel’s sketch showing how the Resolve®system puts individualsat the center of a work environment and surrounding su...
19DesignDesign at Herman Miller is a way of looking at the world and howit works—or doesn’t. It is a method for getting so...
Our view of design applies to everything at Herman Miller,even cycling jerseys.21
More than ever, we value our relationships with designers. BillStumpf symbolizes the wonderful give and take, the mutual l...
23RelationshipsWe work hard to create and keep relationships. With our customersand designers, with our dealers, suppliers...
From one-on-one conversations to alliances between organizations,the working relationships of the future will network grou...
Dealers, salespeople, and suppliers around the world have alwaysbeen important members of Herman Miller’s community. They ...
InclusivenessTo succeed as a company, we must include all the expressions ofhuman talent and potential that society offers...
Account Development ManagerFigure Skater
Project ManagerChange RingerCustomer Care ManagerHorse TrainerCAD DrafterRock-a-billy MusicianExecutive AssistantMayor Pro...
A Better WorldThis is at the heart of Herman Miller and the real reason why manyof us come to work every day. We contribut...
34Our goal for the next ten years is to contribute 10,000 volunteerhours per year to worthy causes in our communities. Fro...
In 2005, contributions from employees and the Board of Directorsfunded 20 Michael Volkema Scholarships for the college edu...
36We expect our leaders to exemplify every day what we value. Like allof us, they aren’t perfect, but they have pledged th...
TransparencyTransparency begins with letting people see how decisionsare made and owning the decisions we make. So when yo...
Max, DJ, and Hugh De Pree. They epitomize the values andleadership that make Herman Miller a distinctive and enduringcompa...
39FoundationsThe past can be a tricky thing—an anchor or a sail, a tether or alaunching pad. The stories, people and exper...
Our values let our customers, suppliers, employees, andshareholders know where we stand on the things that matter.Ultimate...
Carol Reed John Reed Julian Reed Lewis Reed Linda Reed Nancy Reed Raven Reed Roger Reed Scott Reed Scott Reed Shirley Reed...
Herman Miller - The basis of our community
Herman Miller - The basis of our community
Herman Miller - The basis of our community
Herman Miller - The basis of our community
Herman Miller - The basis of our community
Herman Miller - The basis of our community
Herman Miller - The basis of our community
Herman Miller - The basis of our community
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Herman Miller - The basis of our community


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Transcript of "Herman Miller - The basis of our community"

  1. 1. Connie Aalderink Diane Aamoth Jerry Aardema Janet Abate Jennifer Abbattista Stephen Abbey Mary Abbring Marva Abeyta Komlan Aboki Marcus Abraham BrianAchterhof Renee Adair Luisa Adame Eric Adams Karn Adams Kevin Adams Leigh Robert Adams Melinda Adams Ryan Adams Tonya Adams Marilyn Adamson ChristopherAddae Shawn Ade Reta Ademe Breck Adkins Claudia Adkins Chad Aerts Nikki Afendulis John Affholter Jr Komlan Agbotro James Agee Marcela Aguila Adan AguilarCristina Aguilar Dante Aguilar Dario Aguilar Miguel Aguilar Israel Aguilar Nadeem Ahmed Cherri Aho James Aiello Rodney Aiken Scott Aishe Sharon Aishe Chloe AitkenPatricia Aittama Anthony Aiuppy Jerry Akers Khamtanh Akhavong Matthew Akkerman Esther Akowuah Paul Alagna Juan Alaniz Alejandro Alba Juana Albarran RobinAlberda Bryan Albers Earl Albin Bruce Alderink John Aldrich Charles Aldridge Anne Alex Moses Alexander Delbridge Alexander Jr Cynthia Aley Lucille Aley Joseph AlfanoRonald Alferink Omer Ali Osman Ali Medo Alic Annette Allen Dale Allen Elizabeth Allen Flois Allen Gail Allen James Allen Jonathan Allen Robert Allen Scott Allen StevenAllen Thomas Allen Sharon Allison Tammy Allore Michael Allspach Mohammed Al-Manhlawi Maria Almanza Alan Almasy Teresa Almond Vincent Almond Raza AlomerovicJavier Alonso Bahire Alsan Linda Alsteen William Altow Irene Alvarado Asela Alvarez Deborah Alvarez Enrique Alvarez James Alviar Jr Gina Amante Chandra Amaya TinaAmaya Alex Amoah Shelley Amos John Amrhein Rebecca Anakotta Roy Anakotta Barbara Anderle Roger Anders Brian Anderson Dawnmarie Anderson ElizabethAnderson Holly Anderson Jerry Anderson Laantonette Anderson Mark Anderson Michael Anderson Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson Richard Anderson Rick AndersonRonald Anderson Scott Anderson Shane Anderson Tracy Anderson Vicki Anderson Roy Anderson Jr Jesus Andrade Jim Andre Jr Sally Andres Maria Andreu-Melia BrianAndrews Drew Andrews Terry Andrews Michael Andry William Anglebrandt Scott Angood Chindavane Anounonh Tiemthong Anounonh Bonnie Ansbro Lorrie Antcliff MarcAnthony Trinske Antonides Ernest Apaw Robert Appel Ashutosh Apte Yasmin Aquino Gustavo Araiza Tracey Archer Sergio Arciniega Catherine Arellano Barbara ArenaDavid Arendsen Jeff Arendsen Marilyn Arendsen Michael Arendsen Ronda Arendsen Steven Arendsen Craig Arens Michael Arents Eric Arevalo Lucia Arguera CarlosArgueta Carlos Argueta Margarita Arizola Patricia Arizola Annmarie Arman-Beck James Armantrout Bernarda Armendariz Juan Armenta Clinton Arms Jeffrey ArmstrongMichelle Armstrong Rosemary Joy Armstrong Jennifer Arndt Thomas Arndt Vicki Arnold Jake Arnott Mary Arocha Saket Arora Hector Arriola Virginia Arroyo Edwin JohnArscott Betty Artlip Paul Ash Shannon Ashby Brian Ashcraft Aaron Ashendorf Maria Asmus Sunday Asoro Beverly Assink Mary Assink Jana Atchison Edward Aten LindaAtha Atsushi Oyanagi Connie Au Belinda Aubrey Christopher Auger Melanie Augustyn Thomas Aultman Jeffrey Austhof Carol Austin Louisa M Austin Saundra Auw DavidAuwema Daniel Auwerda Melvin Avant Denise Avara William Aviles Vincent Axley Ruben Ayala Viena Ayalauben William Aviles Vincent Axley Ruben Ayala Viena AyalaTroy Baareman Craig Baarman Jill Baars Herminio Bacalla James Bacha Adriane Badders Pilar Baez Jesus Baeza James Bacha Adriane Badders Pilar Baez Jesus BaezaJulio Baeza Graham Stephen Baggs Chet Bagnall April Bagwell Rebecca Bahnsen Craig Baier Linda Bailey Melinda Bailey Robert Bailey Sue Bailey Valleau Bailey DavidBair Darla Baird Stephen Baird Christopher Bakale Timothy Bakelaar Brian Baker Debora Baker James Baker Kevin Baker LeRoy Baker Rhonda Baker Richard Baker RobertBaker Ronald Baker Rosalind Baker Susan Baker Terry Baker Nida Bakhtyar Michael Bakker Sue Bakker Susan Bakker Roger Balcom Susan Baker Terry Baker NidaBakhtyar Michael Bakker Sue Bakker Susan Bakker Roger Balcom Katherine Balder Jose Balderas Helen Baldus Kevin Baldus Graham Baldwin Nigel Jeremy BaldwinVictoria Baldwin Nathan Bale Andrew Balentine Jeffrey Ball Scott Ball Claudia Ballesteros Sheri Balser Jennifer Banaszak Neil Joseph Banbury Willie Bankhead Jr DruBanna Kelly Bannasch Stephen Bannasch James Bannerman Adrienne Banzhof Rebecca Barajas Ildifonso Barajas Jr Patricia Barbee Marvin Barber Patricia Barber CarlaBarbosa Hugo Barbosa Burton Barbour Lisa Barday Patricia Bareman Linda Barense Thomas Barense Sandra Barkema Mary Lee Barker David Barnes Janet Barnes RobertBarnes Paul Barnett Raymond Barnhard Calvin Baron Clifford Baron Linda Baron Robyn Baron Stuart Baron Dean Barrett Jamie Barrett Robert Barrett Sanjuana BarrettTonette Barrett Heriberto Barrientos Timothy Barrios Debra Barrow John Barrow Timothy Bartelds Rudy Bartels Joseph Bartholomew Patricia Bartholomew RichardBartholomew Howard Bartling Maureen Barto Martino Bartoli Jela Bartulovic Giuseppe Basile Howard Baskin Amanda Basore Harry Basore Walter Bastiaanse James BatchJoyce Kathleen Bateman Cormeka Bates Michael Bates Karen Bates-Scull Todd Bathrick Christopher Batt Michael Bauder Carlos Bauer James Bauer Mark Baughman JamesBaum Mark Baumann Jeffrey Bauriedel Herbert Baushke Jr James Baxter Virginia Baxter Wayne Baxter Robert Bayle Kenneth Baylor Laura Bayne Terry Bayne Eric BazanGary Bazan Douglas Bazuin Tracy Beacham Kimberly Bean Lee Bean Pamela Bean Harold Bearup Darrel Beasley Willie Beattie II Sandra Beavers Robert Beck DavidBecker Tonna Becker Barbara Beckham Dave Beckman Waltraud Beckmann Terry Becksfort Arnold Becksvoort Rodney Becksvoort Jacqueline Bedford William BeebeJason Beecham Randy Beekman Ryan Beekman Terry Beekman Karla Beelen Jeffrey Beenen Dick Beery Maria Helena Begara Cheryl Behrens David Behrens GregoryBekius Roger Bekius Emmanuel Belam Lucy Belew Deborah Belinowiz Brenda Bell Cristina Bell Jeffrey Bell Randall Bell Joseph Bellah Alison Bellofatto Gasper BeltranDawn Beluzar Lillie Benard Bernard Benassi Victoria Benedict James Benes John Benes Silvio Benetel Charles Bengtson Armando Benites Juan Benitez Terrance BenkertGlenn Benko Daniel Bennett George Bennett Michelle Bennett Peter Michael Bennett Raymond Bennett Shirley Bennett Mary Bennink Eddie Benson Joseph Benson LorineBenson David Bentheimer Chris Benzle Joshua Berends Steve Berends Kristy Berens Vickie Berens Kenneth Berg Patricia Berg Patrick Berg Russell Berg Marylou BerghuisLars Bergland Bryce Bergman David Bergman Sandra Bergman Patricia Bergquist Lonnie Berkompas Rodney Berkompas Alex Berman Kenneth Bernia Philip Berridge TonaBerruecos Lee Berry Christopher Berson Lorenzo Bertoletti John Besanceney Omer Besic Sefika Besic Johane Besner John Besser III Jerry Bessey Michael Bessey RonaldBessey Roger Bessey Jr Thomas Bessinger Thomas Bethke Dyane Betteker Anthony Betts Rashon Betts Shaun Betzelberger Carol Beuckelaere Daniel Beukema DouglasBeute Kristen Beutler Darren Andrew Bevan Andrea Bewak Douglas Beyer Matthew Beyer Margaret Bezdek Divya