Common physical therapy_modalities


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Common physical therapy_modalities

  1. 1. 718-769-2521 Common Physical Therapy ModalitiesPhysical therapy helps to enhance mobility andimprove the quality of your life. Variousphysical therapy modalities may beincorporated in a treatment plan.Physical therapymodalities can helprestore physicalfunction and mobilityto the optimal leveland allow patients tolive a relatively pain-free life. Physicaltherapists firstevaluate the patient’s health condition,prescribe various diagnostic tests to arrive atthe right diagnosis and then design anappropriate treatment protocol. 718-769-2521
  2. 2. 718-769-2521Specific diseases and physical conditions that benefit from physical therapy treatments are: • Arthritis • Sports trauma • Stroke • Back pain • Muscle / joint disorders • Shoulder complaints such as shoulder arthritis, shoulder bursitis and frozen shoulderVariety of physical therapy modalitiesPhysical therapy services helps to improve andmaintain the physical strength, stamina,coordination, flexibility and balance. Moreover,the treatment also reduces pain and stimulatessensation. Some of the physical therapy 718-769-2521
  3. 3. 718-769-2521modalities that a treatment plan may includeare: • Hot packs: Hot packs are suggested to treat muscle spasm, arthritis and inflammation. It helps to relax the tight muscles and thereby decrease pain due to muscle tension. The treatment also stimulates blood circulation to enhance physical function. • Ice packs: Cold packs applied to the treatment area help improve blood circulation. The treatment also helps reduce inflammation, pain and swelling. • Ultrasound: High frequency sound waves are used in ultrasound treatment modality to treat soft tissue injuries. These sound waves infiltrate the muscle and heat deep tissues and muscle. The treatment finds 718-769-2521
  4. 4. 718-769-2521 great advantage in treating muscle spasms, muscle inflammations and muscle tensions. It also stimulates blood circulation to promote healing process. Musculoskeletal conditions such as tendonitis, sprains and strains are commonly treated using ultrasound.• TENS: Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is done with a battery operated machine. Electrical current is passed through the electrodes that are fixed on the affected area. Electrical transmission produces a tingling sensation on skin and muscle to reduce pain. The treatment also enhances the muscle strength and muscle contraction. It assists in healing the affected area by stimulating blood circulation. 718-769-2521
  5. 5. 718-769-2521• Traction: A mechanical machine supports the treatment of low back pain. The treatment helps to reduce pain and increase mobility of spinal cord. It is also used to rectify dislocation of spinal discs effectively.• Joint mobilization: This is a passive treatment done to increase mobility of joints. It also helps to lessen pain and encourages patients in leading routine functions effortlessly.• Massage: Massage is done to improve blood circulation and reduce muscle rigidity. The treatment uses special hand movements to knead the damaged tissues which in turn benefits to minimize bodily pain. 718-769-2521
  6. 6. 718-769-2521Always select right physical therapy center toget the desired effect for your treatment. Adedicated team of physical therapists andother staff would be at your service at everystage of the implementation of physicaltherapy modalities to alleviate your pain andresolve your mobility issues. 718-769-2521
  7. 7. 718-769-2521 718-769-2521