Asseco SEE Mobile and Security


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Asseco SEE Mobile and Security

  1. 1. Asseco SEE MASS BU Company profile Product portfolio ANYTIME ANYWHERE Asseco SEE MASS BU (Mobile and Security Solutions Business Unit) competencies Asseco SEE MASS BU (formerly Logos) is a member of the Asseco SEE Group specializing in the development, integration and implementation of highly Single Point of Strong customized mobile and security turn-key Authentication solutions (hardware token, EMV solutions for the financial industry. CAP, mobile token, SMS) Thanks to more than 17 years of experience and numerous references, JavaPhone/ iPhone Asseco SEE MASS BU has been recognized Mobile Banking as the leading company in Croatia solutions and the whole SEE region for: PKI SmartCard Digital Signature and Encryption solutionsIn all the technology fields mentioned above,Asseco SEE MASS BU has been the pioneer and Call/contactthe first company to develop and implement center solutionsrespective solutions in the regional market.Asseco SEE MASS BU is able to meet andrespond to the most demanding projects e-commerce 3Dand, in a reasonable timeframe, deliver Secure solutionssolutions of the highest quality, customizedto client-specific requirements.
  2. 2. Mobile Banking Product list: - ASEBA JiMBa Standard Edition - ASEBA JiMBa Advanced Edition - ASEBA SMS Router/Gateway JiMBaASEBA JiMBa m-banking solution enables quick Key references: - Zagrebacka banka Croatiaand secure access to financial information (UniCredit Group)and services from mobile devices (1000+ - Privredna banka Zagreb Croatiasupported mobile phones, J2ME mobile (Intesa Sanpaolo Group)phones, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android, - Banca Intesa Beograd SerbiaiPhone and iPad). It can be easily integrated (Intesa Sanpaolo Group)with existing core banking or Internet banking - UniCredit Bank Bosnia & Herzegovina (UniCredit Group)applications and result in a global and highly - BPB Bank, Kosovoavailable channel for delivering bankingproducts and services. It provides a uniquecustomer experience independent of mobiledevice manufacturer and telecom operator,with integrated mobile token authentication forhigh security and fast transaction processing.Mobile Token mTokenASEBA mToken enables authentication ofe-banking and e-commerce applicationusers directly from their mobile phoneswhich act as ordinary token devices. Itintegrates perfectly with Asseco’s other Key references:security solutions and is the most suitable - Privredna banka Zagreb Croatiaoption for organizations seeking to (Intesa Sanpaolo Group)implement two-factor authentication without - Bank Pekao Polanddeploying new devices to end-users. (UniCredit Group)Contact Center Product list: - ASEBA LIVE - ASEBA CPM LIVE - Dialogic componentsIntegrating a wide range of Computer and softwareTelephony technologies and applications,compatible with both CTI and VoIP Key references:infrastructures, with built-in multi-channel - Privredna banka Zagrebsupport (voice, fax, SMS, e-mail), ASEBA LIVE Croatia (Intesa(Logos Interactive Voice Engine) makes a Sanpaolo Group)powerful Call/Contact center platform for - PBZ Card Croatiaa wide range of services in the financial - Allianz Croatiaindustry (eg. Phone banking, Customer - Raiffeisen Bank CroatiaSupport, Telemarketing, Debt Collection, - Societe Generaleetc..). Some functionalities of ASEBA LIVE are: - Splitska Banka CroatiaInteractive Voice Response (IVR), AutomatedCall Distribution (ACD), Audio Monitoring,Audio Logging, Speech synthesis, Screen-popping, Voice & Fax Mail, Fax on Demand, FaxBroadcasting, Conferencing, Outbound Dialing.
  3. 3. Strong Product list:authentication - ASEBA SxS · Hardware token moduleand digital · EMV CAP token module · Mobile token modulesignature · SMS OTP module - ASEBA PKI VAS(eBanking & - ASEBA PKI CMS - ActivIdentity, VASCO,Enterprise Gemalto, RSA authentication devices and smartcards - Thales HSM deviceservices) Key references: - Zagrebacka banka Croatia PKI VAS (UniCredit Group) - Privredna banka Zagreb CroatiaASEBA SxS Authentication Server supports (Intesa Sanpaolo Group)hardware tokens from different vendors, - Bank Pekao PolandEMV CAP/DPA-authentication, ASEBA mobile (UniCredit Group)token solution and SMS based authentication, - MasterCard USAas well as PKI/SmartCard based Digital - Bank Millennium PolandSignatures. Since it is channel and application - Raiffeisen Bank Croatiaindependent, SxS Server represents a “Single - OTP Banka CroatiaPoint of Strong Authentication” for different - UniCredit Bank Bosnia & Herzegovinaapplications and services, such as Internet (UniCredit Group)and Phone banking services, enabling the - Societe Generaleimplementation of the most basic requirement - Splitska Banka Croatiaof any financial transaction – non-repudiation. - T-Mobile CroatiaThrough the implementation of different “Two-Factor” authentication technologies, ASEBASxS enables banks to offer their customersthe possibility to choose between differentauthentication methods, depending upontheir needs - from hardware tokens to mobiletokens, successfully preventing “phishing”,“pharming” and “Man in the Middle” attacks.e-commerce Product list: - ASEBA ACS - ASEBA MPI TRIDES - Thales HSM deviceASEBA Trides solution, “Verified by Visa”and “MasterCard SecureCode” compliant 3D Key references:Secure architecture, offers card issuers and - Zagrebacka banka Croatiamerchants a secure and unique platform (UniCredit Group)which authenticates cardholder identity - Privredna banka Zagreband reduces card fraud in e-commerce Croatiatransactions. ASEBA Trides supports (Intesa Sanpaolo Group)different authentication and paymentmethods, is both modular and web orientedwith the possibility for adjustments,branding and foreign language support.
  4. 4. AboutAsseco SEEGroupAsseco SEE Group is thelargest solution provider inSouth-EasternEurope in termsof revenue derived from salesof its software and services.Shareholders structure: CARD: 114 / 10% MASS: 50 / 5% Banking: 512 / 52% Integration: 323 / 33%The Group operates in the followingsegments of IT market: EBRD: 9.7%- Solutions and services for banking industry,- Mobile and security solutions, Financial investors: 4.2%- Cards, ATMs and payment terminals supply, installation and related services,- Integration services and delivery and Founders: 32.6% implementation of ICT systems and equipment,- Solutions and services to the general ACP: 53.5% business and telecommunication’s sector.Asseco SEE employs about 1000 employees. Asseco SEE d.o.o. / MASS BU Ulica grada Vukovara 269d, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia , Tel.: + 385 1 3030 000, Fax: + 385 1 3030 010