Bhandarkar Renata Bianchi Mark Biddlecombe LauraBielby Sandra Bielby Scott Bielby Brad Bigelow Jewel Biggs John Biggs Darla Billey-Quinn Todd Billin Rebecca Billinghurst James Billings Christopher Bingham LynneBinion James Biondi Peggy Birce Tim Birce Nadia Bisante Louis Bisard Doris Bishop Glenn Bishop Jeremy Bishop Renae Bishop Richard Bishop Scott Bishop Will BishopJohn Bjorum Sandy Bjorum William Blaber Carolyn Black William Blackall Jose Blackburn Donna Black-Lee Richard Blackmar Douglas Blackmon Michael Blackmore BobBlagus Dennis Blaine Judy Blair-Lawrence Brian Blaisdell Colwyn Blake Jane Blake Tim Blakie Chris Blanchard Beatriz Blanco Megan Blaney Darrell Blanshan KennethBlauwkamp Kimberly Blauwkamp Lyndon Blauwkamp Vernon Blauwkamp Lisa Blaylock Roger Bleeker Kimberlee Bletsch Joanne Blevins Scott Bliss Bradley BlodgettAnita Bloemers Martin Bloomfield Mattie Blow Kim Blume Stephen Boak Lewis Boatwright Sandra Bobbitt Jose Bocanegra Carolyn Bocheff Eric Bodell Erin BodenAndrew James Bodman Sharon Boehm Jared Boelema Marlin Boer Dean Boerigter Alma Boerman Judy Boerman Larry Boerman Bradley Boes Calvin Boes DouglasBoetsma Gaye Boetsma Ryan Boetsma Ardella Boeve Douglas Boeve Jacob Boeve Karlene Boeve Russell Boeve Theodore Boeve Thomas Boeve Thomas Boeve MarinoBoghi Kevin Bohl Thomas Bok Dale Bol Joyce Bolduc Robert Bolhuis Debora Bombul Richard Bonaventure Lisa Bonavita Casey Bond Monica Bond Oliver BondJonathon Bonga Victoria Bonham Evelyn Bonilla Ernest Bont Jeffrey Book Janice Boomgaard Martyn Anthony Booth Donald Boots Elizabeth Bordenave Brian BordewykDuane Bordner Maureen Boreczky Michael Borgerding Christopher Borgman Craig Borgman Keith Born Paul Borum Stephanie Borum David Boruta Patrick Boruta AnitaBos Daniel Bos Nancy Bos Robert Bos Robert Bos Susan Bos Carrie Bosch Kevin Bosch Roger Bosch Daniel Bosman Sina Bosman Chad Boss Kimberly Boss Mary BossMistie Boss Thomas Boss Cheryl Botbyl Jason Botbyl Kimberly Botbyl Thomas Botbyl Thomas Botbyl Jr John Botting Duane Boucher Duane Boucher Frank BoucherMarcella Boucher Yvonne Boucher Mary Boudreau Brenda Boukma Jack Boukma Jr Ronnie Bouknight Franklin Bouman Terry Bound Peter Bounthavong Billy BounyavongSukie Bounyavong Southsamone Bouphaphanh Matthew Bouwhuis David Bouwkamp Jason Bouwkamp Donald Bouwman Jodi Bouwman Terry Bouwman Wanda BoweBarbara Bowen Janet Bowen Michael Bowen Robert Bowen Suzanne Bowen Ulrica Bowen Raymond Bower David Bowes Donna Bowne Kimberly Box Benjamin BoxerDwayne Boyce Alan Boyd Jackie Boyd Johnnie Boyd Kathryn Boyle Leah Bozulich-Coker Scott Braak Carole Braatz Alauna Bradford Andrea Bradford Brent BradleyPatrick Bradley Benjamin Brady Victor Brady Andrew Brain Richard Bramer Susan Brampton Bruce Branch Patricia Branco Sabrina Brand James Brander Daniel BrandtDavid Brandt Diana Brandt Douglas Brandt Kenneth Brandt Leanna Brandt Lori Brandt Timothy Brannam Jonathon Braun Brent Braunschweig Curt BraunschweigMercedes Bravo Dana Bray John Bray Linda Bray Nicholas James Bray Patrick Brazee Patricia Brazil Allen Bredeweg Steven Bredeweg Wade Breeden Jr Troy BreitwischMarie Bremer Thomas Brents Kevin Breuker Craig Bricker Peggy Briegel Belva Brieve Andrew Briggs John Bright Ryan Brill Jeffrey Brineman Andrea Brink Jean BrinkKathleen Brinkman Barbara Brinks Douglas Brinks Jeff Brinn David Brite Robert Britt Sonia Britton Wayne Britzke Timothy Brockway Douglas Broekhuizen SteveBroekhuizen Keith Broene Lynn Broene Daniel Broersma Joel Brondyke Larry Bronkema Carol Bronner Harold Brookins Catherine Brooks Ernestine Brooks GeorgeBrooks Renae Brooks Mark Broome Amy Brophy Caryle Brosseit Todd Brosseit Alan Broton Dianna Broton Ethyl Broton Brenda Brouwer Denise Brouwer Kathy BrouwerMichael Brouwer Alvin Brower Calvin Brower Greg Brower Kurt Brower Randall Brower Steven Brower Tracy Brower Wayne Brower Alan Brown Bernard BrownChristopher Brown Cornelius Brown Glenn Brown Keith Brown Linda Brown Michael Brown Paula Brown Randolph Brown Russell Brown Scott Brown Scott BrownSharon Brown Shelly Brown Stacey Brown Steven Brown Thomas Brown Vanessa Brown Linda Browne Randall Browne Duane Brownlow Thomas Brozek Brian BrudeyMary Bruins Cristal Brummel Tom Brummel Robert Brunink Amber Brunner Barbara Bruno Jay Bruns Michael Brunsting Ed Bruursema Tony Bryan Arietta Bryant BernardBryant Janice Bryant Kenneth Bryant Leonard Bryant Lisa Bryant Lora Bryant Marc Shaun Bryant Mark Bryant James Brye Susan Bryaert Charles Bryson Thomas BublitzTia Buchanan Jeffrey Buchholz Corbette Buckley Kim Buckley Daniel Buckman Gregory Buckwald Tracy Budd Lesley Budde Rachael Budiwarman Consuelo BuenrostroWilliam Buhl III Mark Buikema Jeffrey Bullied Joseph Bullock Stephen Bullock Troy Bulson Julie Bultema Howard Bultman Timothy Bumstead Vivian Bundrage GaryBunnell Timothy Bunnell Diane Bunse Robert Burchfield Derrick Gordon Burford Angela Burgess Debbie Burgess John Burghorn Christina Burke Rodney Burks CelineAnn Burns Corey Burns Deborah Burns Dennis Burns Laverne Burns Paul Burns Sally Burns Steven Burns Dangelo Burse Jason Burt Eugenia Burton Gregory BurtonShellie Burton Thomas Busa Linda Busby Andrew Bush Cindy Bush Dawn Bush Fredrick Bush Jack Bush Jason Bush Jerry Bush Judy Bush Matthew Bush ChristopherBushman Kay Buskey Kris Busman Dale Busscher Max Busscher Michael Busscher Tamya Busscher Thomas Busscher Richard Butler Sarah Butler Peter George ButtRobert Button Bruce Buursma Michael Buxton Gregory Bylsma Randy Bylund Antony David Byrne Joyce Byrne Michael Byrne Esperanza Cabrera Maria Cabrera MariaCabrera Dean Cady Gwendolyn Cage James Cail Christina Calanno-Lau Julia Calderon Henry Califf Laurie Calkins Adam Call Roger Call Cristina Calmo Beatriz CalzadaAna Camacho Robert Camacho Mariama Camara Consuelo Camberos Moulaye Camera Eric Cammenga Angela Campbell Bonnie Campbell Bruce Campbell CameronCampbell James Campbell Joey Campbell John Campbell Mary Campbell Marcella Canales Marco Cancelli Mary Canfield Richard Canniff Ricky Canning David CannonAnnMarie Canton Huong Cao Gerald Capaldi Marlene Capotosto Deborah Card Sarah Card James Carey Timothy Carey Janet Carlson Melanie Carlson Melinda CarlsonMark Carlyle Karrie Carman Kelly Carmean Robert Carmean Kevin Carnes Pamela Carpenter Chris Carr Paula Carr Francisco Carrasco Emilio Carreras Kenneth CarrierLThe basis of our community–things that matter
  2. 2. William Carrier Abraham Carrillo Noel Carrillo Tammie Carringer Yolanda Carrizales Charles Carroll David Carroll Catisa Carson Robert Carten Gregory CarterHenrietta Carter Patricia Carter James Carter Jr Jennifer Cartlidge Kimberly Cartlidge Catherine Caruso Tammy Carver Glen Casebolt Jr Diane Casey Mabel CaseyStephen Casey Susan Casper John Casperson Janet Cass Malcolm Frank Cassidy Lorraine Cassis Gabriela Castaneda Jose Castaneda Justino Castaneda TeresaCastano Jose Castanon Hilda Castellanos Rebecca Castellon Angela Castenholz Jeana Castenholz Carlos Castillo Jose Castillo Heriberto Castillo Jean Castner MaCastoreno-Perez Rafael Castro Pedro Castro Jr Nancy Caswell Mark Andrew Catchlove Catherine-Mary Catton Mary Cauceglia Debra Caukin Pedro Cavasos AngelaCave Steven Caverly Keith Cearns Robert Cejmer Karen Cermak Amy Cerny Bertha Cervantes Duegi Cervantes Mario Cervantes Gloria Cetra Dirk Chadwick JoanneChai Ming-Li Chai Anna Chaidez Jesus Chaidez Maria Chaidez Sergio Chaidez Gina Chamberlain Terri Chambers Lisa Champion Yolanda Champion MitchellChampoux Raechelle Champoux Run Chan Simon Chan Gabriel Chandler Nathan Chandler Pazundra Chandler Stacey Chandler Anthony Chandonnet PatrickChandonnet Danny Chaney Sin Chann Scott Chanthaphanh Daniel Chapa Fernando Chapa Ileana Chapa Curtis Chapin Chad Chapman Craig Chapman JillChapman Myra Chapman Eddy Charles Karrie Charles Lowell Charles Pamela Charles Scott Charon Michael Chartrand Patty Chase Dan Chatman Chayva ChauVoat Chau Enrique Chavez Miguel Chavez Ranulfo Chavez-Reyes Mom Cheam Jaclyn Cheatham Jing Chen Mark Cherney Paul Cherney Cathy Cherrette WayneCherry Phil Chesher Charlie Chesney Nathan Chester Alexander Cheung Sulae Cheung Damon Cheyne Jesus Chico Toni Chilcott Susan Childress Ley Chinton MaryChio Chisato Sato Michael Chittenden Sokkha Chiv Jin Chng Chin Choang Richard Chou Phanthou Choulramountry David Chourb Glenda Chrispell Teri ChrispellJames Christenson Michael Chunko Christopher Churchill Andrea Cichosz Nathan Cierlak Vincent Cipiti David Cirner Ron Ciucci Mary Ciurlino Joe Clapp Beth ClarkBradley Clark Brenda Clark David Clark Gerald Clark Jack Clark Jeffrey Clark Martin Clark Melody Clark Rodney Clark Tracy Clark Timothy Clauss Daniel Clay BillyClayton Derek Clayton Jack Clement John Christopher Clements Lynne Clements Bobby Cloud Paul Cloutier Dawn Cluckey Alan Cnossen Daniel Cnossen KristiaCnossen William Cnossen Angela Cobuzzi Deborah Cochran Vikki Louise Cockerill Christopher Coffey Rodney Coffey Kimberly Coffman Virginia Cogbill MichelleCohen Shareen Colah Sandra Colbert Aaron Cole Phyllis Coleman Starlynn Coleman Claudia Colin Fernando Colin Ricardo Colin Sara Colin Lesley Collett AlanColley Gary Collings Catherine Collins Kathryn Collins Glenna Collison Timothy Collison Mario Colombo Jose Colomer Marty Colvin Gerald Colvin Jr PeggyComerford Laverne Compagner Kristi Conde Trisha Conley William Connell Judy Conner Tod Conner Tom Conner Barbara Conners Mary Connolly Alvin Cook BruceCook David Cook Deborah Cook Deborah Cook Jack Cook Janice Cook Kelly Cook Richard Cook Roger Cook Autumn Coop Angela Cooper Byron Cooper CedricCooper Jane Cooper Kenneth Cooper Kim Cooper Martin Cooper Ricky John Cooper Stephen James Cooper Peter Copeland Maria Coppola Joni Corbett Dan CoreyJosefina Coria Timothy Coriell