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  • 1. 9/17/2012TechnoratiThe best search engine forthe blogosphere. Allison LaPlante Technorati
  • 2. About Technorati is a blog search engine. This helps you look for blogs on topics that you would like to read about. It uses tags like most other search based websites to link you to blogs that best fit what you are searching. These blogs can be from other blog sites such as blogger or tumblr. Technorati collects these blogs to make them easier to find.
  • 3. About Cont. Makes us able to find lost blogs. Allows people to promote their business. Can apply to write for Technorati. Technorati has become the biggest website for blogs. Using this can increase your blogs visibility. Courtesy of
  • 4. AuthorityRatings Beyond matching blogs by tags it will also bring up the most popular or influential blogs. It uses a rating called. “Authority”. This rating can change rapidly depending on how well it matches the topic, linking behavior to other sites and blogs, and other similar behaviors. Courtesy of
  • 5. Growth This picture shows the quick rise in the amount of new blogs per day over a period of time.Courtesy of
  • 6. BenefitsCourtesy of  Can find old blogs  Puts every blog onto that you did that one website so you you can not seem do not have to go to find. searching as much.  Makes it quicker  Rank helps you find blogs that best fit and easier to find what you want to blogs on topics you read. want to read.
  • 7. How to get one Where you join, sign in, or get help. Justlike most social media networks and blog sites online all you have to do if sign up. Go to
  • 8. Courtesy of chnorati/Claiming your blog Once creating your account you go to your profile. At the bottom there is a search bar to start claiming blogs. All you need is your blogs url, title, and feed url. Once you find your blog it will show a claim status. This means it will show if you can claim it or not. If claimable you press check claim.
  • 9. What is it Geared Towards  Technorati can be for anyone.  People who want to read up on events.  If you want to try and extend your business out.  Or, if you want to read up on a topic you like.
  • 10. Easy to get and use  You only need internet access to use  FREE!  Quick to sign up and you can begin searching for blogs.
  • 11. Works Cited Weblogs Cumulative. 12 Sep 2012. tml. Authority. 12 Sep 2012. New Weblogs/ Day. 12 Sep 2012. Claim your blog. 12 Sep 2012