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SDL Listening Module 2 Unit 3 Toy Story
SDL Listening Module 2 Unit 3 Toy Story
SDL Listening Module 2 Unit 3 Toy Story
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SDL Listening Module 2 Unit 3 Toy Story


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. . Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción English Pedagogy Programme PPV LESSON PLAN SDL Unit: 2 - Entertainment Level: Length of lesson: Student-Teacher’s name: 2ND grade 45 minutes Diego Ulloa School: CEIA MASS Aim: At the end of the lesson Ss will be able to comprehend general and specific ideas from the trailer of “Toy Story 3”. Aids: Computer Data Show Whiteboard Speakers ToysAdapted from University of Sussex
  • 2. Stages Activities Strategies Time (min) What the teacher is going to do What students are going to do… Making inferences Pre-listening T asks Ss to say aloud some Ss answer to the Teacher what 5min words they associate with words are associated with the “Friendship”. word “friendship” T shows Ss some pictures Ss watch on the whiteboard some related to the video. pictures related with the vocabulary of the video T asks Ss to predict what the Ss brainstorm their ideas about Predicting video is going to be about what the video is going to be from the previous pictures. about.While-listening T plays the video for the Ss to Ss watch the video to check their Checking predictions 25 mins. check their predictions. predictions. T asks Ss to identify what type Ss tell the T what type of speech of speech they are listening to they listened to. (ex. Informative, advertising, etc). Understanding main T shows Ss some True or false Ss decide whether the sentences ideas sentences. are true or false. T shows Ss some multiple Ss answer the questions shown. Understanding specific choice questions on the ideas. whiteboard related to the
  • 3. trailer.Post-listening T asks Ss to put themselves in Ss put themselves in Andy’s Connecting the topic 15 mins. Andy’s shoes. They have to shoes, so they choice one toy from with personal experience. choice just one toy from a box a box and explain why they chose and explain why they choose that toy. it. T asks Ss to share their Ss share their answers and answers and make comments comment about the influence toys about their childhood and the had on their childhood. influence toys had on their lives.