Michelle Cornwell Anthony Corona Agustin Coronado Julio Coronado Sylvia Coronado Frank Correa Clayton Corrello Belinda CorriganJane Corrigan Keith Corrigan Delbert Corson Eduardo Cortes Maria Cortes Anthony Cortese Denise Cortez Fe Cortez Robert Cortez Nancy Corvers David CosbySteven Cosby Wendy Cossey Ian Cottle Michiyo Couch Glenn Coureton Thomas Courtney Claudia Courtright Lisa Cousins Diana Coveart Gary Roger Coward RhonaVeronica Cowie Gail Cox Janet Cox Steven Mark Cox Robert Cox Jr Steven Cozier Marsha Cramer Scott Crandle Christine Crays James Crays John Crease PhillipCreasy Lawrence Creswell Lois Creswell Kimberly Crews Towanna Crews Kellie Criscione Rhynaie Crisi-Mull Curtis Croft Richard Crooks Terry Crosby Angela CrossKeith William Cross Patricia Cross Carolyn Crout Glen Crow Joseph Crow Brian Crowder Caroline Crowder-Mapes Pamela Crumb Pamela Crump Peter Cruse GerbertCruz Lucia Cuccato Jennifer Cudney Abel Cuellar Jerome Cuellar Juanita Cuellar Everardo Cuevas Monika Culp Donna Culver Jimmy Culver Jason Cummins KimCummins Ana Cunha-CarrAna Janet Cunningham Kristy Currence Christina Curry Donald Curry Carole Curry-Warren Michael John Curtin Barbra Curtin Brian CurtisDarleen Curtis Scott Curtis Tonya Curtis Georgia Cutler Kelly Cutler Tracy Cutler Kristin Cutshall Donald Cutter Gregory Cyranoski Randy Czarney DomenicoD’Agostino Brian Dahl Cindy Dahl Denise Dahl Janet Dahlke Terri Dahlman Chantal Daisley Andrew John Dale Marcia Daley Roy Dallier Susan Dalman TerryDalman Paul Dame Jennifer Dana Mai-Anh Dang Margaret Daniel Willie Daniels Lisa Darcy Neal Darcy Anthony Darland Scott Darling Lori Daughtrey Karen DaulerLenny Dault Mike Davenport Richard Davey William Davey Darrel David Daniel David Edward Davidson Harold Davies James Davies Chris Davignon Amy DavisAndrew Davis Angela Davis Barbara Davis Christopher Davis Elizabeth Davis Johnny Davis Lee Davis Macaire Davis Marcia Davis Melinda Davis Richard DavisScott Davis Sean Davis Thomas Davis Vanessa Davis Wendy Davis Linda Davis Charles Davis II Edward Davis Sr Jane Daway-Celaire Heather Dawson Luke DawsonMary Dawson Charles Day Defonte Day Rebecca Day Samuel Jack Day Thomas Day Wendy Day Anthony Ignace De Jaeger Christopher Deacon Davlon DeanGraham Dean Daniel Deavila Chris Deblock Frank Deblock Timothy Deboef Cynthia Deboer Dean Deboer Diane Deboer John Deboer Lori DeboerLynelle Deboer Matthew Deboer Tamara Deboer Sandra DeBruine Kathleen Debruyn Mark Dechant Carol Decheney Sherri Decker RyanDecoster Patricia Deeken Shelley Deemter John Deeyaa David Defeyter Linda Defeyter Janet DeFouw Jerry Defouw Cindy DeGraafCheryl Degroot Robert Dehaan Richard Dehaan III Donald Dehaan Jr Corey Deiters Jeanne Deiters Terry Dejohn Connie Dejong ScottDejonge Sheryl DeJonge Timothy Dejonge Nancy Dekker Robert Dekker Jennifer Dekkinga Delbert Dekleine Janice DeKock PhilipDekock Thomas Dekock Terry Dekoster David Dekraker Mark Dekraker William DeKruif Julian Delacruz Ruth Delacruz JorgeDeLaCruz Jr Adam Delano Richard Deleau Ernest Deleon Juan Delgado John Delia Elide Della Torre Ilenia Della Torre Andrea DeLuca CynthiaDeMaat Robert Demarse Jr Dale Demerest Michael Demott James Denbesten Rachel Deneef William Deneef Daniel Deng Lisa DengDelraye Denio Julie DeNio Pauline Denio Randy Denio David William Denning James Dennison Lisa Denson Kathryn Denuyl Gary DenzerShirley Depree Craig DeRidder Dennis Deridder Robert Deruiter Ronald Deruiter Enrique Desentis Julia Deshaw David Detamore Lori Detamore Richard DetamoreWilliam Detterline RaChel Deur Robert Deur Robert Deur Randy Devowe Robert Devowe Klay Devree Calvin Devries Gary Devries Gina DeVries Lee Devries LisaDevries Merribeth Devries Paula Devries Philip Devries Vickie Devries Tom Devrou James Deweerd Mary Deweerd Douglas Dewey Bruce Dewitt Dianne DewittJerry Dewitt Mark Dewitt Stuart Dewitt Tricia Dewitt Todd Dewys Michael Dexter David Deyoung Larry Deyoung Timothy Dial Eduardo Diaz Fernado Diaz Juan DiazJuan Diaz Luis Alberto Diaz Lynn Dichiaro Sharon Dick Brian Dicken Gary Diekevers Calvin Dieleman Lynda Diepen Karen Diepenhorst Kenneth Diepenhorst LisaDietz Patricia Dietzel Jerry Dietzman Domenic DiFrancesco Jr Roy Diggs William Dignan Dennis Dill Eric Dillman Mitko Dimitrov Dana Diodata Lawrence DionDennis Dirheimer Cindy Dirkse Michael Dirkse Robert Ditmar Arletta Dixon Graham Dixon Jeffery Dixon Larry Dixon Lucretia Dixon Phillip Dixon Be Doan DarylDobbs Ileana Dobles Barbara Dockery Lawrence Doerr Loraine Doerr Joseph Dolbee Paul Dolence Michael Donahue Kurt Donakowski Dennis Donaldson Cindy DonnSteven Donze Sarah Doo Michael Doody Reanna Doolittle Thomas Doolittle Keith Dora Carla Dore Julie Dore Christine Dorociak Keith Charles Dorsey MatthewDorsey Eric Dorter Antonine Dorval Candace Doss Steven Dougherty Jr Robert Douglas Jerry Dove Teresa Dowd Bonita Dowdy Ken Dowdy William Dowell DavidDoyle Diana Doyle John Doyle Rhonda Doyle Timothy Doyle Bryan Dozeman Calvin Dozeman Kendall Dozeman Joel Dral Brien Draper Tina Draper Daniel DreeseJames Drelles Gary Dressel Lori Drier Richard Drier Alvin Driesenga Gary Driesenga Nancy Driesenga John Driscoll Marjorie Drooger Jennifer Druehl Gary DrummondMargie Drummond James Duane Leticia Dubay Cheryl Dubois Tamara Dubowitz Daniel Duemler Michael Duffey Richard Duffy Lanette Duggan Marcia DugginsTroy Duggins Barbara Duimstra Robert Duimstra Lorene Duin Roy Dukes Andrew Dull Paul Dumbleton Jill Duncan Paige Duncan Michael Dunford Patrick DunhamBrian Dunlap Patrick Dunlap Alice Dunn Doris Dunn Kenneth Dunn Laura Dunn Carol Dunstan Sheila Dupuis Heather Dupuy Cheryl Durant Derrick Durham PattiDurham Gina Durkee David Dursema Dannelle Dushane Mary Dushane Karen Dutcher Mark Dutcher Eddie Dy Sarah Dy Patricia Dyce Oscar Dye Roslyn DyeTimothy Dye Amy Dykehouse Delores Dykehouse William Dykehouse Louis Dykema Nathan Dykema Robert Dykema II Kathleen Dykgraaf John Dykhuis LarryDykhuis Thomas Dykhuis Daniel Dykstra David Dykstra Derek Dykstra Laurie Dykstra Ned Dykstra Richard Dykstra Rustin Dykstra Glenn Dykstra II Robert EackerSear Eap Susan Easterling Clifford Eastling David Eaton Thomas Eaton Jr David Ebare Robert Ebel Douglas Ebels Lazara Echols Joel Ecker Anita Eckhardt MikellEckler Scott Eden Martha Edge Debra Eding Vicki Edlund Maurice Edson Antonio Edwards Julie Edwards Nicole Edwards Paula Edwards Bernice Effah ThomasEgeler John Eggenschwiler Michele Egrie Kevin Eich Jack Eichner Lawrence Eikenberry Timothy Eikenberry Geoffrey Eilers Lucille Eilers Steven Eischeid BrendaEitniear Kokou Eklou Bettie Eldridge Janelle Elenbaas Russell Elenbaas Ahmed El-Haddad Kaled El-Hajari David Elhart Brian Elias Jose Elijah Josh Eller EllenEllerbroek Karine Elliard Julie Elliott Tracy Elliott Bette Ellis Ellen Ellis Hillary Ellis John Ellis Kristen Ellis Rebecca Ellis Thomas Ellis Bruce Ellis Jr Deborah EllisonJody Ellsworth Eric Elmer Donna Elwell Kevin Elwell Rick Ely Michelle Elzinga Iyora Emafo Beverly Emelander Elizabeth Emelander Kurt Emelander WilliamEmelander Yvette Emelander David Emenheiser Gary Emeott Sally Emeott Henry Emmendorfer Marcia Emmert Sara Emmick Timothy Endean Richard John EndicottJesse Endsley James Engbers Patrick Engel Tricia Engel Glenn Engel Jr Christopher England Terrie England Tina England Jana Engle Muriel Eno Rodolfo EnriquezKent Ensing Allen Entsminger Daniel Epp Stuart Eppinga Zachary Eppinga Kathy Epplett Dinebari Ereba Jane Erhorn Jeffrey Erhorn Mary Ericks Pamela ErlangerCharles Ernst III Angelia Erwin Peter Erwin Julian Escamilla Jose Escobedo Juan Escot Carlos Esparza Lydia Esparza Martina Esparza Rene Espino Isabel EspinosaMario Espinosa Alberto Espinoza Jose Espinoza Peggy Essenberg Mark Essenburg Patricia Essenburg Steven Essenburg William Essenburg Lorena Estrada ClaudioEstrada Jr Randall Etterbeek Anna Evans Barbara Evans Christine Evans David Evans James Evans Jamie Evans Joshua Evans Michelle Evans Robert Evans WesleyEvans William Evans Amanda Evans Roberta Everest Al Everett Dale Everett Jaci Everman Mark Evertsberg Robert Evink Jean Exantus Lucienne Exantus DeborahExo William Exo Sharetta Ezell Bruce Faber Jeffry Faber Mary Faber Stanley Faber Mohamed Fadlalla Christopher Fahey Nancy Faino Beth Fairfield Homayun FaizSame Faiz Thomas Falbe Michele Falcone Marjorie Farber Robert Farber Claudia Farmer Cynthia Farr Tom Farrah Thomas Farris Kristine Farrugia Amalie FaseJames Faust Barry Favier Sue Feakes Stacy Feeney Steven Feenstra Debra Fekken Nancy Feldman Dean Fellows Joseph Fenner Virginia Fenton Hays Kurt FerenzRichard Ferguson Corrado Fermo Maria Fernandes Alejandro Fernandez Edwin Fernandez Javier Fernandez Nicholas Fernandez Raul Fernandez Sylvia FernandezWilliam Ferner Van Ferrell Donald Ferrier Gordon Ferris Regina Ferris Steven Ferris Tony Ferris Scott Ferski Gregory Fessenden Richard Fett Jr Liesl Field AnnieFields Luis Figueredo Jasmin Filipovic Katya Filippetti Robert Finch Charles Finkler Myles Finley Thomas Finnie Jerry Firehammer Russell Firth Don Fish Kelly FisherM Fisher Scott Fisher Suzanne Fisher Richard Fisk Kristin Fiske Jerry Fitzgerald Joseph Fitzgerald Michael Fitzgerald Jeffrey Fitzhugh Allan Flaska Danny FleserBeverly Fletcher Rex Seth Fletcher Charlotte Flick Kimberley Flintoff Andrew Flis Donald Flokstra Henry Flores Jacinto Flores Laura Flores Mario Florez Keith Flower
  3. 3. The basis of our community–things that matterCuriosity and Exploration 07 Performance 11 Engagement 15Design 19 Relationships 23 Inclusiveness 29A Better World 33 Transparency 37 Foundations 39The beliefs described in this booklet unite all 6,203 Herman Miller employees.They are the basis on which we build relationships and contribute to our community.
