Breakdown to Breakthrough


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  • Sorry, guys! I do not yet know how to create and upload a powerpoint presentation. This video that is presented here looks nothing like it looks on my own laptop screen! And it does not include the audio that I spent ALL DAY creating!

    Oh well.....maybe next time. This is certainly a process!
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  • My name is Connie Eberhart. And I have created this presentation in response to our current state of “Economic Breakdown” Now…MY position is that I see this as an Incredible Opportunity for a Breakthrough! A Breakthrough to SOMETHING ABSOLUTELY NEW!
  • Breakdown to Breakthrough

    1. 1. What an Incredible Opportunity for a Breakthrough!
    2. 3. Nature’s “Cha-ordic Laws” Balance of chaos and order “ Principally, a chaordic organization is a self-organizing and self-evolving entity, which ends up looking more like a neural network (like the internet) than a hierarchically-organized bureaucracy in which decision-making power is centralized at the top and trickles down through a series of well-regulated departments and managers. - Dee Hock
    3. 4. “ Chaotic organizations do not fear change or innovation. They also tend to be inclusive, multi-centric, and distributive and, ultimately, strongly cohesive due to their unshakable focus on Common Purpose and Core Principles . - Dee Hock Emergence of a New Collective Life-Form Personal Transformation  Collective Transformation “ The ability of the many to communicate, coalesce, and coordinate as one may be the only hope for humanity’s future.”
    4. 5. Clear – Precise – Committed “ It will release the Human Spirit. Natural capital and human capital will be released in abundance and monetary capital will become relatively unimportant.” - Dee Hock
    5. 6. Create a: New Culture of Cocreation New Worldview of Cooperation New Consciousness of Collaboration Now – Financially Empower that Culture by Circulating Wealth and Resources!
    6. 7. We are in need of a sustained circulation of wealth and resources NOW ! We already have all of the wealth, brilliance, skill-sets and solutions that are needed. We just need to implement a new method of circulation!
    7. 8. Social – Authentic Relationships
    8. 9. Social – Authentic Relationships Network – Inter-connected, neural, web-like
    9. 10. Social – Authentic Relationships Network – Inter-connected, neural, web-like Marketing – Spreading of an idea whose time has come!
    10. 11. Inclusive Dynamic Sustainable Responsive Exponential Co-creative Collaborative Inter-connected
    11. 12. - Not truly recyclable - Evolves into Something Greater - Creates waste - Transcends personal transformation - Limited life span to - Temporary “fix” Collective - “WIIFM?” Global Transformation!
    12. 13. <ul><li>Personal Empowerment </li></ul><ul><li>Business Development </li></ul><ul><li>Humanitarian Impact </li></ul>
    13. 14. Tools and resources to encourage each of us to attune to our unique creative impulse, to realize and manifest our dreams and passions, and to express our potential for the sake of ourselves and the world. Empowering individuals to discover and express their own brilliance and vision, express leadership, and work together to translate their vision into accomplishment - for the Common Good off All Life!
    14. 16. As we Come Together to Realize and Unite our Brilliance for the Common Good, there will be Personal, Social, and Global Benefits that NO consumable “product” could ever offer!
    15. 17. So, with your $99 monthly purchase of Empowerment Tools and Training, sustained and exponential wealth is now being circulated to individuals and organizations that choose to be in the Flow of Giving and Receiving.
    16. 18. We maintain an economic engine that not only creates consistent funding for important humanitarian works, but grows exponentially and creates financial abundance for those that help generate the dollars. This is a revolutionary way to give and what we call “Sustainable Global Giving”
    17. 19. 40 % - Global Humanitarian Impact Programs 40 % - Participating Organizations and Individuals 20 % - Administration, Marketing, and Profits New Model for Social Business and Humanitarian Living
    18. 20. Reciprocal Flow of Giving and Receiving Circulation – Caring – Sharing Contribution – Collaboration – Unity ________________ One-sided “Giving” is not sustainable “ Non-profit” is not sustainable “ Hierarchy” is not sustainable
    19. 21. A Process , when Participated in Consciously, Reflected on Deeply, and Responded to Appropriately Evolves Itself Renews Itself & Provides Infinitely…
    20. 22. We ARE Conscious Evolution… As It’s Happening!!! The Ultimate Reality Show! (What part are you playing?)
    21. 23. So…in terms of our economic crisis, if you’re simply focusing on “ the money”, you’re just trying to “solve problems” and “ save the world”.
    22. 24. However…if you Consciously Engage Yourself in the Evolutionary Flow, the Co-creative Process; if you Allow the Unfolding of What is Trying to Emerge Through You, As You , You are Serving a New Paradigm!
    23. 25. A Grassroots Movement Must be Networked! a.k.a Network Marketing! Network Marketing is the only business model which creates sustained and exponential circulation of wealth!
    24. 26. Now…we simply need to accelerate our ‘New Paradigm’ faster than the acceleration of our crises! Simply Reach 3 , Who Also Reach 3 …and so on…and so on…
    25. 27. * This is NOT an statement or claim of income! Results will vary, of course! We’re speaking of humans, here, still caught in an old paradigm and mindset! I am simply trying to open your mind to what is possible if We All Come Together for the Common Good of All Life! 3 x 3 = 9 (2 weeks) 9 x 3 = 27 (4 weeks) 27 x 3 = 81 (6 weeks) 81 x 3 = 243 (8 weeks) 243 x 3 = 729 (10 weeks) 729 x 3 = 2,187 (12 weeks) 2,187 x 3 = 6,561 (14 weeks) 6,561 x 3 = 19,683 (16 weeks) *Earn 2% - 8% per person *Average of $4 per person *You Do The Math!
    26. 28. If you’re not interested. OK. No problem.
    27. 29. But I’m curious. If you don’t mind my asking…. What’s you’re alternative?
    28. 30. Created by: Connie Eberhart Founding Arc Angel