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бмт совет фонда Eng_goryanin

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  • 1. BMT cluster. Report
    Igor Goryanin. June 2011
  • 2. Five key elements of the BMT innovation ecosystem
    • Residents of the cluster (project companies)
    • 3. Association of the resident’s partners (biomedical and pharmaceutical clusters)
    • 4. Business incubators
    • 5. Venture Capital Funds
    • 6. Strategic industrial investors
    • 7. Institutional Partners
    • 8. Experts
    Community of
    BMT residents
    Institutes of commercialization
    BMT Ecosystem.
    Regulatory environment
    • Infrastructure link-laboratories
    • 9. Centers for Shared Facilities (CSF), or Centers of Excellence (CoE)
    • 10. R & D centers . Key partners
    Training / Educational Programs
    • Center for formalizing of IP Policy
    • 11. Service Center of support of the Cluster residents (tax, legal, customs consultants)
    • 12. SIST (educational programs)
    • 13. International traineeship
    • 14. Internships
    • 15. International Conferences/Roadshows
  • 16. Status of relationship
    Development plan
    Ministry of Industry and 
    Ministry of Economic Development
    Cooperation with Government of the Russian Federation
    April 2001: Agreement, on cooperation and coordination of joint activities in the innovative development of health signed .
    • May 2011:Coordinating Council for Biomedical Technologies established
    • 17. Joint expertise and  support of innovative projects
    • 18. Joint participation in CSFs of Excellence
    • 19. Coordination in priorities of innovation
    • 20. Unified information platforms
    The Ministry of Health and Social Development
    • Joint expertise and  support of innovative projects.
    • 21. Creation of a single register of the biomed projects..
    • 22. Joint participation in the development of biomedical CSF’s and CEOs
    • 23. Unified information  platforms
    • 24. March 2011: Working group (on coordination of joint activity in the field was established.
    • 25. June 2011: Head of Cluster BMT elected to join the Working Group of the Commission on Modernization and Technological Development under the management of RF President .
    February - May 2011: 
    • Working Group on the development of the Law ”Cellular technology”
    • 26. Platform "Medicines of the Future“
    • 27. Working Group “Drug manufacturing and  R&D “ with the Commission on Modernization and Technical development under the management of RF President .
    • 28. Active participation and implementation of proposals of the Skolkovo Fund  in Interdepartmental  governmental Working Groups  and committees on Biomedicine and biopharmaceuticals
  • 29. Status of relationship
    Development plan
    EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratories ) - European leading interstate Centre for Molecular Biology
    Cooperation with institutional partners
    • March 2011: Agreements with Infrastructural RVC Venture Funds: Biofund RVC, Maxwell Biotech, BioProcess Capital Ventures - were signed.
    • 30. May 2011: Joint expertise and structuring of 7 projects 
    • 31. Structuring of possible RVC participation .CSF "Preclinical studies with GLP  standards”
    • 32. Co-financing of at least 3 projects in conjunction with RVC Funds.
    • 33. Participation  of RVC Funds  in one of  CSF .
    JSC “RVC”
    • Joint projects directory.
    • 34. Co-financing of at least 2 projects
    • 35. Starting with 2 joint educational practice-oriented modules .
    March 2011г: Agreement of creation Coordinating Council for Biomedical Technologies was signed.
    April - May 2011: Joint expertise and structuring of 3 projects with "ROSNANO
    April-May 2011: Jjoint (with IGB RAS), educational module, "System analysis of genomic data”,  in collaboration with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (USA)
    • April 2011: Agreement with the EMBL was signed.