  4. 4. Lynette Flowers Keith Foco Karl Fodor James Foley Gabriela Fonseca Yolanda Fonseca Mavis Footman Craig Forbes Debra Ford Martha Ford Phillip ForesterVyacheslav Formozov Brenda Formsma Carl Formsma Alan Russell Forster Connie Fortenberry Sean Fortier Louise Forton Bradley Foster David Foster Ralph FosterTerry Foster Teresa Fouchea Lawrence Foupht Mary Foupht Bruce Fout Amanda Fowler Donald Fowler Jerry Fowler Marcia Fowler Amanda Fox Karen Fox Lucy FoxPatricia Fox Theresa Frain Michael Franchek Holly Franckowiak-Champoux Cindy Franco John William Francomb Scott Franczek Annette Franklin Diane Franks JamesFranks Arlyn Fransens Caroline Frapwell Scott Fraunfelder Chasity Frazier Ernest Frazier Jeff Frederes Dan Frederick Michelle Frederick Thomas Frederick AnnetteFreeman Kim Freeman Terrance Freeman Micki Frees Sue Freriks Matthew Frey Dean Fricke Rachel Friedman Robertson Frimpong Mari Fris Amber FritcherBarbara Fritz Norman Fritz Alain Froger Eileen Frydenlund Steve Frykholm James Fryling Gilberto Fuentes Victor Fuentes Annie Fulbright Brian Fuller John FullerJason Fulton Scott Funderburg Linda Fuzi Keith Gabris David Gaca Susan Gadbois Angela Gaeta Brenda Gafford Monica Gaiani Peggy Gale John Galien CynthiaGalindo Jorge Gallegos Maurizio Galli Danielle Galmore Marie Galston Alice Galusha Andrea Galvan Hilda Galvan Jose Galvan Ramiro Galvan Bernabe GamboaMargarita Gamez Ghanandra Ganess Iliana Garces Carlos Garcia Elida Garcia Guillermo Garcia Gustavo Garcia Inocente Garcia Irma Garcia Jorge Garcia MariaGarcia Maria Garcia Noemi Garcia Oscar Garcia Richard Garcia Sixto Garcia Dawn Gardenour Nicholas Gardner Beth Garlock Mark Garlock Edward Garma ConnieGarman Dianne Garone Brenda Garrett Steve Garrett Valerie Garrett Patricia Garten Paul Gartland Robin Garvey Barbara Garvon Eunice Garza Rene GarzaRicardo Garza Paul Garza Rolando Garza Jr Mary Gatch Robert Gates Lori Gaudette Kyle Gaultney Carla Gaunichaux Wallace Gaunichaux Denise Gauss KeithGauss Scott Gavan Yaovi Gavi Carl Gawart Debra Gay James Gazan Tina Gazia Koffi Gbenouga Brian Geary Steven Gebben Lori Gee Christian Geerlings CraigGeerlings Mary Geerlings Henry Geerts Lani Geeting Marc Gellmann Wendi Gelman Karla Gemmill Ian Gendreau Ann Genther Piercarlo Gentili Thomas GentryDanny Gerber Jr Danny Gerber Sr Richard Gerdes Stephanie Gerdes Paul Gerencer Nancy Gerham Brenda Gerhardstein Stephen German Patricia Germani ThomasCharles Gerrish Debra Gerrits Sarah Geske Steven Getz James Geuder Duane Geurink Beth Ghadimi Alessandro Giambona Christopher Ter Gibbons David GibbsKathleen Giberson John Gibson Laura Gibson Linda Gibson Michael Gibson Marc Gierz Robert Giffen Billy Gifford Gary Gifford Kristi Gifford Larry Gilbert PieretteGilbert Anita Gilchrist David Giles John Giles Russell Paul Giles Jana Gill Mark Gilland Dale Gillard Kevin Peter Gillard Kathleen Gilleece Randal Gillette DavidGillman Steven Gilman Craig Gilmer James Giobbia Piero Girella Carla Givens Morey Gladden Eric Glass Timothy Glasser Michael Glassford John Globensky JamesGlover Lee Glover Tim Glover Alan Glowienka Randall Godfrey Terri Godfrey Julie Godon Steven Richard Godwin Donald Goeman Cedric Goethals Jill GoetzDeborah Goida Deborah Goins John Goins Jacob Goldberg Ricky Golden Mark Goldsberry Elvira Gomez Esther Gomez Florencio Gomez Lee Gomez Marie GonsarCarmen Gonzales Antonio Gonzalez Claudia Gonzalez Daniel Gonzalez Dora Gonzalez Eduardo Gonzalez Hector Gonzalez Jimena Gonzalez Valentin Gonzalez JeffGood Julie Good Pamela Good Arnetta Gooden Henry Gooden Elketha Goodman Keith Goodrich Kenneth Goodson Mark Robert Goodwin Richard GoodwinGeraldine Gordinier Frederick Gordon Mark Gordon Melessia Gordon Glenn Gort Ronald Gorter Richard Gottmeier Charles Gould Chris Gould Gerald Gould JeffreyGould Jennifer Goulooze Bobette Gourgues Paul Grabinski Robert Grabinski Tonya Gracia Tim Gradisher Joseph Grady Angela Graf Jennifer Graham Nancy GrahamNicholas Graham Phillip Graham William Graham Javier Grajeda-Sustaita Jennifer Grana Murray Grant Randall Grantham Thomas Granzow Brent Grasmeyer JudyGrasmeyer David Grassmid Heather Grassmid Judy Grassmid Jilleen Graves Karolina Graves Matt Graves Pamela Graves-Sims Amy Gray Brian Gray Charles GrayRichard Gray Bessie Grayson-Warren Davey Greathouse Kristine Grebe George Greco Barbara Green Brian Green Eric Green Mary Green Ricky Green ThomasGreen Timothy Green Linda Greenberg Jason Greene Julie Greenfield Jeffrey Greenslate John Greenwald Bradley Greenwood Anita Greer Kenneth Greer MargieGreer Nikki Greer Walter Gregersen Andrew Gregory Gregory Lyon Sarah Gregory Allen Greiner Layla Greisbach Dianne Grelle Dean Gremillion Mollee GressettNathaniel Grier Jr James Griffin Jerry Griffin Mary Griffin Michael Griffith Pauline Griffiths Stephen Griffore Michael Peter Grigg Deborah Griggs Esmeralda GrimaldoCarl Grimm Terri Grimm Lisa Grimmer Jack Grinwis Kenneth Grisso Christina Griswold John Groelsma Trent Groendyke Ronald Groenendyk Lee Groeneweg TimothyGroover Patricia Grotlisch Matt Grove Joseph Grunst Alan Gruppen Nelson Gruppen Sally Gruppen Gretchen Gscheidle Jose Guadarrama Raffaele GuandagnoCynthia Guarino Pamela Gudas Charles Gue Alfonso Guerrero Luisa Guerrero Bernabe Guerrero Jr Jennifer Guevara Wendy Guidroz Brady Guidry Linda GuilesElizabeth Guillory Celso Guimaraes Michael Gummere Sandra Gunn Dennis Gunst Peggy Gusler Fred Guss Robert Gustavson Jorge Gutierrez Mario GutierrezNancy Gutierrez Susan Gutierrez Amy Gutoske David Guy Blas Guzman Esther Guzman Miriam Guzman Howard Gysin Pamela Gysin An Ha Mike Haag JenniferHaakenson Betty Haan Mary Haar Kevin Haarsma Christopher Haas Holly Haas Stephen Haberkorn Lisa Hackett Dale Hadden Leon Hagadorn Shane HagenLatisha Hagens Barry Hages Stacy Haggard Rudolph Hagins Kevin Hahn Daisy Hahnel Heidi Haigood Pamela Hairston Dale Haken Pamela Halbert Roy Hale StacyHalgrimson Barbara Hall Catherine Hall Dannie Hall Janice Hall Keith Hall Kevin Hall Lawrence Hall Maria Hall Ray Hall Ronald Hall Kim Lorraine Hallett ScottHallett James Hallo Jeffrey Haltenhoff Keith Hamacher Scott Hamberg Richard Tom Hamblin Mary Hamilton Michael Hamilton Stuart Hamilton Diane Hamlin-Zolenski Annette Hammerle Catherine Hammi Ruth Hamming Tony Hammond Marilyn Hamner Donald Hampton Nancy Hamstra Michael Hanie Michael HanisDavid Hankamp Gretchen Hanks Milburn Hanks David Hansen Michael Hansen Jr Judy Hanson Roger Hanson William Hapner II James Hardaway ScottHardenburgh Daniel Harding Sherri Harding Alison Hardy Julian Russell Hargreaves Brian Harkema Larry Harmsen Maclovio Haro Dennis Harper Irvin HarperEdward Harper Jr Sarah Harrier Virginia Harring Jeff Harrington Charles Harris David Harris Doris Harris Edward Harris Francis Harris Gary Harris Jerry HarrisJohnny Harris Scott Harris Billy Harrison Robin Harrison Todd Harrison Jack Hart Joyce Hart Stephanie Harter Linda Harthorn Julie Harthorne Connie HartleyJeremy Hartman Kevin Hartman Jr Rickey Harvest Adrian John Harvey Alton Harvey Nancy Harwell Robert Harwell Brian Harwood James William Harwood StevenHarwood Betty Hase Timothy Hasenbank Brian Haskins Barbara Hass David Hasselman Dennis Hassevoort David Hastings Stacy Hatch Robin Hatfield ChristineHathaway John Hathaway Michael Hathaway Dana Hatt Pamela Hatten Deb Haveman Douglas Haveman James Haveman Tom Haverdink Richard Haw ReneeHawk Jeffrey Hawkins Kimberly Hawkins Willard Hawkins Douglas Hayden Cynthia Haydon Kimberly Hayes Billy Haynes Delawrence Haynes Mary Haynes RobinHaynes Linda Haywood Scott Hazard Scott Hazekamp Jay Hazelwood Ai He Peter Headley Richard Heald Jr Jimmy Heath Joseph Heath Julia Kate Heath DouglasHeaven Andrew Hector Mark Heekin Paul Heer Mary Heerema Thomas Heeringa Karen Heerspink Scott Hegemann Melissa Heible Wesley Heikkila Jr Lori HeinzKimberly Heiser Trevor Heistand Thomas Heitz David Hekkema Michael Hekkema Deborah Hellman Frank Helms II Alan Ralph Hemingway Cheryl HendersonChristine Henderson Randy Henderson David Hendren Jim Hendricks Sarah Hendricks Heidi Hendrickson Raymond Hendrickson Chad Hendrix Brian HenningAnnika Henriksson Carol Henry Dan Henry Mark Hensen Steve Henson Todd Hentschel Scott Herbert Barbara Herman-Cook Augustine Hermenegildo Rosa MariaHermosillo Ana Hernandez Angela Hernandez Antonio Hernandez Chanell Hernandez Evangelina Hernandez Gilberto Hernandez Guillermo Hernandez JorgeHernandez Marco Hernandez Melina Hernandez Miguel Hernandez Rogelio Hernandez Paul Hernandez Sr Karla Hernandez-Acosta Alejandro Hernandez Jr ArturoHerrera Henry Herrera Marta Herrera Scheryl Herrin Denyel Herring Jason Herring Ronald Herring Susan Hertel Arnold Herzog Jr Richard Hespen Jr Scot HethAndrea Hewitt Thomas Hewitt Bobbette Hibbs Daniel Hichue Robert Hieftje James Higgins Jr Jane Highton Stephen Hightower Karen Hilarides Laura HilbrandPhilip Hilbrand Gary Hilgeman Carl Hill Carolyn Hill Christine Hill Christopher Hill Geraldine Hill Jetuan Hill Keith Hill Nancy Hill Eddie Hill Fredrick Hillary Jr JoshuaHiller Anthony Hillman Derrick Hillman Stuart Hillman Ulysees Hillmon Suzanne Hills Michele Hiltunen Ann Hines Chad Hines Gary Hinken Martin HinmanJacqueline Hinrichs Christopher Hinton Hiroko Uehara Hiromitsu Nakazawa Kenneth Hitchcock Louise Hitchens Constance Hitsman Michael Hitsman Anh HoVeronica Ho Kevin Hoag Misty Hoagland Phuoc Hoang Thanh Hoang Tuan Hoang Dave Hoch Karen Hockett David Hocking Jeremy John Hocking Cheryl HodgeArlynn Hodges Katriona L Hodges Rhonda Hodgins Susan Hodgson James Hoefler Jerry Hoek Russell Hoek Kimberly Hoekstra Susan Hoekstra Kendall HoeveMichael Hoezee Harris Hof Jarvis Hoffman Jeffrey Hoffman Robin Hoffman Brenda Hofman Steve Hofman Robyn Hofmeyer Ronald Hofstra Patrick