Listening Test 2 Module 2 Unit III Entertainment


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Listening Test 2 Module 2 Unit III Entertainment

  1. 1. CEIAMASS Departamento de Inglés 2012 Miss Marta Cruz- Miss M. José Landeros ENGLISH TEST NAME: ________________________________ GRADE: 2º NM_____ REQUIREMENT: 60 % IDEAL SCORE: 37pts ..................................................................... SCORE:_____ MARK :____ APRENDIZAJES ESPERADOS: __ Reconocer vocabulario clave de la unidad mediante la habilidad auditiva. Reconocer la secuencia de un text type (song) mediante la habilidad auditiva. Reconocer tipos de sentimientos mediante la habilidad auditiva.1ST PART: Listen carefully. You will hear a conversation between two people about “movies”. COMPLETEthe blanks with the words given in the rectangle below. (2 points each)Mary Hello Tom! How is it going?Tom Hi Mary! So far so good, thanks. How about you?Mary Fine! Thank you for asking. You know, I watched a movie yesterday!Tom Really?! And what ____________ of movie is it?Mary Uhmm, it is a mixture of ____________ and sensual stuff! I think you know it, it is called “Cruel Intentions”, do you?Tom Of course! Such American ____________ in which Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of the most famous actress in it, right?Mary That’s right! Well, this movie is one of my favorite, but also there’s another one which is called “________ Story” Do you ____________ it?Tom Uhmm, I think I watched the____________ but I’m not that sure. It is about a boy called Andy who went to _____________, uhmmm, and had to ______________ his toys?Mary Yes! Those toys were sent to a kind of _______________. They were treated very badly!Tom Now I ____________! I loved its trailer, but I never could watch the whole movie, could you please give it to me for a while? Throw away - Kind – Trainer - Romantic – Member - Mike -Trailer - Boy - College - Toy - Daycare - Movie – Like - Remember
  2. 2. 2ND PART: Listen carefully. You will hear the part of a song that belongs to a movie already analyzed inclass. Order the following statements according to the song from 1 to 6. (2 points each) ______ Try to make ends meet. ______ Where all the veins meet, yeah. ______ ‘Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony, this life. ______ You know the one that takes you to the places. ______ You’re a slave to money then you die. ______ I’ll take you down the only road I’ve ever been down.3RD PART: Listen carefully. You will hear a person talking about his movies preferences. Circle theCORRECT answer according to the feeling of the speaker in each case. (1 point each)According to the speaker: 1. “Titanic” made him feel: a. Hungry b. Angry c. Happy 2. “Star Wars” made him feel: a. Strong b. Wrong c. Song 3. “Matrix” made him feel: a. Freak b. Sick c. Think 4. Romantic movies made him feel: a. Sad b. Bad c. Fat 5. Action movies made him feel: a. Freak b. Free c. Tree