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Anagnorisis is a creative expression of the young generation's take on peace. It is a collection of poems, essays, short stories, artworks and photographs that present the converging and diverging …

Anagnorisis is a creative expression of the young generation's take on peace. It is a collection of poems, essays, short stories, artworks and photographs that present the converging and diverging perspectives of the youth on the notion of peace.

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  • 1. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peace i
  • 4. ANAGNORISIS An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peace Published by the Generation Peace Youth Network (GenPeace) In partnership with the UNDP – Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Programme (UNDP-CPPB) Copyright ©2011 All rights reserved. Generation Peace Youth NetworkThe reproduction and distribution of the contents of this book are welcome provided thatdue acknowledgement is given to the contributors, editors and the publisher. You may not usethis work for commercial purposes. The reproduction and distribution should not occur without the consent of GenPeace. Inquiries should be addressed to: Generation Peace Youth Network (GenPeace) c/o Gaston Z. Ortigas Peace Institute 2nd Floor Hoffner Building, Social Development Complex Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City 1108 Telephone: (+632) 4266122 Fax: (+632) 4266064 Editorial Committee: Nikki Delfin, Beverly Orozco Cover Design: Nikki Al Ben Delfin Cover Artist: Emil Aldrine Alarcon, Obra ng Kapayapaan in Acrylic Layout: Beverly Orozco Printed at Quezon City, PhilippinesThe views expressed herein are those of the authors themselves and do not necessarily reflect the views of GenPeace, UNDP and GZOPI.
  • 5. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peace v
  • 7. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceACKNOWLEDGEMENTA nagnorisis would not have been possible without the support of the different organizations and individuals that contributed to this project.First of all, we would like to thank all the youth contributors that sharedtheir creative reflections of peace with us. Thank you for your poems,photographs, illustrations, short stories, and essays. We also thank theperson who sent us a song, which sadly could not be published in ananthology of poetry and prose but was surely inspiring.Many thanks to the stressed out but still youthful Management Committeeof GenPeace, as well as the Selection Committee, for the inputs thatshaped the final output of the book. We also thank all the GenPeacemembers, partner organizations, schools, communities and individuals whohelped in disseminating the call for entries and all the related informationabout this publication.We express our heartfelt gratitude to Sulong CARHRIHL Youth, YouthSolidarity for Peace, PAZ, PNU UNESCO Club, UNYAP, UST, AkbayanYouth, PUP, EARIST, WMSU, St. Alexis College General Santos City,JPICC - AMRSP, St. Scholastica’s Academy, Canossa College, Blue ScreenEntertainment, Asia United Bank, Ateneo de Manila University, MiriamCollege, Center for Peace Education, UNYPAD, Mindanao SolidarityNetwork, FEU, Peace Day Pilipinas Preparatory Committee, InternationalAlert and the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process.We give thanks to the unsung heroes, and the forgotten and unamedadvocates for peace.We also thank the National Secretariat of GenPeace, the Gaston Z. OrtigasPeace Institute, for encouraging youth involvement in peace initiatives andproviding logistical and technical support for this publication.This publication has been financially supported by the United Nations i
  • 8. ANAGNORISIS Development Programme, under its Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Program. We thank CPPB for their generous support for this undertaking. Lastly, we humbly acknowledge all the youth experiencing structural violence and those in conflict-affected communities. You are both our inspiration for our peace work, and the reason why we need peace, now. Nikki Delfin Beverly Orozco Editorial Committeeii
  • 9. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceTABLE OF CONTENTSACKNOWLEDGEMENT iTABLE OF CONTENTS iiiINTRODUCTION vDISCOVERY (Pagtuklas at Pagkamulat) 1 War - Jay Boy Evano 5 Bakit at Bakit - Allan C. Lumawig 5 I Cannot Sleep - Aubrey Graze V. Pareja 6 Ang Karahasan at Kapayapaan sa Puso si Noel - John Marc B. Estoque 7 Out on the Road - Christelle Rosales 19 Karapatan ng Kabataan - Purma 22 Warrior of the Dark - Jude Ortega 22 Karanasan ng Ating Mga Katutubo - Cristina Maano 24 Langit, lupa, Impyerno - Ian Villanueva 28 Enigmatic - Debbie Diane Go 29 The Young Drive for the Peace - Noelle Marie R. Salvan 33 You Want a Peace of Me? - Paul Chester G. Alcantara 36 Shaping the City of My Dream - Aldrin B. Abdurahim 39 Untitled - From a student of St. Scholastica 42 A Child - Kat Carranza 44 Disillusioned - Jobelle Marie A. Jocson 44 Pag-Asa - LeLouch/Baral 45 Be An Instrument - Lamie Bagutsay 45 Hamon sa Kapwa Ko Kabataan - Leandro Perez 45 Civil Disobedience - Anonymous 46 Youth - Anonymous 46 Kapayapaan, para Kanino nga ba Nakalaan? - Stephanie Castillo 47 iii
  • 10. ANAGNORISIS DREAM (Paniniwala at Pangarap) 49 Wala Nga Bang Kapayapaan - Marielle Trinidad 53 Kapayapaan Makakamit Pa Ba? Junrey Ferenal 54 A Different Face of Peace - Deanne Bianca Roque 57 Hostage - Mara Melanie D. Perez 59 Gunshot - Krizzia Dale A. Villaflor 61 Shooting Stars and Wars - April Anne Dizon 65 Kalapati - Den 66 There Is No War in Ba Sing Se - Louis Mark N. Plaza 66 Kabataan - Chiz 67 Gumising Ka - LeLouch/Baral 68 Pandama sa Mindanao - Debbie Cabanag 68 Tahimik na Komunidad - Aidner de la Torre 69 Ang Kabundukan - Anonymous 70 Pangandoy ko’ng Kalinaw - Bong Fabe 71 Kaming mga Tribo - Dike Tribal Elementary School 72 Katutubo - Chaybell de Leon 72 Unang Tao sa Mundo - Marjorie Maano 73 Mangyan sa Mindoro - Juanito Diado 75 Am I Awake? - Eireen Ena Beleno 76 Ikaw, Ako at ang HR - Milven O. Estrada 77 Karapatang Pantao - LIG’s 77 An Waraynon na Kabataan - Moi 78 Twenty Years From Now - Arianna Cariaga 78 The Declaration Between - Angelito Veloso 79 Babae - Anonymous 80 Journey of a Woman - Cherie 81 The Essence of Peace - Ferlyn Antiquina 81 Kapayapaan - Anonymous 82 Karapatang Pantao - Genalyn Villaluz 82 Karapatan ng Bawat Mamamayang Pilipino - Santos 83 Nagliliyab na Pangarap - Anonymous 83 “Kay Inang Bayan” - John Marc Benavidez Estoque 84 ANNEXES 89 Annex 1: List of Poem, Essay and Short Story Contributors 89 Annex 2. List of Photo Contributors 90 Annex 3: List of Artwork Contributors 91 About Generation Peace 93iv
  • 11. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceINTRODUCTION Anagnorisis (pronounced ænəɡnɒrɨsɨs/; Ancient Greek: ἀναγνώρισις) is a moment in a play or other work when a character makes a critical discovery. Anagnorisis originally meant recognition in its Greek context, not only of a person but also of what that person stood for. It was the hero’s sudden awareness of a real situation, the realisation of things as they stood (Wikipedia, 2011).Anagnorisis is a creative expression of the young generation’s take onpeace. It is a collection of poems, essays, short stories, artworks andphotographs that present the converging and diverging perspectivesof the youth on the notion of peace. While defining peace itself is notaddressed in this anthology, we start of with an assumption that it is tobe defined both individually, as reflected on the different literary andartistic pieces, and collectively as the Filipino youth trying to navigatethe 21st century with age-old internal armed conflicts. Defining, believingand working for peace have both its individualistic and collective roots.How do the young generation make sense of peace? It is this idea that theimages and imageries in this publication explore.“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players,“according to Shakespeare, V for Vendetta and also Gary Oldman’sNokia ad. Anagnorisis, then, is the moment of critical discovery, the “Aha!”moment of the protagonist. We believe that you dear reader, like thecourageous contributors of this publication, are a protagonist for peace.Discovering and dreaming are important processes and the youth’sdiscovery of peace is as crucial as his or her contribution to spreading it.Wikipedia (2011). “Anagnorisis” retrieved, January 16, 2011, from <> v
  • 12. ANAGNORISIS Anagnorisis is arranged into two main sub-themes: Discovery: Pagtuklas at Pagkamulat and Dream: Paniniwala at Pangarap. Discovery delves into the youth’s realizations from the self to the society. Afterall, everything that is personal is also political, and everything can be subsumed under the larger definition of peace. Dream expresses the youth’s frustrations and aspirations for peace after his or her stage of discovery. Under Dream, human rights, environment and gender empowerment are just some of the prominent ideas. The two sub-themes do not in any way end in discovery and dreaming but continue to journey through you. If our collective destiny is a just and lasting peace, what will you do to deliver? This publication is a project of GenPeace, a national network of organizations and individuals engaged in peace advocacy. The ideas in the publication come from the students, communities, organizational partners and members of Generation Peace Youth Network across the country. May the ideas here inspire you in your own anagnorisis and in building a more just and humane society. We beseech you: discover and dream peace, dangerously! Editorsvi
  • 13. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeacePagtuklas at PagkamulatDISCOVERY Candlelight Enlightenment for a Peaceful Generation 1 by Dick Jay Bustamante Youth Solidarity for Peace-Peace Advocates Zamboanga
  • 15. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeacePagtuklas at PagkamulatDISCOVERYT his section explores the youth’s realizations on peace. The literary pieces take you on the young generation’s road to discovery from the subtle breakout of hostility in War which opens up to differenttributaries of themes such as in a young person’s definitive moment ofreflection on peace in Bakit at Bakit and Out on the Road, to the stirringwithin the soul, psychosomatically attacking as sleeplessness in I CannotSleep. One can but fathom peace not merely in its abstraction but in howit is deeply felt and experienced, and for a young person’s coming-of-age story in Ang Karahasan at Kapayapaan sa Puso ni Noel, love (or theinternal violent struggle with it) becomes the perfect catalyst in exploringand defining peace.Although all the contributors are youth, the tug-of-war of their differentperspectives and contexts are indispensable in their personal discoveries.This divergence and convergence is somberly juxtaposed in theuncertainty of riding public transportation in an Untitled Reflection froma St. Scholastica student to the frugal but indisputable piece Karapatanng Kabataan by a young Mangyan. In Disillusioned, it is apparent that theyouth also harbor the cynicism and jadedness of the old and experienced,but it remains a youthful trait to hope for something better and believe intransforming reality as perceived in Pag-asa, Be an Instrument, and thefinality of the youth’s claim to peace in Kapayapaan, Para Kanino nga baNakalaan?The youth’s discovery of peace also navigates on the numerous levelsof the concentric circles—from self to family to community and society.This self-discovery then progresses to one’s exploration of structures andcurrent social realities. We implore the young ones to record new personaland social peace narratives, and we invite the ‘young once’ to remembertheir self-discoveries on peace. 3
  • 17. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceWARJay Boy EvanoSunsMoonsSlithering like a plagueFrom a craving nowhereNo one can findQuivering –In the bleeding horizon;An ocean of fear.A clash of titansThere is effortTo retain luminanceIn open exhaustionBut look, stars…Now, WHAT?BAKIT AT BAKITAllan C. LumawigKatahimikan at kaguluhanKalungkutan at kasiyahanSimula at katapusanMay panahon para sa lahatMay isinisilang at namamatayMay pagsikat ang araw at dilim ng gabiMay katanungan at kasagutanNa tila ba’y paulit ulit langHanggang kailan at saanAno nga ba at bakitMga tanong na napapanahon at paulit ulitHahayaan mo bang lumipas langPanatag ka na ba?Hinahanap mo pa ba?Ikaw at ikaw rin ang dahilan at kasagutan 5
  • 18. ANAGNORISIS I CANNOT SLEEP Aubrey Graze V. Pareja between me and my bed of concrete is a pile of cardboard to thin to lessen the cold. between me and the rest of the world are sheets of yesterdays’ paper thrown out carelessly into the sidewalk, too thin to be considered a blanket but since I have nothing else, these will do. between me and my sleep is a wall of noise i could not break blaring of horns from busses, curses of people who do not know how privileged they are that at the end of the night they have narrow beds to rest on. between me and waking up is an uncertainty that I will not be stepped on, that I will not wake up broken from the horrors of the night. while half of the world slumbers and the rest move about unceasingly, i close my eyes and tried to drown all that is between me and some little rest-- before I wake up to the horrors of the day and once again (like the countless times before) fight to make it through, but-- i cannot sleep.6
  • 19. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceANG KARAHASAN AT KAPAYAPAANSA PUSO NI NOELJohn Marc B. EstoqueKay dilim ng buong kalangitan. Ang aninag ng mapayapang b’wan ayano’t nagkukubli sa likod ng kadiliman ng buong kalawakan. At angmga tala... ang mga tala na sana’y makapagbibigay ng tanglaw sakaluluwang naliligaw, sa pusong nanlulumo, sa damdaming ano’t bihagng labis na panghihinayang... ay ano’t natatakpan ng pulutong ng mgaulap na wari’y saksi sa damdaming yao’t pinagtaksilan ng kanyang sarili,pinagtaksilan ng kanyang sariling sama ng loob. Ang gabing yao’y ano’tisang gabi ng nagtatagong liwanag, nagtatagong kapayapaan... isangmapanglaw na gabi na ni mga tala sa kalangita’y hindi mo na masilayanng tanglaw sa magulo’t mabagsik na alapaap!Kay bagsik din ng hanging nagbabadya ng isang masungit na panahon.Sa paligid na ang malalakas na ulan ay tila nagwawala sa lilim ngkalituhan ng gabi. Ulan, na tila alam mong lumuluha’t naglalabas rinng sama ng loob! Ang matinding ulan... na tila imahen ng sa kaluob- Bakwit Evacuees in Pikit, Cotabato by Kara Santos 7
  • 20. ANAGNORISIS looban ni Noel habang s’ya’y sumusugod sa masungit na panahon ng walang payong at basang-basa habang tanging buhat-buhat lamang ang kanyang matagal na nawalang aklat na natagpuan lamang nitong huli na. Sa kalyeng dinadaanan n’ya’y maririnig mong ano’t sari-saring ingay ng busina ng mga naiirita na’t mga walang pasensyang mga drayber sa bigat din ng trapiko. Kay gulo ng buong paligid: kay dilim ng langit, kay bagsik ng hangin at ulan, kay ingay ng mga bumubusinang mga sasakyan, at sa loob-loob ni Noel ay ano’t samu’t saring emosyon din ang nararamdaman na halos ang buong paligid na’y nakikiisa sa nararamdaman n’yang ano’t kay gulo rin at hindi rin maintindihan! Sa bagsik ng ulan ay nagpilit ito na siya’y humanap ng landas tungo sa pansamantalang masisilungan sa gabing iyon habang hinihintay ang pagkakataon na ang lahat ay magbalik na sa kapayapaan. Naghahanap siya ng masisilungan ng ang buong ingay ng paligid, ng bagsik ng ulan... ay magbalik lahat sa katahimikan. Wala na s’yang ibang mapuntahan. Ang lugar na kan’yang nakikita na tila bagang inaanyayahan s’yang sumilong doon ang bukod tanging nakikita n’ya sa mga oras na yaon. Ang Ingay ng Mundo by Jupiter Polistico, Youth Solidarity for Peace-Peace Advocates Zamboanga8
  • 21. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeacePagkapasok n’ya na basang basa ay ano’t may tila samu’t saringlarawan ang nagbabalik sa piling ng lugar na iyon. Ang mga silyaat mesang nakaayos malapit sa window glass na ngayo’y ginagamitat pinagkakainan na ng mga taong hindi na n’ya kilala... sa bukodtanging lugar na iyon ng fast-food restaurant na tila may isang bagayna nangyari sa buhay n’ya sa dating gabing lumipas na nga’t hindi namababalikan.Tama! Sa mga silyang iyon... sa mga silyang iyon... Doon n’ya unangnakasamang kumain ang pinakauna n’yang niligiwan. Sa lugar na iyon,una na n’yang nakasama... si Monica, ang bukod tanging babaeng unana nga n’yang minahal.Hindi na s’ya doon nagtungo... at marahil wala na rin s’yang balak namaupo roon kahit na umalis man ang masayang pamilyang kumakain,nagkwekwentuha’t nagtatawanan (na tila wala pa naman talagangbalak umalis)!Datapwa’t, doon na lamang s’yang mag-isa sa isang pangkat ng silya’tmesa na nasa tapat ng lugar ng pamilyang iyon. Minamasdan n’ya hindiang pamilyang naroroon: ang malakas na halakhak ng matabang ama,ni ang pag-aasikaso ng ina sa matatakaw na mga malulusog na bata,...kundi minamasdan n’ya ang kahapong nakapamugad na sa pinakalugarna iyon! Lalo pa’t umigting ang kanyang emosyon nang bigla pa n’yangnarinig ang kantang pinapatugtog, mga malulungkot na himig na kan’yaring narinig noon sa panahong nakasama rin n’ya ang una n’yang giniliwsa lugar na iyon. Ang pamagat ng awiting malinawlinaw pa sa kanyangisipan ay ano’t nabulong n’ya sa sarili “When I Dream About You ...”habang ang labi’y gumuhit ng isang ano’t malungkot na ngiti.Isang mabigat na emosyon ang nagpalalim sa kanyang dibdib nanapilitan s’yang ilabas na lamang sa isang malalim na buntong hininga.“Ano po ang oorderin nila, sir?” anang ng lalaking nakaunipormengnakahanda nang sumulat gamit ang hawak nitong panulat at maliliitna papel na tila nangangalay na! Kanina pa pala s’ya naroroon nanagtatanong nang hindi man lamang naririnig ni naramdaman ni Noel namay malalim kasing iniisip sa isang alaalang nagbabalik!Hinugot n’ya ang kanyang pitaka at saka sinilip na lamang muna kungmagkano ang lamang pera nito. “Kukulangin ako...” sambit n’ya sa sarilikung kaya’t nagpasya na lang siyang orderin ang pagkaing kakayanin 9