Hogan RondaHogan Tomeka Hogan Lewis Hole Christopher Holland Mathew John Hollis Harry Holloway Richard Holm William Holman Dawn Holmes Joanne Holmes LoriHolmes Carl Holmstrom David Holstege James Holstege Linda Holstege Randy Holstege Cynthia Holt Milan Holt Richard Holt Scott Holt Dean Holtrop ChristopherHoltz Cindy Holtz Martin Holwell Matthew Holwerda II Johnny Holyfield Jr Timothy Holzwart Ronald Homesley Ralph Homesley Jr Glenn Homkes Steve HomrichWalter Honor Stacy Honson Patricia Hood Timothy Hoogland Jean Hook Timothy Hook Patrick Hoolihan Amanda Hoomes Helen Hoover Loren Hop Steven HopWayne Hop Elizabeth Hopkins Kurt Hopkins Loyd Hopper Patrick Horan Henry Horinga Keith Reginald Horler Timothy Horling Jerry Horn Mike Horn Timothy HornKathy Hornack Patrick Horning Melvin Hornsby Irene Horodecky Susan Horroll Gregory Horton Betty Horvath James Hosta Susan Hosta Chhay Hou Donald HoughAngela Houghtaling Marne Houghtaling Nancy Houghtaling Barry Houghton Michael Houle Christopher Householder Tamara Houseman Holly Housh SandraHouting Cynthia Houze Frank Howard Guy Howard John Howard Martin Howard Patrick Howard James Howarth Alicia Howell John Howell Josh Howell RichardHozer James Hubbell Donna Huber Jeffrey Hubers Heather Hubner Donna Huddleston Holly Hudson-Hatt Jennifer Huff Aaron Hug Anthony Hughes HeatherHughes Linda Hughes Terrie Hughes Aaron Huizenga Debra Huizenga James Huizenga Linda Huizenga Mary Huizenga Nancy Huizenga Elvir Hujdurovic ZurijetaHujdurovic Jacqueline Hull Barbara Hulst Gary Hulst Karen Hulst Pamela Hulst Rebecca Hulst Ronald Hulst Thomas Hulst Andrew Michael Humphreys Sherry HuntComelia Hunter Damien Hunter Derrick Hunter Holly Hunter Karen Hunter Kelly Hunter Nathan Hunter Sian Hurley Benjamin Huston Debbie Hutcheson BradHutchinson Reggie Hutson David Murray Br Hutt Kendryn Hutt Willie Hutton Davidson Huynh Hai Huynh Louis Huynh Nghia Huynh Duane Huyser Scott HuyserTodd Huyser Noel Hyde Mark Hylbak Kurt Hyma Michael Hysell Joseph Iacovoni Tamara Iakiri Kerri Ibanez Tatiana Idrovo Laurel Ihrman Paul William Iles LeonorIllades Gregory Ingalls Marlin Ingalls Casey Ingersoll Glenn Ingersoll David Ingersoll Jr Robert Ingwell John Inmon Robert Insalaco Tracy Inscore James IrwinKathleen Jane Irwin Mildred Irwin Meredith Isaac Roger Isberg Hector Islas Sheila Iversen Timothy Jablonski Cynthia Jackman Joshua Jackman Alvin JacksonCatherine Jackson Earl Jackson Gary Jackson Lynne Jackson Robert Jackson Steven Jackson Jennifer Jackson Cindy Jacobs David Jacobs Gloria Jacobs JeremiahJacobs Matthew Jacobs Terri Jacobs Wendell Jacobs III Rebecca Jacoby Jesse Jaeger Joseph Jaenicke Nancy Jager Phillip Jager Donald Jakubowski Jonathan JamesLesa James Harold Jamieson Amy Jandt Erin Jandt Aaron Janetzke Daniel Janisse Daniel Jannenga Donald Janowiak Jr Keith Jansen Jeff Jansma Thomas JansmaFernando Jaramillo James Jarembo Teofil Jarocki Evelyn Jarosch Michelle Jarvie Troy Jasick Melissa Jasik Jeanette Jeffcoat Michael Jefferies Sarah Mary Jefferies
  5. 5. Christopher Jefferson Tonya Jefferson Jamie Jeffress Steven Jeltema Gail Jenkins Kevin Jenkins Mary Jenkins Tamara Jenkins Anthony Jenkinson Ruby Jennings KristiJensen Todd Jensen Debra Jerovsek Lester Jeske James Jessen Jr Kevin Jewell John Jiang Arturo Jimenez Carmen Jimenez Deborah Jimenez Jaime Jimenez RickJipping Mary Jobe James Johncox Russell Johns Benjamin Johnson Bennie Johnson Billy Johnson Bradley Johnson Brynne Johnson Carrie Johnson Cecilia JohnsonChristine Johnson David Johnson David Johnson David Johnson Donald Johnson Doyle Johnson Jamile Johnson Jason Johnson Joseph Johnson Judy Johnson LindaJohnson Mark Johnson Mary Johnson Mary Johnson Michael Johnson Pamela Johnson Paul Johnson Paul Johnson Richard Johnson Roger Johnson Ronald JohnsonSabrina Johnson Tina Johnson Cheryl Johnston Jaime Johnston Jennifer Johnston Lars Johnston Nels Johnston Timothy Johnston Timothy Johnston Margo JohnstoneCarol Jolman Gary Jolman Gary Jolman Brad Jones Charles Jones Edmond Jones Eric Jones Gary Jones Judy Jones Julie Jones Kenneth Jones Lindsey Jones LucyJones Michelle Jones Patrick Jones Paul Jones Napoleon Jones Jr Larry Jongekrijg Bruce Jongekryg Nancy Jongetjes Alanna Jonker Janet Jonker Yun Joo TammyJordan Michael Jorgensen Jill Joseph Kirk Jubenville August Julian Jeremy Julian Junji Inoue Kenneth Juntunen Cornelius Justice Thomas Juzwiak Walter Kade JrKarla Kaelin Peter Kahn Brad Kalee David Kalkman Doug Kalkman Marissa Kalkman Lawrence Kallio III Virginia Kaluzny Charles Kamerman Shawn KamermanElizabeth Kaminski Ronald Kaminski Belinda Kammeraad James Kammeraad James Kammers Marie Kamp Marvin Kamps Keith Kamradt Steven Kamstra EileneKane Kevin Kane Thomas Karel Amy Kargola Christopher Karish Martin Karish Albert Karmakar Joseph Karol Robert Karr Janie Karrip Daniel Karsies Calvin KarstenNed Karsten Chris Kary Carl Kasinger Tammy Kastner Mark Kater Michael Katje Ferenc Katona Valery Kats Joyce Katsma Robert Kauffman Kimberly KaupmanColleen Kautenberg Timothy Kay Holly Kayner Michael Kaza Noreen Keane Anna Kearns Dewayne Keathley Shelby Keating Penny Keefer-Garlock Deborah KeenGerald Keen Kathy Keene Keiko Maezawa Becky Keith Robin Keller Charles Kelley Joseph Kelley Neysa Kelley Mary Kellogg Nicole Kelly Alan Kelly Alicia KellyBrianne Kelly Daniel Kelly Gary Kelly Jacqueline Kelly Mary Kelly Patrick Kelly Russell Kelly Sandra Kelly Shirley Kelly Steven Kelly Christopher Kelsch Jenelle KelschCheryl Kelsh Lee Kemp Christopher Kempf Nancy Kempker Robert Kempker Steve Kempker Diane Kempkers Jeremy Kendra Michael Kendra Paula Kendra WillieKendrick Kenichi Sekine Timothy Keniston John Kennedy Kelly Kennedy Raymond Kennedy James Kenney Cathleen Kenny Ellen Kent LouAnn Kerber Eric KernHeather Kerres Ruth Kershaw Dale Kersting Dawn Kersting Phlouk Ket Yvonne Ketchum Mary Ellen Kettelhut Rick Kevern Jr Yolanda Key Vanessa Keyes ChampyKhamphavanh Saysakhone Khamphavanh Phonaly Khamphouy Tony Khamphouy Richard Kibler Sally Kibler David Kiekintveld Rex Kiekintveld Phillip Kiel ScottKiel Beverly Kiely Cherise Kienast Jeffrey Kienast Keith Kiesgen Lynne Kifer-Barczyk Deana Kilcrease Rodney Killips Kathleen Kim Shari Kimbro Daniel KingFredrick King Krista King Randy King Roger King Sarra Lousie King Sylvia King Theresa King Gerben Kingma Brent Kingshott Daniel Kinney Karen Kinney RobertKinney Thomas Kinney Arnold Kinsey Ernest Kinsey Jr Becky Kinsler Mark Kinsler Brett Kirk Darren Kirkey B Kishore Brian Kissel Ann Kistner Daniel Kistner KiyokaKato Helena Klaasen Jayne Kladder Richard Kladder Elizabeth Klage Rebecca Klassen Donna Kleinheksel Richard Kleinheksel Bonnie Kleinjan Elizabeth KleistRonald Klett Lori Klibanoff Dawn Kline Jeffery Kline Jennifer Kline Jennifer Kline Mark Kline Mark Kline Patrick Kline Scott Kline Diane Klingenberg Richard KlompCheri Kloostra Randall Kloostra Rhoda Klopfenstein John Kloska Phalla Kloth Thol Kloth Stephan Klotsch Bradley Klug Mike Klunder Randall Klunder RobertKlunder Roger Klunder Kimberly Klusman Pamela Klyn Sean Klynstra Teryl Knap Lorraine Pamela Knight James Knoll John Knoll Sheryl Knoll Susan Knoll ThomasKnoll Kevin Knowles Don Knox Lavonda Knox Kevin Knudson Joe Knutson David Kochendorfer Kimberly Kochendorfer Sally Kochendorfer Steven Kocher Jill KocolWilliam Kody III Jennette Koefler Karen Koeman Roy Koenig Eva Koetje Tania Kohler Dale Kohnke Jr Debra Kolanowski Douglas Kole John Kolker Sharon KolkerTammara Kollinger Douglas Komejan Eiko Kondo Timothy Koning Alicia Kooistra Lawrence Kooistra Susan Koole Darrell Koopmans Sarah Kopelman MichaelKoppenol Jeanne Kops Ralph Kops Jr Bryan Koratich Steven Korecki David Korell Hilda Kornelis Lloyd Kornell Karen Kornoelje Chris Korstange Alan KorstanjeKathryn Kort Janardan Kortikere Joanne Kortman Kongmy Kosanovong Donna Kossen Jerry Koster Jerome Kosterman Gregory Kotecki Judy Kotecki Richard KoteckiRosa Kotecki Glenn Kotman Leslie Kotman Kevin Kouchnerkavich Lisa Kouchnerkavich Gaby Koudsi Donna Kouw Dan Koviak Kevin Kowal Lynn Koziol JoanKraayvanger Chad Kragt Daniel Kraker Michael Kraker Jennifer Kramer Karen Kramer Katrina Kramer Michael Kratt James Kraushar Kari Krehn Mado Kreutz JanetKriehn Holly Kriger Philip Kristiansen-Stuart James Krol Jon Kroll Paul Kroll Roberta Kroll Jennifer Kronemeyer Emily Krueger Cecilia Kruger Judith Kruis JudithKrupkin Kent Kubik Edmund Kubisa Scott Kubon Debra Kuder Beth Kudlicki Kwabena Kuffour Steven Kuhlke Daniel Kuiper David Kuiper Jay Kuiper Larry KuiperTodd Kuiper Randall Kuite David Kulier Stephen Kupfer Jeffrey Kurburski Andrew Kurrasch John Kurth Melinda Kurtycz Tony Kusi Janice Kustera Wendell KutscheMelissa Kuziak Robert Kwast Heng Ky Allen Laaksonen David Laban Andrew Labash Marylouise Labelle Tracy Labelle Leakhena Lach Diana Lachica PaulLachmann Amy Lacroix Raymond Lacrosse Carl Lafay Michael LaFond Marvin Lafountain Roxeanne LaFountain Karen Lafrance Joi Lafrenz James Lahaie DennisLakatos Marc Lakatos Darick Lalonde Duc Lam Phuong Lam Debra Lambert Jeffrey Lambert Karen Lambert James Lamer Julie Lamer Wanda Lampe RobertLampen Troy Lampen Rena Lampkin Adia Lancaster James Landefeld Frank Landino Joe Landino Henry Landman Linda Land-Nicely Matthew Landress JackLandstra Catherina Lane Timothy Lane William Lane Jacob Lanenga Richard Lang Raul Langarica Karla Langeland Kathryn Langeland Allen Langlois Amy LangloisJeffery Langlois Kimberly Langlois Louis Langlois Kelli Laninga David Lankford Delwyn Lankheet Jeremy Lanore Joseph Lanore Judy Lanore Gordon Lantinga DavidLaponsie Barbara Lappinga Richard Lapree Robert Lapree Brian Larabee Wendy Larabee Richard Larabee Jr Larry Larder Scott Lareva David Larkin MarchericeLarkin Charles Larned Rainamarie