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Leveraging Social Media - Strategies & Tactics - PostRank
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Leveraging Social Media - Strategies & Tactics - PostRank


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Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. Leveraging Social Media Ilya Grigorik @igrigorik Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 2. Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 3. Tab, F5, Tab, … I’m a confessed ‘statsaholic’ I love data, and I have a ‘F5 twitch’ Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 4. Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 5. Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 6. Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 7. SEO – search engine optimization • Structure & best practices (microformats, etc) • Good keywords • Good hosting • Subset of… SEM – search engine marketing • Paid placement (adwords) • Contextual advertising • Niche & targeted search Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 8. SMM – social media marketing • Completely new playing field • New tools, new strategies & lots of confusion • Old tools perform poorly (anchor text, etc) Benefits: • Viral media gives you the ability to brand • Viral media helps rankings through links • Viral media helps grow your fan base • RSS subscribers go up Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 9. “Digg effect” Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 10. Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 11. #1. Facebook 18.59% #4. Digg 4.43% #2. Google 11.6% #5. NYTimes 2.5% #3. Yahoo 5.16% Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 12. Did I mention that I love data? and we have lots of it at PostRank Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 13. 20% On-site (ex: comments) 80% Off-site (ex: twitter, facebook, …) Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 14. 60.00% 50.00% 40.00% 30.00% 20.00% 10.00% 0.00% Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Social Media, kthnx SEO Land (aka Google) Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 15. Case Study: Digital Photography Review example of social media tsunami Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 16. The post is simply a collection of 15 amazing images all illustrating the same technique (long exposure photography). The images are all creative commons images from Flickr (meaning they are all available for republishing). Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 17. “I tweeted about the post - noting that it was doing well on SU. This was the only ‘help’ I gave the post - a viral like thing began to happen.” “People saw the Digg button and were clicking it naturally.” “The post hit the ‘popular page’ on Delicious (where it remained for at least 15 hours) … again an unusually long time.” Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 18. “Social Media Traffic Tsunamis are exciting events but the real challenge is to keep growing your loyal reader base by providing quality content day in day out.” Almost… but not quite… Social Media Traffic Tsunamis are not random! Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 19. Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 20. Time… aka Velocity Is your friend and your enemy Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 21. The first 10 votes have exactly as much weight as votes 11 through 101 (ouch!) Favor earlier stories by giving them a larger score. (45,000 seconds =~ 12.5 hours) • 10 votes is easy to get & often enough to get you high placement in a sub-reddit • If you make it to the top, you’ll stay up in the top list for ~ 1 day Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 22. 10 votes, hour 1 … Points: 9 10 votes, hour 2 … Points: 2.25 10 votes, hour 3 … Points: 1 Velocity, Velocity, Velocity! Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 23. • Rank of users voting on stories • Number of comments (positive comments) • Size of your friend list Velocity of votes (40-50 votes to front page) Time from posting is not as important, but velocity matters! Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 24. SMM Tip: find friends on small networks! and get them to vote on your content Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 25. Score = # of bookmarks in 3600s 3600 seconds = 1 hour You’re not penalized for having an aging story! “The post hit the ‘popular page’ on Delicious (where it remained for at least 15 hours) … again an unusually long time” Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 26. Only site where time does not matter! • Use the toolbar, free points • Less juice if you’re friends • Don’t submit same domain over and over “StumbleUpon has the potential to send decent traffic to a post for weeks (and months). In the long run I expect StumbleUpon will probably send more traffic to the post than Digg (although Digg has currently sent triple what SU has).” Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 27. Time: Yes Time: No Network: No Network: No SMM Time: Yes Time: No Network: Yes Network: Yes Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 28. Social Media Tsunamis are not random! 1. Reddit: get yourself some Reddit friends, get them to vote early! 2. Delicious: build your delicious network, time matters! (60 hour window) 3. Digg: velocity is the most significant factor. Weak ties are your best strategy 4. StumbleUpon: Time is not important. Weak ties are your best strategy 5. Twitter: perfect tool for strengthening your weak-ties! Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 29. Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09
  • 30. Twitter: @igrigorik Questions? Leveraging Social Media @igrigorik #wct09