  • 22. ANAGNORISIS ng dalang pera kung hindi lamang n’ya nakita sa menu ang pagkain din na kanyang inorder nung sa mga oras na kasama n’ya ang dating sinisinta. “Heto na lang ang o-orderin ko.” pagkaturo sa larawan habang pabirong sinabing “Hindi ko pa kasi natitikman ito eh? Haha!” at umalis na nga ang naguluhang waiter. Ngumiti s’ya na alam n’yang may lungkot sa kanyang nararamdaman. Nakapagbiro s’ya nang alam n’yang ang kaligayahang kanyang pinapakita’y ano’t kabaliktaran lamang ng lahat ng halos gusto nang umiyak o umiiyak na nga sa loob. Nagpakita s’ya ng kapayapaan ng isip nang alam n’yang ang puso’y hinahagod ng hapis at ng kaguluhan. Hindi na n’ya mapigilan, ang buong larawan ng mga pangyayari noong mga panahong iyo’y unti-unting nagbalik sa kan’yang isipan... Mga buwan ata ng Septyembre o Oktubre noon sa taong noong s’ya’y nasa ikalawang taon sa ikaunang semestre pa lamang. S’ya, kasama ng kaibigang mga kakurso, ay naglalakad nang papauwi mula sa nakakapagod na klase ng Zoology na nagsimula pa ng mga ikaapat ng hapon at magtatapos dapat sa ika-anim na ng gabi. Ngunit sa sandaling iyon ay nag-extend ang guro nila sanhi ng pagkaliban nito sa mga nakaraang araw. Ang extension na iyon ay ano’t sanhi para sila’y talagang gabihin na nga ng uwi! Habang masayang nagkukuwentuhan papalabas ng gate noon ay napansin nila ang muling napakabigat na usad ng trapiko sa kalye. Kalat-kalat ang mga sasakyan sa paligid na sa dulo ng kalye ay ano’t mamamasdan mong ang mga sasakyang halos naka-stock na ata roon ay tila iisa nang kumot na may pinagtagpi-tagpingkulay kung malasin mula sa malayo. Napakabigat ng daloy ng trapiko na alam mong mahirap makahanap ng masasakyang jeepney. Buti na lamang at hindi gaanong kalayuan ang dormitoryo nina Noel na maari namang lakarin ng isang paang mat’yaga’t masipag maglakad. Maglalakad na sana s’yang pauwi nang ang isa n’yang kaklase’y may napansin sa isa sa mga taong nag-aabang ng mapagpa-parahan ng sasakyan. “Uy! Yung crush mo!!” giit nito na tila mas sabik pa sa taong nagtatago ng nararamdaman. Agad siyang nilapitan ng mga kaibigang10
  • 23. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peacebabae at saka kinuwentuhan sabay ang lahat ng grupo na ay nagsitungoagad sa lugar na iyon habang si Noel na kinakabahan at sa hindi alamsa kung anong gagawin ay nahila na ng isa sa mga kasama. Wala nasiyang nagawa.Sa harap nito’y hindi na n’ya alam ang gagawin. Matalino si Noel.Dean’s List s’ya sa isang maliit na kolehiyong pinapasukan n’ya. Nguni’tmerong iisang bagay na mangmang s’ya... at iyon ay pagdating sapag-ibig. Uuwi na lamang sana s’ya ng walang mabuting nagawa kunghindi lamang nabulungan ng isang kasama na magpara daw si Noel ngsasakyan para doon sa ginigiliw n’ya.At ginawa nga ang suhest’yong ito ngunit walang nangyari. Lalo pangnagkanda-gulu-gulo nang iniwan silang dalawa, si Noel at si Monica, ngmga kasama nitong una. “Oh Pa’no? Ikaw na ang bahala.” giit ng isanglalaki habang ang mga babae nama’y palakaibigang kumakaway-paalam sa espesyal na taong kasama ni Noel.“Kanina ka pa ba dito?” usisa ni Noel.“Kanina pa...” ang sagot nito na lalong nagpakaba sa kanya na hindi nan’ya maisip ang susunod na sasabihin.“Naku! Hindi maganda yan... anong oras ba uwian n’yo.” nasambitn’yang may pag-aalala.“Kaninang 5:30 pa...” at ang sagot naman nitong tila naaawa na rin sasarili.“Nagugutom ka na ba? Siguro mas makakabuti kung doon na langmuna ikaw maghintay sa kainan malapit dito. At least... makakaupo ka,makakakain, at may aircon pa dun! Oo...”“Hindi. Ok lang ako.”“Naku! Baka magkasakit ka n’yan. Tingnan mo? Umaambon na nga ataoh”, nasabi lang kahit wala naman talagang ambon.Wala nang nagawa ang babae kung kaya’t sumunod na lamang. Nangnasa tapat na sila noon ng nabanggit na fast-food na kainan, nagtigilbigla ang babae. 11
  • 24. ANAGNORISIS “Ok na ako dito, uwi ka na...” sabi nito. “Sigurado ka ba talaga?” “Oo. Ite-text ko na lang si mama na puntahan n’ya ako dito.” “Wala kang kasama. Walang magbabantay sa’yo dito...” At nainis na rin siguro ang babae, “Oh sige... papipiliin kita: Sasamahan mo ako dito sa labas o hindi mo ako sasamahan pero doon na ako sa loob?” Wala na s’yang nagawa kundi ang, “Oh sige pala... ingat ka...” at saka napilitang umalis kahit wala sa loob nito. Laking panghihinayang at lungkot noon ang nasa dibdib n’ya habang nagtungo na lamang papauwi sa kanilang dormitoryo. Hindi na sana s’ya babalik kung hindi nga lamang n’ya napansing, “Naku! Anong nangyari dito? Brown-out?” nakapatay lahat ng ilaw. Tama ang hinala n’ya. Wala s’yang kaalam alam na sa mga sandaling iyon ay nagbrown-out sa buong Metro Manila. Katatapos lang din noon ng bagyong Ondoy. Nagbalik sa kanya ang damdaming samahan ang babae. Nagtungo s’ya sa kanyang kwarto at saka kumuha ng limang daang piso, wari n’ya: “Ililibre ko na lang s’ya ng hapunan, gutom na gutom na s’ya siguro... at isa pa hindi ako makakakain ng maayos dito kasi brown-out. Agad siyang nagbalik sa lugar nang laki n’yang awang nakitang naiinip at nalulungkot doon ang babae. “Uy?” Ang bati n’ya sabay nagwika, “Brown-out sa amin.” habang naupo na sa tapat nito. “Na-text din sa akin ni Mama. Brown-out daw talaga sa buong Metro Manila.” ang sagot nito “Dito na lang tuloy ako kakain.” ang nasabi n’ya pero sa loob loob ay gusto n’yang makasama ang babae sa sandaling iyon. “Nasaan na daw si mama mo?” dugtong nito “Pumunta kasi sila ni Papa sa SM Megamall. Papunta na raw dito kaso12
  • 25. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peacetraffic din daw...” napabuntong hinga s’ya’t pagkatapos ay kanyangnawika, “Buti bumalik ka dito. Alam mo kasi nalulungkot na ako dito. Akolang mag-isa. Kanina... wala akong ginagawa kundi tingnan lang angmga tao sa paligid.”“Ako naman... hmp! Ewan? Kainis yung brown-out na yan. Hindi tuloy akomakapag Facebook.” ang pabirong sagot na lang ni Noel pero sa loobloob n’ya’y laking pasasalamat sa brown-out.“Nakakain ka na ba? Dito na lang kasi siguro ako kakain.”“Hindi pa nga eh... magke-candy na lang siguro ako.”“Naku! Masama yan... nagpapalipas ng gutom? Teka! Marami ka bakasing kinain kaninang lunch?”“Sa totoo lang hindi na ako nakakain nang maayos sa lunch kanina. Damikasi kelangangGirls by Jupiter Polistico, Youth Solidarity for Peace-Peace Advocates Zamboanga Balasa gawin.”“Gusto mo libre na kita? Teka... magkano ba kasi dala mo?”“Sakto lang sa pamasahe...” habang malungkot n’yang pinakita angpitakang puro barya nga ang laman.“Libre na kita.” ang huling nasambit na lamang ni Noel habang papatayona ito. Hihindi na sana ang babae pero wala na rin itong nagawa.Dala ang limang daang piso sa bulsa, nagbalak siyang bumili ng pagkainna may pagkamahal para sa babae at yaong isang mumurahin langpara sa kanya.Nang nakapagbayad na siya ay saka agad nagbalik sa pwesto ngbabae para hintayin ang binayaran nang mapansing nagbabasa nalamang ito ng libro. Mag-aaral na lamang daw s’ya para sa daratingna pagsusulit.Kinakausapkausap ito ni Noel pero ni katiting ng boses ay wala na itongnaririnig na sagot.Dumating na ang pagkain. Nagsimula nang hawakan niya ang kubyertosat saka nagsimulang kumain habang napansing hindi man lang ginagalawang pagkain. 13
  • 26. ANAGNORISIS Nag-anyaya ang lalaki na kumain ngunit mamaya na lamang daw. Naikwento ng babae na sa dati n’yang eskwelahan ay may ganoong fastfood restaurant daw malapit doon at saka lagi daw silang kumakain ng kapatid n’ya doon. Naisip tuloy noon ng lalaki na “pahiwatig kaya ito na ayaw n’ya yung pagkaing binili ko?”. Marami rami na ring nakain si Noel nang ang kasama n’ya’y hindi man lamang ginagalaw pa rin ang pagkain. Tila nakasantabi lang ito sa isang sulok sa mesa. Sino ba naman ang mapanghihinaan ng loob na ang isang taong nilibrehan mo ng mahal na pagkain ay hindi man lamang gagalawin sa harap mo? “Lika kain ka oh?” pag-anyaya niya uli ngunit walang matinong sagot ang narinig. Sinubukan ni Noel na makipagkwentuhan na lamang ngunit ang babae’y abala sa pagtetext sa cellphone o kung hindi man... maya maya’y abala sa pagbabasa ng libro. Nakangiti ang kanyang mukhang nagpapakita ng pakikipagkaibigan ngunit ang puso’t damdami’y nararamdaman ang tindi ng pait at sakit ng damdamin na tila naman pinagtatabuyan. Hindi man lamang niya naramdamang natuwa ito sa ginawa n’ya ni nagpasalamat man lamang. Ang lalo pang nakapangliliit ay nang sabihan s’yang kainin n’ya yung mga hindi sinasadyang nakakalat na kanin sa mesa sa kadahilanang sayang daw! Wala nang matinong nangyari matapos no’n hanggang sa dumating na ang magulang nito. Lumabas na s’ya ng kainan bitbit ang pagkaing hindi nagalaw. Kinabukasan nalaman na lamang ni Noel na pinakain na lang naman pala sa iba ang binili niya. “Sir! Heto na po ang order nila.” Wika ng babaeng maingat ingat na inilalagay ang pagkain sa mesang kinalalagyan ni Noel ngayon. Sa harap niya ay ang pagkaing binili n’ya noong mga araw na yaon para kay Monica. Ngayon pa lamang n’ya titikman ang pagkain... “Hindi ba ito masarap? Masarap naman ah?” Nabulong nito sa sarili na14
  • 27. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peaceparang may luhang nangingilid sa mata habang hindi pa naisusubo angpagkain sa kanyang bibig.Tinikman n’ya ang pagkain. Hindi pala ito gusto ng panlasa n’ya na lalon’yang ikinalungkot. Isang lalong sampal sa isang abang kaluluwang hindimakahanap ng katahimika’t kapayapaan sa pusong sanhi ng paggiliwna tila pinagkaitan ng sariling iniirog!Medyo humihinayhinay na rin ang ulan sa labas ngunit ang malulungkotna mga kahapo’y tila lalo pang sumasariwa sa kaniyang isipan. Waladoon ang pamilyang kumakain kanina ngunit puno pa rin ng kasiyahanat halakhakan ang nasa paligid n’ya. May mga magkasintahang kaylambing na nag-uusap. Mayroon namang matanda kasama ang kanyangkinakaaliwang apo. May grupo ng magbabarkadang hayo’t aliw naaliw sa kwentuhan at halakhakan. Ang lahat ay nagsasaya sa lugar naiyon liban sa isang lalaking nalulumbay habang inaalala pang munti angmga nagdaan sa kanyang buhay.Saksi pa sa kanyang kalooban nang una n’yang nakita ang babaenoong unang araw pa lamang ng pasukan. Hinagaan na n’ya agad itosa una pa lamang.Hindi rin n’ya makakalimutan nang araw na iyon ng ‘B’wan ng Wika’na si Noel ay napiling magtugtog ng biyolin. Natapos ang programangwala man lamang kasiguraduhan sa kan’yang sarili “Nakakahiya...”ang nawika nito habang hiyang hiya s’ya sa sarili nang alalahanin nitoang mga pagkakamali sa pagtugtog na ipinapanalangin n’yang sana’yhindi ito napansin ng mga manonood. Habang naiwang nagmumukmoksa isang sulok, hindi inaasahang nilapitan siya nito at saka pinuri angnapakagandang musika! Nabuhayan s’ya ng loob doon.Hindi rin n’ya makalimutan sa kung anong ligaya ang kan’yangnaramdaman ng siya’y tanghaling pinuno ng grupo sa isang gawain saasignatura at makasama si Monica sa grupong iyon. Nang dahil doon,nakuha n’ya ang kumpletong pangalan ang cellphone number nito! Ditosila unang naging magkaibigan sa pagpapalitan ng mga mensahe’tkwentuhan. Nabanggit pa minsan nito na ang pamilya nito’y nagbabalakdaw magpunta ng Amerika kung may pagkakataon na ikinatuwa namanni Noel para sa kanya.At noong midterm exam sa araw na gaganapin ang pagsusulit saisang asignatura na kung saan kaklase n’ya ito, nagdala s’ya ng mga 15
  • 28. ANAGNORISIS tsokolateng binigay sa kanya ng kanyang ina. “Kakain ako nito bago kumuha ng pagsusulit at nang maiwang gising ang aking isipan.” aniya. Matagaltagal pa bago mag-exam nang mapagpasyahan n’yang dumaan sa pook-dasalan. Natagpuan n’ya rin ito doon at saka sabay silang nagdasal at nag-aral. Ah! Salamat din pala sa baong tsokolate, may naipang-alok tuloy s’yang tsokolate para sa kanya sa loob ng chapel na iyon. Sa oras na nangangailangan si Monica ng tulong sa mga aralin, dito nabigyang pagkakataon si Noel na magpakitang gilas. Hindi rin n’ya makalimutan ang gabi nang una nga niyang makasamang kumain ito sa labas. Ito rin ang pinakaunan pagkakataon sa kanyang buhay na lumabas kasama ang isang babae na hindi niya kaanak at... si Monica ang babaeng iyon. Ngunit ang kinalabasan nitong huli’y hindi man lamang ata ito nagustuhan. Bouncing Youth by Dick Jay Bustamante,Youth Solidarity for Peace-Peace Advocates Zamboanga16
  • 29. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceSiya rin ang kaunaunahang babaeng niregaluhan n’ya noongpasko. Nagtipid s’ya’t nag-ipon ng kaniyang perang baon nangmay maipambiling regalo sa babaeng ito. Naaalala pa niya sakung papaanong naghanap s’ya ng paraang magkakita sila nito atang dahilan... isang interview para sa case study sa thesis n’ya. Angpamamaraan din sa kung papaanong pinapikit n’ya ang mga matanito sa kadahilanang ritual para sa psychological awareness di umanoat nang pagkadilat nito’y may malaking tsokolate nang bumubulagadito. Hindi rin basta tsokolate, may kasamang sulat ito na pinaghirapann’yang pagandahin ang pagkakatitik ng bawat letra. Isang sulat ito napinag-isa sa tsokolate gamit ang laso (ribbon) na pinagpuyatan dingpag-aralan sa pagkakagawa.Pagkatanggap ng babae ng pinaghirapang regalo ni Noel, inilagaylang ang regalo sa tabi nito nang hindi man lamang ginalaw. Nangkinakausap ay ayaw namang sumagot na tila walang ganang makipag-usap. At ang masaklap pa’y ibinigay lamang pala at ipinakain angtsokolate sa mga kaklase’t pinagp’yestahan ito. Dito, tila may hinanakituli na sumampal sa sumisintang puso ni Noel.Bakasyon noon sa Pasko nang unang tumatak sa isip n’ya ang lahat.Nang mabuksan ang kan’yang mga matang binabalewala lang namansiya nitong babae. Sa puntong iyon, tumigil na s’ya. Hindi na rin silanagkaroon ng komunikasyon... ni hindi man lamang nabigyang maayos nawakas ang relasyon... hanggang sa nabalitaan na lamang niyang umalisna ito’t nagtungong Amerika kasama’ng kanyang mga magulang...Nagtigil nang tuluyan ang ulan gaya ng pagtigil na ng buongpangyayaring tumatakbo sa isip n’ya. Lahat ay purong kawalan na tilasarili na lamang n’ya ang nakikita sa puntong iyon. Madilim ang lahat!Wala nang mga tao sa paligid ni ang indayog at ingay na lumalabas samga labi nila. Siya at ang kan’yang mundo ang nakikita n’ya.Sa isipa’t damdami’y may samu’t sari pa ring gulo’t ingay na naririnig!Walang kapayapaan. Naguguluhang pusong umaawit ng kasawian, ngpait, ng kamatayan para sa isang simpleng taong unang bese palangmangibig!Marahil, ang kapayapaan nga’y hindi lamang sa kawalan ng patayan nisa gulong makikita sa labas kundi ang pagkakaroon ng malayang himigsa puso’t kaluluwa na nagsasabing ika’y masaya. 17
  • 30. ANAGNORISIS Ngunit si Noel ay hindi masaya. Sa isipan n’ya’y hindi pa rin maalis ang kalabuan ng mga pangyayari. Hindi matahimik ang kaniyang damdamin na tila ay bumabagyo’t umuulan pa rin. Hindi matahimik ang kaniyang isip, ang kaniyang mga alaala ng dahil sa sugat ng kahapong tila maingay na bumubusina pa rin. Hanap niya’y kapayapaan... ng isip, puso. Payapa na ang ulan sa labas. Payapa na ang gabi na unti unting inaaninagan na ng buwan. Naghanda na si Noel sa paglabas nang maiwanan n’ya ang bagay na bitbit n’ya kanina panangga sa ulan, ang librong nawala n’ya nang mahabang panahon at sa huli na lamang natagpuan. Walang magawa’t nakapako na lamang ang nalulungkot na mga mata sa pamagat ng aklat habang inaangat ito para buklatin: “Sa labasan, sumalubong sa akin ang bagong araw. Tumingin ako. May kapayapaan ang langit. Ang langit? Kapayapaan? May gumugulo sa aking kalooban. Kalawakan... iyan ang sabi ng aking guro sa ikaapat na baitang ng primarya. Iyan ay by Deoner G. Catamora hindi langit... at ang kapayapaan ay hindi nakikita sa langit kundi hangganan lamang ng nakikita ng pananaw at isip ng tao. Ang kapayapaan ay nasa tao. Hindi nakikita. Hindi nahihipo. Hindi naabot. Ang kapayapaan ay nasa tao... Nararamdaman hindi sa kawalan ng isang bagay na iyong hinahanap ni hindi dahil sa kawalan ng gera, kundi ang kapayapaan ay nararamdaman hindi ng mata, ng ilong, ng kamay, ng tainga, ... kundi ng puso!” Nang isasara na n’ya ang aklat ng naaksidenteng may bagay na nalaglag sa aklat. Matagal na pala itong nakaipit. Hindi man lamang niya18