Larned Maria Larrazabal Kathy Larsen Greg Larson Mitchell Larson Steven Larthridge Monica Lassio Kyle Lastacy April LatchawFranklin Latham David Lathrop Patricia Latour Andrea Lau Anne Lau Paul Lauretti William Lausch Tammy Lavasseur Nigel Francis Lavender Mia Law NicholasJames Lawrence Thomas Lawrence Dorothy Laws Cathryn Lawson David Lawson An Le Cuong Le Hai Le Kieu Le Linh-Tuyen Le Phi Le Quang Le Quyen Le Thuy LeTiep Le Van Le Benjamin Leach John Leach Jr Carol Lecocq Linda Ledesma Joel Ledford Bruce Lee David Lee Lisa Lee Stephen Lee Deborah Lee William Lee Jr LarryLeech Traci Leek Laura Leenhouts Adrienne Leep Sally Leep Judy Leese Jeffrey Leestma Michael Leestma Jeffrey Leeuw Renee Leffew Alejandro Leger AngelaBarbara Legnani Donald Lehr Valeriy Lemeshev Timothy Lemieux Ryan Lemire Betty Lemmen Grant Lemmen Luis Lemus Maria Lemus Daniel Lenar Keisha LenoirChristine Leon Naheili Leon Elisabeth Leonard Richard Leonard Chad Leutscher Dwayne Levandowski Robin Levandowski Vincent Levandowski Idella LevelstonJamie Levine Arthur Lew Jerry Lewallen David Lewis Gary Lewis Jane Lewis Kyle Lewis Amanda Li Stephen Libby Brian Liberis Patricia LiCalzi Trent Lidke JeffreyLieffers Louis Lieto Emily Lievense David Lilly Siew-Ghee Lim Cinthia Linares Emma Linares Steve Linberts Anita Lincoln Kris Lindblad Peter Martin Lindeman VickiLindquist Cheryl Link Jay Link Raymond Linkous Thomas Linscott Mollie Linstrom Ron Linstrom Zhe Liou Susan Little Tess Liu Thomas Livengood Peter Lloyd TedLo Matthew Loan Jason Locascio Andrew Lock Robert Lock William Lock David Locke William Lock Jr Franco Lodato Korina Loesche Mark Lofaro Jack LoflandMalcolm Lofley Theresa Logan Karen Loggins Marcus Lohela Nancy Lohman Bonnie Lokers James Loll Robert Londo James Long Matthew Long Nancy LongRichard Long Ryan Long Salena Long William Longbine Hilda Longinotti Elena Longoni Claudia Longoria Jonathan Looman Timothy Looman Armand Loomis JoyceLoomis Richard Loomis Lisa Loop-Retaleato Alejandra Lopez Anthony Lopez Cairo Lopez Christopher Lopez Darlene Lopez John Lopez Kimberly Lopez Linda LopezMaria Lopez Norma Lopez Terry Lopez Steve Lord Theresa Losier Morton Loss Shelly Loss Robert Loth Steve Lotkhamnga Cheryl Loughner Ronald LoughnerTommeka Love Barb Loveland Randy Lovins Peggy Lovvorn Monique Lowe Karl Lower Charles Lowing Sandra Lowney Dawn Lowrie Harold Lowrie Travis LowrieAlexander Luangaphay Steven Luban Calvin Lubbers Timothy Lubbers John Lubbinge David Lucarelli Andres Lucas Charles Lucas Jack Lucas Michael Lucas RafaelLugo Michelle Luhrs Sharon Lukas Corinna Luke Leonila Lundy David Lusk Linda Lutke David Lutz Keith Ly Dawn Lydic Bradley Lynch Chad Lynema Jeffrey LyonsJulia Lyons Mark Lyzun Dan Ma Carolyn Maalouf Lois Maassen Lonna Maatman Barry Macdonald Laurie Macfadden David Alastair Macfarlane Andrew MachielaCamie Machiela Linda Machiela Phyllis Machiela Richard Machiela Terri Machiele Jose Macias Robert Maciejewski III Alfonso Maciel Guillermo Maciel StephanieMackay Timothy Mackay Michael Maclam Charles Maclean Colin Maclean Cynthia Maclean Ronald Macomber Robin Maddalena Edtrina Madison Janie MagallanEsmeralda Magana Jose Magana Garry Royston Maggs Gabriella Magistri Mari Magmer-Macneill James Mahaney Anthony Mahynski Garth Mai Michael MaikeElizabeth Majam Michael Majerczak Martin Majka Brian Major Daniel Major Clark Malcolm Luis Maldonado Carl Male David Mallehan Nicole Malosh Amy ManSherrie Maner Bernard Mangelsdorf Jr Darcy Mangione Beverly Mangum Steven Manhart Dawn Manifold Rosa Manifold Gabriel Maniwczak Kristen Manos BrendaManshaem Larry Manshaem Lisa Mansmith Stephen Manu Edward Manzo Jr Paul Mapes Chamaali Marasinghe Magdaleno Maravilla Robin Marckini John Marcy JrShramia Marion Edward Marker Kathryn Marklevitz Jeffrey Marks Garry Markvluwer Jodie Marlink Curtis Marsh Michael Marsh Jami Marshall Jimmy MarshallPowell Marshall Phyllis Marshall-Rice Nina Dawn Marson Barry William Martin David Martin Del Martin Denise Martin Harry Martin Kimberly Martin Lorna MartinMarvin Martin Shawn Martin Ted Martin Vicki Martin Chrisy Martinez Cindy Martinez Felix Martinez Gabriel Martinez George Martinez Imelda Martinez MarcelinaMartinez Maura Martinez Orlando Martinez Raymond Martinez Rudy Martinez Zulema Martinez Alejo Martinez Jr Antonio Martin-Freire Thomas Martini MaryMartinie Joshua Martonosi Carla Maruyama Natasha Marzette Masaharu Abe Masato Ito Masato Sugaya Judy Mascoll Andrew Mason Diane Mason GeorgeMason Holly Mason Judy Mason Michael Mason William Mason Komlatche Massada David Masselink Duanne Masselink Cathy Masuga Jose Mata John MatareseAndre Mathews Steven Mathis John Matthai Derrick Matthews Laura Matthysse Marissa Matusow Scott Matuz Stuart Ian Maule Andrew Mauro Allen May AndrewMay John May Theodore May Timothy May Michael Mayberry Christina Maychen Bradley Maycroft Christopher Maycroft Nicole Mayer Michael Maynard GabrielMayoral Michelle Mayse Marshall Mbah Anthony McAdams Brenda McAllister Robert McAllister Sherry McAlpine Robert McAndrews Georgia Mcbain JaniceMcBride Jason McBride Cathy McCammon Michael McCann Mark McCarty Brent McClain Garrit McClain Julio McClain Kimberly McClain Ruth McClain SheaMcClanahan Jackie McClannahan Colin McCleery Joann McClendon John McClendon David McClimans Michael McCluskey Scott McCollum Robin McCombs DonaldMcConaughy Lellie McCord Carol McCormick Douglas McCoy Robert McCoy Mark McCracken Jacqueline McCrorey Kathleen McCue Sandra McCune DerrickMcDaniel Tammy McDermott Robert McDonald Joseph McDonough James McElfish Jamieson McElfish Dana McElwee Aisling McEvoy Rodger McFarland GreggMcGahan Orlando McGarity Gale McGee Christopher McGovern Gerald McGovern Patrick McGowan Linda McHenry Nydia McHugh Robert McIntire Eric McIntoshKimberly McIntosh Jill McIntyre Randi McKay Mary McKee Timothy McKee Julie McKeever Margaret Mckenna-Verrill Scott McKenzie Kathy McKerchie PetroniaMcKinney Melissa McKinstry James McLaughlin John McLaughlin Stephen Henry Mclaughlin Timothy McLoughlin Renee McLouth Diana McManamey Henry
  6. 6. McManamey John McManus Jr Barbara McMillan Eric McMillan Ronald McMillen Leigh Ann McMillen Joyce McMiller Brian McMurray Mark McNally WalterMcNamara Melissa McNaughton Shawn McNaughton Monica McNeal Randy McNees Jr Mark McNeice Carissa McNeil Kelly McNeil James McPherson JamesMcQuown Pamala McQuown Keith McRobert Maryann McSauby Thomas McSauby Susan McVay Shaun Meacher Mechel Mead Scott Mead Brock Meara SimeonMedard Greg Medell Mark Medema Eva Meekhof Dan Meengs Michael Meengs Kristin Mehl Gary Mehrtens Sally Meier Scott Meisch Otilia Mejia MichaelMelamed Ralph Melchor II Dawn Mellberg David Mellendorf Ann Melpolder Bette Melton Larry Melton Monica Melton Alicia Mendez Heriberto Mendez LeandroMendez Mariela Mendez Raul Mendez Reinaldo Mendez Roberto Mendez Alberto Mendoza Antonio Mendoza Diana Mendoza Luz Mendoza Ginger MenkePamela Mennes Kimberly Mentzer Ann Mercer-Parrish John Mergener Randy Mergener Ralph Merino Amy Merrick Brenda Merrifield Max Merryman Eric MerwinBernard Mesbergen Connie Mesbergen Robert Mesbergen John Meserve Alizon Messant Anthony Messner Jr Cynthia Meyer Dennis Meyer Dennis Meyer PaulMeyer Sandra Meyer James Meyers James Meyers Keith Meyers Timothy Meyers Michael Mezeske Iris Michael James Michael Lawrence Michael Hector MichicojBeth Michielsen Cheryl Michielsen Randall Michielsen Margaret Michmershuizen Jon Middlecamp Kristina Miedema Roger Miedema Thomas Miedema AndrewMihalick Jr Miho Yokokawa Mika Yokoe Linda Milanowski Michael Milhollin Elizabeth Militello Joel Millard Amy Miller Brian Miller Clyde Miller Daniel Miller EricMiller Gary Miller Jill Miller Jodi Miller John Miller John Miller Kevin Miller Krista Miller Kristin Miller Kristy Miller Linda Miller Malenda Miller Mark Miller MelissaMiller Michael Miller Michelle Miller Nancy Miller Robert Miller Scott Miller Shannon Miller Stephen Miller Steven Patrick Miller Susan Miller Terri Miller TimothyMiller Todd Miller William Miller Roslyn Miller Shirley Miller-Link Michael Milligan Tony Milliron Jonah Mills Kara Mills Lyle Mills Stewart Mills Janet Minarik JamesMinkos Donald Minnerick Phillip Minzey Adrian Mireles Hector Mireles Nancy Misak Thomas Misak Misako Shiba Timothy Mischler Ana Mitchell Darius MitchellFrancis Mitchell Lesley Mitchell Penny Mitchell William Mitchell Perry Mitchell Jr Laszlo Mitro Mitsuo Hashimoto Rodney Moates Donna Mockaitis Joel MoctezumaElizabeth Moden Eugenia Moeller Eric Moes Nojuma Mohamed Brenda Mohs Edna Moilanen Marguerite Mojzak Michael Mokma Pheth Moksouvanh Barbara MolVern Mol Erin Molenhouse Linda Molewyk Cornelius Molhoek Mark Moll Cheryl Monaghan Lindsay Monaghan Martha Moncada Charles Monroe Lance MonroePamela Monroe Arnaldo Montes Ida Montes Leandro Montez Jr Janet Montgomery Shannon Montgomery Wallace Montgomery Robert Moodt Benjamin CharleMoody Winfred Moody Dennis Mooney James Moon Jr Angela Moore Bobbie Moore Cornell Moore Darren Moore Eric Moore Eric Moore Floyd Moore Jerry MooreJohn Moore Larry Moore Lawanda Moore Letitia Moore Randy Moore Samantha Moore Todd Moore Trang Moore Jessie Moore III Joe Moore Jr Teddy Moore JrClaudia Morales Heriberto Morales Joseph Moran Kim Moran Joseph Morden Jr Sheila Moreen Mark Moreland Ana Moreno Susana Moreno Alfred Morgan AndrewMorgan Chelsea Morgan George Morgan David Morin Christopher Morley Joann Morley Rickey Morley Kaylee Moroski Bruce Morren Donald Morren Brandy MorrisChe Morris Gerald Morris Jeremy Morris Lyle Morris Rodney Morris Holly Morrisett Thomas Morrison James Morrissey Melissa Morrow Scott Morrow LonnyMorrow II Christine Morse Nigel Mortimer Jeffrey Morton Kevin Morton Paula Morton Judy Moscheo Barbara Moseler Angela