    • 36. April - May 2011:  Consultations on the establishment of of EMBL R&D Institute in Skolkovo
    • 37. April - May 2011: Participation of the EMBL in the CSF "Structural biology ” (in collaboration with the MIPT and  ONEXIM Group)
    • 38. Participation of EMBL  in CSF  "Structural biology in collaboration with the MIPT and  ONEXIM Group)
    • 39. EMBL R&D Institute
    • 40. in Skolkovo
    • 41. Joint training courses
  • 42. Status of relationship
    Development plan
    Cooperation with regional biomedicine and biopharmaceutical clusters
    Feb 2011 Agreement of joining the BMT Cluster to the Supervisory Board of the BFC “Severny“ signed
    Feb-May 2011Joint educational program
    Apr-May 2011Some of the BFC “Severny” participants got the resident status
    • MIPT
    • 43. Chemrar
    • 44. PROTEK
    • 45. Pharmzashita
    • 46. Akrikhin
    • 47. Joint support for the best innovative projects of BFC “Severny”
    • 48. Using best practices (a business incubator, technopark, CSF, educational programs) i
    Ural Pharmcluster
    Feb 2011 Agreement of the Supervisory Board of the Ural Pharmcluster signed
    Feb-May 2011Examination of joint projects
    Apr 2011Some of the Ural Pharmcluster participants get the resident status of the Fund
    • ZavodMedsintez LLC
    • 49. IOS RAS
    • 50. ZavodDizet LLC
    • 51. Unona Holding Company
    • 52. Joint support for the best innovative projects
    • 53. Using the regional practices
    May 2011 Agreement of joining the BMT Cluster to the KalugskyPharmcluster “Innovative biopharmaceutics” signed
    • «Hemofarm» (STADA, Germany)
    • 54. «Berlin-Chemie/Menarini» (Italy)
    • 55. «NovoNordisk» (Denmark)
    • 56. Astra Zeneca (UK)
    • 57. Joint support for the best innovative projects
    • 58. CSF in Nuclear Medicine
  • 59. Creating the «educationalenvironment» within the BMT Сluster
  • 60. Status of relationship
    Development Plan
    RUSNANO, Institute of Gene, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
    Educational Programs of BMT Cluster
    • Conducting 2nd session of the "Talent Pool“ program
    • 61. Choosing of the foreign universities-partners, the agreements signing for training of young scientists, graduates of "UMNIK-Skolkovets”, student exchange programs, development of internship programs and trainings
    March 2011The final of the first session of the qualifying competition program. The program, “The Talent pool of young scientists of BMT Cluster “ (UMNIK-Skolkovets), in which 34 young professionals were selected,
    Bortnik’s Fund
    • Integration of the “Statistical analysis of genomic data” into CSF for “Medicine bioinformatics” of BMT Cluster
    • 62. Development. testing and, running of a new educational programs
    March-May 2011 Practice-oriented educational module of “Statistical analysis of genomic data” is under testing
    May 2011 first students (BMT Cluster residents, RUSSNANO project companies, MIPT students, “Umnik-Skolkovets” graduates)
    March 2011 BMT Cluster joining Supervisory Board of «Knowledge Vanguard» Virtual University, established by Astra Zeneca with the participation of RUSNANO, RVC, the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia
    April 2011: Applications expertise within the competition of research projects in cardiology and oncology
    • Completion of the contest and awarding the winners.
    • 63. Involvement of the winners in the educational and grant programs of BMT Cluster.
    • 64. Development of ASTRA ZENECA’s training programs in within the framework of the Coordinating Council of BMT Cluster and the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia
  • 65. Projects of Biomed Cluster (20/6)
    Financing were approved by Investment Committee for six projects
  • 66. Projects of Biomed Cluster
    Fifteen projects received Participant Certificate
  • 67. Projects of Biomed Cluster
    Fifteen projects received Participant Certificate
  • 68. 10
    Collaboration with key partners
    Institutional partners
    Major biomed and pharmaceutical companies
    Agreement will be signed Jun, 17 ($15M)
    General MoU
    Agreement will be signed soon (15FTE in R&D M&S Centre)
    General MoU
    Leading Universities
    Regional Pharma Clusters
    Ural PharmCluster (Yekaterinburg)
    Pharm Cluster Severny (North of Moscow)
  • 69. BMT Infrastructure is practically missing
  • 70. Transgenomicand postgenomic technologies
    and Bio-pharmaceutics
    Proteomics , and other omics
    Regenerative medicine
    Preclinical and clinical studies. P4 Medicine. Cancer
    Infection diseases
    Preclinical. GLP
    Structural Biology
    AB and other novel therapies
    Registration and launch
    Lead optimization
    Early development
    Complex modeling and simulation. Biomedical Informatics
    Artificial ecosystems
    Directed evolution
    Scaling up
    Industrial biotechnologies
    Synthetic biology
    CSFs and the BMT foresights. Equipment and competencies
  • 71. Basic Principles of BMT CSF functioning
    CSF research areas should be in the BMT foresights. CSF should provide services, research and educational programmes
    CSF should provide and maintain excellence in access to modern biomedical equipment, research infrastructure, highly qualified staff, and services on the world level
    Infrastructure facilities, the equipment and maintenance services of CSFs are to be 100% owned by the Skolkovo Foundation or/and its wholly owned subsidiary.
    Residents of the Skolkovo should have a first right to use CSFs services and competencies. There should be astrong demand for competences of CSF
    Capital expenses for major consumables and equipment are covered by the Fund. Operational budget to be provided by residents companies and external customers.