  • 31. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peacenapansin... at lalo’t mas pinatagal pa ito ng matagal na pagkakawalasa kanya ng aklat.Dinampot n’ya ito ng matagpuan n’yang ang bagay na nahulog ay isangsulat. Isang sulat sa wakas na nagbibigay kaliwanagan sa kaluluwangnagtatanong, Isang sulat na ngayo’y magbibigay katahimikan na sanaguguluhang damdamin ng unang mangingibig na si Noel, ang sulat niMonica.OUT ON THE ROADChristelle RosalesMy family and I were currently on a road trip. I knew that we were notgoing to arrive at our destination in a few hours. As I looked ahead ofme, the road appeared as if it could go on forever. I, then, found myselfmusing what may be on the other side of this seemingly endless highway.But somewhere along the way, I became so bored with simply sitting in thecar and observing our surroundings that I decided to tinker with whatevermy fingers can reach and touch. Preoccupied, I eventually forgot aboutthe road and why we were traveling in it in the first place.Reaching our destination becomes easier when we are familiar with theterrain of the road that we are traveling on. In the same way, it becomeseasier for us to attain solace when we understand the role of peace in ourlives. That’s when I thought, “What is peace for me, anyway?” I closed myeyes and tried to think of an answer.I was taken back to my sophomore year in high school. This, for me, wasthe beginning of my transition. I was shifting from a shy, little girl to astrong, independent woman. This was the year when I encountered somany problems, particularly with my peers. I’ve always been different,but it was only in this year that I was made to feel that I was an outcast.I knew there was no way my classmates would accept me so I took theliberty of detaching myself from them. However, I was not fond of beingalone, so I was often frustrated whenever I see them doing somethingtogether as one big “family”.Just as I was ready to give up on myself, I met a student who was strong-willed and sure of herself. I began to admire her. She was, in a way, justlike me because she too was perceived as unconventional, and it wasprobably for this reason that I felt like I could relate to her. I felt like 19
  • 32. ANAGNORISIS she knew what it was like to be me and that she understood how I felt. The only difference between us is that she knew exactly who she was and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. From that moment on, I knew that I wanted to become like her. I began exploring my individualistic side and soon realized how much more liberating it was to just forget about everyone else’s opinion of me. This freedom, however, came with a price – an inner conflict arose. My admiration for that student led me to adopt most of her traits, even bad ones. By the time I reached my junior year, I noticed that I was becoming too outspoken and rebellious. I had this tendency to question people’s actions and walk out on practices if I thought that they were a waste of time. Eventually, I knew that no good would come from these qualities so I resolved to rid myself of them. I had to struggle with this inner conflict for more than a year. And up to now, I still have not come up with a plausible solution. Peace, therefore, could mean settling all of the problems one has within oneself. But it could also mean taking time to smell the roses. We are all so caught up in this fast-moving world of ours that the only thing that seems to preoccupy our minds is work. We don’t even notice it, but our “career” has made us so paranoid that we tend to stress ourselves out. We are Mother and Child - Hands of Peace by Kara Santos20
  • 33. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peaceafraid of the next day to come because we have not finished all of ourrequirements yet. We are afraid of going home because we know thatthe moment we enter the front door, family members will welcome uswith complaints on how we spend more time on our jobs than we do withthem. And, how could we blame them? It’s true; we burn our eyes staringat the computer monitor, struggling to finish our assignments on time. Butafterwards we ask ourselves, “Was it really worth it? Was finishing thisproject really worth neglecting the ones I love?”Sometimes, the things that will make us happy are already right in frontof us. We are just too busy looking into the distance to notice them. That iswhy I believe that one will feel a certain sense of peace when one learnsto appreciate the small things in life: stopping for a while, giving oneselftime to breathe and focus on the things that really matter, like family andfriends.After thinking – or rather, dreaming – about all these, I opened my eyes.It was already afternoon. The wind was blowing gently, and caressingmy face. I was still a little sleepy and the cool temperature was enticingme to take another snooze, but I sat up because I knew that we would bearriving at our destination any minute now.The realizations I had kept on replaying in my mind: “Inner solace… Iguess that is what peace is for me. Well, seeing as to how my life is so far,I don’t think I have reached the level of peace that I desire. And to thinkthe day is almost over… ” I muttered to myself. Then, questions suddenlycrossed my mind: why I am traveling this road in the first place? Was itbecause my family obliged me to, or did I have another reason? Sleepmust have dazed me more than I thought because it took me quite sometime to remember. But at last, I did.I began traveling this road because there were things that I wanted toprove to myself. First of all, I want to prove that in this long, unpredictablepath we call life, I will be brave enough to be one of the few who willopt for the road that is less travelled. Second, I want to prove that I canand will stand for the things I believe in, even if that means standingalone. Third, I want to discover peace within myself, so I ventured out ona soul-searching trip, hoping to find some answers and maybe even a fewnuggets of wisdom along the way.It is quite surprising though how I have managed to stay so calm after sucha long journey. These last fifteen years of my life have been one crazy 21
  • 34. ANAGNORISIS roller coaster ride, but I can still keep moving forward. I’m really starting to believe that Someone is traveling with me as I venture through unknown roads. Maybe I’m not alone after all. Well, whoever this companion is, one thing is sure: He planned for us to have a road trip so He can impart a lesson on me. And this lesson is that we have to make sure that there is peace in our hearts. Different people will have different definitions of peace, but no matter what our definition is, we have to make sure that we hold on to it. Being at peace will make all the difference in our lives. It will help us find the Light when we are caught in Darkness. So if you believe that you already have it, then I congratulate you. But if you don’t, then I advise you to start looking for it now. If you want to, you can even take this journey with me and we can look for peace together. All of the material things in this world may disappear, but it wouldn’t really matter because it is peace that will lead us to our destination. You see, there really is no way to peace because peace is the way. KARAPATAN NG KABATAAN Purma Ako’y isang batang Mangyan Taglay ko ang aking pinagmulan Pagmamahal sa kulturang Mangyan Pahalagahan at ingatan Ang aming karapatan WARRIOR OF THE DARK Jude Ortega I dream of writing nonfiction novels on Mindanao someday. I’ll give one book the title Warrior of the Dark. It will contain the story of my uncle. My uncle, nearing sixty now, is a farmer and a good family man. He has lived the life of an ordinary Mindanaoan. But there’s one part of his life that I’d like to document, for it is not only a part of our family’s history, but of the island’s history as well. This is when he went by the name Kumander Dodoy. In 1970s, my uncle joined Ilaga, a “Christian” paramilitary group that22
  • 35. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peacefought against the Moro rebels. To call the members of Ilaga “vigilantes”is an understatement. The media have described them as “dreaded,”“notorious,” and even “barbaric.” The most infamous of my uncle’scomrades, Norberto Manero, has caught the public’s attention (andrevulsion) for killing a priest and then allegedly eating the victim’s brain.I’m drawn to my uncle and his group’s experiences not because I considerthem heroes. It’s quite the contrary. I believe intolerance and violence—two ills Ilaga perpetuated—have no place in this world. I’m fascinatedwith the members of Ilaga because I want to understand them. In knowingtheir story, I hope to understand better the conflict in Mindanao, myhomeland.“Ilaga” is a Visayan word for “rat.” Uncle explained a few years agothat like the noxious vermin, they crept in the ground, feared water, andattacked in the dark. Therefore, he told me, many Maguindanaoanswould keep their families from harm’s way by building raft houses inponds and rivers and staying in them at night.Most of the members of Ilaga were farming settlers whose familiescame from the island of Panay. My mother told me that when she wasabout fourteen, my uncle, who was seventeen or eighteen that time, justdisappeared one day. They were living in Cotabato Province then. WhenUncle came back after a long time, he was bearing battle scars, one ofwhich was right in his jaw.Uncle has told me what happened to the jaw—and why he believesit happened. He said that in one battle, his amulet failed to work. Abullet caught him in the mouth and tore through his cheek. The amuletof an Ilaga was usually a tiny bottle containing lana (coconut oil), bitsof tree roots, and whatnot. The bottle would be tied with a string andworn as a necklace or wrapped around the waist. To keep the amuleteffective, an Ilaga would also rub his skin with lana, utter Latin prayers,and avoid certain kinds of food in certain days of the week. Taking abath and having intercourse were forbidden on Fridays. One Friday, myuncle wasn’t able to resist the temptation—he slept with a woman—andthis he said lessened the power of his amulet.The Ilagas have become a legend, and should remain so. They should benothing but a part of Mindanao’s past. They should be remembered notas martyred crusaders but as warriors with a good end but a misguidedmeans. They wanted peace in Mindanao, but they thought the best and 23
  • 36. ANAGNORISIS only way to attain it was by subduing, if not annihilating, the Muslims. They are a source of pride for young Christians like me, for in my veins flows the same blood, the blood of fearless fighters. But they are also our shame, for they turned into ruthless savages who every so often preyed upon innocent lives. Ilaga has done its share of wreaking havoc on Mindanao. The chapter on them should be closed. Unfortunately, similar groups would surface from time to time, especially whenever the thirty-year conflict in the island heated up. I believe, though, that those “new” Ilagas could no longer sow as much terror as the original group had. Times have changed. The people of Mindanao have become more socially aware and educated. Our voice against human rights abuses has become stronger. Many of us Muslims and Christians have forged ties of friendship no senseless war could break. I still have a lot of whys to ask my uncle. His story will be engaging—full of lessons to learn, full of mistakes we should not commit again. KARANASAN NG ATING MGA KATUTUBO Cristina Maano Isang araw kaming mag-aaral sa kolehiyo ay naimbitahan sa isang programa na kung saan ito ay naging malinaw sa aming pag-iisip at nag- silbing gabay sa aming pag-aaral. Maraming bagay kaming natutunan sa araw na iyon sapagkat iyon ay konektado sa ating pagkatao. Ang programang ito ay tungkol sa mga katutubong nakatira sa mga kagubatan o maging sa kabundukan na kapiling ang mga armadong sundalo. May dalawang katutubo kaming nakasalamuha sa araw din iyon, sila ay nagbahagi ng kani-kanilang karanasan sa bundok. Una na ng nagbahagi ng kaniyang karanasan ang mula sa Rizal, siya ay katutubong Dumagat. Maraming bagay siyang ibinahagi sa amin. Ang pag-sasalaysay niya tungkol sa mga kabataang pumapasok sa eskuwelahan subalit may nasabi siya na sa pag-pasok ng mga kabataan doon ay ilang milya pa at ilang ilog ang tatawirin bago makarating sa eskuwelahan.Ngunit ng dahil sa dalawang kampo ng mga armadong sundalo ang mga kabataaan sa lugar nila ay hindi makapasok, bagkus natatakot silang makasalamuha ang mga armadong sundalo at kahit ang mga guro na nais magturo sa kabundukan ay hindi makapunta sapagkat24
  • 37. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peacenatatakot rin sila sa mga armadong sundalo.Kaya ang mga mag-aaral sa elementarya at hayskul ay hindinakapagtapos ng pag-aaral. Kaunti lamang sa kanila ang nakatungtongng entablado.Pangalawang nag-bahagi sa amin ng kanilang karanasan ay angkatutubong Ayta. Ibinahagi niya na sa tuwing daraan ang mga armadongsundalo sa kanilang lugar ito ay nagtatanong kung may mga armadonggrupo na humihinto sa kanilang lugar at nanggagalugad ang mga ito saloob ng bahay ng katutubo.Nabanggit niya na kapag nakakita ang mga armadong sundalo nasobra ang gamit ninyo sa loob ng bahay ang ibig sabihin ay may ibapang mga grupo na humihinto sa inyong lugar at ito ay pinaghahainninyo ng pagkain at dahil sa ginawa ninyong iyon, ang inyong amaay mapaparusahan ng kamatayan. Dahil sa bagay na iyon ay maymawawala na mahal ninyo sa buhay. C7 Paper Plate Meal by Jupiter Polistico, Youth Solidarity for Peace-Peace Advocates Zamboanga 25
  • 38. ANAGNORISIS Maging ang problema sa ang mga kagamitang pang-klinika nila para gamutin ang mga may karamdaman ay hindi na nila masolusyunan sapagkat ang kanilang klinika ay halos walang kagamitan at kahit duktor man lang dahil sa takot tumahak para magbigay ng mga gamot para sa mga may karamdaman. At dahil sa takot tumahak ng ilang duktor, maraming katutubo ang mga namamatay sa sakit at karamihan ay namamatay rin sa gutom sapagkat sila ay wala ng makain. Ang mga karanasan na ito ay tulad rin sa mga katutubong Dumagat. Sila ay muling nagbahagi tungkol sa nararanasan nilang hirap sa piling ng mga armadong sundalo. Naikuwento niya na ang mga dalagitang katutubo sa kanilang lugar ay nililigawan ng mga armadong sundalo para maging malapit at makakuha ng mga kabataan na nais nilang maturuan kung paano humawak ng mga armas. Kapag ang mga ito ay natuto ay isasama nila sa pakikipaglaban at inuutus-utusan sa kanilang kampo, samakatwid ito ay ginagawa nilang alipin sa kanilang lugar. Tugkol naman sa pag-aaral ng mga kabataang katutubong Ayta, ilang ilog rin ang kanilang nilalakbay patungo sa eskuwelahan at natatakot silang makasalamuha ng mga armadong sundalo at kahit guro man ay takot din. Kaya ang mga guro’t kabataan ay minsan sa isang linggo lamang kung pumasok at minsan rin ay hindi na pumapasok. Kaya ang mga kabataang katutubo ay hindi rin nakakapagtapos ng pag-aaral. Naglakas ako ng loob na tanungin ang dalawang katutubong nakasalamuha namin noong araw na iyon. “Ano po ba yung naging kalagayan ng mga katutubong kabataan sa inyong lugar, habang kayo po ngayon ay nakakaranas ng kawalan ng kuryente sa inyong tahanan? Papaano po sila nakakapag-aral ng mabuti?” Ang tanging isinagot lamang nila ay, “Pagdating po sa aming tahanan na walang liwanag ay hindi po talaga kami nabibigyan ng solusyon, sapagkat ang amin lugar ay nasa kabundukan at hirap pong magkaroon ng kuryente sa amin dahil na rin wala kaming kuwartang pambayad sa gobyerno, kaya ang pangunahing ginagamit lang po naming ay gasera. Ito rin po ang tanging ginagamit ng mga katutubong kabataan sa pag-aaral tuwing gabi.” Habang ikinukwento nila ang mga nararanasan nila araw-araw, pumasok agad sa aking isipan ang mga sundalong nakakasalamuha nila, at kung dumating man ang mga araw na nag-lalaban ang dalawang armadong26
  • 39. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peacegrupo, marahil maraming sibilyan ang mga nadadamay at makikita mona ang mga katutubo ay naliligo sa dugo dahil sa pagitan ng dalawangsundalo.Naisip ko rin kung ano ang magiging kinabukasan ng mga naninirahansa lugar nila lalo na sa mga kabataang nais makamit ang kanilang mgapangarap. Dahil sa dalawang magkatunggaling kampo, maging angmga pangarap ng mga katutubong kabataan ay kaagad na lamangnaglalaho.Maraming epekto ang ganitongoperasyon sa mga sibilyangnaninirahan sa kabundukano maging sa kagubatan.Halimbawa, sa mga kabataanat matatanda, kapag sila aynakaranas ng matinding hirap sapiling ng mga armado at nakakitang kapwa nilang sibilyan napinipatay, ito ay nagdudulot ngmatinding takot at ang sobrangtakot ay nagdudulot ng troma,at higit sa lahat, namamatay angilan sa ating katutubo dahil sakagutuman.Marahil tama ang sabi ng iba, nakung bakit noong unang panahonang paglalaban ng dalawangkampo ay malayung-malayosa atin, kumpara sa ngayonna maraming mga sibilyanang namamatay, sapagkatmalapit sa mga komunidad ang by Marjorie G. Sazonmga engkwentro. Sa paglipasng panahon, padagdag ngpadagdag ang mga bilang ng mga namamatay na katutubo sapaglalaban ng dalawang kampo lalong dahil na rin sa makabagongteknolohiyang nalilikha ng tao.Gayunpaman kahit naiiipit sa pagitan ng armadong tunggalian, maramipa ring mga katutubo ang nag-pasya na hindi lilisanin ang kanilang 27
  • 40. ANAGNORISIS tirahan sapagkat naniniwala sila na ang ito ay pamana ng kanilang mga ninuno sa kanila, at kahit anung mangyari sa lugar na iyon ay mabubuhay sila ng matagal at mamumuhay ng tahimik kahit na sa katunayan ay mapanganib na. Siguro nagtataka tayo kung bakit ang pag-iisip ng mga katutubo ay ibang iba sa ating mga taga-siyudad. Dahil sa kanilang pagbabahagi sa amin, nabigyan kami ng linaw sa aming pag-iisip na hindi pala biro ang mamuhay sa kabundukan o maging sa kagubatan. Ang kanilang ibinahagi ay mas nakahimok sa aking sarili. At sinabi ko sa aking sarili na, “Sa takdang panahon ang aking mga kamay ay inaalay ko sa mga mahihirap lalo na sa mga taong mas higit ang pangagailangan sa buhay, lalo na sa mga kabataan na nais makapagtapos ng pag-aaral at makamit ang kanilang mga minimithi.” LANGIT, LUPA, IMPYERNO Ian Villanueva sa mundong makamundong makamandag ang panahon sa mundong dumadagundong ang madugong paghamon sa lakas ng pagtaas nakakalas at nakakalason sa lakas ng pagbaklas bumakas ang buong maghapon malamang sa malamang sa ordinaryong nilalang malupit na hagupit ang sa kanya’y nag-aabang paghangang hanggang hangin inabot ng hunghang at sa pagliban sa paglilibang, sya ay tila nahihibang nag-aabang sa labanang walang katapusan umaasa sa pagpasa at pagpasasa sa karapatan tuwing tumatama tamatawa ang katapangan di maaliw nababaliw sa saliw ng digmaan tagung-tagong tagumpay, tinatyagang makamit nagkataong taun-taon may taong nagpipilit sumasablay, sumasabay, minsa’y nagtatagumpay sumasakay, sumasablay sumasa kabilang-buhay28
