Laboratory facilities for bio medical research in skolkovo. what is needed –gelena lifshits – cluster biotechnology


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Laboratory facilities for bio medical research in skolkovo. what is needed –gelena lifshits – cluster biotechnology

  1. 1. Cluster BMT Centers for Shared Facilities (CSF) /Centers of Excellence (CeO)<br />
  2. 2. 5 key elements of the innovation ecosystem of BMT<br /><ul><li>Residents of the cluster (project companies)
  3. 3. Association of the resident’s partners (biomedical and pharmaceutical clusters)
  4. 4. Business incubators
  5. 5. Venture Capital Funds
  6. 6. Strategic industrial investors
  7. 7. Institutional Partners
  8. 8. Experts</li></ul>4<br />3<br />Community of <br />BMT residents<br />Institutes of commercialization<br />Ecosystem. <br />5<br />2<br />1<br />Infrastructures<br />Regulatory environment<br /><ul><li>Infrastructure link-laboratories
  9. 9. Centers for Shared Facilities (CSF), or Centers of Excellence (CoE)
  10. 10. R & D centers . Key partners</li></ul>Training / Educational Programs<br /><ul><li>Center for formalizing of IP Policy
  11. 11. Service Center of support of the Cluster residents (tax, legal, customs consultants)
  12. 12. University (educational programs)
  13. 13. International traineeship
  14. 14. Internships
  15. 15. International Conferences/Roadshows</li></ul>2<br />
  16. 16. 22.05.2011<br />Confidential<br />3<br />Development CSF s. Why in 2011?<br /><ul><li>CSFs are key elements of Skolkovo ecosystem.
  17. 17. CSFs provide
  18. 18. Infrastructural ground for collaboration with key-partners
  19. 19. Integration of R&D, educational and commercialisation functions
  20. 20. Effective use of Skolkovo budget by preparation the Skolkovo infrastructure for 2014 in 2011. Effective use of the time required for the city construction. Training and preparation of qualified Skolkovo own professionals on Skolkovo own equipment
  21. 21. Realisation of strategy approved by the SAC and the Board of Trustees.
  22. 22. Collaborators worldwide and in Russia have been identified
  23. 23. Existing R&D centres,
  24. 24. Universities,
  25. 25. Institutes (RAS, RAMS, NIH, EU, Japan)
  26. 26. Most of big pharmaceutical and institutional investors (RVK, ROSNANO)expressed interest in CSFs
  27. 27. Opportunity to involve Russian Ministry of Health as a major customer from 2011
  28. 28. A big time gap (half a year) between purchase, delivery, and installation of equipment in Russia. To be able to use it Q1 2012 we need to order it now.
  29. 29. CSFs will become integral part of the University biomedical department or Techno park.</li></li></ul><li>0<br />CSF development pipeline<br />2014<br /> 2012 - 2013<br />2011<br />Projects<br />Residents<br />Link-labs are based on project companies activities<br />Infrastructural Link-Labs (Project based). <br />Infrastructures<br />Centers for Shared Facilities (CSF) or CoE <br />Part of the R & D centers establishes on the basis of Centers for Shared Facilities<br />R & D centers with key partners<br />Functioning of the BMT infrastructural Ecosystem<br />University <br />Educational programs based on the project companies community and infrastructure partners<br />Develop and implement the modules of special lectures and seminars (including "remote web – courses”)<br />Creation of Biomedical Department of Skolkovo University <br />Co-investors and strategic projects partners<br />Long-term relationships with strategic investors<br />Venture Capital Funds<br />Investors<br />Creating a network of business incubators<br />Institutional Partners<br />(RUSNANO, RVC, VEB) <br />Regulatory environment<br />Creation of service centers of legal assistance based on Techno park<br />Support by the functional units of the Fund<br />4<br />
  30. 30. 21.05.2011<br />Confidential<br />5<br />Basic Principles of CSF (CoE) functioning.<br />CSF research areas should be in the BMT foresights. CSF should provide services, research and educational programmes<br />1)<br />2)<br />CSF should provide and maintain excellence in access to modern biomedical equipment, research infrastructure, highly qualified staff, and services on the world level<br />Infrastructure facilities, the equipment and maintenance services of CSFs are to be 100% owned by the Skolkovo Foundation or/and its wholly owned subsidiary.<br />3)<br />Project companies (residents of the Skolkovo Foundation) should have a first right to use CSFs services and competencies<br />4)<br />Capital expenses for major consumables and equipment are covered by the Fund. Operational budget to be provided by residents companies and external customers.<br />5)<br />
  31. 31. Key Performance Indicators(KPI)<br />BMT sources <br />KPIs for the BMT<br /><ul><li>Budget of BMT Cluster
  32. 32. Existing infrastructure sites (departments of the universities, scientific research centers)
  33. 33. Project companies/residents of the Skolkovo Foundation