    CSF establishment in the field of interest is supported by independent scientific experts
  • 72. Existing equipment
    Existing methodologies and techniques
    Staff Skills and experience
    Commercialisation experience
    Existing scientific collaborations
    Educational and retraining programmes
    Innovation projects
    Research and Development
    New Equipment
    Project companies. CSF customers
    New qualified staff
    Key partners
    Effective management
    Using existing competencies and adding novel ones.
  • 73. 0
    BMT CSF development pipeline
    2012 - 2013
    Link-labs are based on project companies activities
    Infrastructural Link-Labs (Project based).
    Centers for Shared Facilities (CSF) or CoE
    Part of the R & D centers establishes on the basis of Centers for Shared Facilities
    R & D centers with key partners
    Functioning of the BMT infrastructural Ecosystem
    Educational programs based on the project companies community and infrastructure partners
    Develop and implement the modules of special lectures and seminars (including "remote web – courses”)
    Creation of Departments of Skolkovo University
    Co-investors and strategic projects partners
    Long-term relationships with strategic investors
    Venture Capital Funds
    Creating a network of business incubators
    Institutional Partners
    Regulatory environment
    Creation of service centers of legal assistance based on Techno park
    Support by the functional units of the Fund
  • 74. BMT CSF Example. Management
    CSF Advisory Council
    Skolkovo Foundation
    CSF Scientific Council
    IP Centre
    CSF advisory council: responsibilities
    • Budget control. Finance
    • 75. Administration. Planning.
    • 76. R&D and other services management
    • 77. Co-investment and other grants management
    CSF Director
    Collaborative Agreements include
    • Temporal leasing of the equipment to key collaborators/owners of buildings.
    • 78. Major principles of the access and usage of the equipment.
    Sector Head
    Sector Head
    Sector Head
    Sector Head
    Director R&D
    Services. Customers
    Director. Services
    Educational and training courses
    Director. Training
  • 79. 17
    BMT CSF. Example of general organisational structure
    Owners of infrastructure and buildings (Main collaborators)
    Skolkovo Fund. Cluster BMT. Technopark
    The Skolkovo Fund budget
    Budget of main collaborators
    Existing equipment
    Existing best practices
    Fund subsidiary company
    Unified equipment facilities
    BMT cluster
    R&D Budget:
    Service provider for Fund residents and Fund project companies
    Salaries for engineers and scientists working on the Fund equipment
    Training programmes
    Consumables for the Fund equipment
    Ph students, young researchers
    Budget form Fund project companies
    Skolkovo University. Skolkovo Open University
    Budget of resident companies
    The Skolkovo Fund budget
  • 80. Example. CSF of BMT Cluster
    Among the potential CSF of BMT Cluster “Center for Structural Biology of membrane proteins and complexes“ and "Center of preclinical studies in the GLP standards” are the most elaborated
    Strategic co-investors In two pilot CSF identified.
  • 81. The need for CSF establishment
    Implementation of development strategy
    • Center for Shared Facilities (Center of Excellence) - a key element in implementation of the strategy to create an innovative ecosystem by integrating services, education, research and innovation (commercialization) functions.
    • 82. Effective use of the Fund assets in development of infrastructure
    • 83. Effective use of time until 2014 to educate and train own qualified staff on the own equipment
    • 84. CSF – qualified and high-liquid endowment of the future SIST
    The reasons to start in 2011
    • Implementation of the development strategy- 011, announced and approved by the Council. Effective use of 2011 year budget.
    • 85. The presence of a significant amount of infrastructural facilities (existing CSF, university laboratories and research centers) that possess the required competencie. Many companies and institutional investors launch a series of infrastructure projects. The optimal time to enter into alliances with major co-investors to create CSF and CeO centers.
    • 86. Strong demand from Skolkovoparticipants
    • 87. The possibility of Russia Health Ministry participation
    • 88. A long lapse of time required for delivery and installation of laboratory equipment. The need to order the equipment in the 1H 2011 In order to run it in the 4Q 2011.
  • 89. BMT. System issues
    The requirement to coordinate and enhance state support of the
    • The leading countries actively support the creation of large BMT CSF as the organizer and the customer of innovations in the biomedicine and biopharmaceuticals
    • 90. Example – EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratories) - Europe's leading interstate Centre for Molecular Biology and Biomedicine (includes 80 European research institutes and independent research groups)
    • To approve the concept to establish BMT CSF within the budget approved by the Fund in March 2011
    • 91. To use the experience and best practices of CSF establishment of world's leading centers with help of Scientific Advisory Board.