  • 41. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceENIGMATICDebbie Diane GoAppreciation of present day youth’s notion of peace requires deeperexplorations of realities and meanings far more broad and vague. Theserealities and meanings provide logic to what may be a contemporaryidiosyncratic ‘youthful’ definition of what peace is. Understandably, thisrequisite is never less compelling as memory served that the conventionalnotion of physical threat and insecurity as unpeace was significantly shapedor dictated by the context of the time when such notion took root. It ishowever unsafe to assume at this point that the youth of today are seriouslycontemplating such meanings which by their popular connotations may betagged overrated or grey. Or, on the other hand hold such mundane andantagonistic view that they are generally indifferent. Misunderstood asoften claimed, the youth of today in contrast actually imposes the burdento inevitable judges surmising their true nature as members of a widerrelationship of responsible and irresponsible individuals.More evident than a shared conscious understanding of such concept aspeace, among others, is the youth’s struggle for a personalized collectivelanguage and perspective. This means not only the ingenious creationof a new exciting style but also of a lens that looks into causes andrepercussions in a different manner contrasting the former submissive andminiscule behavior or accepting conventional truths. At this junction, peacefor the youth means the literal meaning of Jose Rizal’s first novel – touchme not. Space, freedom and an environment to be bold or be himself.Fortunately or unfortunately, satisfying his desire for autonomy are thegifts of the 21st Century. Speedy technological developments, especiallyin telecommunications affords him expression, awareness, connectivityand sensitivity – ideal end products – satisfactorily hosting his drive forindependence and personality with sufficient if not overdosed amountof entertainment. His peace therefore in the dermis level is lodged inthe forms of the newest hit song, the latest fashion trends, the widelycirculated text quote, the most recent gossip and the hottest posts orblogs of the clique juxtaposed with a belief of his significant participationand involvement in these contexts. Summarized, it is being let and leftalone. Alone to define his own set of standards and alone as free fromconventional and imposed notions.This type of what is conventionally termed as “rebellion” can be surmisedin polar terms. Negative understanding of this new way of thinking andbehavior exemplified by the youth highlights arguments that include 29
  • 42. ANAGNORISIS apathy to present or current realities, capricious indulging into frivolities, and the lack of concern for the future, among others. The image of an easy-go-lucky, too happy, and indifferent individual is tendered upon the youth in general as a result of his subscription to the Internet, Unlimited Texting and Online Gaming and the Cable TV, stylish appearance and unending parties. Such raucous profiling is a result of a comparative point of view implicating the comfort of today’s youth versus the troubadour past of the older generations. The comfort brought about by today’s technology and enjoyed fully by today’s youth serves as a central issue of comparison that puts the youth in a less favorable position. As a result, descriptions include “lazy,”” couched potato babies” and “irresponsible members of the society.” These analysis and generalizations are of course never without basis. In the light of the preceding generation’s benchmarks and experiences, some, if not all of aforementioned descriptions may be true but, with certainty, such melancholic understanding of the youth is misinformed and less holistic if examined by the modern eye. At best, such judgments remain Nature’s Skin A Healthy Outlook for a Brighter World as analyses of what is superficialby Dick Jay Bustamante,Youth Solidarity for Peace-Peace Advocates Zamboanga and therefore insufficient. On a more positive note and constituting the other end of the spectrum, there are various potentials and indeed strengths that the present youth exemplifies. Personality descriptions of the present youth for one, classified collectively as Generation Y, indicate that he is sophisticated and able to handle dual or multi-tasks. Relatively gregarious, he maintains a healthy level of confidence and easily submits not to established but less understood notions and roles conferred upon by the society. Can be considered as a counter movement to the previously reputable Top-30
  • 43. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceDown conditioning and perspective, the youth of today builds his ownfactory of meanings and logic that his environment is actually, slowlybut surely appreciating. Chic to say, today’s societal configuration canbe characterized by a dramatic shift on the source of authority in termsof information and knowledge favoring the active youth. Because ofthe apparent discontent and uncomfortable submission to imposed andmisunderstood roles old, the youth of today is intuitively constructing hisown context where he plays roles which are still patterned to some sortof past but are better understood and appreciated. A context wherethe definitions of what is important or not, respectful or ostentatious,right or wrong are understood, collectively shared and freely accepted.Orthodox or more fashionably decried as “old fashioned” notions andtruths are now slowly sidelined giving way to “modern” perspectives.Such shift relinquishes power from the then monarchical authority withonly the old are the knowledgeable, the classic as great, and the youngas merely followers into a more democratic and interactive relation. Inthis new setting, determining meanings and polarities of a certain realitycan be done, and appropriately, through a dialogue of the new and oldgenerations.In lieu of the illustrated conventional analysis, the next level of peace inpresent youth’s perspective becomes evident – peace is the recognitionof a double-standard judgmental external society coupled by a level ofconfidence on the saliency of his beliefs and sangfroid. Such recognitiondoes not require proof or justification before a given judge. Although therelationship of the two differentiated beliefs can only be described ascontrasting or perhaps competing, the present youth strives not to pleasehis critical audience – at least not consciously. More appropriately,his movements are caused by an internal need for acceptance andbelongingness to a clique that shares the same ideals as he does. Whilethe present youth recognizes that he is being watched or criticized, hisrecognition is twinned by sense of pride. The confidence that rendersexternal judgments as inappropriate and inapplicable thereby displacedand the same confidence that drives him into tendencies that later on maybe beneficial not only to him, his collective, but to society as a whole. Theblossoming of individualism in present day youth has now slowly beenrecognized and its effects indeed felt. Unparalleled communicationsand interactions afford him a rainbow of exemplary ways of living,pornography, violence, environmental protection programs, socio-civicnews and realities, anime, among many others. With such exposure, withnegative and positive persuasions of equal opportunities to permeate, heis left alone to decide. Whether he line up to the good or dark side of 31
  • 44. ANAGNORISIS the force now is irrelevant. A tangent emphasis is the present condition of the availability of choices which, fortunately as can be observed, are resulting to more positive manifestations. He now lives in a less confined and strictly determined path and such new configuration, accepted by society, serves as his reason to be proud. Proud to be well – well-rounded, well-informed, well-connected and well- adjusted. This confidence and pride renders today’s youth peaceful and satisfied of his state. The finality of this analysis of the youth’s perspective of peace could not and should not end as a form of an isolated justification. More appropriately and indeed existent, is a new perspective that has various links into the wider relationships of responsible and irresponsible individuals. This perspective may carry the essence of and synthesized meanings of the two other collage of ideas and illustrations formerly given. The youth’s peace in finality is his belief that he is, indeed the hope of the motherland. Cliché as it may appear but digging deeper would unearth a grotesque picture of this belief. Such belief however is not directly expressed or even consciously perceived. More appropriately, this belief is a result of a myriad of unsatisfactory and undesirable actuations of the old. The country’s consistent top rank in corruption, inefficiency and scandals serve context for the increasing discontent of the youth to actions comfortably understood to be responsibilities of the old. A looming distinction if not outright categorization is becoming very much apparent with the youth referring to the first or second generation predecessors in a less positive light. This view is indicative of a dual perspective. The first one assumes not rancor but a realization that the previous generations’ general performance as leaders of a wider web of responsible and irresponsible individuals have come short of being satisfactory. Previous practices, and unfortunately included as reasons are the rationale and values that stirred these practices are presently seen with disdain. The youth’s recognized strengths and his generation’s ever vibrant connections compose the potential counter-measures to the previous insufficiencies he has observed. And because of this reinforcing fact, he now assumes a more responsible role as agent of change, transmitter of valuable information and a source of a new and maybe more efficient perspective. Interestingly enough, what is comfortably dubbed as venues for virtual social interactions and ostentations are now increasingly filled with opinions and concerns regarding national even global issues. Such venue is now stupendously filled with dialogues that are intelligible, responsible and enlightening signaling a proactive youth. His heightened interest in technology and modern interaction is practically coupled by a32
  • 45. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peacebroad concern of the more serious society where his interests are hosted.These aspirations are all embedded in the youth’s actions even if he maynot consider them in the same strict and magnanimous manner as previousgenerations would do. He now has no need for justification or pretensionsbecause he is at peace with himself. And his internal peace will surelyradiate in a scope soon to be described as unprecedented. His peace ishimself.THE YOUNG DRIVE FORTHE PEACENoelle Marie R. SalvanThere once was a king whooffered a prize to the artist whowould paint the best picture ofpeace. The first picture was a calmlake that was a perfect mirrorof peaceful towering mountainsall around it with the blue skysurrounded by fluffy white clouds.On the other hand, the secondwas a picture of a scenery withrugged and bare mountains, a Vendor - Devotee - Hands of Peace by Kara Santosgurgling waterfall and a pleasantrain with streaks of lightning. Andbehind the waterfall, the king saw a mother bird in her nest built in thebush in perfect peace. Which do you think won the prize? The king chosethe second picture. “Because”, explained the king, “peace does not meanto be in a place when there is no noise, trouble, or hard work, but, peacemeans to be in the midst of all those things and still be calm in yourheart.”This very short story, which I heard a couple of times before, leads us tothe true meaning of peace. Truly, peace is not just the absence of war northe absence of wickedness, instead, peace is the inner power that helpskeep your morality despite living in this world full of temptations. Peacelies within oneself. It is a state of mind in which benevolence dwells thatkeeps one’s connection with the people and the environment delightful.The external peace that we feel is the outcome of the peace inside usthat we share with people we interact with. This can be tested whenwe extend love and care that we offer to the poor who need food and 33
  • 46. ANAGNORISIS shelter because of the inexorable poverty that they are dealing with. Through this we build peace within in contrast with the conflict that our external world experiences. Offering justice, truth, compassion, and amity are some ways in which we can remain peaceful in spite of the troubles and conflicts that we face. I believe that though peace is elusive but it’s never a wild-goose chase. One can achieve peace in one’s environment as long as one is at peace with oneself. Peace is something everyone wants but a few exactly know the means to achieve it. Our value system is crashing before our very eyes. The police brutalities, massacres in different places of the country particularly in Mindanao, unjust murder cases, stealing, oppressions, corruptions in many ways, terrorism in Mindanao, and the recent hostage-taking in Quirino Grandstand-all this is just a bird’s eye view of all the injustice and chaos in the world. Peace is sidelined. We are looking for peace today in every place but not in the right place. This happens because the principle of peace is still vague for some. Again, peace is not the absence of war. If the Philippines is not involved in war now, can we say that there is peace? Peace is in doldrums of the country right now. Extreme poverty is one cause of this. The big gap that exists between the rich and the poor is one such reason for discord and sa mata ng bata, ang sigaw ng kapayapaan disharmony because peace cannot by Jupiter Polistico Youth Solidarity for Peace-Peace Advocates Zamboanga be established in a society where class distinctions exist. How can we say that there is peace if there is social injustice? Justice cannot coexist with greed and selfishness. Crimes result because of too much poverty. Poverty is often a factor of the conflicts that are happening like abortion,34
  • 47. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peacerobbery, manslaughter, and kidnapping. But if one thinks deeply onewill realize that conflicts add to complexity in situations. The troubles inMindanao have damaged the lives and livelihood of the population,generating an acute food and livelihood crisis. Our country today ischaracterized by high levels of hunger, malnutrition, ailments, and crimesdue to indigence. But poverty is just one factor. Peace is however not themonopoly of the affluent. One may have a great job, an excellent salary,a palatial house, a wonderful family, or even a good health, and yet onemay not be peaceful. This can be attributed to the lack of faith in one’sinner goodness which is Godliness.Today in this fast developing world, if a person does not have his ownpeace of mind, how is he supposed to contribute to the peace that thewhole populace dreams of? Therefore it is necessary to first securepeace inside yourself before you share it to the population. But be awarethat the time is running out and every second is important to salvage themoments of today and tomorrow. As a youth, writing this essay about thetrue essence of peace is one of the simple but powerful things that I cando to help not just the citizens of my country but of the whole world inachieving peace. I believe that the youth of today are not just the futureof their homeland but already the present heroes of their countries. We,the young Filipino people, are in a great position to make the dreamsof peace come to reality. The number of Filipino youths today shows aformidable group of people more than enough to take the country beyondthe realms of dreams into a place of peace. It is a great challenge forthe young people of today because they are our hope right now. Youngpeople have an enormous stake in changing the crooked trends in thepast and present generations in order to be able to have a better future.First, we should familiarize ourselves with the core of peace. And second,by committing ourselves to the education of our totality as individuals –spiritual, moral, emotional, and physical. We should undergo throughthe development of the highest moral and spiritual values taught in ourreligion like the qualities of love, understanding, respect, non-aggression,non-interference, equality, compassion, justice, honesty, trustworthiness,and courtesy. Remember that these qualities that are essential in moldingour character and must be internalized and expressed because peacestarts within you. We should also be properly educated to developour talents, abilities, and potentials in such a way that we, as youngpeople, are equipped to contribute to the development of our nationand of the world. Also, educated people make fewer conflicts and caneasily understand situations while an empty mind is a room for bad andnegative thoughts. 35