  34. 34. Needs and expectations of key partners (industrial biotech and pharmaceutical corporations), establishing of R&D centers
  35. 35. Existing partners of BMT Cluster
  36. 36. Survey of existing infrastructure in Russia for priority areas (foresights)
  37. 37. Arrangement of a public tender. Choosing the best place /key partner for CSF
  38. 38. Identification of strategic partners (co-investors) to establish for CSF
  39. 39. Creation up to 10 CSFs
  40. 40. Creation of 3 R&D centers with key partners, based on CSF concept</li></li></ul><li>21.05.2011<br />Confidential<br />Existing equipment<br />Existing methodologies and techniques<br />Staff Skills and experience<br />Commercialisation experience<br />Existing scientific collaborations<br />Services <br />Educational and retraining programmes<br />Innovation projects<br />Research and Development<br />New Equipment<br />Project companies. CSF customers<br />New qualified staff<br />Key partners<br />Effective management<br />CSF s(CoEs)<br />Using existing competencies and adding novel ones.<br />7<br />
  41. 41. 22.05.2011<br />Transgenome and postgenome technologies<br />Foresightes: <br />Biomedicine<br />and Bio-pharmaceutics<br />Proteomics , and other omics<br />Regenerative medicine <br />«<br />Preclinical and clinical studies. P4 Medicine. Cancer<br />)<br />Infection diseases<br />»<br />«<br />Preclinical. GLP <br />Structural Biology<br />MAB and other novel therapies<br />» <br />Registration and launch<br />Lead optimization<br />Preclinical<br />Clinical<br />-<br />Early development<br />Complex modeling and simulation. Biomedical Informatics<br />Foresight<br />Bioinformatics<br />Directed evolution<br />Scaling up<br />Artificial ecosystems<br />Foresight<br />й <br />Industrial biotechnologies<br />Synthetic biology<br />CSFs address common needs in biotech and biomedicine processing and cover the most significant areas of competence <br />Confidential<br />8<br />
  42. 42. 22.05.2011<br />CSFs development . First Stage<br />9<br />Confidential<br />
  43. 43. 22.05.2011<br />CSFs development . Second Stage<br />10<br />
  44. 44. 22.05.2011<br />CSFs. Training and further education programmes. <br />11<br />Confidential<br />
  45. 45. 22.05.2011<br />CSF. Basic structural Principles. Sectors and open infrastructure<br />CSF . Structural Biology. MFTI and IBC RAS <br />Target identification for structural analysis<br />Every SCF sector is a self sufficient entity and can operate independently.<br />Protein Cloning. MFTI-IBC<br />Expression and refolding. Membrane proteins(IBC) <br />Modules in the sector have a status of a standalone laboratory/Unit<br />Protein purification. (MFTI-IBC) <br />Protein crystallization. Membrane proteins<br />Structural analysis. Membrane proteins<br />Sectors or/and laboratories could have separate locations <br />X-RAY crystallography (MFTI) <br />Neutron structural analysis (MFTI) <br />NMR spectroscopy(IBC) <br />Skolkovo owned Sectors/Laboratories are self sufficient and could be re located to Skolkovo premises in 2014 or earlier.<br />Confocal spectroscopy (MFTI) <br />Imaging (MFTI) <br />Computer modelling <br />12<br />Confidential<br />
  46. 46. CSF’sinfrastructural elements developing TODAY creates the basis for FUTURE Innovation Center “Skolkovo”<br />создают базу для будущего Инновационного Центра<br />2014<br /> 2012 - 2013<br />2011<br />Concept and strategy approval<br />Creation of CSF<br />Biomedical Informatics. Modelling and simulation Centre<br />Re-location and Integration to the Technopark Skolkovo<br />Creation of joint R&Dcentre with a key partner<br />IBMC RAMS<br />22.05.11<br />13<br />Pre-clinical. GLP<br />Exterritorial Integration to the Technopark Skolkovo<br />Creation of joint R&Dcentre with a key partner<br />Pushchino science Centre<br />Trans and post genomic technologies<br />Part of CSF sectors become laboratories at the Skolkovo University<br />IBG RAS<br />Part of CSF sectors become exterritorial units of the Technopark Skolkovo.<br />Structural biology. Membrane Proteins<br />MFTI and IBC RAS<br />Re-location and Integration to the Technopark Skolkovo and to the Skolkovo University<br />Confidential<br />
  47. 47. 22.05.2011<br />CSF.Example. Scientific Councils<br />Skolkovo Foundation<br />External experts<br />Scientific collaborators of major partners(s)<br />Scientific council of major partner(s)<br />SAC Skolkovo<br />BMT Cluster<br />Scientific Expert Council<br />Expert council of major partner(s)<br />CSF Scientific Council<br />Planning and management of R&D activities<br />Educational activities<br />CSF Development strategy<br />Collaboration with Russian and foreign partners<br />Example of CSF Scientific Council Composition<br />5 Skolkovo Fund representatives<br />5 Major partners representatives<br />Independent representatives<br />1 Chairman - independent. Elected <br />14<br />Confidential<br />
  48. 48. 22/05.2011<br />CSFs. Planned activities for 2011. Approved total budget for CFS = 1 287 353thousands RR<br />15<br />Confidential<br />