Moses Roger Moses Gregory MossBrenda Mostyn James Mousaw Dona Mouw Kathleen Moyer Rex Mueller Thomas Mueller Carol Mulder Eric Mulder Marilee Mull Dennis Muller Jamie MullerRhoda Mullrooney Fabienne Munch Douglas Mundinger Brian Mundt Duwayne Mundt Roger Mundt John Mungo Fernando Munguia Marcela Munoz CristinaMuñoz Kenneth Munsch Christine Muntter David Murdaugh Cheryl Murdoch Mark Murdoch Felipe Murillo Joe Murillo Justin Murphy Kari Murphy Leslie MurphyMelody Murphy Alexandra Heath Murray Anita Denise Murray David Murray Linda Murray Michael Murray Paul Murray Richard Murrell Audrey Murry CathleenMurtha Raymond Muscat Valerie Music Jeffrey Musk Brent Muskovin Kevin Muskovin Jeffrey Muston Wendy Muth Deborah Myers Jeff Myers Louis Myers NatalieMyers Susan Myers Mark Naber Michael Nagelkerke Gary Nagelkirk Keith Nagelkirk Mark Nagelkirk Roger Nagelkirk Thomas Nagelkirk Edward Nagelkirk Jr GirishNaik Nakaba Hirai Khamphoune Nalongsakda Beverly Namnoun Ryan Napp Greg Napper Kenneth Napper Michael Naruskiewicz Laura Navaez Dennis NashMichael John Nash Paul Martin Nash Vernon Nash Jr Maria Navarrete Michael Nawrocki Madou Ndiaye Jason Neal Ricky Neal Daniel Neeley Eric Neeley RichardNeer Larry Neff Deanna Neibarger B Neill Philip Nellis Glenda Nelson Patricia Nelson Robin Nelson Timothy Nelson Vy Nera Arthur Nessen David NestlehuttDaniel Neuhaus Cathy Newberger Cheryl Newenhouse Roxanne Newhouse John Newland Yvonne Newman Anthony Newton David Newton Mitch Newville MichelleNgai Phong Ngo Bao Nguyen Bau Nguyen Chinh Nguyen Dung Nguyen Hien Nguyen Jennifer Nguyen Kinh Nguyen Lan Nguyen Mary Nguyen Minh NguyenNhung Nguyen Pho Nguyen Randy Nguyen Sang Nguyen Tai Nguyen Thuy Nguyen Thuy D Nguyen Tina Nguyen Tuan Nguyen Tung Nguyen Xuan Nguyen MaryNicholas Teresa Elizabeth Nicholas Dale Nichols Kevin Nichols Kyle Nichols Scott Nichols Elizabeth Nickels Larry Nieboer Marjorie Nieboer Terry Nieboer DrewNielsen Jeannine Niemeyer Bruce Niemiec Curtis Nienhuis James Nienhuis Kristi Nienhuis Mary Nienhuis Michael Nienhuis Phyllis Nienhuis Richard NienhuisRonald Nienhuis Sheldon Nienhuis Glenda Niergarth Jessie Niesen Michelle Niesen Jean Nieto Barbara Niewiek Nigel Mortimer Donald Nilson Violeta NilsonPatricia Nitz Trisha Nixon Nathan Noah Wendy Noakes Gary Noble Deborah Noble Curveira Nobuya Sakai Larry Norkus Douglas Norlin Sidney Norman StellaNorth David Norton John Norton Jr Teresa Noteboom Kyle Novak Melissa Novotny Joseph Nowicki Linda Nowon Jackson Ntiamoah Daniel Ntiamoah-Anim RichardNuiver Vicki Nuiver Ruben Nunez Marietta Nunn Anthony Nwoke Roger Nyboer Robert Nyhuis Marc Nykamp Sherry Nykamp Terry Nykamp James Oaks DanielOberlin Feliciano Ocampo Dianna Ockaski Gayle O’Connor Janina Oczkowski Ayano Odaka Linda Odneal Bernard Oertlin Traci Ogden Sarah Oh John James O’haraKara Ohlenbusch David Ohlmann Joseph Ohrling Ikechukwu Okafor Lawrence O’Keefe Hazim Okic Godwin Okonkwo Gary Olcheske Charles Oldt Abideen OlisaTony Oliver Raul Olmos Donn Olson Keri Olson Kevin Olson Mary Olson Billie Olthof Scott Olthof Fuad Omer Rawda Omer James Ondersma Kimberly Ondrey LeeO’Neil Michael ONeill Michael ONeill Trevor John O’neill Somkhit Onela Mary Onstott Christopher Onyia Kevin Ooms Michael Oosterbaan Michael OosterhousePaul Oplinger Gerard Oppenneer Laura Orcutt Jose Ordaz Jr Patrick Ordish Ignacio Ordonez Jesus Orellana Jodi Oren Robert Oren III Jason Orling Eleazar OrnelasJesus Orozco Felix Ortiz Ricardo Ortiz Ricardo Ortiz Todd Ortiz Judy Osbirn Darlene Osbo Denise Osborn Lolene Osborn William Osborn Shawn Osborne VirginiaOscapinski Luis Osete Debra Osika Wais Osman Daniel Oster Craig Ostergren Ann Osterling Jason Ostoin Marie Ostrander Michael O’Toole Andrew Otteman JohnOtto Patricia Ottoni Michael Overbeek Mia Overbey Jason Overholser Alan Overway Margery Overway Alton Overweg Carol Overweg Douglas Overweg JamesOverweg Michael Overweg Roger Overweg Kenneth Overzet Kevin Owens Carla Oyarzun Raymond Pace Colleen Pack Heather Packard Jerry Packard Lee PaddingFederico Padron Holly Paegelow Kimberly Page Jesse Paige Amir Paknya Kajal Pal Cristina Palacio-Saballett Peter Pallas Chad Pallasch Eric Palmbos Carol PalmerSandra Palmer Charles Palmisano Steven Palmreuter Angela Paluso Tracey Panasiuk Martin Panozzo Michael Panse Steven Panse Lynn Paquin Manoj Parab RickParent Jr Carrie Parente Trudy Parham Joseph Parker Myra Parker Ronnie Parker William Parker Keceya Parker-Bush David Parkin Vong Parkin Annegrete ParksSteven Parks Steven Parmer Lorella Parravicini Roy Parris Leyla Victoria Parsons Matthew Parsons Dana Partain Elizabeth Partch Viji Parthasarathy HeatherPascavage Ardran Paschal Jr Mark Pasma Cathy Pass Lucy Patino Tammy Patricio Eric Patterson Jennifer Patterson Kenneth Patterson Kyle Patterson LawrencePatterson Lynn Pattok Lindsey Paulson Jerry Pavlovic Sarita Pawar Rosalia Frances Pawlak Ruben Payan Auree Payne Anthony Peake Debra Peake Michael JohnPearce Carlton Pearson Amy Peck John Peck Nancy Peck Shannon Pego Paul Pek Randall Pelfresne Steven Peliotes Dean Pelkey Lisa Pelkey Barbara PellowJames Pelon Dana Pelton Dave Pelton Kim Pen Agustin Pena Charles Penn Marnie Pennington Ross Pennington Martin John Penny Deborah Peoples Jeanne PepinMartin Pepler Julia Peppard Mona Percy Paul Percy Theodore Percy Eugenia Perez Rossana Perez Vivian Perez Dennis Perkins Stephen Dirk Perkins Anton PerryGeorge Perry Michael Perry Sunita Persaud-Dass Tiina Perttu Jill Peters Kelly Peters Steven Peters Timothy Peters William Peters Craig Petersen William PetersenWilliam Petersen Cynyth Petersheim Gregory Peterson Vickie Peterson John Petraitis Wendy Petroski Richard Petrucelli Richard Petzak Cinzia Giovanna PeverelliPamela Pewe Outhit Phaboriboune Pho Phaboriboune Symouy Phaboriboune Anne Pham Dung Pham Nguyet Pham Thanh Pham Tuyet Pham Su Phan ThangPhan Thanh Phan Keomany Phasavath Teng Phasoukvong Cindy Phelps Dennis Phelps Andrew John Phillips Barbara Phillips Cheryl Phillips Kristen Phillips MandiPhillips Michael Phillips Otis Phillips Peter Phillips Sheila Phillips Michael Phillips Elizabeth Phillips-Anderson Jame Phonechanthasone Vilaphon Phothisan LindaPhuma Dina Phung Tho Phung Mark Picard Jane Piccard Edward Pickard Lee Pickens John Pickerd Jr Guadalupe Piedra Sergio Pieksma-Delange John Pier BartonPierce Brett Pierce Kerri Pierce David Pierson Dee Pierson Henry Pierson Suzy Piette Pamela Piffer Christie Pikaart Randal Pikaart Rick Pikaart Larry Pike StuartJohn Pike Mary Pilafas Gregory Pilarski Cynthia Pilczuk Dawn Pilgrim Robert Pillsbury Jr Len Pilon Kimberly Pinkerton Rebecca Pinkney Carl Piowaty Stephen PipeAnita Pitcavage Karen Pitcher Chad Pitman Kathleen Pitsch Charles Pitts Dennis Pitz Cindy Pizunski Rino Pizzi Martin Plaisance Serge Plasschaert Jennifer PleynRichard Pluger Laura Pluister Timothy Pluister Scott Plumhoff Kimberly Plunkett Jeffrey Plyler Jonathan Plyler Scott Poehlman Philip Poel Tim Poel ValeriyPogorelov Jack Pohler Kenneth Pohler Richard Pokojski Victora Poland Alan Poll Bonnie Pollock Robert Pollock Jankay Polnicky Cordy Pols Carole Polter CliffordPonstein Ricky Poort Edith Porras Joseph Porter Kurt Porter Heather Portingale John Portlock Deborah Postema Lee Postema Lisa Postema Matthew PostmaGlenn Postmus Gary Potgeter Mark Potgeter Mitchel Potgeter Susan 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AndrewRaffaele II Donna Raffie Patrick Rainbolt Jr Julie Rakowski Randall Rakus Adolfo Ramirez Danay Ramirez Diana Ramirez Francisco Ramirez Francisco Ramirez JoseRamirez Jose Ramirez Leonidez Ramirez Manuel Ramirez Michael Ramirez Marcos Ramirez Eloy Ramos Jose Ramos Stacy Ramquist Pearson Nancy RamseyRaymond Rancano Brooklin Randall Charlie Randall Gary Jon Randall Kelly Randall Lori Randall Ruben Rangel Dean Rank Emily Ransone Tracey Rappaport JackRasey Allan Raspotnik Stacey Ratcliff William Rathbun Melissa Rathman Stephen Ray Farrand Raymond James Razmus II Keith Read Maureen Read Jane ReardonJohn Reck Karen Rector Donald Redder H Redder Jack Redder Jerry Redder Karen Redder Lanette Redder Larry Redder Michael Redder Terri Redder Edwin Redder II
  7. 7. What exactly are “corporate values” and why are we going to allthis trouble to make them public? Well, our values are things thatmatter to us. It’s a curious phrase, isn’t it, “things that matter”?What kinds of things? Matter to whom? How much do they matter?Of course lots of things matter to us at Herman Miller—design, ourcustomers, our products, the communities we do business in. It’shard to make a short list.Maybe we should begin here: The Herman Miller community mattersto us, and we make an effort to maintain and strengthen it.This community includes many people and organizations. Over thelast 100 years, we have grown from a small group of employees andowners to a large and inspiring network of suppliers, shareholders,customers, dealers, independent contractors, designers, researchers—a great many people who mean a great deal to us. We value ourrelationships with them. We want them to know what matters to us.Our values remind us of what kind of a company and peoplewe want to become. We believe that we must understand what wewant to become and how we want to treat each other before we candecide what we want to do. We are parts of a corporation becausewe want to do something–create great places to work, heal, live,and learn. The list of things in this booklet matter most becausethey pertain to the aspect of corporate life that matters most—human relationships and our life as a community. We hope ourlist makes you think. It certainly keeps us focused on the right things.05