  • 48. ANAGNORISIS It is really a call for us to attain peace in the midst of the problems that we are suffering because we can see our hope in peace. Describe our country living in peace and without peace. Can you see how beautiful our country would be if there is serenity? Several songs that express their desire for peace like “Imagine” by John Lennon, “A Thousand Years of Peace” by AlchemyVII, and “Let There Be Peace On Earth” are not enough in order to attain peace, although they help us motivate. Unless we do not know what peace truly means, we still cannot attain it. Peace starts with you but the only place you will ever find peace is God. We may not live in a perfect world but we can achieve perfect peace if we only find the One whom we are looking for, who is God. But still, we cannot get the peace that we want if we do not act today, particularly the hope of the nation. Youth need to engage themselves in different opportunities in decision-making processes, not only because they will be leaders, facilitators, and stakeholders of our future, but because they can also play a central role in shaping our present. We should not wait for another major mistake to happen in our country. Mahatma Gandhi, a peacemaker hero, once said, “We must become the change we want to see. Be the change you want to see in the world.” YOU WANT A PEACE OF ME? Paul Chester G. Alcantara Every day, every person has to go to war and deal with a place so disorderly, noisy, and chaotic. It is the place where everyone hardly gets some peace, where silence is not a choice, where the out-of-control is the norm, where all the bad things in the world usually commence. Every person has to deal with the most terrifying battlefield of all…the mind. The mind is not simply the place for thoughts, knowledge and memories. It is the broad entity where the fine line between right and wrong lies, where the biggest decisions in the world are made. It is indeed a battlefield between man and himself. As long as one uses his mind, he dwells with different kinds of hardships that cannot be easily resolved through either words or actions. The mind really is complicated. A complicated mind does not even require to have extremely complicated knowledge. A complicated mind usually encounters difficult decision- making situations. One doesn’t have to be an adult to experience these. I am just a normal teenager, and I can say that I do encounter complications36
  • 49. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peacein my ways of thinking everysingle day.It doesn’t even have to besomething huge or life-changing.As long as one gets stuck betweena rock and a hard place, it’s reallyhard to escape from the burdenthat the mind has brought. This isalso why the world could be fullof burden.What problems could bring mesuch distress in mind? These wouldinclude social status, esteem issues,high school education, moralityetc. A war would just break outinside the brain once I encounterconflicts. The brain would tell mea lot of things, but it would sayanother in contrast of the firststatement. It is also possible tocontinuously think about other’sthoughts or what happenedearlier that day. This is where wesuddenly stimulate emotions suchas sadness, anger, hopelessness,indifference, joy and excitement.It causes confusion and yet it onlywants one thing: to get throughthis challenge.It is true that the brain is noappliance that you could get it tostop functioning. The mind thinkswhat it wants to think of. Thatis another reason why it couldget so messy. The uncertainty ofthoughts would get into our nervesand would cause us more troublein our actions.. Meaning, the war Bakwit Evacuees in Pikit, Cotabato by Kara Santosinside our head would cause an 37
  • 50. ANAGNORISIS even bigger war outside of our brain. If a person would aim for world peace, he/she must attain a peace of mind first. But what is peace of mind? Can this be attained when the brain is not being used anymore? That would be ridiculous, especially for a teenager. I do believe that adolescence could bring about the least peaceful state of the mind. It’s like everyone in high school is obsessed about something. I experience it myself. It feels like you always have to create a diversion in your mind, something that could divert your attention from high school itself.. There are just a really few people who would actually focus on their studies. Our generation is so obsessed with labels, social interaction, technology and the occasional romantic involvement. This is why a teenager is never at peace. Do we even have time for homeworks? With all these things, thinking can only stop momentarily during sleep. There’s this silly perspective that I have in high school: everyone’s a bit of a drama queen. But once I experience this mess of thoughts inside my head, I could easily understand why everyone is like that and I, myself, could be the same at times. I could say that this lack of peace of mind is what causes so much trouble in high school. Anyone could easily get into anybody’s nerves. After this, teenagers don’t even want to spend some time for more thinking; we just act on it. We’re neither insensitive nor brainless…we’re just too tired of sitting around and thinking about it. So, is a peace of mind really out of the question for us teenagers? I hope not, for the discovery of peace is not always based on how much you do, but on how you would do. Teenagers have to think straightforward. Set a goal. Achieve something. That is one way to obtain peace of mind, not just for teenagers. The attainment of peace of mind is like overcoming grief…it all comes down to acceptance. Even though there would be a change of pace in the brain, it’s not the same as changing one’s mind. It’s not as easy because emotions start to get attached. I don’t believe that there’s such thing as ‘a thinking heart’, but there is such thing as ‘a feeling mind’. The heart and mind are not two separated entities wherein the mind does a different activity than the heart. I believe that it’s all in the mind, including emotions.38
  • 51. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeacePeace of mind is all about acceptance, for one can only have his/herpeace about something once it has sunk into the very core of the brain,once it’s become a part of his/her full knowledge. Once it settles there,emotions will follow. For one to reach the actual anagnorisis on peace,he/she has to sit down and think about it completely. I do believe thatmost troubles come from the lack of knowledge and wisdom, and that’sbecause actions come out better with the absolute conception from themind. It’s really not that hard.The large-scale peace is only possible if every individual in this worldwould be allowed to have their own peace…peace about themselves,peace about what they have, peace about the limitations of each person,peace about his/her imperfections, peace about the things in this worldthat can never be changed, peace about this world. That’s all it takesfor a person to go out in the world and stay out of trouble and be aneternal instrument of peace. So…I need a peace of you; the world needsa peace of you.SHAPING THE CITY OF MY DREAMAldrin B. Abdurahim“Living in a world merged with paradise and hell, one must dream ahorizon set greater than life. Life itself is complex and simple on the otherhand”It is with these exhortation that people from all walks of life regardlessof status realms-classes amidst level, differences amidst commonalities,cultures amidst powers and stability, races amidst beliefs. Peace amidstLife itself. In daily endeavors as people coming from diverse sectorsprocess daily transactions of living the world confined with, everyone areentitled to manage all affairs intended and planned to undergo.I am just an ordinary man with a very simple life. I am happy dealingwith different people, to know one’s culture, exchange ideas from themand learn to live the way they live. All boils down in giving me the energyto be happy all the days am worthy of living. Having with me my familyand friends, I always exert and gave the best efforts of service andlove with dignified passion of volunteerism and care for other people. Iam living in a world full of fantasy dipped with convergence of reality.We may be poor but thinking about it brings me the idea of being richat the same time. People equate things in different perspectives. Life 39
  • 52. ANAGNORISIS consists of trail of pictures in a movie of reality. Yes, it is so hard to deal with the status quo of life. Think about it. Simplicity versus complexity! It is too hard to handle and its reciprocity determines how a person deals with it through simple and complex at the same time? How can I shape the city of my dream, my life? A leader in me was emerged in its full blossom to really inspire young people to be motivated to pursue one’s actualization of dreams and putting it into reality. Dreams are not just hoping it to happen but more of mobilizing it to its full realization and existence powered through the foundations of love, respect and the positive energies of conflict and sacrifices. I am an individual energized with lots of inspirations through stories of experiences from children and young people as well as guidance and supervision from friends and individuals maneuvering lightness amidst darkness. These had been the focal point of my existence which leads me to really inspire others as well. Through the years, I had been journeying lots of ups and downs of life. Life had been struggling from the very start but I never hindered myself not to cherish every single step of my way in venturing new horizons of life. I may be strong but deep inside I am weak. I may be powered with lots of intelligence to interact and40 Sa dilim o sa liwanagby Jupiter Polistico, Youth Solidarity for Peace-Peace Advocates Zamboanga
  • 53. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peacecommunicate people but deep inside I am not that intact if not becauseof my family and people around me. I failed bundle of times howeverit always trigger me to continue and fulfill the missions set onwards thefuture. Eventually, bring about greater glory to my persona.The animo of magis and cura personalis that Ateneo de ZamboangaUniversity instilled in the very mind and heart of mine integrated with thevalues of Simplicity of Lifestyle, Active Non-Violence, Interreligious andIntercultural Dialogue, Faith that does Justice and Authentic Humanismfounded through the years as Social Awareness and Community ServiceInvolvement Volunteer provided me the avenue to explore and inspireother youth of Zamboanga City. With that, naming me as Young PeaceWeaver for 2007 challenged me to respond the realms of daily livingfaced with adversaries, sacrifices, conflicts, struggles as well as positiveenergies that could bring about peace in our lives.The foundation of love, peace and respect served as my focal values asI go through my journey wherever and whenever God planned me toadventure in. Enjoying every experience that comes, trying some luck toopportunities, responding to some call of inspiring people which cateredmy intention of helping others, provide my family with little yet sufficientsupport, giving the best to the ability that I have, believing in the dreamsof mine and loving people whose love also enlightens my heart are someof my realizations and principles until now had made me a strong andcommitted advocate of peace.I am a determined leader full of goals, ambitions and hopes for youngpeople. I believe that strengthening young people with the Culture ofPeace in one’s mind and heart will lead people and structure to a societyof love and peace. It is said that being an effective leader, followers andmembers sees in him/her the beauty of helping, influencing and inspiringthem the true essence of leadership and peace. Young people havejourneyed me through the Interreligious Solidarity Movement for Peaceand Youth Solidarity for Peace of Peace Advocates Zamboanga.As a leader, I have the heart, brain and hands for young people andnever hesitated to help and consider everyone equal. Determined andfocused that have showed unique type of leadership manifested inhandling peace advocacy programs for the youth in different Cultureof Peace, Peace Camps, Solidarity Activities of diverse faith, mobilizingyoung people in the world of the Mindanao Week of Peace, which is avery hard responsibility, provided me the inspiration of moving forward 41
  • 54. ANAGNORISIS and keep me to go on swimming the daily waves of life. The beauty of interacting various individuals of unique cultural affiliations and interests trades me to really understand what life had meant to me from the very start. Why do people live life in strongholds that control them in the long-run? Why not live peacefully? There are lot’s of why’s and how’s to questions of mysteries and controversies that still inspire me to respond to more missions of life. Eventually, I believe that these questions will answer the very nature of Peace by Lance Kirby T. Yaneza, FEATI University and Dialogue of the world. I am a person of thought and action. With these, I can help others through thoughts and actions as well in responding life as life, peace as peace and love as love for all. I live as an effective leader who smile in times of troubles, gather strength from stress and grow brave through reflections and prayers. UNTITLED From an anonymous student of St. Scholastica Someone once told me that the best way to see the current state of the country is to take public transportation and just go somewhere. Last week, I rode a jeepney to the post office because I had to pick up a package. In that short ride, what I saw floored me more than any school exposure trip I’ve ever taken. I saw old men and women begging for spare change under the blistering heat of the sun, looking like they haven’t had a decent meal in days. I saw more kids than I could count, roaming the sidewalks, horsing around, while some were begging from random strangers with a hardened look on their faces. It was that face that broke me, knowing that these kids deserve a good childhood, much like what I had, but they can’t have it because they have42
  • 55. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peaceto face the hard life early on. The same goes for those old men andwomen, so frail-looking, who can do nothing more to survive. How manytimes did I brush them off? How many times did I take them for granted?It’s quite hard to talk about peace when you don’t feel it and you barelysee it. There is this picture going around on a popular blogging site. It isof a young girl, probably no more than nine years old, giving the dirtyfinger and a haughty look to an old beggar lady wearing indigenousclothes. The picture, needless to say, shocked many Filipinos who viewedit. Sadly, it reflects the mindset of people today, and the attitude beinginculcated in the younger generations.Sometimes, when you stop in the middle of the street and see all thesethings as the world continues to whizz past by you without even sparing aglance, you realize that maybe, people care less and less.I don’t find peace in the fact that we’re becoming more and more selfisheveryday that we forget to respect the people around us. It’s dishearteningto know that in a world that continues to get smaller each day, we still putup walls. It would have been nice if maybe that girl just gave a smile tothe beggar instead of humiliating her. At the very least, she would haverespected her existence.Respect is the most fundamental value we learn when we enter school.We learn to respect our parents, teachers, classmates, even the beliefs ofour religion. We can’t get rid of things like race, religion, class or gender,so the least we can do is to learn how to value the differences we have. Ienvision a world where these things don’t matter, where we try and helpsolve other people’s problems and give them a hand just because theyexist in this one world with us, and there is no other.Shortly after I saw that picture, I came across an old article about a Prepstudent from my school who asked her mom to cancel her birthday partyand instead use the money to help the Ondoy typhoon victims. The amountshe donated was used to buy relief goods.I don’t know if she sees the things I see whenever I look out of the windowof a jeepney. Maybe not. However, this girl makes me realize thatgoodness can still exist in the world. We can still care for each other. Wecan still try to find peace.Because of her, I am hopeful. 43
