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2011 product launch

2011 product launch



As our innovative products enable more and more people to take a healthier, more balanced approach to life, together we’re witnessing the Nikken vision of every home a Wellness Home come to life.

As our innovative products enable more and more people to take a healthier, more balanced approach to life, together we’re witnessing the Nikken vision of every home a Wellness Home come to life.



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    2011 product launch 2011 product launch Presentation Transcript

    • FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT Dr. Ott – Father of time-lapse photography Shooting plants indoors was problematic Artificial lighting to blame Devised lights with spectral outputs similar to sun Prisons, business offices Mal-Illumination: mal-nutrition
    • RHYTHM & BLUE Research at University Surrey (England) Showed humans have unique eye sensing cells Neither rods nor cones Special cells that track only blue light Blue light sets biological clocks
    • KENKOLIGHT™ FEATURES Full-spectrum illumination … a natural balance of wavelengths (and additional blue) that create a natural-light environment indoors, at any time. Simulates solar light without UVA & UVB… Benefits of sunlight without negative exposure. Advanced LED technology… Eliminates flicker cycles that can cause eyestrain
    • KENKOLIGHT™ FEATURES Folding support with light diffuser… For using KenkoLight as a lamp (open) or nightlight/accent light (closed). Sunrise timer that gradually increases illumination… helps support natural waking cycle. Energy efficient… Uses less than 30% of the power required for a standard incandescent bulb. Environmentally responsible… Long component life, no heavy metals for improved recyclability.
    • KENKOLIGHT™ COMPARATIVE LIGHT SPECTRA Every student should have KenkoLight at desk Ambient source all day Reading light in bedroom Gentle, productive way to wake up
    • DISPOSABLE BOTTLED WATER -THE COST TO OUR PLANET 28 BILLION  Number of throwaway plastic bottles per year 17 MILLION  Barrels of oil used to manufacture 100,000  Cars that could be fueled for 1 year on this oil 2,500,000  Tons of CO2 released during production
    • INTELLIGENT ALTERNATIVE TO BOTTLED WATER Advanced technology Turn tap water into great tasting PiMag water Stay healthy, save money, save the planet
    • PROVEN FILTRATION, MINERALS & ALKALINITY Proprietary, patent pending design Meets or exceeds standards for taste, odor, aesthetics, contaminants pH and Redox adjustments Adjusts pH to ~ 8.5 to 9.5 Lowers Redox values by up to 200 mV
    • INTRODUCING THE NEW PIMAG® WATERFALL™ NEW patent-pending design NEW patent-pending technology NEW certified water quality
    • INTRODUCING THE NEW PIMAG® WATERFALL™ Certified by U.S. Water Quality Association Internationally recognized standards ANSI/NSF Standard 42 & 53 For chlorine, chloramine, taste and odor Class III particulates For VOCs and heavy metals Exceeds required specifications
    • PIMAG® TECHNOLOGY Pi materials in filter Adds trace minerals Balances pH to make more alkaline Helps balance an acidic diet, environment Reduces ORP
    • GREEN TECHNOLOGY Made exclusively with recyclable and biodegradable materials Contains no BPA (bisphenol A) No concerns over chemical leaching into water Recyclable, reduced environmental impact
    • NEW FEATURES NEW Stylish and compact, patent pending design that requires minimal space and complements any surroundings NEW exceptionally efficient filtration system, certified to reduce a wider range of contaminants NEW more precise pH(acid/alkaline) balancing, to provide water consistently within the 8.5 – 9.5 range NEW LED indicator display to monitor filtration efficiency NEW Recyclable components to reduce environmental impact
    • NIKKEN POWERCHIP™ Patent-pending DynaFlux Technology Provides 100% magnetic coverage Far-Infrared Technology Negative-Ion Technology Gauss strength 900-1,000