  8. 8. On their own time with scrounged materials, a bunch of curiousHerman Miller engineers (with a little design help) built the winningcar in a national design competition, proving along the way thatinnovation, fun, and good design work together.06
  9. 9. Curiosity and ExplorationTwo of our greatest strengths. Curiosity and exploration lie behindour heritage of research-driven design. How do we keep our curiosity?By respecting and encouraging risk, and by practicing forgiveness.You can’t be curious and infallible. In one sense, if you never makea mistake, you’re not exploring new ideas often enough. Everybodymakes mistakes: we ought to celebrate honest mistakes, learn fromthem, and move on.07
  10. 10. This biannual publication showcases some of the results and insightsfrom Herman Miller curiosity.08
  11. 11. What’s around the corner? What’s the future of work? Or learning?Or healthcare? Our researchers are finding out.09
  12. 12. 11PerformancePerformance is required for leadership. We want to be leaders atHerman Miller, and so we are committed to performing at the highestlevel possible for customers and shareholders in all aspects of ourbusiness. Performance isn’t a choice. It’s up to everybody at HermanMiller to perform at his or her best. Our own high performance—however we measure it—enriches our lives as employees, delightsour customers, and creates real value for our shareholders.
  13. 13. Our operations groups have shown us what real performance is allabout, relentlessly eliminating waste from our manufacturingprocesses and adding bullet-proof reliability.12
  14. 14. Rather than just talk about it, an employee dreamedup Bob the Dummy and sewed him together to showpeople the latest in safety techniques and precautions.14
  15. 15. 15EngagementIt isn’t just about showing up. It is about being owners—activelycommitted to the life of this community called Herman Miller.Share in its success and risk. Stock ownership is an importantingredient, but it’s not enough. The strength and the payoff reallycome when engaged people own problems, solutions, and behavior.Acknowledge responsibility, choose to step forward and be counted.Care about this community and make a difference in it.
  16. 16. 16Industrial psychologist Carl Frost taught us the importance of involvingeveryone through the Scanlon Plan. In 1952, all 120 Herman Milleremployees gave him this Buick as a thank you for his wisdom,which still guides us today.
  17. 17. Ayse Birsel’s sketch showing how the Resolve®system puts individualsat the center of a work environment and surrounding support systems.18
  18. 18. 19DesignDesign at Herman Miller is a way of looking at the world and howit works—or doesn’t. It is a method for getting something done,for solving a problem, for conducting a customer visit, for presentinga report. To design a solution, rather than simply devising one,requires research, thought, sometimes starting over, listening, andhumility. Sometimes design results in memorable occasions, timelesschairs, or really fun parties. Design isn’t just the way somethinglooks; it isn’t just the way something works, either.
  19. 19. Our view of design applies to everything at Herman Miller,even cycling jerseys.21
  20. 20. More than ever, we value our relationships with designers. BillStumpf symbolizes the wonderful give and take, the mutual learningand respect, that rise from relationships with people whose talentshapes design at Herman Miller.22
  21. 21. 23RelationshipsWe work hard to create and keep relationships. With our customersand designers, with our dealers, suppliers, contractors, and amongourselves. Yes, we have contracts, too, but relationships go beyondthe legal obligations we have and abide by. Strong relationships arepart of civility at Herman Miller. The ability to amplify our talentsthrough networks of people and organizations around the worlddepends on the quality of our relationships.
  22. 22. From one-on-one conversations to alliances between organizations,the working relationships of the future will network groups andindividuals from many kinds of organizations in all sorts of locations.Our community will include them all.25
  23. 23. Dealers, salespeople, and suppliers around the world have alwaysbeen important members of Herman Miller’s community. They areconstantly improving themselves and expanding our community.27
  24. 24. MillwrightPoet
  25. 25. InclusivenessTo succeed as a company, we must include all the expressions ofhuman talent and potential that society offers—valuing along theway the whole person and everything each of us has to offer,obvious or not so obvious. We believe that every person shouldhave the chance to realize his or her potential regardless of color,gender, age, sexual orientation, educational background, weight,height, family status, skill level—the list goes on and on. When weare truly inclusive, we go beyond toleration to understanding all thequalities that make people who they are, that make us unique, andmost important, that unite us.In 1923, Herman Rummelt, millwright at our company, died unexpectedly. While visiting his widow,DJ De Pree listened to her read Mr. Rummelt’s poetry. After discovering this unexpected side of HermanMiller’s millwright, De Pree concluded that “we are all extraordinary,” and the Millwright Story has cometo symbolize the whole person at Herman Miller.29
  26. 26. Account Development ManagerFigure Skater
  27. 27. Project ManagerChange RingerCustomer Care ManagerHorse TrainerCAD DrafterRock-a-billy MusicianExecutive AssistantMayor Pro TemEngineering Systems AnalystCeramistManufacturing AssociateDisc DoggerWriterSharpshooterCNC Router OperatorFiremanSupplier Diversity ManagerJazz and Tap Dancer
  28. 28. A Better WorldThis is at the heart of Herman Miller and the real reason why manyof us come to work every day. We contribute to a better world bypursuing sustainability and environmental wisdom. Environmentaladvocacy is part of our heritage and a responsibility we gladly bearfor future generations. We reach for a better world by giving timeand money to our communities and causes outside the company;through becoming a good corporate citizen worldwide; and even inthe (not so) simple act of adding beauty to the world. By participatingin the effort, we lift our spirits and the spirits of those around us.33
  29. 29. 34Our goal for the next ten years is to contribute 10,000 volunteerhours per year to worthy causes in our communities. From Habitatfor Humanity, to the Salvation Army, to the Center for Women inTransition, to Hospice, to Jubilee Ministries—almost all of us pitch in.
  30. 30. In 2005, contributions from employees and the Board of Directorsfunded 20 Michael Volkema Scholarships for the college educationof children of Herman Miller employees.35
  31. 31. 36We expect our leaders to exemplify every day what we value. Like allof us, they aren’t perfect, but they have pledged themselves to payattention to the things that matter.
  32. 32. TransparencyTransparency begins with letting people see how decisionsare made and owning the decisions we make. So when you makea decision, own it. Confidentiality has a place at Herman Miller,but if you can’t tell anybody about a decision you’ve made,you’ve probably made a poor choice. Without transparency,it’s impossible to have trust and integrity. Without trust andintegrity, it’s impossible to be transparent.37
  33. 33. Max, DJ, and Hugh De Pree. They epitomize the values andleadership that make Herman Miller a distinctive and enduringcompany. They inspire our leaders today.38
  34. 34. 39FoundationsThe past can be a tricky thing—an anchor or a sail, a tether or alaunching pad. The stories, people and experiences in HermanMiller’s past form a unique foundation. We value and respect ourpast without being ruled by it. Our past teaches us about design,human compassion, leadership, risk taking, seeking out changeand working together. From that foundation, we can move forwardtogether with a common language, a set of owned beliefs andunderstandings. We value our rich legacy more for what it showsus we might become than as a picture of what we’ve been.
  35. 35. Our values let our customers, suppliers, employees, andshareholders know where we stand on the things that matter.Ultimately our values determine how we treat each other.– Brian Walker, Chief Executive OfficerFor more information about our products and services or to see a list of dealers,please visit us at or call (800) 851 1196.© 2005 Herman Miller, Inc., Zeeland, Michigan Printed in U.S.A. on 100 percent post-consumerwaste recycled paper with soy-based inks. O.MS2352® L, Y, and Resolve are among the registered trademarks of Herman Miller, Inc.
  36. 36. Carol Reed John Reed Julian Reed Lewis Reed Linda Reed Nancy Reed Raven Reed Roger Reed Scott Reed Scott Reed Shirley Reed Jason Reedy Tisha ReedyKathleen Reehil Robert Reer Richard Reeve Kerry Regalado Sandee Regnerus Chad Reich Joanie Reid Kenneth Reid Richard Reid April Reiffer Joseph Reiffer LynnReifschneider Annette Reikow Margaret Reilly Mary Reiser Elizabeth Reister Carrie Rembert David Remelts Matthew Remelts Machael Remus Patrick RemusRobert Renick Sr Art Renkema Debra Renkema Valerie Renkema Fred Renker Benjamin Reno Luis Renteria Carla Renteria Daniel Renz Donna Repko Lilia RetutaGregory Retzlaff Kristine Retzlaff Cynthia Reyes Jacqueline Reyes Angelica Reyna Gabriela Reynaud John Reynolds Linda Reynolds Thomas Reynolds Jill RhoadesKay Rhoades Jeffrey Rhoda Dennis Rhodes Kevin Patrick Rhodes Robert John Rhodes Susan Rhodes Shana Rhone Therese Ricca Carrie Richards Janet RichardsMartin Richards Michael Richards Steve Richards Timothy Richards Robert Richardson Toni Richardson 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