  • 56. ANAGNORISIS A CHILD Kat Carranza A gift of God to a family A huge responsibility An innocent mind About to grow in a confusing world Abused in many aspects of life Misled by some Lives with no moral What an unpleasant image Smiling faces, energetic kids Respected despite of their age Living a normal life Don’t you think that’s a lot better?! DISILLUSIONED Jobelle Marie A. Jocson Time has elapsed- a decade and a half My existence has been The brown soil, now tainted with red Death broke my silence. Strife pursued where your distance persisted Shattered bonds were the towering blows Innocent lives lost, bitter hearts twisted Like shots, these anguished cries killed souls Consequences I can endure no more! I need to unearth you, at once! Where do I start to seek and explore When conflicts in the past confine me? Helpless, I try to escape from bodies victims of dispute Just as I thought of yielding Amidst hostility …peace lingers.44
  • 57. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeacePAG-ASALeLouch/BaralMaliliit na kamay aking nakikitaNakataas sa ere at ubod ng sayaMga batang naipit sa karahasan ng kahaponPanganib at takot ang dating nandoonDilim ng kahapon bakas pa sa kanilang mukhaMurang edad pa lamang naranasan naAng iba’t ibang karanasanMasama’t mabuti siya’y pinapaligiranBE AN INSTRUMENTLamie BagutsayLook all around youObserve the things that people doAre they respecting the human rights?Or the laws are just for sight?Women are discriminated, children are abusedAnd many people are innocently usedThe powerful men take the ancestral landsThe armed men badly use forces of their bandIs this the community we want?Is this the country we prayed to God?Do we still have the chance?If you believe we still have,Then be an instrument of change…Let the change begin in youHAMON SA KAPWA KO KABATAANLeandro PerezBomba ang almusalAng tanghalian ay balaBaril ang miryendaHapunan ay Granada 45
  • 58. ANAGNORISIS Mga linguaheng dumadaan sa aking kaisipan Habang iniisip kung mayroon bang tunay na kapayapaan Paglalapastangan sa karapatan palagi kong napapansin Habang patuloy na nagiisp kung may maidudulot ba ito sa akin Ano ba ang hamon sa akin bilang isang kabataan Eto ba ay pagsasawalang kibo sa mga nangyayari sa lipunan Ano nga ba ang aking magagawa bilang isang kabataan Isang mas malalim na pagtingin tungkol sa usapang pangkapayapaan Partisipasyon, adbokasiya Pagkalinga at pakikialam Ang mga bagong salita na aking isinisigaw Para sa karapatang pantao tungo sa kalinaw CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE Anonymous It is Hard, powerful and popular But still, it Empowers, enlightens, strengthens And influences People around the world It is Not for cowards and it is as powerful as a gun that would take down The adversary without taking their life YOUTH Anonymous Brilliant, excellent with pride Brave, vigilant Independent and wise Able to grant initiatives and sacrifie To freely fly like a bird in the sky46
  • 59. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceKAPAYAPAAN, PARA KANINO NGA BA NAKALAAN?Stephanie CastilloSa mga taon na puno ng digmaan at kawalan,mga away at labanang walang katapusan,kapayapaan, saan nga ba matatagpuan?Sa munting katahimikan at pagsasamahan,sa pagkakapit-bisig at pagtutulungan,kapayapaan, ika’y aming munting inaasam.Mga araw, linggo’t taon na ang nagdaan,kapayapaan ay salitang pinaguuspan lamang,Kapayapaan, ang pagdating mo’y aming inaantabayanan:KAPAYAPAAN KAMI ANG KABATAAN! 47
  • 61. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peace Paniniwala at Pangarap DREAMReaching the Sky through Unityby Dick Jay Bustamante, 49Youth Solidarity for Peace-Peace Advocates Zamboanga
  • 63. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeacePaniniwala at PangarapDREAMT he young generation weaves through its milieu grappling with uncertainties, and struggles with reconciling the unpeaceful reality and their peaceful aspirations. This section opens up with theyouth’s pathos even in their collective dreaming and visioning of peace.This is reflected in Wala nga Bang Kapayapaan, which grayly ends withpessimism. Similarly, A Different Face of Peace impressess that peace isan insurmountable task. Hostage is a surreal attempt to pull out lessonsfrom reality but fails to transcend religious stereotypes in doing so, whileGunshot reverses its point of view by depicting war as a dream andpeace as a reality.In the process of making sense of what peace is, dreams, aspirations andvisions serve as an anchor to the “what is” and the “what ought to be”. Thisanchor also holds together the different sections of the Filipino youth: onone hand, those that are depicted as apathetic, marred with hopelessnessand uninitiated with activism and social transformation; and on the other,the advocates, the peace conspirators, the activist believers.There is No War in Ba Sing Se, Kabataan¸Gumising Ka, and Pandamasa Mindanao present a searing commentary on the apathy beyond thewalls of the self and the youth’s role in building peace and society’stransformation. These pieces propagate the innate belief that peaceis possible, and congruently, the belief of the advocate youth that theyoung generation is imbued with both the capacity and the responsibilityin working towards changes beyond the self.Indigenous voices, in Tahimik na Komunidad, Pangandoy ko’ng Kalinaw,Kaming mga Tribo, Katutubo, Mangyan sa Mindoro, and An Waraynonna Kabataan, also recognize their sense of mission and calls for a moredignified and humane way of life. Too, the gender perspective in Babae,Journey of a Woman and The Declaration Between, believes of socialemancipation through gender empowerment, while Ang Kabundukan, linkspeace with our environment. 51
  • 64. ANAGNORISIS The final pieces of The Essence of Peace, Kapayapaan, Karapatang Pantao and Nagliliyab na Pangarap breaks out into an anthemic display of the youth’s dream, and the immediacy of a just and lasting peace. Finally, Kay Inang Bayan, serves as this anthology’s reprise, going back to the structures of violence and the bleakness of reality but with a renewed and unwavering belief that peace, our collective and epic pursuit, is possible.52
  • 65. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceWALA NA NGA BANG KAPAYAPAANMarielle TrinidadAng aking mga pangarapAng mga munting pag-asaSa ikabubuti ng bayanPara din sa kabataanDi ko lang nga maintindihanKung ganito ba talagaAng buhay...Ang buhay...Dapat bang tayo’y mag-kaisaKung puro away lang nga talagaAno ba ang katotohananSino ang may kasalananDi ko lang nga maintindihanKung ganito ba talagaAng buhay...Ang buhay...Sana naman magkasunduanTayo’y lahat naninirahan at namumuhayDi na natapos ang katwiranPuro na lang katiwalian at kaguluhanWala nga bang kapayapaan...wala nga...Wala nga bang kapayapaan...wala nga...Paano na ang ating kinabukasanLahat naman ay nagsisisihanSino nga ba ang karapat dapatMamahala ng ating bayanDi ko lang nga maintindihanKung ganito ba talagaAng buhay...Ang buhay...Di na ako makapaniwalaSa lahat ng nagkakasalaPwede naman magkasunduanDapat lahat makinig ng tunayDi ko lang nga maintindihanKung ganito ba talaga 53
  • 66. ANAGNORISIS Ang buhay... Ang buhay... Sana naman magkasunduan Tayo’y lahat naninirahan at namumuhay Di na natapos ang katwiran Puro na lang katiwalian at kaguluhan Wala nga bang kapayapaan...wala nga... Wala nga bang kapayapaan...wala nga... KAPAYAPAAN MAKAKAMIT PA BA? Junrey Ferenal Sa bawat pag-inog ng mundo at sa pagkakaiba ng ating salita, kultura at prinsipyo hindi maipagkakailang nagkakabuklod tayo May kapayapaan pa bang makakamit ng mga Pilipino? Halina at mag-isip tayo Bakwit Evacuees in Pikit, Cotabato by Kara Santos54
  • 67. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceMag-usap tayo ng masinsinanKung ang ating layunin ay para sa bayan wag padadala sa makasariling mithiinHindi kaya kailangan nating magmuni-munikung ano ang dahilan ng ating pagkawatak-watakMaliban sa wika, kultura at prinsipyoBaka naman ang direksiyon ng ating mithiin ay wasakO baka namam ang ating minimithing kapayapaan aynakakalito at napakahirap abutin.O kaya nama’y hindi magkakatugmaang ating iniisip at minimithing pangarap.Sigaw ng manggagawa may kapayapaankung maibigay ang aming hinahangad na dagadag sahod.Sigaw ng tsuper may kapayapaan kung pupuksain naang mga buwaya na nangungutong.Hindi pahuhuli ang mga apektado sa kaguluhan sa Mindanao,ang kanilng tanging sigaw, itigil ang digmaan,putukan, pagbobomba at kidnappingSigaw ng iba aprubahan na ang MOAat magkakaroon ng kapayapaan.Sigaw naman ng medya,wag ninyo kaming patayin,ginagawa lang namin ang aming tungkulin.Sigaw ng Simbahan, itigil na ang hindi makataong batasat taliwas sa utos ng Diyos.Sigaw ng mga tao na malapit sa minahan ,itigil na ang pang-aabuso ng ating kabundukan at kagubatan.At sigaw naman ng mga mahihirap tulungan ninyo kami;may kapayapaan kung may pagkain kami sa araw-arawSigaw ng mga sanggol .....uha.....uha.....uha......Mga kapwa Pilipino hindi natin napapansin na ang minimithingkapayapaan ay nakakalito at kumplikadoMayroon lamang kapayapaankung may laman ang bulsa,kapayappan ng ating pusokapayapaan ng sikmura, kapayapaan ng isipan at iba pa 55
  • 68. ANAGNORISIS Bagaman ang kapayapaan ay nagkakaron ng maraming mukha, hindi maiwasan na kahit papaano kung minsan naisip natin na may kapayapaan kung nasususunod ang ating pansariling mithiing kapayapaan. Gumising tayo sa madilim na yungib ng ating pagiging makasarili at sakim Sa ating ginagawa at sinisigaw parang nagkakaroon ng maraming mukha ang minimithing kapayapaan Totoong magkakaiba ang ating salita, kultura at prinsipyo, ang totoo tayo ay iisa Tayo ay pilipino Sana naman maging katulad tayo ng mga sanggol kahit saang sulok ng bansa iisa lamang ang sigaw ang kanilang sinisigaw kung ating napapansin isa itong mapagkumbabang sigaw at hindi makasarili. Sumisigaw lamang sila ng kanilang kailangan at tinatanggap na walang pag-aalinlangan . Marunong makontento at masaya kung ano ang binibigay sa kanila Wala ni anumang sariling hinahangad. Hindi naman masama nag pagsigaw na makamit ang kapayapaan bagkus ito ang pambansang minimithi Sino ba naman ang ayaw ng kapayapaan Lahat tayo dito sa mundo ito yata ang sigaw Ang mahalaga sa minimithing kapayapaan dapat ay hindi makasarili, para sa kapakananan ng lahat at higit sa lahat nakamit ang kapayapaan ng walang inaapakan.Ito ang tunay nakapayapaan Hindi natin kailangan bumalik sa pagiging sanggol upang makamit ang kapayapaan ang mahalaga gamitin ang ating karunungan at kaalaman hindi sa sariling pakinabang kundi para sa pangkalahatang pakinabang. Dahil dito posible pa rin makamit ang kapayapaan kung ang inisip ay para sa kapakanan ng lahat.56
  • 69. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceA DIFFERENT FACE OF PEACEDeanne Bianca RoqueRiddle me this. It is that rare moment of truce when teachers decide to stopsending projectiles of assignments and projects at my direction for once.It is the moment when I put my pen down and pass the answer sheet andquestionnaire of the last exam for the quarter and, the time that follows. Itis the opposite of the chaos caused by an overload of requirements to beaccomplished in the span of just one week. I am a student who experiencesall these, and “it” is peace – my peace, a student’s peace. In a societyI belong to, “it” is the absence of any disturbances caused by noisy ornosy neighbors, random people passing by and with them unnecessarycommotions. As for the world, according to a knowledge I acquired as astudent, the Second World War has ended a long time ago. World WarIII does not seem to be coming any time soon. Is that not peace?Lately, I find myself having little chats with my friends ... this is peaceful,until one takes into account their individual troubles: poor health,unsatisfactory physique, complicated relationships, tarnished reputations,turbulent emotions, jeopardized grades, money going in the red, lost ordamaged possessions, resilient roaches creeping around the house ornightmares that haunt people in their sleep. These keep a person from Babaylan - Hands of Peace by Kara Santos 57
  • 70. ANAGNORISIS Angelic Mabini Peace by Mara Melanie D Perez Ateneo de Manila University being at peace. However, to be honest, the absence of these petty things are not what first comes to mind when I, for one, stumble upon the word “peace”. These are small compared to how I see peace. I think of peace as something grand, bordering on perfection, yet simple. However, when I think of two words – “Philippines” and “peace”- and try to put them next to each other I cannot seem to bring myself to do so. Problems start to manifest. Oppression, corruption, and poverty exist side-by-side with human trafficking, child abuse, murder, and various other forms of inhuman treatment that refuse to recognize the dignity every person. This can hardly be called peace. And, the most recent is the Manila Hostage taking at the Quirino Grandstand that caused a diplomatic row between our country and Hong Kong. With the way things are in our country, if peace were to be achieved it would be so drastic that it will definitely make the Filipinos notice the change. In that case, if you look at it realistically, peace will never be achieved. Thinking about this statement makes peace all the more unreachable. If we want to be realistic, peace is impossible. We will never even get close to it. That is why we should at least aim for an achievable peace. Build a better generation that aims for the dignity of every Filipino to be recognized and respected.58
  • 71. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceHOSTAGEMara Melanie D. Perez“Ang pinakamadaling paraanpara matalo ang kalabanay gawin siyang kaibigan.”- Abraham Lincoln“Huwag kayong kikilos nang masama kung gusto niyo pang mabuhay!”nagwawalang sigaw ni Sarim habang nakatutok ang kanyang M-16 samga kawawang pasahero ng dyip papunta sa pista ng Nazareno saQuiapo.“Panginoon! Iligtas po ninyo kami!” dasal ni Lola Ineng habang walangpatid na nangungurus.“Ano po bang kasalanan namin sa inyo?” matapang na pagtatanong ngbatang si Allen.Sumagot agad si Sarim. “Kayong mga Katoliko, mabilis kayongmanghusga. Kapag nakita pa lang ninyo kaming mga Muslim, iniisipna agad ninyong masama kaming lahat. Kaya tuloy nalugi ang amingnegosyo at wala na akong maipakain sa pamilya ko. Kaya bago silamamatay sa gutom, uunahin ko na muna kayong paslangin!”Naghiyawan sa takot ang mga pasahero.Lumuhod sa gitna si Allen. Nag-alala ang matatanda dahil baka siyaang unang barilin ng nag-aamok na Muslim. “Teka muna, ginoo. Sa tinginpo ba ninyo, malulutas ng ginagawa ninyo ang inyong problema?”“Oo! Dahil sa ginagawa ko ngayon, malalaman ng lahat ang hinaingnaming mga Muslim. Natutuhan ko ‘yan kay Mendoza. Kapag buhay angnakataya, parang karneng nilalangaw ng media at mga tao ang eksena.Pero hindi ako kagaya niyang magpapa-gapi sa mga pulis. Heneral yataako!” sabay baril sa batang si Allen.Sa kabila ng mabilis na pagtagas ng dugo sa kanyang kanang balikat,pinilit pa rin niyang magsalita. “Kung iyan po ang makapagpapasaya sainyo, ginoo. Kung sa tingin po ninyo lahat kami ay nag-iisip na masamakayo, diyan po kayo nagkakamali.” 59
  • 72. ANAGNORISIS “Anong pinagsasasabi mong bata ka! Gusto mo na bang tuluyan talaga kita?” “Alam ko po ang pinagdaraanan ninyo dahil nalulugi na rin po sa negosyo ang aking ama. Subalit kahit maliit lang po ang kanyang kinikita, araw- araw pa rin niya kaming ipinaghahanda ng babaunin namin sa paaralan. Noong isang buwan po, nang isusubo ko na ang aking tinapay, nakita ko po ang kaklase kong si Khalil na walang kinakain kaya hinatian ko po siya. Sinabi po niyang ang sarap daw ng palaman ng tinapay ko at ipinagmalaki ko pong gawa iyon ng aking tatay. Kinuha po niya ang kanyang pitakang walang laman at ipinakita sa akin ang larawan ng kanyang tatay. Kahawig na kahawig po ninyo, Ginoo. Sinabi po sa akin ni Khalil na mahal na mahal din siya ng kanyang tatay subalit mahirap talagang humanap ng pera sa siyudad.” “Ikaw pala si Allen, ang ikinukuwento ng anak kong si Khalil na kaibigan niyang parating nagbibigay ng pagkain sa kanya?” paniniyak ni Sarim. “Opo, ako nga po. At kayo po pala ang tatay ni Khalil na si G. Sarim? Alam niyo po ba, sabay rin po kaming nagdarasal at iginagalang po namin ang diyos ng bawat isa?” pagmamalaki ni Allen. “Nagkamali pala ako. Hindi pala lahat ng Katoliko ay mapanghusga. Patawarin mo ako, Allen. Hindi ko sinasadya ang pagiging marahas. Patawarin mo sana ako. Ipinapangako kong magbabago na ako,” at itinapon sa labas ni Sarim ang kanyang baril. “Wala po iyon, G. Sarim. Pinapatawad ko na po kayo. Pinag-aralan ko po ang ibig sabihin ng pangalan ng mga Muslim at naalala ko pong ang kahulugan ng pangalan ninyo ay matapang at may malaking puso. Isa pa po, sabi nga nila, iba-iba man ang ating pinaniniwalaan, ang utos ng bawat simbahan ay maging mabuting nilalang.” Lumuhod si Sarim sa harapan ni Allen at kinarga ang duguang bata para madala sa ospital. Nagpalakpakan ang mga pasahero, mga pulis at lahat ng taong nanonood sa hostage crisis na nagtapos sa mapayapang paraan.60
  • 73. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceGUNSHOTKrizzia Dale A. VillaflorBang. Bang. Bang. A loud thudcame from the east where the sunhad risen. I hear Dong’s panting,he’s been shot. He was shot nearhis heart, he’s burning, and hewas on fire. All I could do waslook at him, while he rolled overand over his unbearable pain.He grabbed me by the arm andlooked at me fiercely, “Ben,” myhand was harassed with his gripstill tightening his hold onto mine“This is it. Run. Ben. Run.” He thenflinched and made the sign of thecross and his breath was no more.Dawn gathered us round and puta stop to our guns.I came back to our tent with twoguns swung over my shoulders.They all stared at me and I staredat them too. There was silencebetween me and all of them.When our commander asked meto take a sit, I followed his order. Emil Aldrine B. Alarcon, Polytechnic University of the PhilippinesI looked at him, nodded and tookmy seat. I noticed the loss in ourteam. We lost at least six today but nobody would say a word about it.We all kept our mouths shut because it was an order that there would beno strings attached with our colleagues. We all ate together, we all feltthe pangs of pain throbbing in our hearts but we should not tremble withwhat happened. It is our duty, yes, it is our duty as a soldier to risk ourlives in the war.The night was silent and even its silence meant that we are not safe. Ilived every day of my life hoping tomorrow would never come for thereason that tomorrow would be another calling for death. It was like avoice hanging onto your head saying that you should run while you arebreathing. Run before he comes for you and while you’re at it run as fast 61
  • 74. ANAGNORISIS as you can in a race that never ends. It is what I call running from the death collector. The following morning was another death calling. Around five in the morning we all had our cups of coffee and change into our battle suits. I reached for my gun when I saw Dong’s gun beside mine it took me two seconds to look at it and I forced to pull myself together and snapped out of it. Every time that I wore my gun over my back it would always be a reminder of killing a person who is just the same as me, who had the same right over life. Bang, Bang, Bang. These gunshots served as music to my ears. Music that placed me in a situation of choosing between death or life. I listened very carefully to the exchanging of gunshots everywhere and I was one of the members of its choir. We all sang with our hearts out singing for the sake of living. It was an audition for the choir and not everyone had the chance to be chosen as its members. And from that we stumble down and die. Dreaming by Jude Christoper R Roxas Michael who was at my left side was also hiding beneath the trees. We would look at each other and it was an indication that we would draw our guns and fire again. At the count of 3 inside our heads we would fire at the enemy but Michael did not survive from the audition and from that it was decided that he should die. It was a cruel scene but I had to be a member of the choir of war, I should be. The night was again approaching and it was the end of the audition for singing in the war.62
  • 75. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceThere at our tent, our safe zone, I held two guns but this time I neverlooked at them I just sat beside them and ate what was supposed to beeaten. We lost three colleagues again. From the hundred soldiers whowere standing straight, now all that was left would not even be half. I donot want my emotions to take over me. We are at the hands of justice butbeing here, accompanying these people, there is no justice.Some soldiers were at watch while some went to have their sleep. I wasone of the watchers that night. We stood at all sides of the camp andguarded the place. The soldier who accompanied me was Lester. He lit acigarette and offered me a stick. I grabbed one and place it in my mouthand lit the cigarette then blew smoke in the air. The smoke went with theair and then vanished. I wished vanishing was as easy as the smoke. Afteryou finish a cigarette then that’s the end of the line, it died that way. Thatwas the cigarette’s job and it was so easy but its life was easily taken too.We were also like cigarettes in a way. We lit ourselves with fire but thatfire would also lead us to our death.“Ben, why did you become a soldier?” he asked with eagerness in his faceto start a conversation. I turned away and said “Because my dad was asoldier.” I said no more.Sometimes I cannot help but blame my father why he wanted me tobecome a soldier. He told me that if I became a soldier I would behonorable and looked up to. Now that I am on my post as a soldier theonly honor I saw was the honor in dying in a cruel way. When I was stillstudying and fulfilling my father’s dream that I would be a soldier I knewthat the reality in being a soldier was to wait for death and that neverleft my mind.Bang, Bang, Bang. A soldier was down. I heard the shot loud and clear.Lester went to take a pee and—bang, bang, bang—he laid there dead.There was a spy who crept inside the camp and I shot him too, and bang,bang, bang, he was also dead. The camp woke up from the gunshots thatthey heard and each of them knew that there weren’t only one spy butthere were at least ten who then was heard running away from the camp.They were like chickens that ran away from us. One even said, “You littlecowards!” and they chuckled but I stayed silent about it.Silence.“Ben, wake up! Commander will check on us already.” A fine soldier told 63
  • 76. ANAGNORISIS Sunset We Must Find Peace by Dick Jay Bustamante,Youth Solidarity for Peace-Peace Advocates Zamboanga me and I rose from where I was sitting and acted vigorous but the truth with that is that I dreamt of sleeping in a bed. In a little while commander went to check up on me. “Soldier, are you okay?” “Sir, Yes Sir!” the voice said. It was my own voice lying. “Good Soldier. Good.” And the commander left. I was left at the camp to keep watch. One soldier whom I did not know said we had to exchange and I was told to go to sleep and he would take my place for it. I looked at him as if I was very thankful for what he’s doing. I went inside the tent and never bothered to come out and I slept immediately. Bang, Bang, Bang, I heard another loud shot but this time it was near me. So near that I never woke up from my sleep again. I died just like Dong, Michael, and Lester, we all died from the cruelty of war. After a while I64
  • 77. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peacewas together with them with smiles in their faces and all that left the campthat morning were with us too. We died from the war and I died withoutgiven the opportunity to fight for my life. That was war. We ended ourlives in war.Bang, Bang, Bang, the war was like a living nightmare. Your reality wouldbecome a dream. All the fighting and all the bloodshed would only beconsidered as a dream even if it was really happening. I did die withhonor while my family cried and cried. Was it honorable saving thecountry and my family? Yes it is. Yes it should be.“Kuya, Kuya, it is time to go to school. Nanay is already angry.” I woke upwith my hand near my heart, I was in a dream. A dream in war, a dreamof war, and a dream about the war. I was in my bed with a slight curve inmy lips thankful that I am still alive.“Nanay, I will go to school now.” I bid my mother goodbye. She had thatsmile in her eyes that made me at ease. I went out the house and lookedaround. The war was a constant manifestation of troubles around us thatonly caused us to be greedy. I am only fourteen and I still have a lot ofdreams rather than being held captive by my troubles and all the troublesof the world. I need to enjoy what life gave me. I told myself that thiswas what I needed. Peace. Peace in everything. Here, where life is stablewhere I could get hold of what happiness meant, is peace.SHOOTING STARS AND WARSApril Anne DizonThat unique kind of noise is piercing through his body. A dissonancebreaking his bones. A ruined portrait, his eyes, his own witness. He covershis ears and runs away. Far from this inferno. Tears came rushing down hischeeks. He cries for help. He is, afterall, only a boy. The sky is no longerseen with clouds, it is painted with blood. The picture in his head continuesto haunt him. He cannot breathe, the air is filled with smoke. He hid insidehis fears. Big men with guns and fiery eyes, he sees through them revengerather than courage. Children crying out loud but no one listens. He closedhis eyes.There, his mother was cooking. His father just arrived. His siblings playingwith mud. His family, his home. The cold breeze touching his face. He waslying down on the grass gandering on the night sky. The night of silence,only fireflies give light. The stars watching him, he makes a wish. He closed 65
  • 78. ANAGNORISIS Bakwit Evacuees in Pikit, Cotabato by Kara Santos his eyes. He heard the canons. Bombs flying and houses are burned. It gives him the chills, the feeling of death. He wants this to end. His voice is never heard. He is now deaf, deaf with the noise around him. There is little hope in him - that the world would stop, that the world would listen. He makes a wish. He closed his eyes. KALAPATI Den Kalapati ka na ubod ng ganda Maputi at mapungay ang mga mata Na sa langit Malaya at masayang gumagala Na para bang mga batang walang takot at mga problema Hwag ka sanang paapi Sa mga taong maiitim ang budhi Karapatan mo’y iyong ipaglaban Dahil yan ay katumbas ng iyong buhay THERE IS NO WAR IN BA SING SE Louis Mark N. Plaza There is no war in Ba Sing Se. My mind is trained to think that way. For outside these thickened walls, I do not dare to see.66
  • 79. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceThere is no war in Ba Sing SeAnd life in here is but ordinary.Amidst the busy streets and city lightsYou do not think of war and insurgency.There is no war in Ba Sing Se.We are hushed to talk and dare to think,For our economy is strong,Thus, our thoughts should reside there.There is no war in Ba Sing Se.We wear our masks from day to day,Painted happy faces who do not dare to ask,Why men are taken by thieves of the night.There is no war in Ba Sing Se.And why should one think of such?When outside these thickened walls,I do not dare to see,For my heart is a wallflower,and in these walls I feel free.Ba Sing Se is a fictitious walled city in Nickelodeon’s animated series- Avatar: The Last Airbender. I dedicatethis poem to the children of Lanao del Norte, especially those attacked and traumatized of the silent war ofAugust 2008, especially the children of Kawit, Lanao del Norte.KABATAANChizKabataan! Kabataan gising naBumangon, tumayo at lumakad naSagipin ang bayan mo sa pagdurusaSa hirap, karahasan at iba paIpunin mo ang iyong lakas, tibay ng loobIyong ibantayog ang bandila ng kapayapaanTigre man o leon ay hwag mong uurunganLagi mong isipin na ito’y para sa bayanBuksan ang iyong mata, puso at makingSa payo ng kaibigang nasa iyong paligid 67
  • 80. ANAGNORISIS Hwag kang aayaw hwag kang palulupig Sa anumang pag subok laging masigasig GUMISING KA LeLouch/Baral Kabataan ang pag-asa ng inang bayan Iyan ang sabi ni Gat Jose Rizal Ngunit hanggang pag-asa na lamang ba Ang ating kabataan? Kelan tayo kikilos Kelan tayo mamumulat Kelan tayo tatayo at ipaglalaban Ang ating mga karapatan Kelan tayo sisigaw na tama na ang pang-aapi, Ating kabataan nga ba’y hanggang pag-asa na lamang ba? PANDAMA SA MINDANAO Debbie Cabanag Mahigit daang-libong milya sa mula sa himpapawid ay matatanaw and isla ng kagandahan; mga luntiang bulubindukin ay taglay na likas- yaman. Walang alinlangan sa taglay nitong yaman. Kay ganda ng Mindanao. Marahil nga ay napag-uusapan tunay nitong kalagayan, ngunit damdamin ko’y humihiyaw sa katarungang hindi makamtan ng mga biktima ng digmaan. Malalim na bugtong hininga sa repleksyon ng kahirapan at kaguluhan ang aking panghimas-mas sa hindi lubos na maunawaang kawalan ng kapayapaan at pananaig ng walang katapusang digmaan.Kailan matutuldukan ang digmaang ito? Ilang mga inosenteng kababaihan, bata at kabataan pa ang maaaring masawi? Ito ang pagninilay, tanong sa sarili, na mas lalong nag-aanak ng mas maraming katanungan. Ang kalagayan ng Mindanao ay isa lamang sa mga nawasak ng digmaan sa bansa, bunga ng kawalan ng respeto sa tradisyunal na paniniwala sa karapatan ng bawat isa maging lumad, muslim, o kahit anong relihiyon, kulay, kasarian, at katangian sa buhay.68
  • 81. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceSimpleng pamumuhay lang ang tangi nilang sambit; ngunit patuloy nanaghihingalo sa pagkamit ang mga bakwit. Sana’y hindi tayo masanaysa ganitong klaseng buhay ng mga taga-Maguindanao.Nawa’y ang pakikibaka sa kalayaan, karapatang mabuhay atpagpanday ng kapayapaan para sa kinabukasan ay pangarapin ngbawat isa, ito ang aking sambit at ninanais para sa lahat ng mganilalang na may pandama at may kapasidad pang-mangarap namakamtan ang wagas na kapayapaan at katarungan sa lugar ngdigmaan tulad ng Mindanao.TAHIMIK NA KOMUNIDADAidner de la TorreTahimik na komunidadNa inabusuhan, inaapiNgunit nagtulungan, nagtatrabaho, nakipagbigayanUpang makamit ang pangarap Mindanao by Jupiter Polistico, Youth Solidarity for Peace-Peace Advocates Zamboanga 69
  • 82. ANAGNORISIS Na katahimikan, na maka-Diyos Makatao na para sa lahat ANG KABUNDUKAN Anonymous Sagana, luntian Napakayaman Pinuputol, sinisira Linapastangan Sa ating kinabukasan Ito’y ating pangalagaan Kasama ng ating karapatan Bakwit Evacuees in Pikit, Cotabato by Kara Santos70
  • 83. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeacePANGANDOY KO’NG KALINAWBong FabeUsa niana ka adlawSamtang ako naglakawAko nadasmagNabungi ug napangagApan nitindog ug namaspasWa igsapayan akong samadUg sa panaw ako nagpadayonHangtod makab-ot ang pagdaunBisan sa kangitngitBisang sa kalisang 71
  • 84. ANAGNORISIS Ako magpadayon Makigbisog ug mo-asdang Tawhanong katungod Ipatigbabaw, ipahamtang Aron ang gihandum Kalinaw, matagamtan KAMING MGA TRIBO Dike Tribal Elementary School Kaming mga tribo, ang tirahan ay gubat Pilipinong ligaw sa amin ay tawag Dumagat man kami sa kabundukan Kami’y nagtatanim at hindi nangungulimbat Kaming mga tribo ang nagbigay-tanda Pangalan, hangganan ng ilog at sapa Maging itong bundok at lupa Ang kulturang nagbuhat pa kay Makedepat Ngunit ng dumating itong dayuhan Sila ay nagsira ng kalikasan Kanilang inangkin aming kabuhayab Kami’y pinaalis sa lupang tinubuan Kaya buong tribo tayo’y gumiing Ating bawiin ang lupang inangkin Dugo man ay dumanak at buhay ay makitil Mabawi lamang ang lupang inangkin. KATUTUBO Chaybell de Leon Kaming mga katutubo Taimtim at payapa Nabubuhay subalit minsan Kami’y inaapi, inaabuso,72
  • 85. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceNiyuyurakan at sinisiraAng aming mga prinsipyoPero heto pa rin kamiHanding lumabanUpang ipaglaban ang aming karapatanDahil tulad ng ibaNais din naming lumayaAt mabuhay ng mapayapaUNANG TAO SA MUNDOMarjorie MaanoMarahil alam ng iba sa atin ang tungkol sa katutubo sa kabundukanman o maging sa kagubatan.Subalit mayroon din ilan sa ating mgakababayan ang hindi alam na ang katutubo ay pinagmulan natin dahilsila ang nauna at nabuhay sa mundong ibabaw.Katutubo, ayon sa aking pag aaral na ang mga katutubo ay may iba’t-ibang uri.halimbawa na lamang ng mga badjao,tausug,mangyan,ayta atiba pa.kung mapapansin ninyo ang ganitong pagkatao ay malayong-malayo ito sa mga taga siyudad,sapagkat ang mga taga-siyudaday mga normal sa paningin ng mga nakatira sa urban at may pagkasosyal,samantalang ang mga katutubo hindi nila pinapansin kung anu Sunset by the Hand of a Youth by Dick Jay Bustamante,Youth Solidarity for Peace-Peace Advocates Zamboanga 73
  • 86. ANAGNORISIS man ang mga nasa paligid nila.Halimbawa na lamang sa pagkain dahil mahalaga ang pagkain para mabuhay ng matagal ang isang tao kahit ano na lamang ang kinakain nila .kahit maging prutas at mga gulay ay kinukuha nila para magkaroon lamang ng laman ang kanilang mga sikmura. Gayonman,marami din sa ating mga taga siyudad ang mga nagsabi tungkol sa katutubo na sila ay walang alam dahil hindi sila marunong bumasa’t sumulat hindi rin ito tulad sa kanilang mga taga siyudad na may kaalaman at iba ang pananaw sa ito rin ay may kaniya-kaniyang paniniwala,Halimabawa na lamang sa tradisyon sa katutubo. Ito ay naghahanda ng engrado sa mga dayuhang nakikisalamuha nila at kahit wala na itong makain. Dahil itong tradisyon na ito ay sumisimbolo na sa paniniwala nila na sa pamamagitan na Gawain na ito’y magiging malapit sila sa mga dayuhang dumaraan sa lugar nila.At sa pamamagitan na ito na maari din silang matulungan sa kanilang mga suliraning kinakaharap sa araw-araw. Hindi ko maisip na kung bakit by John Mark Sayon kapag sa simpleng buhay lamang nila at kapag walang dumarayong mga dayuhan sa lugar kanila ito ay wala man lang makain.Marahil iyon ay isang tradisyon at pinaka iingatan nilang araw.Ngunit hindi pa rin iyon sapat na na gawin dahil na ang buhay nila ang nakasalalay lalo na sa mga matatanda’t kabataan. At kung mapapansin mo na ang kanilang lugar ay napakatahimik at walang gulo,Ang hindi natin alam na ang mga pinag dadaan ng ilan sa ating katutubo ay hindi madali para sa kanilang buhay.74
  • 87. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceSapagkat ang mga katutubo natin ay may mga kinakatakutan at iyonang mga armadong dumaraan at humihinto sa lugar nila .Paniniwala rin nila na kaya ang mga kabataan ay hindi mga nakapagtaposng pag-aaral ay dahil sa mga armadong nakakasalamuha nila.Natatakot sila sa tuwing makakakita sila ng mga armadong humihintosa lugar nila.Noon ang mga armadong sundalong ito ay naglalaban sa malayonglugar at walang mapipinsalang mga sibilyan ,subalit pagkaraan ng ilangtaon ito ay napalapit na sa mga taong nakatira sa hanggangngayon na sa tuwing mag lalaban ang dalawang kampo maramingsibilyang katutubo ang nadadamay at namamatay.Gayonman marami pa rin sa ating mga katutubo ang nagpasya na hindilisanin ang kanilang tinitirhan sapagkat na ang paniniwala nila na angmga ninuno nila ay nabuhay at namatay sa lugar na ngayon ay dapat itong sundin ayon sa kanilang ninuno. Na Nabuhay sila salugar na iyon.Bagamat mapanganib para sa kanila ang lisanin ang lugar na iyonsapagkat sa paglipas ng araw marami silang makakasalamuhang mgasundalo at madamay pa sila sa paglalaban ng dalawang kampo.Maraming mamatay sa gutom lalung-lalo na ang mga matatanda’tkabataang katutubo.At sa pagtahak ng ilan nating kababayan sa kabundukan o maging sakagubatan man malaki ang maitutulong nila sa mga katutubo sapagkatmatutulungan nila ang mga ito lalung-lalo na sa mga matatanda’t kabataanna may karamdaman kahit wala anumang kapalit. nais mabuhay ngmatagal at higit sa lahat makasalamuha ng bagong kababayan natinna nais silang matulungan. Sabi nga ng iba na ang pag bibigay mo ngtulong sa iba ito ay magdudulot ng kasiyahan sa iyong sarili.MANGYAN SA MINDOROJuanito DiadoMay kulturaMay paniniwalaMay pamumuhay 75
  • 88. ANAGNORISIS Tinatakot Minamaliit Ianaabuso Subalit hindi nawawalan ng tiwala sa sarili Na baling-araw ay makakamit nila Ang titulo ng kanilang lupaing ninuno Sa tulong ng NCIP* at Sulong CARHRIHL** Ay nanininwala sila na makakamtan nila Ang tagumpay at kapayapaan *Ang NCIP ay ang National Commission on Indigenous Peoples na itinaguyod upang tumugon sa mga pangangailangan ng mga katutubo. ** Ang Sulong CARHRIHL (Comprehensive Agreement on the Respect of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law) ay isang organisasyong nagpapalaganap at sumusuporta sa pagpapatupad ng kasunduan ng CPP-NPA-NDF at ng gobyerno na irespeto ang mga karapatang pantao ng mga sibilyan at sundin ang ‘International Humanitarian Law’ kahit sa panahon ng armadong tunggalian. AM I AWAKE? Eireen Ena Beleno Every morning I wake up with this empty feeling Waiting for something To satisfy the missing Out of nowhere you came Satisfied I became My heart that is lame Have embossed with flame Now that everything is changed I thank thee for what I gained I’ll start with this young age To help us get through another stage Because I know now my rights I’ll stand up in the fights And raise everyone’s kites With these shiny bright lights76
  • 89. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceNow there’s no more empty feelingFor CARHRIHL satisfied the missingSo we youth are now awake and thinkingTo implement goals for a better livingIKAW, AKO AT ANG HRMilven O. EstradaHR ikay san nga ba nagsimulaSa digmaang noon bay ikay nakitaO nagsimula pa lang mapansin at magawaDahil na rin sa mga taong nasawi at nawalaNgayon ngay ikaw ay andiyan naIginagalang, nirerespeto at pinapalawak naKaya nga sanay mga taong di ka kinikilalaSilay matauhan at magising naKabataan imulat iyong mga mataKatotohany sumasambulat talagaItaguyod, ipagsigawan HR andito naBukas, ngayonIkaw, ako at HR magkasamaKARAPATANG PANTAOLIG’sIngatan ang ating kalikasanPaunlarinPagyamaninIgalangPantay na karapatanLipunanDito sa kapatagan, ay may isinilangSa tuktok ng bundok, ay may kahirapanKaya sama sama tayo, ang mga kabataanSa pagkilos, n gating kapayapaanAt upang tumagumpay, an gating lipunanSulong CARHRIHL, IPRA ating ipaglaban 77
  • 90. ANAGNORISIS ANG WARAYNON NA KABATAAN Moi Kami an kabataan tikang na Samar Natindog pagbulig para han kauswagan Ug kaupayan han bog-os nga katauhan Babantayan mga proyekto ng gobyerno Tikang han buwis han mga tao Para makad-otan an Kamurayan ug kahim yabagingan TWENTY YEARS FROM NOW... Arianna Cariaga I am fifteen years old. If someone asks me what peace is, I have to admit that I will need a dictionary to clearly define it. I struggle for words to describe it. However, if someone were to ask me what violence is, I will not even need a minute for it. I have been a witness to it. I have seen violence happen and, felt it. It is not only the bloody scenes in movies nor the incidents like the recent Quirino Grandstand hostage taking; it is also when we are abused. Violence is whenever a physical, emotional, spiritual, or intellectual force hurts you. It makes me wonder, how come no one is spared from violence? When will you and I have peace? Twenty years from now, my generation will be leaders of our country. Who knows, one day I may become the president of our country and I lead the Philippines to peace. But how will I know where to start? One thing is for sure though; I will not steal from the people. I will not steal the people’s hard earned money just to I live a life in luxury. I will not steal the truth just to be like the emperor who created reality from a lie. I will not steal justice just to have right to my side. I will not steal people’s hopes and dreams just to have power. I will not steal the youth’s future just to say that I, alone, have the right to benefit what our country has to offer. But these things are achievable in the future. What about now? What can I do now? Better yet, what can we, the future heroes and heroines, do now? Stealing starts by taking coins from mom’s purse. Murder starts by killing small insects during play time in the garden. Evil thoughts start by envying the toys of your playmates. Cheating starts by copying your classmate’s homework. I can go on and on giving more examples but the idea is still the same. As a quote from J.K. Rowling’s novel, Harry Potter78
  • 91. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peaceand the Chamber of Secrets, goes,“It is our choices that show whatwe truly are, far more than ourabilities.” Our principles define us.Without them, we are nothing.When we have principles in life,then we can stand up to anyoneand anything. We can standup to the challenges that comeour way and that is exactly whateach and every Filipino needs to I Love Peace by Jupiter Polistico, Youth Solidarity for Peace-Peace Advocates Zamboangapossess in order to make the muchneeded change, stop the violence,and take the path towards peace. Yet, we must also hold on to thestrongest tool to our disposal, our faith in the Lord. For our purpose onEarth is to be stewards to His creations and to maintain peace in theworld. We are here not to abuse His creations but to take care of themand of each other. Someday, I hope that we will serve our purpose onEarth, the very purpose why He put us here. To take care of all of God’screations and to live in harmony with one another. The way I see it, peaceis the feeling of security, love, trust, order, and happiness in everythingyou do and with everyone you meet.THE DECLARATION BETWEENAngelito VelosoWithin the holy passes of his wordsUnder the heaven, of which we are inThe fierce dominance of masculinityShould never rip apartThe essence of the other’s femininityKnowledge had told youAnd the othersThat even beyond the instinct of animalsWe are bound to live and co-existWith the other half, without hoveringOver and becoming sexist 79
  • 92. ANAGNORISIS BABAE Anonymous Matalino, malakas at busilak Inaapi, sinasaktan ngunit Tumatayo at nakikibaka Upang ipaglaban ang karapatan At ang hangad na pagkakapantay-pantay Hindi matatamo ang lipunan Ang tunay na kalayaan Hanggat hindi lumalaya Ang kababaihan by Ejem B. Alarcon80
  • 93. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceJOURNEY OF A WOMANCherieI opened my eyesAnd look at this God’s wonderful creationShe was there; a womanCreated for a purpose;Valued for her roleVested with power to begin lifeWith the passage of timeShe learned harsh realities of life;She was exploited, experienced violenceShe lost her dignityShe found herself askingIs this the people I gave life?Is this the society I was tasked to mold?A woman criesShe asks for someoneWho could hear her voiceAnd help her do her taskTo shape a violent-free worldTo mold peace loving peopleTHE ESSENCE OF PEACEFerlyn AntiquinaImagine the color of the skyYou can really see it’s blue, but why?Even the oceans and seas reflect its hueLeading everyone to have a clueColor blue is determine as peaceWhere you can feel the certain silenceAnd even unity was embraceUpon the beauty of God’s graceEvery individual has its own powerBecause in there hands, peace can be bear 81
  • 94. ANAGNORISIS That will lead to have a better change Not just for itself but for the country as well As of now, our country is in trouble Thus, it encounters many an obstacle But through peace, unity is possible As a well organized country, since it’s our goal We can hardly claim the assurance Unless we will work for what we believe Like we can’t reach the top by just a glance But by struggling in every steps that we take Attaining peace can be made through actions Since actions speaks louder than words And words will vanished like the air when blown A reality that will heal a crucial wound Calm sea, peaceful sky and united country Really had a proportion and harmony So the fish can swim, the bird can fly and men can be free Because of the existence of peace that will always stay. KAPAYAPAAN Anonymous Kapana-panabik, kahali-halina, kaaya-aya Kaunlaran at katahimikan Kaligayahan at kasayahan Kapayapaan ng ating bayan Igiit, ipagtanggol at ipaglaban Upang tunay na kapayapaan Ay makamtan KARAPATANG PANTAO Genalyn Villaluz Ako’y isang katutubo Tunay na hinahamak At niyuyurakan akong karapatan82
  • 95. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceIba man aking kulay, buhok at pinagmulanNgunit ako’y tao rin dapat igalangAko ay naririto upang malamanAking karapatanMagkaiba man tayoIisa ang ating hinahangad...Kapayapaan.KARAPATAN NG BAWAT MAMAMAYANG PILIPINOSantosSakit, sugat pagtuligsa ng gobyernoPagkimkim, pagkulong, pagpatay at pagmamaltratoPilipino magtuluganIsulong ang karapatan ng mga kabataanAting ipagtanggol ang kapayapaanNagliliyab na PangarapAnonymousAng pagibig at pangarapSana’y may katuparanAng puso ko’y sumisigawNa sanay dinggin nyoTandaan nyoItong pangarap koAy para sa bayanIkaw at akoTayong lahatAsahan nyoPara sa atin itoKatapangan moKatapangan koKarunungan moKarunungan koSulong CARHRIHLHandagang tutulong 83
  • 96. ANAGNORISIS Sa pagsulong n gating karapatan Kapayapaan at kaunlaran Ay ating makamtan Kapit bisig lamang Ang tanging kailangan Upang ang naliliyab nating pangarap Ating makamtan “KAY INANG BAYAN” John Marc Benavidez Estoque I. Ang pagtahak sa mundong walang katiyakan... Ang paglayag sa bagsik ng karagatang... ni bitui’y walang makitang tanglaw! Pagnasang sa kalangita’y makalipad ... makalipad ng kahit bali-bali na’ng pakpak! Bigong kaluluwang s’yang kahabaghabag sa mga bitui’y nakatulala kahit walang ninitang pag-asa! Nangarap balang araw magiging dakila... Nangarap na balang araw na sa mga mata n’ya’y aahon at sisikat muli ang umaga! Nangarap ng dakilang mga bagay na mas malayo pa sa katotohanan... Sa sarili’y nagkumbinsing pakalunod sa ilusyon ng mga pangarap, Sa ilusyon ng mga hangaring imposibleng matahak! Kaluluwang kahabaghabag... pusong nadudurog Nguni’t sa isipa’t puso’y pilit pa ring buhayin ang imposibleng pangarap! Nangarap ng dakilang bagay na hindi man tiyak Kung kayang abutin... Nangarap ng pagkataastaas na hindi naman tanto Kung ano ang simulain... Hanggang pangarap na lang ba at wala nang gagawin? Mabigat na buntong hingang buhat sa dibdib,84
  • 97. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peacenamimighating puso, damdaming naninikip!Mga mata’y hayu’t sapul sa malayo’t malalim ang tinginhabang sa pisngi’y nangabasag na luhang nangingilid!II.Oh ako’y ilipad mo’t bigyan mo ng pakpak!Nais kong sumisid sa kariktan ng pangarap!Sa mundong ilusyong malayo pa sa bituin...Sa daigdig ng panagimpang malayong marating!Oh ako’y iyong pag-alabin... itong apoy sa’king budhi...Ang damdaming nagpupumiglas, nangarap na ang mga adhika’ymararating din!Ningas ay pahintulutan mo sanang mag-alab at h’wag gawing tanglaw hanggang sa bagong umagang parating!Magngitngit ka, Oh kaluluwang nasisiraan na ng loob!Magpumiglas kang parang dakilang leong sa kalayaa’y pinagkait...Nitong pag-asang sa damdamin ma’y nangabasag na salamin...Ningas ng talino’t tapang mo’y iyong pag-alabin!Kung sa gabing walang katiyakan, walang katahimikan, nagugulongisipan...Kung sa gabing pagtulog mo’y luha ng kawalang pag-asa’y iyong kumotat unan...Hayaan mo at h’wag kalimutang may umagang paparatingat ang bukang liwayway... balang araw ay sisikat din!III.Wala na ngang s’yang ligaya’ng sa mukha’y makapipinta...liban na sa ang makita’y ngiti sa’yong mga mata!Ni hinagpis at luhang nangapawi na’t s’yang nawala...Na sa’yong pagdusa’y ninitang bagong umaga!Wala na ngang s’yang bagay ang sa puso’y kung ika’y malasin ko’y ligaya’ng nararamdamanSa bigat ng ‘yong pasani’y ano’t siyang pagkagaan...Sa sandaling makikita na kitang ‘di na mahihirapan!Wala na nga ang s’yang sa puso’y makapagbibigay galak!na kung sa mga luha mo’y tuluyan nang nanga-alpas...Wala nang gabing mapanglaw ni ang pagdusa’t pagdalita 85
  • 98. ANAGNORISIS Kundi ang bukang liwayway na s’yang puno ng pag-asa! Oh Pilipinas, bayan ko! Lupang sinilangan... Aanhin pa nga’ng mga luha’ng ngayo’y nagbabatis sa’king mga mata ni damdamin sa puso kong kaybigat at nagbabata? Pagdusang sa’yo’y nakalagak, sa iyo nakalaan... Wala na ngang siyang bagay higit na mas dadakila sa kung sa sariling dugo, pawis at aking paghihirap na sa abang bayan’t sinta ko’y aking pag-aalayan Nang sa dumating ang araw na makitang muli... ang ‘yong mga ngiting muling kikislap, at ang pagdating ng isang bago’t mapayapang umaga!86
  • 99. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on Peace 87
  • 100. ANAGNORISIS88
  • 101. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceANNEXESThe essays, poems, short stories, artworks and photographs in Anagnorisishave helped us understand further the youth’s perspectives on peace.GenPeace would like to acknowledge these contributors for sharing theirinsights and creative pieces to the world. Without them, this publicationwould not have been possible.Annex 1: List of Poem, Essay and Short Story ContributorsAldrin Abdurahim, Zamboanga City - Youth Solidarity For Peace -PazPeace Advocates Zamboanga (Paz)April Anne Dizon, University Of Santo Tomas, ManilaArianne Cariaga, St.Scholastica’s Academy, Marikina CityAubrey Graze V. Pareja, Asia United BankBrian. F. De Eyoy, St. Alexius College, Koronadal CityChristelle Rosales, St.Scholastica’s Academy, Marikina CityCristina Maano, Adamson UniversityDeanne Bianca Roque, St. Scholastica’s Academy, Marikina CityDebbie Cabanag, Fairview, Quezon CityIan VillanuevaJobelle Jocson, St.Scholastica’s Academy, Marikina CityJohn Marc Estoque, St. Joseph’s College, Quezon CityJude Christoper Roxas, Zamboanga CityJude Ortega, Cebu CityJunrey Ferenal, Ateneo De Zamboanga University, Zamboanga CityLouis Mark Nazareno PlazaMara Melanie D. Perez, Ateneo De Manila University, Quezon CityMarielle Lois O. Trinidad, Blue Screen Entertainment CorporationMarjorie MaanoNoelle Marie R. Salvan, Canossa College, San Pablo City, LagunaPaul Chester G. Alcantara, Canossa College, San Pablo City, LagunaStephanie Castillo, Miriam College, Quezon CityZaira Mae N. Labay, Pasig City 89
  • 102. ANAGNORISIS Annex 2. List of Photo Contributors Dick Jay Bustamante, Western Mindanao State University, Zamboanga City - Youth Solidarity For Peace -Peace Advocates Zamboanga Jupiter L. Pollisco, Zamboanga City - Peace Advocates Zamboanga Kara Santos, Quezon City90
  • 103. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceAnnex 3: List of Artwork ContributorsAlfredo V. Martinez, Polytechnic University Of The PhilippinesDeoner G. Catamora, EaristEjem B. Alarcon, Polytechnic University Of The PhilippinesEmil Aldrine B. Alarcon, Polytechnic University Of The PhilippinesFernando E. AntimanoJohn Mark SayonJohn Michael J. Macariola, EaristJustito Fadriquela, Polytechnic University Of The PhilippinesLance Kirby T. Yaneza, Feati UniversityMarjorie G. SazonRey Lacap, Feati UniversityReynaldo V. Martirez, Polytechnic University Of The PhilippinesRobert M. Tangtang, Polytechnic University Of The PhilippinesRonante S. Maratas, Feati UniversityRosela C. Andal, EaristSketch Tan, Far Eastern University 91
  • 104. ANAGNORISIS92
  • 105. An Anthology of Poetry and Prose on PeaceABOUT GENERATION PEACEGeneration Peace Youth Network (GenPeace) is a national network oforganizations and individuals engaged in a youth-led advocacy towardsa just and sustainable peace in the Philippines. GenPeace seeks toconnect, empower and transform the young generation by making themardent advocates of peace. Its three main programs are: 1) Networkingand Linkaging; 2) Capacity Building and Youth Formation; and 3) PeaceAdvocacy, particularly the non-violent resolution of internal armedconflicts in the country.GenPeace partners with over 40 different networks and organizationsfrom Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao with core leaders coming from 10different organizations and networks with expertise in various fields suchas Advocacy and Campaigns, Human Rights, Development, InternationalHumanitarian Law and Peace Education among others.This publication is a portion of the “Sustaining the Youth’s Engagement inPeacebuilding” project in partnership with the UNDP – Conflict Preventionand Peacebuilding Programme and the Office of the Presidential Adviseron the Peace Process.You may reach us at:Generation Peace Youth Network (GenPeace)c/o The National Secretariat,Gaston Z. Ortigas Peace Institute2nd Floor Hoffner Building, Social Development ComplexAteneo de Manila University,Loyola Heights, Quezon City 1108PhilippinesTelephone: (+632) 4266122Fax: (+632) 4266064Website: 93
  • 106. ANAGNORISIS94